Summer Fun

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It was lovely spring day and I was just sitting on the porch sipping tea, thinking, and realizing that I was about to turn fifty and felt very much alone. My husband died five years ago and I guess I never really got over it. We moved to this small Southern town from up North on a job transfer with hopes to retire here. Unfortunately my husband died before he could retire and I find myself with very few close friends and mostly lonely. I have one married Son who lives up North but is currently on a three-year work assignment in Japan.

I’m looking forward to the summer months because I keep myself pretty busy with the flowers and shrubs in my garden. When I’m not working in the garden, I enjoy sewing and doing needlepoint, of which I give away to various charity rummage sales. I try to keep a good positive attitude towards life and I’m in good physical shape. I’m 5’2″, 110 pounds; I have short blond hair and look pretty good for an old gal. Just before my husband died I had my breasts lifted and they look younger than me. My face and skin still look pretty good but I can see that age is sneaking up fast though. Anyway on this particular day, I was standing on the sidewalk facing my front lawn and deciding what work will need to be done to the garden this year. A young lady that looked to be in her twenties walked by and greeted me with a “good morning” and I returned the greeting. “You have a beautiful yard mam” she complimented and I thanked her. “Do you like gardening?” I asked. She told me that she loves to look and smell the different flowers but didn’t know the various names. “I think I’ll buy a book on flowers,” she said. We said our good byes and off she went. She was very friendly and pleasant I thought to myself, and I enjoyed the brief conversation.

The following week I was at the mall shopping and I stopped in at Hancock Fabrics for some drapery material to redo the den. There she was again, in the same isle I was in, walking towards me. It was same young lady that stopped and chatted with me last week. She noticed me and stopped and said hello. “Twice in one week” I said, “it’s so nice to see you again,” She said. We introduced each other. “I’m Julie,” she said shyly.

“I’m Rose, ” I said. “What a nice surprise, do you sew?” I asked.

“A little” she said. “I’m trying to learn how to make a dress just for fun, see if I can do it and thought I’d buy some cheap material to experiment with, I have a pattern” she said and Julie showed me the dress pattern. “It looks pretty easy,” I said. “I could whip this up in a couple of days, “

“Do you live around here?” I asked “Yes I do,” she said. I’m doing my Masters in History at the university. It was such a nice day the other day that I decided to get off the bus a couple of stops early and walk it.” She said, “that’s why I was walking on your street when we met.”

“Well if you walk it again, you’re welcome to drop in and we can have a nice cup of tea and chat. I’ll loan you my book on sewing if you like.” I said. “That would be nice, thank you,” she said. We looked at some different materials together briefly and I was impressed with her enthusiasm and her interest in trying to learn a new skill. She was bright, well mannered and she seemed interested when I spoke. I liked her. I paid for my purchases and as I was leaving, Julie turned to me and said, “I’ll stop in next time I’m by”

“I’d like that” I said.

I enjoyed chatting with her. She seemed very positive and bubbly and she put me in a good mood for the day. I need to get out more I thought to myself. It’s not very often I take the time to get close to anyone. Like I said, I’m usually very lonely and I think when I meet people I feel more comfortable keeping my distance. That’s probably why I haven’t made any new friends in quite some time. Anyway, that night I was recalling the day and thinking about Julie. There was something different about her, some attracting feature I couldn’t put my finger on, but she was at least very pleasant. Maybe because she was young, but now that I think of it, I didn’t even think about the age difference when we spoke. Oddly enough she was in my thoughts all afternoon. I never asked her if she was from around here, I could only guess her age, and of course I thought about how pleasant she was. I hoped that she’d drop by sometime like she said so would, I think I’d enjoy her company.

That night I lay in bed and as usual, and for the last couple of years, I played with my special playthings. The reality is that I’m horny as hell most of the time and I love to just lie around and play myself to sleep. I enjoy working myself up to a sexual frenzy, cum hard, and then fall asleep from exhaustion. I don’t always cum these days but I sure and heck enjoy trying. Sex wasn’t a big thing for me in the last few years before my husbands’ death but shortly after, I became obsessed. On this particular night I slipped in my favorite video and it dawned on me that the young woman kneeling in front of a man in the video looked a little bursa escort like Julie. Julie wore her hair the same way. It was very cute, cut short to her below her ears, and it was jet black in color. Julie was slightly taller than me and certainly bigger breasted. She wore thick stylish black-rimmed glasses that gave her that brainy intellectual look.

She reminded me of those demure looking librarians that look absolutely beautiful when they take off their glasses. My mind wondered to thinking about Julie but as I watched the video and fingered myself to an orgasm, I visualized what she would look like without clothes on. I never considered sex with another woman before at least not since I was 12 when my best friend Mary and I played Doctor but that was many years ago. Lately I have been turned on watching some of the girl on girl action on my X rated satellite channels but other than that I’ve never considered myself bi sexual until maybe now. So I was a little surprised at how intense my orgasm was on this night because of the thought of Julie and what her young firm body might look like with no clothes. That night I was uneasy about my feelings and my new fantasies.

It had been several weeks now since I saw Julie but to my surprise I had thought of her many times during my nightly frig sessions. I must be desperate, I thought, I never considered myself getting turned on by the thought another female, especially one so much younger than me but hey what the heck, I was getting some pretty good turn on thinking about her. The thought of it was still a little uncomfortable, but yet exciting. My fantasies had been running wild with all sorts of little mental images and scenarios of things we would do together. So to my surprise, one afternoon, I was delighted to hear the doorbell ring and was greeted by Julie when I opened the door! “Hi” she said. “I was just passing by and I remembered your invitation to drop when I was around.”

“Hope I’m not interrupting anything”

“No of course not, not at all.” Please come in,” I said. As before, Julie had the most warming smile and today she looked even prettier. I asked her in and lead her to the kitchen. I invited her to sit on the stool at the island and offered her something to drink. I’ll take you up on that tea offer if you don’t mind” she said “Sure, one tea coming up” She talked about her classes being over this week and that she just wrote her last exam this morning. I busied myself fixing tea and was admiring her enthusiasm and pretty looks. I wonder how she’d react if she could read my thoughts! I couldn’t help but notice what she was wearing. Today she wore a skin-tight white button up silk blouse, and tight black spandex pants that accentuated her waist, ass, and thighs.

The top three buttons of her blouse were undone showing a little cleavage and I tried not to look too obvious that I was staring. I commented to her how nice she looked today. Julie and I had tea, I showed her around my house and brought her into a converted bedroom that is now my craft and sewing room. I showed her some of the needlepoint work I’ve done. We looked through some of the sewing books and we had a laugh when I pulled out some old sewing patterns that I had collected over the years. I can’t believe we dressed like that I commented. Julie thought that some of the styles were cool. I have a life-size mannequin in the room that I use for sewing and she commented on it. By the end of the afternoon, we talked like we were long time friends and Julie explained that this summer she would be looking for a part time job since she wasn’t going home between her freshman and sophomore year.

“Do you like the small town atmosphere?” I asked her.

“I don’t mind, I’m not much for partying and going out much.” except that all of my friends are leaving for the summer and it will be real quiet around here.” she stated. I told her I understand and that I didn’t get out much myself. “I should get out more but most of the people I know are too busy and it usually doesn’t work out. “Well maybe we can go shopping together sometime,” she said. Julie seemed very interested in learning to sew and I offered to show her how if she liked. She said she’d like that very much. We discussed history, which was my favorite subject; we talked about art and lived theater. I was surprised how much she knew about the arts. Since we both liked Abba music, we said that when Mama Mia plays in Nashville, we’d get tickets. All in all, it was a pleasant afternoon and we agreed to keep in touch. We exchanged phone numbers and by late afternoon, she had left.

I returned back to the kitchen to straighten up and I couldn’t help notice how excited I had become. The thought of going to the theater seemed like fun and the events of today were different from my usual routine. Not surprising, I liked her. Not so much as a mother daughter type attraction but rather as equals in the friendship. I even visualized her standing on my pedestal in the sewing room changing and unchanging as I altered her dress. As short as our bursa escort bayan visit was, I thought if there was a time to open up a little, it should be now and it could be with Julie. This possible new friendship was uplifting to me and for days I had noticed a little more bounce in my step!

Over the next few days I thought about Julie and secretly hoped that she would call. Finally, after two weeks, I couldn’t resist. I called her. She sounded genuinely pleased to hear from me and apologized for not calling me sooner. I invited her over for diner the next Saturday night if she was free to sample my famous roast beef. Julie gladly accepted and asked if I could take a look at the dress she was working on. Things weren’t going well with her sewing. “Of course you can” I replied and we said our good byes. I could only imagine what a botched up job she did to that dress I thought to myself. I hoped I could help. That night, I lay in bed imagining Julie trying on the dress and me at her side hemming and pinning to fit. The thought intrigued me.

Saturday night came and I wanted everything to be just right. I fussed with having a little flower arrangement on the table and the candles in just the right places, the table was set just perfect for two and I had a couple of bottles of merlot waiting. I wasn’t sure she even drank. I felt as nervous as teenager on a first date. It was silly of course to feel that way but for some strange reason it felt almost like a date! I looked around and thought that maybe I had over done it. Maybe I should stop with my silly notions. Maybe I should turn up the lights, blow out the candles and stop acting like a silly idiot. I hardly know this young lady and besides she’s hoping to just get help with her dress and have a nice diner and visit! To late! The doorbell rang and I greeted Julie at the door. I was surprised when Julie handed me a dozen carnations and told that she appreciated being invited for diner.

She wasn’t sure if she should bring anything and thought she couldn’t go wrong with flowers. I accepted them, gave her a brief hug and told that the flowers are lovely. I smelled the carnations as we made our way to the kitchen. “You look so domestic with your apron on Rose” I bet you’re a great cook” she said. “If you can get through to desert, I think you’ll live” I said jokingly. There was some time before I needed to slice the roast, I removed my apron and asked Julie if she’d like a glass of wine or something else, a coke, or juice maybe? “Oh yes thanks” she said, “I love wine, especially red but it doesn’t always agree with me. I usually have to watch how much I drink or I get giddy and act silly”

“Well then we’ll make sure you drink a lot” I said laughing. “So what’s been going on then?” I inquired. Julie told about her new job at the hospital and was hoping earn a little money, and meet some friends. I told her about the yoga classes I started going to and we talked about her sewing escapades. Diner went well. We kept talking endlessly about so many topics that by desert, we looked at each other and both bursts out laughing. “Can you believe we haven’t run out of conversation all night,” Julie said. “Can you believe it?” After stacking the dishes in the dishwasher, we poured each other another glass of wine and sat on the sofa. I turned on a little Kenny G and thought, how nice and relaxing this has been. Julie spoke first, “I’ve been meaning to tell you how nice you look in that outfit Rose.”

“Thank you ” I replied, “It’s really comfortable and it hides a multitude of old age flaws”

“Nonsense Rose, you’re a classy looking lady!” She said. “How old are you anyway? She asked. “Under fifty” I lied. She laughed. “How about you? “I’m almost half that, I’m twenty three!” She said. “My mother turns fifty this year,” she said and we both laughed. “I have to wear this loose fitting stuff nowadays. I’d love to wear what you have on but it would look ridiculous on me. Your clothes fit you so perfect. Tonight Julie was wearing a light blue V-neck knit sweater tucked into a short blue and white plaid skirt and matching light blue leotards with penny loafer shoes and of course her trademark black rimmed glasses.

“You look very preppy tonight Julie, it’s a nice outfit!” I commented and Julie sat up tugging her skirt down and getting more comfortable on the sofa. I couldn’t help notice how tight her sweater fit her. It certainly showed off her breasts and figure. Secretly I envied to have a body like that again. I guess I was staring because the next thing I know, Julie was waving her hands in front of my face and saying “hey you!” How embarrassing! God was I that obvious?

“Would you like another wine?” I asked, recovering quickly.

“Sure why not” We finished our glass and I said “hey how about if we take a look at that dress of yours, there may be hope for it yet!” Julie got up and went to the kitchen to get the dress and as she got up, “Opps, I think that wine is telling me something” she said.

“That’s it, you’re cut off bursa merkez escort kiddo!” I kidded. Julie pulled the dress out of the bag and I almost broke out laughing. She was right she couldn’t sew! I thought to myself. I took a look at it, examined her stitching, and held it up to her. “It’s just a practice one you know,” she said. “Ya I know, but I need to show you a few things here” I explained. “Come to my sewing room” I said as I led her down the hall. In there I had all that a seamstress would want. I even had the dress mannequin. I showed Julie some of the stitching mistakes and how to fix them. I suggested she try it on so I could take another look. I motioned her towards the bathroom but Julie just started removing her top and skirt right there and then. I was a little surprised but thought to myself that the wine must be shedding some shyness because she seemed unnerved. I held her arm and steadied her as she lifted her legs out of the skirt and there she was, standing in front of me with only her bra, those colored skintight leotards, and penny loafer shoes.

I know I was staring again. I can’t remember when I was so close to a half naked woman. She looked so beautiful, so perfect. Her breasts were high and firm. Her tummy was perfectly flat and I could see from the reflection in the mirror that her ass cheeks were well rounded and firm. I was feeling that familiar tingling in my pussy and hoped that I wasn’t wet or obvious. Julie slipped the gown on and I tried to zip her up but she had sewn the zipper crooked. She stood in front of the full-length mirror and I made some markings. “Actually you did pretty good for a first attempt,” I said. “Yea I think so to, thanks for the help” she replied. “No problem, I can show you how to fix this in no time Julie but not tonight, I never drink and sew at the same time” I said jokingly. We both giggled at the stupid comment and she got dressed.

Julie went to the kitchen and topped off our glasses. “Well we killed another one!” she said as she placed the empty bottle in the recycle bin. “Cheers to us!” she says and with that, she downs the contents of the glass. “Woo,” I said. “I think you’ve had enough. You’re cut off kiddo.” By now I could not have walked a straight line myself and Julie was in worst shape than me. I changed the CD and put on a little Celine Dione and went to the bathroom. When I returned Julie was half asleep on the sofa and certainly in no shape to go home. “I think you should stay here tonight Julie. I’m worried you may not get home.” I told her.

She put up a little fuss, “ok Rose if it’s no trouble. I’m sorry I should know better than to drink too much.” She slurred. “It’s no trouble at all. I can fix you up right here. Just a minute and I’ll get you some nightclothes and a robe” The thought crossed my mind to put her in bed with me because that sofa was awfully uncomfortable but I didn’t want to be so bold. She would think I’m a little weird. I fixed her some sheets and a pillow, turned off the stereo and flicked on the TV. “Here you are Julie, all set. Just tuck yourself in and I have a new spare tooth brush and whatever you need in my bathroom if you want to brush or whatever.” With the glow from the TV the light from the icemaker on the fridge, we said our good nights and I went to my room.

Frankly I was pretty tired. I drank way too much wine tonight myself and I felt bad that I let Julie drink too much. Lying there in bed with only the glow of the bathroom night-light, I thought of Julie undressing and standing there in her bra. I couldn’t believe what fun I had tonight. I hope she enjoyed herself as well if she can even remember. As tired as I was, I couldn’t get to sleep. After tossing and turning, I imagined myself wearing Julie’s sweater over my padded bra and slipping on her short little skirt. Just the image of me wearing her clothes was stirring warm dampness in my pussy and I tried to change the subject of my thoughts. By now I was parched. Throwing on my robe, I went to the kitchen to get a cold glass of water and through the dim light glow from the TV I saw Julie fast asleep and without a stitch of cloths on. I was in a panic when I first saw her and quickly looked away but I realized that she was asleep. God she looked so beautiful.

The nightgown and robe I gave her were still neatly folded on the recliner. Her cloths were in a heap on the floor and the sheets and blanket were covering only her ankles and feet. I couldn’t help but to stare at her. It was like I was in a trance. I became bolder and moved a little closer to sneak a better look. Julie was lying on her back exposing her bare breasts and her arms crossed covering her tummy. To my amazement her bare pussy was shaven clean. It looked as smooth as a baby’s bum. It was the first time I had ever seen a shaved pussy. Her eyes were closed and she had a gentle and siren look on her face. God I was getting hot at the sight of Julie. If she ever knew I saw her that would be the end of our friendship I’m sure. I was tempted to go over and cover her up. Actually I was tempted to go over and kiss her square on the lips and awaken this beautiful princess but reality set in quickly when she began to stir. In a panic, I quietly went back to my room. Of course it goes without saying. I masturbated myself to sleep at the thought of her and dreamed that one day I would taste her.

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