Shy Girl

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Big Tits

My cousin, Charles, is the true son of his father.

There is absolutely no doubt about it. My uncle is a charming man without an honest bone in his body and a real bastard when things don’t go his way. Which is frequently, because he’s a bit of a dumbass with delusions of adequacy.

Describe my uncle and you describe Charles, with the rider that Charles is also arrogant. Without any justification that I’ve yet seen.

Me, I also have the charm, but with the charm I have a fairly good intelligence and a healthy respect for doing the right thing. Not always, I’ll admit, but as a general principle. And yes, I can be a right bastard at times, but I do pick my times and victims, reserving my bastardry for those who truly deserve it.

I am currently residing with my Uncle and cousin. My father died and my uncle is supposedly my guardian. Not my trustee, thankfully. My trustees are a hardnosed lawyer and a penny pinching accountant, and under the guidance of these two men my inheritance has grown substantially. My uncle is severely pissed that the trustees won’t give him open slather to spend my money. If they consider a purchase dubious, they won’t cover it. It only took one court case and a scathing Judge to make my uncle see the light.

Truth be known, I’m not staying with my uncle and cousin. I own the house, so technically they’re staying with me. On top of that I have reached my majority, so the guardianship has lapsed. I just haven’t found a need to make an issue of this little fact.

This weekend my uncle is holding a house party with a few selected guests (which I’m paying for, of course). The chief guests are a young lady called Melissa and her father. My cousin had told me that he and Melissa are getting engaged this weekend. That set me back a bit. My cousin fancied himself as something of a Lothario, and he wanted to get married? Something didn’t gel.

“You?” I asked. “Married? Why?”

“She’s a very nice girl and I love her,” Charles said, and he said it with a straight face.

“Uh-huh. Now the real reason and what’s she really like.”

“Her father is Oliver Hardwick.”

Come the dawn. Oliver Hardwick’s money makes even my nice inheritance look small. He’d be able to afford to keep my cousin in the manner to which he feels entitled.

“So what’s the girl really like and how did your courtship go.”

“I met Oliver on the golf course. I managed to make up the numbers when he was looking for an extra player for a foursome. We hit it off quite well and I’ve seen him a number of times since then.”

That was Charles. Court the father and have the girl fall into line. What sort of girl wanted to be courted through her father?

You still haven’t mentioned the girl. Melissa, was it?”

“Oh, her. Rather plain and very shy. Quite docile, which will suit me. She won’t complain if I have a little bit on the side.”

“You can’t always trust a woman in that area. She may get the idea that you belong to her and kick up a fuss.”

“She doesn’t get ideas,” said Charles with a snort of laughter. “She’s not too bright. That doesn’t matter because I’ll do her thinking for her. Anyway, when she leaves here after this weekend she’ll be committed. I’ll have bedded her and she won’t have any choice but to agree. Her father will see to that.”

That was Charles. Always looking on the bright side and not even considering the chance that things might not go his way. I considered asking what would he do if she refused to go to bed with him, but didn’t. I didn’t think I’d like his answer.

Oliver and Melissa turned up during the afternoon.

At first glance it seemed to me that Charles had Melissa typed pretty accurately. Very shy, not really looking at anyone, and getting the hell out of the way as soon as she could. She also seemed to be excessively obedient, docile, even, going along with whatever her father or Charles suggested.

That obligatory second glance made me suspect that Charles may have been mistaken in a few areas. Sure, she looked plain, but to me that seemed due to poor makeup, a shocking hair-do, and poor choice of clothing. If she put some effort into it she’d be quite a beauty. That dressing down made me wonder about the level of her intelligence. Surely it took a certain amount of smarts to make yourself look that plain. I wondered what she was really like.

After dinner I was taking a stroll through the gardens when I came across Melissa also taking in the gardens. She froze when she saw me, her eyes darting about, looking for a chance of escape, I thought. Maybe she was overly shy.

“Melissa,” I said, nodding hullo. “I’m Paul, in case you’ve forgotten.”

“Why would I have forgotten?” she asked. “We were only introduced a short while ago.”

She had an odd note in her voice. One I couldn’t quite interpret. For some reason, that woman interested me.

“Let me show you the gardens,” I said, offering her my arm.

She wanted to refuse, I could tell, but she didn’t. She took my arm and I showed her around. şişli escort The gardens were good, and especially lovely at this time of the year.

The twilight was deepening when we reached the rose garden. The rose garden is a little secluded and I took the opportunity to do what I’d been wanting to do for a while. I turned Melissa to face me, pulled her closer and kissed her.

I didn’t just give her a light peck. I kissed her properly, maintaining the pressure on her lips until they yielded and she kissed me back. She kissed very sweetly, let me tell you. While I kissed her my hands were running lightly up and down her back. When I thought the time was right one hand drifted around and cupped her breast. A surprisingly full breast it was, too. Far more breast than was hinted at by the clothes she wore.

That was all I had time to determine before she jerked away from me and landed a slap right across my face, and she put some effort into it.

I yelped and staggered back.

“You rotten pig,” she snapped at me. “How dare you grab me like that? What do you think I am? Some plaything for your amusement? Why are you laughing?”

I could help but laugh. She’d dropped right out of character. The dumb, docile and shy girl had been replaced by a fury, and her looks picked up substantially when there was some animation in her face.

“Ah, you’ve dropped your disguise,” I pointed out.

She glared at me, blushing.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she snapped.

“Oh, I think you do,” I said, still laughing. “Why the big act? Why not just be your natural self. Charles is going to ask you to marry him this weekend.”

A look of horror crossed her face and she gave a delicate little shudder.

“Ah,” I breathed. “I do believe that you might not want to marry my so charming cousin. Your whole style is set up to discourage him. I’m afraid you’ve missed your mark. Your attractions are so great that he’d marry you if you looked like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

“Daddy’s money,” she snarled.

“Daddy’s money,” I agreed.

“Well, he’s out of luck. I don’t care what Daddy says. I’m not marrying him. I don’t trust him. He’s smiles and smiles but there’s a snake behind those smiles.”

And Charles thought she was dumb. She was reading him a damn sight better than he was reading her.

“Your father may insist quite forcefully. Especially when Charles confesses that the pair of you couldn’t wait for marriage and anticipated your vows. I suspect your father may be a little old-fashioned about that.”

“Not going to happen,” Melissa said. “No way.”

“I suggest you be very careful, in that case. I suspect Charles doesn’t intend to take no for an answer.”

“He wouldn’t dare,” snorted Melissa. “Anyway, I can handle him if he tries.”

It seemed she didn’t know Charles quite as well as she thought. Well, she’d been warned.

When everyone started retiring for the night I saw how Charles was watching Melissa. I gave an internal groan. I could see that I was going to have a bit of a broken night. I retired and got ready for bed, but I didn’t go to bed. I sat up for a while, my door slightly open, listening. It was nearly midnight when I heard Charles’ door open and his soft steps as he headed out. I drifted silently along behind him.

I have a large house and, purely by chance, I’m sure, Melissa had been assigned a room on the far side of the house, away from the main bedrooms. There were two bedrooms on the far side with a joint en suite that could be entered from either side. After seeing Charles slip through Melissa’s door I went into the second bedroom and from there into the en suite where I could see what transpired in Melissa’s room after I cracked the en suite door a little. Melissa and Charles were too preoccupied to notice the door swing slightly open.

“You get out of here,” Melissa was telling Charles. “I don’t know what you think you’re doing but it won’t work. Please leave my room.”

“Melissa, sweetheart,” coaxed Charles. “You know I love you. We’re going to be married. What does it matter if we anticipate our vows a little? You’ll enjoy it. You’ll find I’m a superb lover. I’ll teach you the things you need to know.”

Melissa gave a snort of contempt.

“I know the things I need to know, thank you very much. One of the things I know is that the only person you love is yourself. The only reason you want me is that you think Daddy’s money will come with me. No money and you wouldn’t even be a blot on the horizon. There’ll be no marriage, I assure you.”

“Don’t be like that, love,” pleaded Charles. “Just give me a chance to show you what I’m made of.”

He was moving towards the bed and Melissa was moving over to the edge of the bed, looking rather nervous.

“Back off, Charles, or I’ll scream, and I can scream pretty loudly.”

It was Charles turn to laugh.

“Screaming won’t help love. The reason you’re in this room was because there was a chance you might be a screamer when I fuck you. This room is a bit remote and I doubt that anyone will hear.”

“My father will hear. He’ll come.”

“You father is in a room that has double glazing and insulation in the walls. It’s effectively sound proof. He won’t hear a thing.”

“Your father or cousin might here. How would you explain to them?” Melissa was starting to sound a little desperate.

Charles just gave a cynical laugh.

“Don’t kid yourself,” he said. “My father wouldn’t bat an eye, even if I took you right in front of him. He’d understand the necessity. As for Paul, he’ll think it none of his business what I and my fiancée are doing.”

“I’m not your fiancée, and you damn well know it.”

“You will be once your father finds out you’ve been sleeping with me,” said Charles. “He’ll insist.”

“You’re mistaken. Not only would he not insist but I’d still say no anyway.”

“We’ll see,” said Charles, sounding smug.

“Ah, I don’t think we will,” I said softly. “The lady does seem to be saying thank you, but no thank you. Don’t you think you should go along with what she wants?”

There was a moment of dead silence. Melissa looked relieved. Charles was just plain furious.

“What the fuck are you doing here,” he snarled. “This is between Melissa and me. She’s just got a few maidenly nerves. Nothing that I can’t handle.”

“It sounds like more than just nerves to me,” I said, still speaking quietly. “It sounds like a very definite no, and one must respect a lady’s choice. Back of Charles. There’ll be no rape tonight.”

“You forget who you are,” snarled Charles. “My father will have something to say about your interference.”

Big deal. My uncle always had something to say. Nothing he could do about it. Time he and Charles moved out of my house any way. I was going to have to give him a hint about that.

Charles reluctantly backed out of the bedroom, breathing fire and fury. I waited until he was gone and turned to Melissa.

“He wouldn’t dare and you can handle him if he tries,” I said sarcastically. “And this after categorising him as a snake. You did a real good job there, didn’t you?”

Melissa glared at me.

“It’s not my fault. I just didn’t realise just how much of a lowlife he is. Anyway, he’s gone now. Thank you. You may also leave.”

“Uh-huh. And what are you going to do when he comes sneaking back. You may find him actually in your bed next time.”

“He wouldn’t dare,” she said, and then thought again. “God, he would, wouldn’t he? What the hell do I do now?”

“Something I think you’re going to find rather difficult,” I said. “You’re going to have to trust me.”

She looked blank and I gave her a nasty little smile.

“I’m going to take you to my room and you’re going to sleep with me. The operative word is sleep. There’ll be no hanky panky.”

“You’re kidding, right,” Melissa said, sound quite appalled at the idea.

“I’m afraid not,” I assured her. “Charles won’t dare come into my room looking, but he’s quite capable of checking every other room in the house. Do you really want to share your father’s room? And I’ll agree, reluctantly, to keeping my hands to myself while you sleep. I’d be a hell of a hypocrite to try to force you after just chasing Charles away.”

Melissa was reluctant but she came along with me. I locked my door, watched as she climbed into bed and then climbed in after her.

She lay there, stiff as a board. I got myself comfortable, dropped a hand onto her waist, and relaxed. She remained stiff while I remained relaxed, breathing slowly and deeply.

“Paul,” she whispered after a little while. “Are you awake?”

I said nothing and I heard a little snort of irritation.

“Swine,” she muttered. “How dare you go to sleep just like that?”

I could feel her relaxing, settling down and I faded off to sleep, fairly sure that she was doing the same.

It was early when I woke up, the sun just rising. I lay there and took stock of the situation. I was on my side, cuddling Melissa to me, my arm around her. She was spooned neatly against me, her bottom pressed firmly against my groin, which was a little disconcerting seeing I had quite a nice erection. The hand that was cuddling her had slipped under her top and was resting just under her breasts, close enough that I could feel them pressing against my hand. All-in-all, I felt comfortable with the way things were and just stayed like that, totally relaxed.

I was just drifting off to sleep again when I felt Melissa stir. Then she stiffened a little while she took stock of the situation from her point of view. I was breathing slowly and easily so I thought that she’d assume I was asleep. I felt her slowly relax.

It’s hard to remain relaxed when a young lady thoughtfully wriggles her bottom, apparently to assess just what was pressing against it. My erection, in this case. She then settled down, her bottom still pressed against me. Her hand closed gently on mine and moved it slightly. I would have assumed that she would move it down to her tummy or off her completely. Not so. She just gently eased it upwards until it was settled nicely on her breast. Once there she just relaxed and waited.

It would have been rude not to pay attention to such a nice breast. I stirred sleepily, my hand brushing across it. I felt her nipple under my palm and gentle moved my hand in small circles, teasing the nipple and encouraging it to stand. Moving slowly my hand drifted from one breast to the other and back again, just lightly touching and stimulating them. While I was doing this my early morning erection stiffened even more, turning into a force to be reckoned with.

I drifted my hand downwards, away from those enticing breasts, seeking warmth elsewhere. Melissa stiffened slightly when my hand slipped beneath the waist of her pyjamas, tangling in her little curls and hunting for more places to touch.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she protested. “You said you’d keep your hands to yourself.”

Little hypocrite. Did she really think I didn’t know?

“While you slept,” I said. “I’d keep my hands to myself while you slept. You’re not asleep now.”

I eased her onto her back, gently pushing at the pyjama bottom, sliding them down over her hips. That done I pushed at her top, lifting it up, letting her breast free. I didn’t need to do anything about my own pyjamas. My erection had taken full advantage of an open fly and already sneaked out to look around.

With her body uncovered my hands danced back and forth, touching and teasing, going where they had no right to go, but going there anyway. Melissa had made her formal protest. Now she just lay there, breathing deeply, letting my hand wander, squirming a little but not resisting.

I leaned over her, dropping a brief kiss on each nipple, then dropping my mouth on hers and kissing her properly. While doing this I turned her around until she was facing me, pulling her closer so her body was pressed against mine. I held her like that, one hand on her back, the other on her bottom, holding her close.

We stayed like that for a while, just exchanging some somewhat heated kisses, my hands rubbing lightly over her back and bottom. Pressed between us was the long hard length of my erection, of which I was sure we were both acutely aware. It was an interesting position to be in.

She gave up first, thank god. She lifted a leg and wrapped it around me. Then I felt a little hand take a tentative grasp upon my erection, followed, after a slight hesitation, by a much more aggressive one. Melissa dragged my cock down from between our bodies, moving it between her legs. I could feel the head butting against her lips and I gave a gentle push, hearing her sigh with relief as I started easing past her lips.

I increased the pressure slowly, moving in deeper until I was leaning against her hymen. Then, while I increased the pressure, I stayed put. Melissa was breathing deeply, almost gasping, just staring at me with wide eyes. I looked back, just a touch of a smile on my face while I pressed even harder.

Her body yielded, her hymen giving way and letting me pass. Melissa gave a little yip of relieved pain, sort of a ‘that hurt but it’s over’ type of noise. I just pushed deeper into her.

For that initial penetration Melissa stayed quite still, looking at me, and apparently trying to judge what was happening. The look on her face was saying, “Well, this is different. Am I enjoying it or not?”

Then I was all the way inside her, hand on her bottom, holding her tight against me, just letting her feel me inside her. She seemed to slowly relax, deciding that yes, she did want this. I leaned against her, forcing her around onto her back, me moving atop her, cock still just holding its place with her.

Now I started moving, withdrawing slowly then pushing back, returning smartly, forcing a startled cry out of her. A few more thrusts and the little sounds she made were now of appreciation. Highly flattering, I found them. Finally she started moving with me, pushing up as I thrust into her.

From then on it was all honey and cream. She moved like a dream under me, taking me eagerly into her body, her flesh clinging to me, pleasuring me. Now we were moving as one, a nice tempo in place, just letting everything flow around us. Time was passing in a most pleasurable way. On we went, excitement building, our budding passion moving to full bloom, heightening our awareness of our bodies.

It was odd, but when our climaxes hit us they hit in an almost casual way. I didn’t even have to hurry up and put some pep into it at the end. One moment we were rocking contentedly, enjoying ourselves, the next Melissa’s eyes went wide, she gave a startled squeak and she went up in flames, dragging me along with her.

Relaxing afterwards I have to admit to being a bit taken aback at the sudden ending. Not that I hadn’t enjoyed it, I just hadn’t expected it at that precise moment. Still, a most satisfactory conclusion.

I lay there, holding Melissa while she lay there, contentedly recovering from a brand new experience. Then she lay there a little longer, contentedly cuddling up to me.

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