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Your plane had arrived only an hour ago. You were playing at the Aragon, supporting NoFX. The thought of playing with such a talented band sent waves of excitement through your body, but there was another reason you were so excited. Tonight would be the night you meet your lover. A few days ago you had mailed a ticket and backstage pass to me so I could get into the sold out show you were playing.

When I arrived at the venue, your band was already blasting tunes throughout the converted theatre building. You had asked me to dye my hair to distinguish me from the other punks in the crowd. I stepped into the circle of punks on the main floor, fitting in perfectly. My ox-blood combat boots, blue asphalts, my recently purchased Big Day Out shirt, and my hair down. Walking toward the front of the stage, you got a glimpse of me. From the second you saw my hair, blue with red streaks, you knew your beauty had arrived. I stood in the crowd throughout your set, becoming aroused imagining the wonderful predicament we had set up together for months.

Big Day Out finished its set and you walked off the stage, grabbing a towel and a bottle of Evian. I stayed in the crowd ataşehir escort bayan to watch NoFX play their first few songs. Too impatient to watch any longer, I put my backstage pass around my neck and watched to where security blocked passage. I flashed my VIP pass, got through the crowd of BDO groupies, and slipped into your dressing room where I knew you would be waiting for me.

You are looking in the mirror, wiping sweat from your brow when you see my reflection come into view. You turn quickly, nearly knocking me over. I touch your face and tilt my head up to you. I lick your lips before kissing you passionately, letting my tongue run along the inside of your sweet mouth. I taste the salty sweat from your upper lip as I explore your mouth with my tongue. You wrap your arms around me, pulling me close to you. Your hands wander down to my waist and grip my shirt.

I raise my hands as you pull it over my head. I do the same to you, pulling your damp shirt over your head and moving to work on your pants. I get the belt off quickly and your shorts drop quickly. Your boxers soon follow and you reach to the button of my jeans. You escort kadıöy kiss my breasts as you bend down, pushing my pants and lavender thong to my ankles. I step out of the clothes and walk over to the bench near the middle of the room. I sit down and you walk over to me, standing between my legs and positioning your dick in front of my cunt. You kiss me as you reach your finger between my legs and split my lips. You bite my lip as you force your stiff cock into me.

Suddenly, the sounds around us come alive. NoFX pounds onstage as you pound in and out of me, sweating as much as you did when you were playing. The drum beats rock through the wood floors, pulsing beneath our bodies, sending vibrations through us as we make love. The band starts up their next song, a song with a fast and jagged beat. You kiss me by your own time, but slide your manhood in and out of me with the beat of the song. I scream as you speed up, forcing yourself harder and harder inside of my body. You reach down to my ankles and bring them to your shoulders to get a deeper penetration.

You go inside of me to the max and pull out of me until just the very tip is still maltepe escort inside of me. Then you ram back in, slamming your balls against my pubic bone. You slide in deeper, pushing my legs far enough forward to be able to kiss me. You bite my lips as I scream in orgasm, matching the noise of the band playing. Your grunts become more hoarse as your cum fills me. You release my ankles and hold my quivering body, laying on top of me and kissing me sweetly around my face.

We rest for a short time, listening to our breathing slow and NoFX still spitting out songs to the crowd. Mark sticks his head in the door, forgetting your plans to spend this time with me. He smiles at us, two lovers resting after making love, and walks away, chuckling to himself. We stare into one another, telling each other how wonderful the other looks. You stand, bend down to kiss my forehead, and pull me up. We kiss in heated passion before pulling away from each other and getting dressed.

Security allows us to go out the back door of the theatre, which leads into an alley. We walk along the deserted alley, holding hands and leaning into each other. With no certain destination, we walk together, smiling to ourselves and forgetting that in just a couple days, you will have to fly to the next city on the tour. Two lovers, together for such a short time, but knowing how the other feels about them. We keep our arms around each other and keep walking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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