She Pt. 04

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My body wakes itself up at 5:30am every morning. This morning is no exception. I kiss the top of her head that is resting on my chest and slip from under her arm that is laying across my thighs. She moves slightly but curls the blanket up under her chin. I lift a chair from the desk and gently place it next to the bed. I sit and watch her breath, slowly, deeply. I smile, and quiver with the satisfaction I saw in her face when she realized that I took care of her.

I sit and drink in her beauty for another 30 minutes then decide to take a shower. After quietly setting the chair back in its place, I enter the bathroom and gently shut the door so I will not arouse her from her slumber.

The hot water thrashing against my back feel as thousands of needles are being scraped back and forth and up and down. Before entering the shower I saw in the mirror that her claw marks were from the midline of my back all of the way to the lateral edges where my back becomes my chest. I smile as my head is bowed under the water. I cherish the passion that she etched onto me. I love the proof of her desire that I feel on my back. Her gift to me that shows me that she trusts me.

Stepping out of the bathroom with the towel being held loosely in my hand I look to the bed. She is sitting on the edge with her hands pressing on the mattress while at her side.

“Good morning beautiful.” I say as I cross the room, lean down and kiss her.

“Good morning.” She says with a smile as she rubs her hand along the outside of my leg.

“Would you like to eat breakfast here at the resort or would you like to stop after we get on the road?” I say as I turn towards the dresser.

“OH HONEY!!” I hear her exclaim as she springs from the bed.

I turn quickly, not knowing what is wrong or to expect. Just knowing that with her exclamation I feel I need to protect her or comfort her. “What is wrong? Are you ok?” bostancı escort I ask as she rushes towards me.

“Your back, I hurt you, I am so sorry! Oh your back is scratched and cut!”

Tears well up in her eyes as she looks up to me. I lean down and kiss her. I kiss her again and hold the back of her head as our lips are together. I pull her into me and hold her tight. “You need to listen to me and understand what I am saying and that I mean what I say.”

“Yes, sir” sniffle. “But” sniffle.

“Shhhh. You are not listening.” Looking down into her watery eyes that trailed rivulets down her face, I can’t help but feel the compassion coming from her. I kiss her again. I take a deep breath and release it slowly, and pull her head to my chest. “If you are sorry for allowing yourself to show me the passion you have. If you are sorry that no matter what I do today or how I move I will remember that feeling. If you are sorry that you lost yourself in our passion, our lust, our desire for one another. Then I will take you back to your friends and I will fly back home. There would be no reason for me to stay.”

She started to sob. I wrap my arms around her and hold her. Lifting my right hand to hold her head next to me I kiss the top of her head and rest my cheek in the same spot my lips touched.

“I…I…hurt you and…I didn’t..mean to do that. I…hurt you…but..I don’t want you to leave…” A body shuddering sniffle, the kind where we attempt to talk and breath while we are crying was followed by, “I don’t want you to leave…please!!”

I kiss the top of her head again and turn her around placing her back on my chest. I wrap my left arm around her chest, with her left arm holding onto my wrist. My right resting on her right thigh. I pull her back into me and move my head to the right side of her face. I kiss her büyükçekmece escort cheek. Kiss her ear. Kiss her neck. “So you want to take back the gift you have given me?” I say quietly in her ear. “I am very selfish when I receive gifts. I appreciate the gifts I receive. I want to hold onto them. Enjoy them. Cherish them. Are you wanting to take that pleasure away from me?”

“No sir.” She quietly says as she lays her head back on me. “I am sorry I responded that way. I thought I hurt you and you didn’t want that.” Her breathing was slowing and I can feel her beginning to relax in my arms.


“Yes dear.”

“I am tired of being strong. I am tired of not having someone to lean on. I am tired of always leading and I want to be led. I am tired of always knowing where I am. I want to lose myself and I only want you to find me.”

I kiss her neck and move my lips close to her ear. Filled with passion on the edge of a growl, I say, “Let it be so.” Moving my left hand from her chest, I place it under her chin and hold her head in traction.

My right hand slips to her wet cunt and I begin to separate her lips with my fingers and rub next to her clit. I tilt her head and begin to kiss and bite her neck. While the rubbing intensifies I also continue to kiss her shoulder…bite…neck…bite…suck…lick. She begins to moan but I turn her head and smother her mouth with mine.

My hard cock is pressing against her tight asshole and I feel myself begin to throb against her. My finger enters her wet pussy and I can hear the slapping of my hand caused by her juices. Her moans fill my mouth, her body arching…writhing. I move back to her neck when she groans a deep guttural sound and begins to collapse in my arms.

I lower our bodies to the floor, supporting her the whole way down. I cradle her between çekmeköy escort my legs. Her head nestled in the crook of my elbow. Her body curled up between my legs. My hand rubbing her face as she lays there in my arms. With her eyes closed, I rock back and forth, forward and back. We sit there on the floor as she sleeps in my arms. My arms holding her, keeping her safe, protecting her.

As her eyes open all she can see is me looking down at her with a smile. “Hello beautiful.” I say as I kiss the tip of her nose.

“Did I fall asleep?” She says as she looks up at me, burrowing deeper into my body.

“You did. Your deep breathing kind of gave that away.”

“I’m sor…” I didn’t let her apologize. I lower my lips to hers and kiss her deeply.

I help her to her feet, enjoying the chance to view her body as she is standing over me. She raises her arms over her head and stretches. I stand and she lowers her arms and rests them around my neck. “Shall we shower now?” She says stifling a yawn.

“We shall.” I say as I lean down and kiss her forehead.

I watch her towel off after our shower. I want to go over to her and do it for her, take care of her and let her know she has no worries. But, I finish drying myself and begin to dress. I know she is an adult and does not need for me to do everything for her. But the need to express how it pleases me to care for her remains a deep seated desire.

She looks up and sees me looking at her and she smiles. I wink and smile back.

As we finish dressing I say, “I think it would be best for us to get on the road and have a brunch, are you ok with that?”

“Yes Sir it sure does.” She say as she comes to me, kisses my cheek and begins to pack her bag. I pack mine and grab the sack that had contained the ropes and cloth. I pick up the cloth that was laying next to the bed and put it in the play bag.

“Sir, are you not taking the ropes too?” She says with a devilish grin on her face.

Looking back at her with an even more sadistic grin on my face, I say, “We will not be needing those, trust me.”


We drive up to a small diner and was ushered to a table for two. As I sit across from her with the light filtering in the window, I see a sight I wish I could put into words.

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