Saving Hot Water Pt. 03 – Finale

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After getting themselves into a sticky situation, Ida and Andrew have sensibly decided to shower together in the interest of saving hot water. As they clean each-other up, it occurs to them that there is quite a bit that two people can do together while naked and wet, besides just bathing.

Things get amorous, and eventually Andrew finds himself on his knees, preparing to kiss Ida on her other set of lips.


Andrew started by planting kisses on her mound, pressing his lips lightly against the soft flesh below her belly, feeling the short hairs on her mons veneris tickle his nose and chin. He wasn’t sure whether she’d like that–whether she’d rather he make straight for her cleft–but she gasped with each kiss, and after a moment her hands were on his head, fingers running through his wet hair. It was clear she was enjoying it, and Andrew felt his cock throb a little with each fresh gasp.

One more kiss, then two, then three, and he finally centered his lips over her swollen labia. Ida was breathing even more heavily now, and her thighs still quivered. Her hands tightened around his head–not overmuch, but enough to tell him that she needed him, and needed him now. He had her scent, and the anticipation of her taste was on his tongue. He’d serviced a woman this way just once before, and his inexperience only increased his excitement. He had a vague memory of how she would taste and how she would feel against his tongue, and he found his own breath quickening as he opened his mouth and his lips met hers.

Perhaps he was better at this than he expected, or perhaps Ida had simply been too long without affection. Whichever it was, her response to his tongue set his confidence soaring and stoked the heat of arousal that pulsed in his pelvis. Her quick respiration stopped altogether, her hands tightened even more and squeezed at tufts of his hair, and when she finally forced out a breath it was as a piercing, trembling moan.

He traced quick tongue-strokes along her labia, kissing, lingering, sucking from time to time. When he settled over her clitoris and found a rhythm, Ida began to move her hips and press him harder against her pubis. Her fingers dug into his scalp and her trembling increased. He felt the urgency in her grip, and heard it in the growing strength of her gasps and moans. Her hips were moving more quickly now, and after a moment Andrew had to tighten his grip on her buttocks to keep her close. He could scarcely control the movement, and had to dart his head forwards and backwards in time with her. He did his best to follow her–to keep her writhing under control–but it soon became clear what she wanted. The movement of her hips said it all, and before long she was drawing him up to his feet once again.

She turned abruptly and shut off the water, panting. Andrew knew that he hadn’t quite finished her off–that she had only reached the edge of orgasm before hauling him to his feet. Her taste was still on his tongue and the tickle of her pubic hair was fresh about his mouth. He desperately wanted to fall back to his knees and press her into him again, but he knew that she had other ideas. Better ideas.

She turned the knob with a quick motion this time, not bothering to draw the process out as she had before. Andrew had a brief glimpse of her full backside with its deep crease, her round hips and thick thighs all adrip with beading water. But she turned back to him just as quickly as she’d turned away, taking his hand, eyes meeting his with a new sense of urgency.

He followed her out of the tub, heat blooming where their hands met, his heart racing and head spinning. The cool air on his wet skin made him shiver a little, and he wanted to reach out and take Ida by the waist, pull her into him, and warm himself against her full, soft body.

She took only a single step and stopped in front of the vanity, whirling on him and throwing her hands around his waist without a word. She pulled him in, hugging him against her and looking him full in the face. Her eyes shone–glimmered even– and her features were tense and restless. She held him close, his erection snug between their two bellies, her chest pressed hard against his own. Ida’s breathing was slow and deep, and only caught for a moment when Andrew wrapped his arms around her.

He slid his hands down to her buttocks and took them in a strong grip, squeezing and pressing his fingers into the yielding flesh. The chill had vanished, and he was so warm now in Ida’s embrace that he felt as if they might melt together.

As he bonus veren siteler was lost in this thought and in Ida’s green eyes, she leaned in and kissed him. They both tightened their embrace, mouths opening, eyes closing, and they stayed that way for a while, moving their lips and tongues together in a long, breathless kiss.

Andrew was trembling all over now, certain of what would come next. He felt his cock twitch where it was sandwiched between his and Ida’s stomachs, and he was sure she must have felt it too. She broke off the kiss, brought her head back, and held Andrew’s gaze as she said: “I’d like to take you to the bedroom.”

She turned her head down as she said this, voice going quiet and eyes taking on a gleam of feigned innocence.

Andrew had already begun nodding his head, and he opened his mouth to stammer his agreement when Ida placed a finger over his lips. His words caught in his throat, and he shivered at the cool touch of her finger on his lips.

“I like to.” She said. “But–“

But? Andrew thought. But what?

This couldn’t end now. There was no way that Ida was really going to make him wait to–

“–there’s no time for that.” She continued, a look of wistfulness spreading over her features. She sighed aloud and shrugged.

“After all, you’ve got a convocation to get to. Wouldn’t want to miss it.”

“I–” Andrew started, fumbling for something to say. His heart, though still racing, was beginning to sink, and a knot of disbelief and frustration was winding itself up in his chest. He felt the corners of his mouth turning down, felt his brow bunching up. “I don’t–I mean–“

Ida’s look of resignation suddenly melted into a smile and her eyes narrowed.

“No time at all, Andrew.” She said, and her voice lowered a little.

“But–” he was cut off this time as Ida slid her finger into his mouth. Andrew nearly leaped back in surprise, but Ida took him by the back of his neck with her free hand and drew him in close, breasts pressing harder against his chest. She brought her mouth to his ear as she had before, and whispered to him.

“Looks like you’re just going to have to fuck me right here.”

Andrew’s mouth fell open and Ida withdrew her finger, letting her arms fall to his own buttocks, gripping them hard, fingers digging in. She gently bit his ear before pulling her head back, and gave Andrew a parting squeeze before breaking away and turning from him.

She looked back over her shoulder expectantly, leaning over the vanity and planting her hands on either side of the sink. She squared her shoulders, holding up her breasts so that they were fully visible in the mirror before her, and lifted her ass high in the air.

Andrew was dumbstruck for a moment, awed by the luscious sight of the naked Ida. Her breasts were full and swayed slightly with her breathing. Her midsection was soft and thick, but not nearly as thick as her wide hips and round buttocks that framed her swollen labia. Her thighs were meaty and rippled with the trembling of her arousal. Her hair had begun to dry, and spilled over her back, shining and voluminous. She was a magnificent, mature woman, naked and bent over and waiting for him.

The spell broke, and Andrew leaped towards her. There was no hesitation now–not an iota of uncertainty in him. His cock throbbed between his legs, blood pumping into his pelvis so hard that it made him lightheaded. His body moved on its own, feet aligning themselves behind Ida’s, hands taking hold of her hips. He could see over her shoulder and into the mirror, where her face looked back, pleading. Andrew ran a hand down the left cheek of Ida’s upthrust ass to her pussy, moved two fingers over her labia, and slipped them in and back out again.

She was slick with her arousal–soaking wet. She was ready.

Without a word he took his cock in hand and guided it until he felt the tip nestle into Ida’s sex. The sensation was incredible. Wet heat and electricity shot back up his shaft and spread through his eager body as her lips parted for him. She gasped at first–a quiet, anticipatory sound. But when he pulled her into him and buried his cock, she wailed.

He slid in effortlessly. His first thrust was long and slow, and the warmth and wetness of her cunt moved over his shaft like sunlight breaking through the clouds. His mind emptied and was filled with the frantic need to move in her–and move he did.

He saw her eyes go wide in the mirror as he thrust into her from behind, and her cry was piercing in the small room. He pulled bedava bahis at her hips until her buttocks pressed against his pelvis, feeling his cock bury itself deep inside her. The strength of the sensation was almost too much, but he kept moving. He withdrew, plunged back in, and withdrew again, gradually finding his pace.

Ida’s first cry had almost sounded pained, but now with each fresh thrust the pleasure became apparent in her voice. She gasped, moaned, and yelped as he quickened his rhythm. He’d been worried at first that he might cum at a single thrust, but soon realized that it would not be so. He’d ejaculated once already just minutes before, and found that, even as the pleasure mounted, he was able to keep control.

Ida was moving her hips with him now, pulling away when he pulled away and backing up to meet him when he thrust home. A feeling of incredible lightness filled Andrew from head to toe. He couldn’t believe what was happening–couldn’t believe that she was his, that she wanted him and that she’d bent over the vanity and practically begged him to take her. But with each thrust his certainty grew.

Her eyes were shut in the mirror, teeth bared in a primal grimace. Now and then she let her head drop, then brought it up again, slowly, stretching out her neck and arching her face upwards. Her breasts were rocking with the movement, and as Andrew grew more frantic in his thrusting, they began to bounce and knock together. Ida’s splayed fingers had drawn up into fists and her whole body was quivering as Andrew’s pelvis clapped against her ass, sending ripples through the soft flesh.

He slid his hands from Ida’s hips down to her buttocks, squeezing and jiggling as his hips worked. Then from her backside he sent them searching up her back. One reached around and cupped a breast, squeezing, teasing. The other found her long, luxurious hair, and closed around it. Andrew wondered for a split second if that was too much, but when he tugged at it Ida moaned even louder, and her mouth broke into a wide smile and she let him pull her head back, yielding to him.

He held her there, one hand over her breast and the other clasped around her hair, keeping her head up as he slid in and out of her. He looked down and marveled at the sight of her full, shaking buttocks. His cock stretched between his pelvis and her pussy, disappearing, reappearing, disappearing again. Ida was gasping and moaning with each thrust, and soon Andrew realized that he was approaching his limit.

His hips were moving themselves now, and his grip on Ida’s hair and breast were tightening. She didn’t seem to mind, and was staring straight at him through the reflection in the mirror, moans growing louder, body bucking with increasing abandon as he fucked her towards orgasm. Her head was still arched back, but she’d begun to nod, eyes staring ever more intensely into Andrew’s, mouth moving.

“Come on.” She was whispering. “Come on.” A little louder now. And then “Come on. Come on! Come on!” she rasped, over and over in a quickening rhythm.

“Don’t wait Andrew.” She said, desperate, her whole body shaking, voice breaking. “Don’t hold back! You can–I can–Just–Come–Aaah!”

Ida’s voice broke off into a cry and Andrew let her hair go. Her head sank down, bobbing for an instant above her rocking breasts before whipping back up again, flipping her hair away from her face and revealing an expression of pure joy. Her eyes were shut tight, mouth wide open in a slack smile, and her cheeks were bright red with exertion and arousal. Her body shook harder now and almost seemed to spasm as she came. It took Andrew completely off guard–he’d been so absorbed in his rhythm, so astonished by the sight of Ida and the feeling of her around his cock, that he wasn’t ready for the tremors that wracked her as she climaxed.

Her orgasm was all it took to push Andrew over the edge.

He’d felt like he could go forever– felt like the sensation would mount and mount without ever boiling over. But now, with the way Ida’s body shook and with the look on her face, he found himself suddenly teetering over the edge. The warm, throbbing sensation that had been steadily increasing in his pelvis and abdomen gave way to an urgent pulse in his cock.

He felt himself go even stiffer now–his erection became his entire being as it pounded in and out of the warmth and wetness of Ida’s cunt. He took a breast in each hand, squeezing, lifting, drinking in their fullness in the mirror, and as he did, he finally felt release.

Ida’s eyes opened wide deneme bonus in giddy surprise as Andrew came, and the sight of her reaction made his orgasm all the stronger. He thrust harder, faster, and gasped at the ecstatic contraction that shot through his body and ended at the tip of his cock. He thrust and thrust and thrust, and his gasp became a moan as his shaft pumped hot cum.

Ida moaned along with him, her waning orgasm reigniting as she felt him fill her up. Her hair bounced and the full curves of her body bounced along with it as she thrust herself back onto him. She was still moving even once Andrew’s orgasm had passed and he was beginning to soften, and she wore a smile of purest satisfaction when, finally, she slid slowly backward and buried Andrew’s cock one final time.

She held herself there, rocking back and forth a little, pressing her soft buttocks and thighs up against Andrew even as he collapsed forward in exhaustion. He lay his trunk across the soft warmth of Ida’s back, letting his hands fall away from her breasts to lean on the vanity top. He dipped his head forwards, burying his face in her hair and filling his nostrils with the smells of sweat and soap.

Andrew wasn’t sure how long they stayed that way, pressed together and panting, his half-hard cock still planted inside her. It must only have been a minute or two, but it felt like much longer. He could have stayed like that forever, and when Ida finally spoke, it felt as if he’d been awakened from a deep slumber.

“Alright, kiddo. We don’t have time for this.”

There was laughter in her voice, and when he lifted his head and saw her face in the mirror, she was smiling a wide, warm smile. Her face was flushed and damp with sweat, and her breathing had slowed. There were laugh lines around her mouth and eyes that Andrew hadn’t noticed before, and she had a tired look to her. She was older than Andrew by twenty years, but he was amazed at her beauty. Her smile was bright and lively, her were cheeks round, and her green eyes shone as they met his.

Her body was full and soft in a way that no eighteen-year-old’s ever could be, and she moved with strength and surety. He was in awe of her presence, and dumbstruck by his good luck. How had he not noticed Ida–really noticed her–during all the years he’d known her?

She sniggered now, and Andrew realized that he’d been lost in thought since she’d spoken.

“Oh!” He said. “Sorry, I guess you’re right.”

He straightened as he spoke, pulled back, and gasped as he remembered that he was still inside her. Ida’s smile broke and she let out a little “Oh!” But it returned just as quickly. Andrew took a step back, looking down to watch himself slide out of her. He was almost completely soft now, but there was still a shimmer of sensation as the head of his cock left the cleft of her sex.

Ida turned around and faced him then, leaning back on the vanity, hands resting there behind her back and leaving her naked front bare before him. Andrew looked her up and down, and she did the same to him. There was semen dripping down her inner thigh, not unlike there had been after she’d first barged in on him the shower. Only this time, it was running down from between her labia, and Andrew had to remind himself that this was real–that they’d really–

“Okay.” He said, interrupting his own train of thought. “I guess–I guess I should go. I mean, the convocation starts pretty soon and, well, it shouldn’t take long.”

“Shouldn’t take long, eh?” Ida asked coyly, leaning back a little and stretching out her trunk. “So what? Got somewhere you need to be afterwards?”


“Oh, that’s right. You were going to head straight home, weren’t you?”

She raised her eyebrows meaningfully and held his gaze. Andrew’s heart sank.

“Well yeah, I guess I was. I mean I am. I told my parents I’d be back tonight. But of course, I’ll have to come back to pack my things, and maybe have something to–“

He looked down.


He swallowed hard and Ida laughed.

“Well, you hurry back. I know how much you want this thing to be over. Maybe we could spend a little time together before you leave.” It was her turn to look down as she spoke, and Andrew suddenly felt the cool air a little more acutely between his legs.

“Oh, I will!” he blurted out, far too eagerly.

“I know you will.” Ida said quietly, smirking.

Then she stepped forwards and put her hands around his waist, and once again he felt the warmth of her naked body against his. She leaned in, pressed her cheek against his, and spoke into his ear for the third time that morning. He tingled all over as he felt her breath against his skin, and felt his blood began to quicken again.

“Better go get ready, kiddo. And don’t worry. I’ll be right here when you get back.”

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