Rose’s Awakening Ch. 07

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Crack! The sound of the whip snapping echoed through the room, all eyes darted to where the leather was creating a fine opening in Melissa’s blouse exposed her flesh. Amazingly no welt was raising on her tender skin. I had practiced long enough with the whip to be precise in it’s point of contact. I repeated three more times shredding her shirt with smooth flowing motions. Her breasts heaved, exposed nipples already hardening even as I watched. Her eyes which had previously declared her dominance now showed nothing but utter fear. I reached for her and grabbed her by the hair. Dragging her off the couch, I yanked her up to her knees before Me. “Now who’s in control?” I uttered in a demanding tone, “You silly conniving little wanton sluts will all be taught who your Master is.” I grabbed Melissa’s jaw and forced her mouth open and pushed my cock into her mouth, “You little bitch,” I growled, “are about to learn a strong lesson in how to control someone.” I grabbed a length of rope from the table and wrapped it around her wrists, as I noticed she was offering no resistance now. I tied her wrists behind her back and then looped the rope around her ankles, tying her in a similar fashion of hog tying. I pushed her over with the heel of my foot, my cock slipping from her lips as I did so, picking up her cellphone I dialed her home number. Charlie’s voice picked up on the first ring, “So are you on your way home honey?” I paused wondering just what he thought she had been up to, “Well, that depends dear,” I started chuckling, “just where do you think I am.” There was a pregnant pause as I am sure Charlie was checking caller ID again thinking he had looked at it wrong before. “Tyler,” he asked wearily, “is that you?” “What are you doing calling from Melissa’s cell?” I could here the panic and the anger mixing in his voice. “Well, Charlie,” I stated, “Melissa decided to help out a few friends tonight and ended up at my place, she raped my ass with a twelve inch dildo and whipped the living hell out of me.” I thought it was best to get it out all at once.

“Ten minutes and I’ll be there Tyler!” The cell went dead in my hand and I lay it back on the table. Tears streamed down Melissa’s face as she knew she was caught. She lay there on the floor her breasts rising and falling with her sobs, her body shaking visibly enough to ensure that she was fearing her husband’s wrath. I spun on My heel quickly looking at the three other submissives now in my possession. Their faces were expressionless it was because their eyes contained the fear each was experiencing now. Not even Julia had ever seen the rage that was seeping out of me now. I wanted to let loose the fury and whip and break each of their spirits but there were other ways of doing such a thing. To break a submissives spirit you must truly know her fear, what she feels is the most damning thing in her Master’s eyes. It is unique in almost every subs mind, some love humiliation and it would do no good to feed that, while others loathe a whip or some form of rougher punishment. I knew that Julia’s was the thought that she no longer looked pleasing to me, that she had always feared that I would find a younger more seductive beauty to replace her with. So this is where I would start.

“Julia, do you not see,” I began, “that your daughter at the ripe age of 18 is far more beautiful than you could have ever been.” “Rose, has those soft full pouting lips and her breasts are beautiful and perky, whereas yours have started to sag.” I continued on pushing those buttons I knew so well after 18 years. My voice raising as I spoke, “Look at her Julia, “I said as I jabbed a finger in Rose’s direction, see the beauty your daughter became, her wet little sex so tight and warm, her ass tight enough to bounce quarters off of.” “She is so,” I paused letting my words sink in, “delicious and always ready to be fucked or to wrap her lips around my cock.” I leaned down and tilted Julia’s chin up so I could see her face better. Ah, her makeup streaked face told me all I needed to know as she sniffled and whimpered. “Yes, that’s right,” my voice now didn’t even resemble its normal tone, it was more dark and menacing, “your deepest fears released in our daughter. Rose is that beauty that you always feared would take me from you and now it is happening even as you kneel before Me.” I looked to Jake and Damon, (the other male sub, yes I have realized I hadn’t named him in the previous chapters), “Place her on the hooks in the other room now!” They both stood there not sure what to do, their Mistress was tied like an animal and bawling in her own private hell momentarily. I knew they were fighting the urge to free her and prove their allegiance, but did they have the balls to cross me now that I was free and they had been witness to my torture,and now my fury?

Slowly Jake spoke,”But, Sir, You are not our Master, we can’t follow your orders without His permission or without our Mistress’ blessing.” “Then you will do as Tyler says,” the voice had come from Escort İstanbul behind me and it was Charlie’s. I looked up at the top of the stairs and saw his hulking form taking the steps two at a time now. His eyes glowing with anger. I nodded to the two men again and they reached down and took Julia to the hooks I had been hanging on not so long ago. The restraints were placed on her ankles and wrists and she was hefted up and suspended by the hooks.

I stood there facing Charlie now wondering just what evil thoughts were racing through his mind. He reached out his hand and placed it upon one of my shoulders, “Fuck,” I moaned, I looked down at where his hand had drawn back and saw the streaks of white raised welts mixed with thick dried blood. I turned around and showed him my back and asked if it resembled my shoulders. “Yes, I must say they worked you over harder than I have ever seen before,” his voice was a mixture of comfort towards me and a disdain for his wife and the others, “they all know that blood is never supposed to be drawn unless requested.” “And,” he added, “I seriously doubt you were in a position to request or want blood drawn here tonight.” I nodded My affirmation and followed his glare at his immobilized wife. She was still crying and mumbling incoherently. I motioned Charlie to the other side of the room and walked with him there in silence. “Now, old friend, I want to break each of these women tonight here and now.” I paused thinking of just how to word the next sentence I was about to speak, “I need to know what is Melissa’s deepest fear. I want to make her confront it and to tease her with it until you and I find that she has succeeded in gaining a penance for her actions here tonight.”

A long slow grin crept over Charlie’s face as he spoke, “She has an aversion to anal intercourse, apparently she likes fucking a person in the ass but she will not receive a cock in her own.” Well, this was turning out to be almost too easy. We conversed for a few minutes planning out the approach we were going to use with each woman and how the other two men would play a part. Charlie did ask if I wished them punished as well but I knew that they had only followed orders from their Mistress and they had also shown me what compassion they could. I conveyed all of this to him as I felt eyes upon me. “There is still a matter of Rose and Annie though,” I nodded in their direction as I spoke, “Rose actually played very little into this tonight and although she needs punished I do not want the same harshness to befall her.” Charlie then asked, “But what about Annie?” What indeed I thought, I was still learning her nature and had yet to find her weakness. I laughed, “What weakness could she have, she owns a sex shop, she is submissive and she loves all forms of sex as far as I can tell.” Like a lightning bolt it hit me, she had mentioned she hadn’t had a Master in a long time perhaps her fears revolved around that. “Maybe she needs to fear that this is a one,” I was speaking rapidly now as my mind configured a method of exact torture for her, “and only time experience, perhaps she needs to feel that I will not use her or her shop any further and that no Master will ever want her.” “I think,” I continued, “that she needs to feel wanted and needed, as we all do but hers is a greater need, one of submissive subservience.” He nodded and spoke a few ideas along those lines and then we turned to face them all. I walked to Julia first and looked up into her eyes, her sniffles were still abundant and she was shivering from the cold icy glare I was giving her. “Tyler, um…Master I mean,” her voice quivered in fear, “I will do anything just don’t continue this way pleaseeee.” I ignored her and commanded Damon to bring me the set of clamps lying on the table along with the connecting chain. I took them from his outstretched hand and placed one on each nipple and then I spread her pussy lips apart and clamped the third and final one hard on her clit showing none of my usual tenderness. I hooked the chain through all three and told Damon to stand there and pull on the chain as much and as hard as he could without pulling the clamps off of her body. Damon’s face lit up as he took the chain from me and tugged it hard, Julia’s moan escaped her lips as she contorted her body in a useless attempt to escape the pain. “UGGHHHH!” she cried out, “No please don’t do this to me.” I looked to Damon, “Tell her what a worthless hag and whore she is now and remember to keep tugging every few seconds.”

I walked up behind Rose and Annie and stared at their succulent tight asses that were in full glorious view from my position. I leaned down close behind Rose and whispered, “Oh My pet, what have you gotten yourself into?” My lips pressed softly against her ear as, I instructed her to go to my office and get the box inside my desk. “Rose,” I commanded, “you will not look inside the box but will bring it directly back down here and return to your kneeling position.” She stood İstanbul Escort Bayan to go upstairs and briskly walked away before I called out to her,”Also bring down the contracts from upstairs.” She ran up the stairs and hurried to do as I had bid her. Now I focused my attention on Annie, “You,” I paused glaring at her, “I gave you business and had expected discretion, yet you involved Julia, and also failed me earlier today in not having the collar ready for pickup as instructed.” “So,” I went on in that same growl I had used earlier, “I do not deem you worthy no matter how tight and wet that little pussy of yours fits around my cock. I can’t accept your contract nor allow you to remain with Me.” I glanced at Charlie who had turned to listen and watch Annie’s reaction out of the corner of his eye. “Charlie, I am giving you her contract and she is your now slut to do with as you please.” At that moment Rose came bounding down the steps and knelt down in her prior place and offered up the box and contracts, which I took and placed on the table. With a smooth movement I slid another paper from the table on top of the contracts as my back was turned to them. This had been the rough draft of the table design and was no longer needed. I nodded to Charlie, and he came to my side as we faced the two women on their knees before us. I handed him the draft and spoke solemnly, “Charlie, here is the contract for this worthless slut, she is not up to par for a sub of mine and you may have her to do with as you wish.”

Charlie looked down at the paper and then at Annie and back to the paper once more. “Tyler, I appreciate the gesture but if she is not worthy for you then I cannot accept her either. “With that he tore the paper in half and then once more, continuing until it was shredded like confetti before opening his hands over her and letting the tiny bits of paper fall around her. Tears sprang forth from her eyes as she wept, “Please, Tyler, Sir, give me one more chance,” she begged, “I can do much better and fulfill all of your needs and all the equipment and toys at my shop are at your disposal.” I laughed at her and turned my attention to Damon who was fully enjoying himself torturing Melissa’s tender nipples and clit. “Tug them harder Damon,” I yelled. “Make her feel like the little no good bitch and cunt she really is. “Berate her”.

Now seeing that Julia was getting the attention she so deserved I called Jake to us. “Jake, take lil miss Annie here and place her on the cross,” I was careful not to betray my thoughts as I looked towards the cross, “place her on the cross and impale her asshole on the shaft.” “Then I want you to fit another long dildo into on the cross into the other slot,” my voice was raspy now from all the commands and screaming I had done earlier, “and stuff it up inside her tight twat.” I then gave him the order he had probably longed to hear since becoming a sub to Melissa, “Do with her what you want just make sure it is painful and you enjoy yourself.”

Jake did so with lightening speed, he had Annie tied, gagged, and impaled in less than three minutes. He and Damon were proving very useful, I may have to consider using them from time to time later on when I would need help punishing the women. I took My time now, circling Rose and seeing beads of sweat on her body run down her delectable flesh. “Rose go and lay yourself on the table so that you may be bound and prepared for the next step in your punishment and training tonight.” She jumped up and did so obediently placing her hands and feet through the restraints and awaiting my securing them snugly. Rose lay there and waited to be secured, showing her further willingness to be bound without really being bound while I went over to Charlie, who stood over his wife. The icy stare he was giving her damn near sent chills through my bones. Melissa had quieted down by now and was watching fearfully as Julia and Annie were being cleansed of their participation earlier tonight. I already knew she had sealed her fate in both mine and Charlie’s minds and there was no escaping what was going to happen to her. I walked to the wall and plucked down a sharp knife I kept there for cutting rope when I occasionally saw fit to use it. Her eyes darted to the knife as I walked towards her and she started flailing her body as much as she could, but being hog-tied she only managed to roll around a bit. I then bent down and slipped the knife through the ropes cutting through them like butter. I grabbed her hands and forced her up in a bent over position. Awkward at best but fitting for the likes of her. Charlie reached to grab her other arm and we led her to the wooden device that would keep her bent in this fashion. I removed the open lock from the eyelet and lifted the bar as her arms and head were fit into the openings they were made for. “Please god, NO,” she cried, “don’t reduce me to this position you two.” Whack! Charlies hand came down on her skirt covered ass and her reached beneath the skirt Anadolu Yakası Escort and ripped away the panties. I held her head down and lowered the bar securing her as I placed the padlock once more through the eyelet and locked it this time. Charlie meanwhile had lifted her skirt and was spanking her tender little ass hard, apparently it had been some time since she had been on the receiving end of a spanking. She bucked and squirmed trying to escape the blows he was landing, but with no success.

We had agreed that she would have her hot little ass reddened and then he was going to fuck her ass hard and by the end of the night all the males present were going to have a turn at her ass and mouth. Her pussy was not to be touched, no pleasure was to be hers unless it was to be gained from getting her backdoor pounded by four men in one night. He walked to the wall and pulled down a long leather paddle that had the words Master’s slut in raised block letters of leather. She was going to leave here tonight and resume the roll of Charlie’s slut once more. Melissa’s Mistress days are over for now, she’ll no longer have control over the two male subs. He was determined to see that this happened and was willing to go to any length to ensure that it would. I watched a few moments as he pulled the skirt from her hips and started beating her ass with the paddle. I say beating because spanking can be done with many different degrees of speed and variation but beating is just that, a full on assault on her ass, no pauses no care for where the blows struck just swinging the paddle only to pull it back and swing again gaining more power with each blow.

I turned focus now on Rose, I returned to her side and brushed the hair from her face, I was determined to be tender, yet harsh. I wanted her to realize her mistakes, and atone for them. But at the same time I wanted to up her level of body awareness and pleasure, for it would do no good to allow her previous training to be wrecked by this one solitary episode that would never, ever, be repeated. I leaned down and kissed her forehead, “Your still Daddy’s little fucktoy,” I whispered to her, “but, no matter how much I love you Rose, you participation tonight leaves me no choice but to instill fear and punishment.” She nodded and replied, “Yes, Daddy, Sir,” her quaking voice let me hear the fear already, “I must accept whatever punishment you deem I deserve and enjoy it.” My lord I thought, she was learning so quickly that she exceeded all expectations I already had for her. She was outshining her mother as a sub and if this was any indication of how things were to be, and would always remain then I could only expect the best out of her. “Tonight, your going to feel sensations you have never experienced before,” I paused to let her ponder her fate, “you will be pushed past any limit of pain and need you have felt thus far and you will be My complete slut by daylight of your fifth day of servitude.” I walked behind her and ran my hands slowly up and down her legs admiring her sweet ass. It was the point of culmination in her training. Anything else she would experience during her next nine days would simply be additions to her training, tests of a sort to see if she could continue pleasing Me.

Charlie had during my time assessing Rose, been slowly preparing Melissa, he was slowing down on the ass beating he was giving Melissa. I slid behind them and checked out her ass now. If this was possible he had brought her ass to a fine maroon color. It was bruised to the point that only a few more spanks would draw blood. He wouldn’t go that far I was sure but he was going to have to refocus his anger elsewhere for now. I walked once more to the table beneath the tools on the wall and grabbed a bottle of lotion and brought it to him. His arm was raised to deliver one last blow to her ass and as it connected she wailed out in her pain, “OH, fuck please stop.” He was done now and he took the lotion and applied generous amounts to her bruised ass. Rubbing it in slowly he dipped his fingers into the crack of her ass and ran the slick fingers up and down the length of it. I saw her body tense as Charlie worked a digit up inside her virgin asshole. He looked to me and smiled mouthing the words, she is so tight. I leaned in and spoke in a hushed voice to him, “Don’t prepare her ass just yet, fuck that pretty mouth of hers for a while, and allow me time to prepare Rose.” He grinned like a little boy and pushed his finger all the way in ignoring her whimpers, “Please not my ass Sir, Please use any hole but my ass.” Charlie withdrew his finger and walked in front of her and unleashed his mighty prick, pushing it to her lips as soon as it sprung forth from his unzipped jeans. Her mouth surrounded his cockhead quickly and she sucked her cheeks in and I could see her trying to suck in more of his cock. Charlie toyed with her though, stepping back so she could only get the head into her hungry little mouth. Then with one lunge forward he buried his rod in her throat causing her to gag. Melissa quickly adjusted though and started to suck his cock and gulp contracting her throat muscles around his shaft. I knew that Charlie would keep this game up for a bit and decided to check on the other two sluts before returning to Rose.

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