Rin Ch. 01

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The phone rang and Matt picked it up. It was Rin on the line. She said she had to see him immediately and that it was urgent. She sounded worried. Matt had a premonition as to what the problem could be.

Rin is his sister, age 45, younger to him by 5 years. She is mother to two boys. Her husband, James is in the media industry. That was where she met him. Today, Rin is a well-known editor in the local news scene.

At 50, Matt is a father of three children, all of whom are married. He is also a grandfather of 4. His wife, Julie is also close to Rin, her sister in law.

Recalling the urgency in Rin’s voice, he called out to his wife and told her that he had to go out for a while. The time was almost 9 pm, when he left the house. The roads did not have many cars at that hour. As he drove, his thoughts were with Rin. Although they have an elder brother and sister, Rin and Matt are exceptionally close. They had always confined in each other whenever they had problems. He have always loved her, more than anyone. As he drove, his heart was heavy with concern and worry.

He drove up the driveway and parked beside her car. The house was only dimly lit. As he got out, the front door opened and she was standing there, waiting for him. In the dim light, he could see that she was in her night robe.

“The boys have gone to York with their father for the weekend,” she said, as he walked towards her.

When he stood in front of her, he could see that she had been crying, her eyes were still wet with tears. His arms reached out for her and she came to him. He could feel her slight body shaking as he held her close to his chest. Together, they walked into the house, closing the door behind them.

With his arms around her shoulders, he led her to the sofa. No words were spoken. Then he turned her around to face him. Their lips met in a tender kiss. Rin had to raise herself on her toes so that her lips could reach his. He was that much taller than her. At 45, she still had the figure of someone in her 30’s. They kissed and their tongues sought each other’s. Breaking off the kiss, she looked into his eyes. Matt almost knew what she was about to tell him.

Her right hand reached out to his and pendik escort she untied her night robe with her left hand. Releasing his hand momentarily, she slipped the robe off her shoulders and it fell onto the floor around her ankles. His sister stood in front of him, completely naked. Then she took his hand again and placed his palm on her belly.

“Feel it,” she said softly. “I’m carrying your child. Oh Matt, I’m pregnant,” and she began to cry, her head resting against his chest.

As she held onto him, Matt could feel her full breasts mashed against his chest. Even in the moment of crisis, he could not help himself, with her nude before him. His hands reached for those lovely puffy nipples and he caressed them gently. Her body trembled slightly as her nipples began to grow hard and long. Matt bend his head to her chest and his mouth closed onto her nipples as he sucked them. Her knees almost buckled to the exquisite sensation of his sucking. His hand crept between her crotch and he felt her wetness. His finger sought her vagina and he slipped inside her. Matt move his lips, releasing her stiff nipple and seeked her mouth. His other hand held her by the neck, almost roughly as his mouth descended onto hers, his tongue probed inwards. Brother and sister kissed passionately, as he kept finger fucking her, his thumb circling her extended clitoris. In their moment of incestuous lust for one another, the crisis that befell them was pushed to the back of their minds.

Matt pulled his finger out of her and unbuttoned his pants, dropping it. He pushed down his boxers. His penis was firm and hard, with drops of pre cum oozing out of the slit. Taking her hands, he placed it on the throbbing shaft. He almost came when her fingers encircled his phallus. Turning her around, his chest was against her back as he kissed her neck and shoulders. With his hands cupping her breasts, he dropped to his knees, kneeling on the floor. His face was pressed against her buttocks, and he kissed her flesh. The palms of his hands moved down onto her stomach. He shuddered as he caressed her belly lightly, realizing that inside her, his sperm had fertilized her egg and that she was impregnated by him, her own brother.

He stood up escort pendik and in one swift motion he lifted her slight body in his arms, cradling her to his large frame. He knew her house intimately as he carried her to the guestroom. He could feel her sobs, her body shaking in his arms. He locked the door upon entering and placed her on the bed. He went into the bathroom and wet a hand towel. Coming back to the bed, he sat down beside her and wiped her tear-streaked face.

“When did you know,” he asked, looking at her.

“Yesterday,” she answered, trying to avoid his eyes. “My period did not come, I thought it was late but it was never this late. So I took a test and it was positive,” she continued. “I have not been together with James since we…” and she placed her hands over her face.

He did not say anything, as he sat there on the bed beside her. His thoughts wandered back to that fateful Monday, almost 3 weeks ago. He had always wanted Rin, yearned for her body ever since he saw her naked in the bathroom when she was 18 year old. He had kept it bottled inside him all these years and finally it had happened.

Once he had tasted the forbidden flesh of his desire, he knew there would be no turning back. He lusted for her and she had responded in the most wonderful way. He loved her so much that he almost hated to imagine her nights lying beside her husband and that it was he enjoying the softness of her body.

“Don’t cry. We’ll see this through, somehow,” he said, as he shifted himself closer to her. As he gazed down, looking at her, the contours of her nude form, the fullness of her breasts, which he had finally loved and sucked so recently, made his penis rise again. Matt could not stop his hands from reaching out and touching her. He lifted her gently and placed her head on his lap. Rin did not resist him and she laid her head on his lap, her face inches away from his turgid penis. She felt his hands caressing her breasts, his finger and thumb rolling her nipples alternately. Her breath became erratic as her nipples grew hard from his manipulations.

Then she heard him saying, “I could not wait for these lovely breasts to grow full with your milk so that I can taste you, Rin.”

Even pendik escort bayan in her aroused state, she was shocked by his confession. She opened her eyes and saw her brother looking intensely down at her face. Then she felt his hand on her hair, turning her head and she felt the hardness of his penis against her cheek. She knew what he wanted and turning her head, her hands reached to clasp his throbbing shaft. His pre-cum dripped onto her lips, as she opened her mouth to accept him. She tasted her brother’s seminal secretions, the slightly salty taste and she began to suck on his smooth mushroom head. Rin heard a choked sound emitted by Matt as he felt her suction and he moved his body so that they were in the 69 position. Pulling her legs up so that her knees where pressed against her breasts, Rin’s crotch was exposed to him. He could see her vagina, already wet with her discharge. His mouth pressed against her and he could smell her sex aroma. His tongue penetrated her opening.

Rin felt an orgasm building as Matt fucked her with his tongue. The carrying of her developing incestuous fetus within her uterus was pushed to the back of her mind as she shuddered to the impending orgasm. Matt felt her legs clamped tightly against his head as his sister stiffened momentarily and her vaginal muscles tightened on his tongue. He felt her raising her buttocks, pressing against his face and she relaxed her grip. Her love juices flowed out, wetting his mouth and he sucked her. It kept flowing out and he had to swallow as she shuddered uncontrollably against his face.

At the same time, Matt felt her lips clamped tightly on his penis as Rin sucked him while in her throes of orgasm. He could not hold back as he spurted his warm semen against the back of her throat. Globs and globs of his sperm spurted into Rin’s mouth as she sucked him tightly. Both brother and sister were lost to the world as they consumed each other’s fluids, swallowing into their own stomachs.

Finally, they relaxed their hold as they slumped onto each other’s bodies, sated in their lust for their forbidden needs. Matt’s mouth and face was sticky and wet with his sister’s cum as he gently licked her swollen vagina lips. Rin’s lips was also caked with her brother’s semen as his gradually softening penis still emitted the last tiny drips of his cum. They rolled apart and lay on their back, breathing harshly, each with their own thoughts.

Part 2 to follow soon.

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