Rebecca’s Visit – Saturday

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There is a mixture of reality and fantasy in this story. Much of my Literotica writing comes from the fact that I do have a personal bisexual history, although not active realtime now, except in my mind and occasionally on a chat. I also have a realtime niece who is not of the same age as the one in this story. She and her family really did visit, and some of the events are true, some enhanced, some only in my dreams. I’ll let you guess which.

Part of the joy of having a vacation cabin on a lake in the woods is the ability to live a more relaxed lifestyle. That includes swimming naked sometimes, when there isn’t a boat right offshore. Our cabin happens to be on a lot large enough and forested enough that neighbors on either side can’t really see our dock and swimming area very well. It is a bit of a risk, but then, what’s life without a bit of a risk? Sunbathing naked on the shore area of the dock is also a treat, if only for the daring feeling one gets, as well as the “allover tan” that I enjoy.

I’m Aunt Leslie. I’m 38, and married, and have developed a very open mind about my erotic feelings. That all began when I was in high school… well… before that, actually, but that was with boys. Junior high boys are soooo easy, and were so much fun to begin the exploring parts of my hormone burst. A few years later, two of my friends and I discovered how much fun and how totally erotic other girls can be. To this day I’ve never come out to my parents or my older sister, who is much more conservative than I am. My older brother knows, but he’s always been a close pal, and since it hasn’t been part of my realtime life since married, it’s all sort of in the background now.

But well in the foreground, in my mind, there has been a resurgence of the feelings, the arousal, the incredible sensuality of woman touch. And as I watched my niece grow into her own hormone years, and as I had the opportunity occasionally to spend time with her, I began to recall just how intense those feelings were when I was her age. Oh, the naughty thoughts that raged through my mind when we would talk about intimate things. She has always seemed so comfortable with me, and I’ve been rather a “confidant” about some of the things that she says her mother balks at discussing. How much to let boys touch her…. (verrry non-commital answer there)……Will her breasts be as large as mine and her mother’s (we are C cups, and hers have a ways to go)…..Do I keep my pubic hair trimmed and why ( I do, because I like it… she does, because she’s a competitive swimmer and all the girls do, some totally bare)……How will she know when she’s really in love (hard one to settle on, isn’t it!)……What was it like dating in college? (wild!! But I haven’t told her everything)…..Did I have sex before I was married? (OMG yes… again, veryyy careful answer)……How old was I when I first masturbated? (Yes, we really got to that kind of question, after a number of years of talking! I was 11. She was a little older.) Now that she is 18, and still comes to the cabin for visits, our relationship has indeed grown. It took some time for me to uncover those deeply erotic feelings, but they were clearly there from early on, and now….well, now for some time she has been my darling pet.

There is somewhat of a mystery to me just how she has come to adore an “older woman” so, when no doubt she could find any number of lovely girls her own age that would drool at the chance to sample her as I have. But I understand the sexual arousal in some people that is borne of something….well….something more edgy, shall we say. An older woman….the taboo element of an aunt….the very naughty energy that wells up when one is commanded. Gently commanded, not forced. This is not about BDSM, or pain or humiliation. It is about sharing the depth of sexual energy in ways that probe it, stroke it, nurture and develop it with each other, discovering ever new highs together.

How incredibly fortunate I feel that such a beautiful young thing would even be attracted to a 38 year old whose body is softer and more rounded than many, whose dark wavy hair is hard to control, whose C cup breasts hang and sway and are beginning their downward journey, settling gaziantep ofise gelen escort back onto my chest when I lie down. Hers are so firm and round – half grapefruits that work to just fill a B cup, with tan/pink nipples that harden and make her blush when I even drop my eyes to them when she is dressed. She knows. Her body is not as slim as it once was, but that is because she is becoming woman, even though she is still my darling teen niece. Her skin is light and smooth, tight. Her bottom is firm and round on the top of her strong legs, begging to be cupped, caressed, toyed with, played with, and her wavy brown hair is matched by brown curls that cover her mound. Not thick and bushy, but no longer sparse and see-through either. I like those curls….I like how they feel under my fingers, and how she toys with them absent mindedly when we sunbathe, or when I have her masturbate for me. Oh yes, so willingly she does now. I taught her how, you see, to find the deepest self pleasure…..beyond the early natural rubbings that she had discovered for herself.

There has been something, always it seems, close and intimate in our body language. Even reading together when those breasts were barely budding, she would cuddle against me and rest her head on my full round ones, almost nuzzling, in a way, and once she asked if hers would be like mine. I was taken aback a little, but it began that wondrous course of conversation that opened us to each other in those magical ways as years passed, and allowed us to be more open in our conversation and in comfortably exposing our bodies to each other. And now there was to be a visit, over 4th of July weekend. Rebecca would come with her brother and her mother and father for a few days, to be with us at our lake cabin.

Summer celebrations in rural areas near small towns have a different flavor, and when whole families are together, there’s a different flavor yet. Careful we both were, so very careful not to do anything that gave away the smoldering feelings that we both felt inside as the time wore on. Swimming, hiking, going to town for the Independence Day parade, stopping at the DQ, the men going fishing while we three girls looked for stuff at the second hand store and the little gift shops that sell trinkets from the northern woods. And then a breakthrough. It seems that her brother had a baseball something on Sunday that he had to be back for, so they were going to leave on Saturday. My husband also had something that he wanted to do at home, so he wanted to leave as well. The weather was looking good… warm and sunny, so I suggested that he get a ride with my sister’s family, and Rebecca and I would stay until Monday and I would bring her home, then pick up my husband and we could return to the cabin. Little tingles went through me as they discussed, then approved the plan. I could see my “Becks” fidgeting on the couch as a decision was reached, and I could almost make out the sharp outline of her nipples thru her tank top. I knew she was already thinking about how we would enjoy each other, alone.

It didn’t take us long, after they had all departed, to decide on a late afternoon sunbath. Saturday late in the day, the lake still had people out boating and fishing and whatnot, but it’s not a large lake, and traffic isn’t really very close to our dock anyway. Becks donned her thong bikini, one she says her mother doesn’t know she has. It was white, so very thin, and hugged her vulva in a most attractive way. The top was two barely there triangles that didn’t cover her young tits at all, just the nipples and a little more. She looked at me as she adjusted them sideways and back, watching me watch her. My own more modest two piece suit allowed for some display of cleavage, and she giggled.

“You would look really hot in something like this one, Aunt Leslie.”

“Not as hot as you, my dear girl. But aren’t you a little underdressed?” I held out my hand, and she took the black fabric neck collar from it. The one that says “Leslie’s” on it. Yes, she is mine, and she loves being my pet, my darling niece, naughty and willingly obedient when she is wearing it. I helped her gaziantep öğrenci escort fasten it, and we went to the lake.

A little sun lotion, yes, of course, and only a little bit of time before we agreed that these darn suits were just too much in the way. We had often sunbathed together during those past 5 or 6 years, transitioning from suits to topless to naked together. It was being naked together more and more that had led to the talks about more intimate things, and eventually about masturbating, and then to actually doing it, doing it together, and then helping each other. Oh, my, how it had grown into such a lovely thing, each of us admitting how taboo it was, how secret it had to be, how it raised the level of erotic flow we felt. So when we decided to lie there on the shore side of the dock, on soft mats, naked to the sun, the sky, and yes, to anyone who might chance to look or come really close by, it just enhanced the bubbles that were already swimming around in our stomachs.

We were lying head to toe, with our heads about at each other’s knees. We talked, laughed, wondered if they were home yet, and I worried a little that one of the neighbors might stop by. Our lot is several acres, so I knew I would hear a car enter the driveway and we would have time to slip on a towel or something, so I wasn’t too concerned, and when I felt her slim fingers begin to slide over my thigh as we talked, I spread my legs, and she did too, in an openly inviting way. I let my hand slide inside her legs, lifting one to rest between my woman tits, and across my far shoulder, where I could lick and nibble on her calf and knee, and so my hand could caress her inner thighs. She did the same, rubbing my calf back and forth across her firm teen tits, and falling silent as her mouth became busy on my leg in the same way. There are so many erogenous zones on a girl’s body, and we had talked about those before. Now we explored, one hand reaching to massage a foot, between her toes, on the sole, and ankle, while tongue and lips caressed that same leg, and the other hand stole upward to find her curly muff.

Becks cooed as my fingers tugged at her pussy hair, and she slid her far leg wider. “That feels so nice, Aunt Leslie. Do you like your pet’s young pussy?”

She sometimes surprised me with her naughty talk, but it aroused me so to think my innocent little niece got turned on with naughty language. “Of course, darling girl…..I love how your beautiful pussy feels, how wet it gets for your auntie.”

I felt her fingers move to the top of my thighs, and I opened my legs wider, inviting her in as well. “Do you think I should trim mine as close as you have, auntie?” she asked.

“Well, darling, you do, during swim season, don’t you?” I answered as I combed her mound with my fingertips, tugging and then letting my middle finger slide between her lips with each stroke, then upwards to pull lightly, then down, parting her lips with two fingers, then dragging some of the moisture upwards, twirling it into her pussy hair. “Besides, if you didn’t have a bit of beautiful curl there, where would I put this juice you are giving me….this tasty girl juice?”

She giggled and slid a finger right inside me, palm up, all the way in. “You seem to have some woman wetness there, too, auntie. Is it going to be all for me?”

I bit my lip at the touch. It felt so good, so wicked to lie in the open air, legs spread, letting my own sister’s girl finger my pussy, wanting to finger me, wanting to feel the slippery wetness her aunt’s pussy would produce.

“We’ll see, my pet… we’ll see how good you are, and whether you really deserve to have it or not. My fingers slid to her puffy labia, separated them, and my middle finger slid inside, palm up, all the way. Then my ring finger joined it. Two digits, nestled into her tight teen pussy. “Squeeze them, Becks. Let me feel you squeeze and milk my fingers. I lay still, and felt her hips move a bit in a pressing motion, and then felt her bear down, tightening more around my fingers, trying as if to pull them further inside.

Her breath began to quicken, and she slid her ring finger into oğuzeli escort me as well, curling them as I had taught her, to find the rougher spot on the topside, inside, and her thumb began to sneak upwards, under the hood at the top until it found the rigid nub of my clit. “Good girl, just like that. Press it, just like that.” My voice sounded croaky, filled with the lust that was rapidly growing in my body. I curled my fingers in the same way. “Do you want it, baby girl? Do you want it like that, too?”

“Oh, please, auntie, please yesssss,” she hissed, squeezing and thrusting her beautiful hips at my hand. Our heads were raised enough on pillows to see each other’s faces, and our eyes locked. “Please, auntie, fuck me, fuckkkkk your little pet.”

I slid my fingers out and paused…. “One more, darling, put one more inside me.”

Quickly she added her forefinger, twisting her hand, widening my sopping hole. “Now the last one, sweetie, give them all to me.” She twisted again, letting her little finger slide inside, and pressed. She left her thumb on my clit, pressing the rest as deep as she could go, curling them to find my super G spot, and rolled her thumb madly around and over my clit. “Just like that darling, yes, show me how much you want auntie to fuck her little darling.”

Her hand pressed harder, twisting, fucking my woman pussy until it gushed into her palm. I kept my eyes open, letting her watch my passion as my moans and wheezes told her that it was indeed good…..beyond good!

I let my body come down slowly, and again caressed her pussy lips, pulling them open, teasing her, dodging her as she moved her hips, biting on my ankle a little, seeking my fingers with her pussy like a hungry animal finding it’s mother’s teat. “Please, please, now, make your pet cummmm too??” Her face was screwed up in amazing heat…. My innocent young girl, so young, so fresh, but so filled with the inside yearning for sex from her Aunt Leslie that she begged.

I smiled… I do love her so… and I do love how we are soooo good for each other. My two fingers slid inside her again, curling instantly to stroke her walls, and I let my thumb roll back and forth across her nub. Her hood isn’t as full a cover as mine. Her clit is a little more evident, but still needs to be approached from underneath a bit. My thumbnail slid over it from under, flicking, flicking, then the pad of my thumb pressed it down, rolling it, then sliding back and forth across it. She was incredibly slick with her own juices, and I added them to her clit, circling it as my fingers pressed harder inside.

“ohhhhh.. ohhhh.. auntie… fuck me… fuckkkkk yessssssssss, oh godddddddddddddd” I felt her pussy clench tight as her orgasm rocked her body. She lifted her hips higher, then down, then up, fucking back against my hand, but eyes always open, even in her high voiced teen whines and nasty words. Then laughter, then trying to close her legs tight, then whines and moans again, then laughter, “No more, no more… ohhhhh godddd stop… no… don’t”

I knew that her clit gets very sensitive, just like mine, when she cums, but I wasn’t about to let the moment go. She is so arousing when her orgasm hits, and without mercy I kept on. “Open for me, my pet…. Do it again…. Cum for auntie a second time.” My fingers probed deeper and my thumb raked across her clit harder.

“Uugghhhhhh….I…..uuugghhhhh I… caaannn’ttt……ohhhh godddddd yessss…… ” her words came in gasps as I continued, knowing her beautiful young body was in ecstasy as it thrashed beside me, trying to expel my fingers, trying to fuck my fingers, trying to swallow them inside herself deeper, trying to close her thighs, trying to open her thighs, trying not to scream too loudly. I felt the warm flush of her own cum juices, and I smiled to myself, hoping that she would learn to squirt, even if just a little, wanting for the future to be able to taste her more deeply, knowing we would share the tastes and wetnesses with each other even more fully before the weekend was over.

As her breathing slowed and she came under control, I slid further up so that we could hug and kiss a moment. I fed her my fingers, and she suckled her own taste from them, and she did the same for me, letting me clean my own juice from her fingers. We kissed, licking each other’s lips, cleaning each other’s faces, lavishing each other’s skin with tenderness. We are lovers. We are aunt and niece, relatives, woman and girl becoming woman. We are wonderfully naughty, and we know we will always give to each other. Always. And still we have another day together.

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