My Sister Made Me Ch. 03

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Alex swore, flooring it out of their driveway. “A job,” she said, irritated. “I don’t want to get a fucking job. I’m in goddamn High School still.”

Her father had sat Toni, Sam, and her down earlier that Thursday morning and had given them a new rule to follow.

“I want each of you girls to try and find a job,” he said.

“But Daddy, we have lots of money!” Toni complained, adopting her “baby of the family” persona. She only used it when Alex wasn’t around to take the fall or she really wanted something from her parents. Their mother didn’t ever succumb to her charms, but their father was susceptible to them.

“I know we do, and you won’t ever have to ask if you need something, but you need to learn the value of a hard day’s work,” he said.

Their mother, Claire, was sitting next to him, nodding in agreement. “All you girls do is sit around and watch T.V., or go out with your boyfriends,” she said.

Alex rolled her eyes as she thought back to the conversation.

“I can see if there’s anything they can pay me to do at Church!” Sam said, smiling excitedly.

“That’s a good idea, sweetheart,” her dad replied.

“But Daddy,” Toni said, starting the waterworks and tearing up.

“Don’t start with me Toni,” he said, shaking his head. “That worked when you were little. You’re an adult and you’re going to be getting a job. It can’t be full time, but you need to have something for after school and on weekends. Both of your older brothers have jobs, and now so will you girls.”

Alex had grown irritated.

Toni pleaded, but her dad was just growing more impatient. “You’ll do it and that’s final!” he yelled, glaring at her.

Alex stood and glared back at him. “Don’t yell at her!” she screamed.

“Alex, calm down,” he said, raising his hands defensively. “I know you’re protecting her, but this is going to happen.”

She continued to glare though, thoroughly pissed. Grabbing her keys and purse, she’d stomped from the room and left.

She didn’t really know where she was going, but she knew that she needed to cool off before she said something that got her in further trouble. It was nice having a vehicle that she could do that in. After an hour or so, she drove back home and apologized to her parents for losing her cool again. “I just get so mad so quickly when it concerns Toni. I’m sorry. I don’t know why that happens.”

“Oh, we know,” Marcus, her father, said chuckling. “Do you remember third grade? That little boy hit her in the face with the tether ball and you went and sat on him, punching him in the stomach, and then Toni told you later that it had all been an accident.”

Alex nodded smugly.

“Or sixth grade when that other girl called her something and made her cry, you went and yanked her by the hair up against the wall and punched her in the stomach?” Claire brushed a hair away from Alex’s face lovingly as she reminisced.

She snickered and nodded, accepting her mother’s hand.

“Or eighth grade, when those trailer trash skanks tried to corner me. You punched one and then another, and another before they even knew what was happening.” Alex turned and saw Toni come in to sit next to her. She leaned in and laid her head on Alex’s shoulder. “Love my big sister,” she said, pouting playfully at her. Alex rolled her eyes, kissing her on the forehead.

“She’s always been our little scrapper,” her dad said, smiling. “You never know girls, you might actually like your jobs.”

Toni shook her head and frowned. “I don’t think I will Daddy.” Her features brightened for a second as she turned to look at him. “If I don’t like it, can I quit?”

“Sure!” he said. “Then you get to go and find another one!”

She frowned, rolling her eyes and standing. “Fine,” she said, exasperated and irritated that she couldn’t whine her way out of it. She left the room in a tiff and pulled Alex upstairs. As soon as they were out of earshot she turned and whispered, “Don’t tell them, but I think I have a plan.”

Alex sighed. “Let’s just do what they ask, Toni. They’re serious this time.”

“Listen, Sam might have her job all lined up, the little Jesus-freak, but we don’t,” she said, stopping and turning. “I’ve heard of a business here in town that might be right up our alley.” Toni smiled at her and winked. “Wanna take a drive with me?”

Alex sighed, knowing that she was probably not going to like this.

“Are you fucking crazy?” she asked 30 minutes later.

“What? It’s perfect!” Toni said, hopping out.

Alex looked at the small building, standing on its own in a half deserted part of town. It was small and had a drive-through window. A pretty girl was standing there, looking down into a car as she passed a cup of coffee to him.

“She’s wearing a damn bikini,” Alex pointed out.

“She’s a bikini barista,” Toni replied.

“Mom and Dad will never go for this,” Alex told her.

“Mom and Dad don’t drink coffee, and Dad doesn’t work on this side of town. Mom always gets her groceries from the store near our house. They don’t have to elmadağ escort know. We can tell them we serve coffee at a coffee house.”

Alex sighed, knowing that before too long, Toni was going to get her caught up in one of her schemes.

“Plus, look at the name,” Toni said, pointing at the sign.

“Twin Mountain Coffee Company?” Alex asked. She rolled her eyes.

“Come on, the owner is going to love us,” Toni said. “It won’t work if you don’t do it with me.”

“You’re gorgeous enough on your own to work there,” Alex informed her.

“Aleeeeeeex,” Toni whined. She stared at her, bottom lip protruding for a few long moments.

She sighed. “Fine!” she said loudly, exasperated.

That evening, Alex and Toni drove to where they were meeting the businesses owner, Mr. Kazinsky.

“Alex and Toni I presume?” the overweight man said, standing and shaking their hands. “You two are gorgeous!” he said, smiling. “Irwin Kazinsky,” he said.

“Alessandra and Antonia,” Toni said, pointing at each of them, “but Alex and Toni are just fine.”

He smiled and nodded. The interview was cursory, Alex could tell by the way he’d kept ogling them that they were going to get the job. They discussed the base pay and that most of their money would come from tips. They discussed what was legal, what was illegal and what was a gray area.

“Basically, you can wear anything you like, as long as your nipples and your pussies are covered,” he said. Alex didn’t like the way he spoke, almost like he was spraying the word pussy when he said it. “Police do come by and check on us every once in a while, so you have to be careful if you flash the customers for a bigger tip.”

“So would any bikini work, or are there limits?” Toni asked

“A few wear bikinis, some wear lingerie. I’ve even had one use pasties on her nipples and the tiniest bikini bottoms you’ve ever seen!” Mr. Kazinsky grinned excitedly as he spoke, spittle flecking his lips. He ran a single hand across his mouth to dry it.

“We’ll let you know,” Alex said, pulling Toni away and leaving.

Alex tried to get Toni to agree to talk about it outside, but it was no use. She’d decided and there was no stopping her. She turned around and went back into the building and said that they’d be glad to accept the positions that he offered. They talked about scheduling and when they’d work.

As they drove back home, Toni was literally bouncing with excitement. Alex rolled her eyes in frustration.

“You’d better start picking out stuff for us to wear if we’re going to do this, and you’d better hope that mom and dad don’t find out where we’re working,” she said.

“Aww, baby,” Toni said. “I think you’ll love working there. I get to make you do naughty things and we can let them take dirty pictures of us. Think about how much we can make in tips if we let them take pictures of the two of us! Two gorgeous twins like us in skimpy bikinis?”

Alex sighed. “It’s not that I’m not excited about having more money than dad gives us,” she said. “I’m just clearly the more levelheaded and I’m just worried about mom and dad or someone else we know finding out.”

“You and I both know that you don’t give a shit what people at school think of us,” Toni said.

“That’s not correct,” Alex said. “I don’t like them thinking bad about you. I don’t give a shit if they think I’m a slut.”

“Aww, sweetie,” Toni said, her face beaming as she leaned over and tried to put her hand in between Alex’s legs.

“Stop it, Toni,” Alex said. “I don’t think you’ve thought this through.”

The words were lost on Toni though, and she began to sing along with the radio.

Alex sighed and shook her head.

That rest of the week had proceeded normally for Alex. The teachers continued to grope her, as did the boys in her class. She wasn’t all that bothered by it anymore, truth be told, and actually tended to encourage it. They’d approach and she’d slide into a secluded corner to give them a modicum of privacy, her arms out wide. Some were brazen and groped her breasts openly, now quite sure that she didn’t mind. Others jiggled her shoulders playfully and sent her breasts swaying, to which she laughed and shook her head, signaling to them that she knew exactly what they were doing.

Principal Jeffries didn’t seem fazed at all by their previous encounter in his office, when she’d let him shoot his load into her mouth so she could swallow it. They still met every morning in the same corner of the main hallway near his office. She’d back into a corner for him and he’d run his hand along her ass. He was growing more and more brazen, though. Wednesday had been a simple squeeze of her rump, Thursday was a squeeze and some fingers sliding along her crack for a few seconds, and Friday was an attempt to lift her skirt, his fingers cool on her butt-cheek. She quickly shook a finger at him admonishingly.

Saturday evening, she poked her head into Toni’s room. “When is Wade coming back by to practice with me?” she asked.

Toni looked up and smiled. esenyurt escort “I can text him anytime sweetie. Tomorrow?”

Alex nodded. “Make it earlier than last time. I’m swimming at the Logan’s tomorrow.”

Toni nodded. “Letting those little pervs and that lecherous old man ogle you?”

Alex smiled. “Maybe,” she replied, turning and leaving the room.

“Sluuuuuuuuut,” Toni said, playfully shaking her head in mock admonishment. “I’m picking your suit then,” she yelled. Alex couldn’t control herself and grinned widely.

Early the next day, Alex and Toni got a call from Mr. Kazinsky with their schedules. They’d be working together, as Toni had demanded, and were scheduled for three days a week from 3 to 8 and alternating Saturdays.

Toni had told their dad the night before that they’d gotten a job at a coffee shop. He smiled and congratulated her, and the matter was promptly forgotten.

As they hung up the phone, Toni began to pick out things to wear from her myriad of clothes, bikinis and lingerie.

“You’re wearing this today,” she said, holding up what had to be the skimpiest thing she had. “You’re wanting to show yourself off, right?” she asked, seeing Alex’s surprised look.

Alex chewed her lip, unsure of what she actually wanted. If Kenny’s dad were there, he’d be ogling her too. Did she want that? Her stomach fluttered and she realized that she did indeed want that, and was getting turned on by the thought.

“Thought so,” Toni said, handing her the suit. She stripped down and pulled it on. As she finished, there was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” Toni called, causing Alex’s eyes to widen.

Danny, the younger of their two brothers, poked his head in, his eyes going wide as he saw his scantily clad sister.

“In or out,” Toni said. He stepped in and stood in front of the door. She went back to looking through her clothes.

“Did you want something?” she asked. He was gaping at Alex. The suit she was wearing barely covered anything. It was white, with elongated swatches of fabric that barely covered her nipples. The fabric came together at the top and bottom, where a string connected the top to the bottom. The upper edge of the bottom was a few centimeters above her slit, and though she was covered, she felt practically naked.

“What do you want, Danny?” Toni asked. “Or did you just want to gawk at your sister?”

“A charger,” he mumbled.

She shoved him. “Knock it off you perv, that’s your sister!”

Alex blushed and grabbed a towel and tried to wrap it around herself.

Finally, shaking his head from his reverie, he turned and focused on Toni.

“Right, sorry. I didn’t know you were… doing… whatever the fuck you’re doing in here,” he said. “I need to borrow a cell phone charger, mine’s fucked.”

Toni nodded over to her bedside table. She moved over to where Alex was standing and pulled the towel from her grasp. Kneeling, she made a show of repositioning the bottom so that it covered her better. In reality, all she did was pull it out, move it around and place it back exactly where it had been. Danny’s eyes just about fell out of his head.

“That’s better,” Toni said, standing and doing the same to one breast and then the other again.

He stood there for a moment, with a stupid look on his face and the phone charger in his hand.

“Did you want a picture or is the phone charger enough?” Toni asked.

He shook his head and turned to leave. “That looks nice,” he said, sounding dumb.

“Fuckin’ perv,” she said.

Alex, blushing, slapped her sister on the shoulder as the door closed after he left. “What the fuck was that?”

Toni smirked. “Serves his dirty ass right.” She looked down at the sparse thatch of pubic hair that Alex had and snickered. It was very clear, starting below the top of her bikini bottoms and continuing an inch or so above it. “You’re going to want to shave that though.”

Alex looked down past her cleavage at her curly pubes peeking out. “I know,” she said, frowning.

“Wade is going to be here soon. You should probably go do that soon.” Toni said with a smirk.

Alex nodded and left the room, heading to the bathroom to shower and shave her pubic area. She’d have to get a bikini wax in the future, but she spent longer in the shower than normal ensuring that her body, save for her head, was free of hair.

Finally, stepping out, she picked up the bikini and wrapped the towel around herself. She knocked on the door to Toni’s room and then entered. Toni and her boyfriend were sitting on the bed talking quietly and kissing.

“Is it okay to come in?” Alex asked.

“Of course!” Toni said, smiling. “I’ve already locked your door, so get your sexy butt in here and lock this one.”

“Hey Lex,” Wade said, smiling.

“Lex?” she asked, blushing and grinning. He smiled and winked.

Toni came and grabbed her by the hand as Alex turned to lock the door. Grabbing the towel, she quickly pulled it off, causing Alex to stand awkwardly.

“Oh get over etiler anal yapan escort here,” Toni snapped, pulling her to the bed.

She smiled and walked forwards, looking at Wade as his eyes devoured her body.

“I shaved,” she said.

Wade smiled. “I like it.”

She giggled, embarrassed for a moment, before regaining her composure and walking over.

He leaned forwards, pushing his hand to her neck and his fingers into her hair to draw her face forwards in a kiss. She shook her head playfully and pulled back, pushing his hands aside.

She looked expectantly up at Toni, who grinned. “Suck my boyfriend’s cock, Alessandra,” she said.

Alex moaned softly, feeling herself grow damp as she heard and felt her sister order her. She leaned forwards, her hands quickly unzipping Wade’s blue jeans and kneeling in front of him. With no hesitation, she enveloped his cock with her warm mouth, her tongue bathing it in saliva and causing him to groan in pleasure. She pulled him completely into her mouth before pulling him back out, causing him to moan loudly.

“Danny is home,” Toni warned. “Be quiet.”

Wade shrugged. “I’ll try, but shit…”

Alex wasn’t listening. She was intensely sucking the cock in front of her as she’d been told to. Wade was writhing in pleasure, her lips quickly sliding up and down the length of his cock, soft moans of pleasure escaping her lips. He put a hand on her head and began to assist, pushing gently when she reached the end of her stroke and pushing the head of his cock against the back of her throat. She made a gluck noise as she gagged on him, but he didn’t relent. Steadily, the pressure increased as she continued to suck, her lips sliding forcefully down his shaft and her tongue coating the underside.

“Goddamn,” he groaned, trying to pull her off. She was locked on, however, and only sped up. Yelping softly as he began to cum, her mouth filled with his warm gift. She moaned and waited until she couldn’t hold anymore, swallowing it down with a gulp and a gasp for air and then continued to suck and slurp at his oozing cock.

“Fuck…” he groaned, obviously disappointed that he’d cum so fast. “I didn’t last for shit that time.”

Alex, finally free of her sister’s order, smiled and looked up. Her tongue darted out of her mouth, searching for remnants of his seed on her lips.

“Well, I won’t be able to get it up for you now,” he said, slightly irritated.

Alex looked pointedly at Toni, who raised her eyebrows, instantly knowing what she was asking.

Toni turned and looked at Wade. “Go sit at my desk and watch,” she said.

Wade, unsure of what was happening, quickly nodded and stood.

“Leave your dick out,” Alex said, her eyes never leaving Toni. “When you think you can’t stand it anymore, I want you to… very gently… fuck me.”

Toni’s eyes went wide. “Are you sure?” she asked. “Won’t this be your first?”

Alex nodded. “I can’t think of a nicer guy or girl I’d like for my first time to be with. Plus, it’s going to be really fucking hot.”

Wade smiled. “I’d love to, sexy, but I’m not going to be able to get it up for a while.”

“Leave that to me,” Alex said, winking.

“Wade,” Toni said, suddenly very stern. “Look at me.”

He wrenched his lingering gaze from Alex’s ass, and looked at Toni.

“If you tell anyone what you’re about to see, I’ll be very upset. Now promise,” she said.

Wade, not really sure of what he was agreeing to, nodded. “I promise, I won’t say anything.”

Toni grinned then and slid her shorts and panties off.

“Alessandra,” Toni said, smiling down at her. “Eat my pussy.”

Wade’s eyes went wide and he sat up in the chair as if he needed to get closer.

Alex grinned and leaned forwards, feeling the pull of the command her sister had given her as she began kissing Toni’s thighs and moving methodically to where she’d been told to go. Her tongue quickly split Toni’s pussy and caused her twin to moan loudly. The warm organ pulsed against her clit, then inside her, drawing her juices out for Alex to slurp in and swallow. Gone were the pretenses. She was devouring her pussy.

She forcefully rubbed her lips and tongue across her twin’s cunt, sucking the clitoris and the surrounding tissue in and pulsing it with her tongue. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Wade growing steadily erect again at the incredible sight.

“God, that’s so fucking nasty and hot,” he groaned, standing and moving close so he could see.

Toni lay back on her bed, sighing softly and gyrating her hips. Alex felt possessed. All she wanted to do was to feel her sister’s pussy in her mouth, to run her tongue up her slit and to taste her juices. She pulled her clit into her mouth again and pulsed her tongue against it for as long as she could. She saw Wade out of the corner of her eye again and smiled at his erection. It looked even bigger than it did before.

“Do you like seeing my slutty big sister eat my pussy?” Toni asked, reaching out to stroke him. “Isn’t she a nasty little slut?”

“She’s a very nasty slut,” Wade groaned happily. He moved around behind Alex, who barely noticed, intently slurping and sucking at Toni. She felt him slide the tip of his cock up and down her slit, and arched her back for him. The move forced her buttocks upwards so that she was effectively in doggy style.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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