My Husband’s Brother

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Samantha glanced across the table at her husband. The resentment for the last eight months was burning inside of her. She desperately wanted to scream at the top of her lungs, freeing herself from the chains that were binding her. Thirteen years they had been together but this last one felt like a lifetime in and of itself. Dinking her third whiskey she turned to watch the bride and groom on the dance floor, desperately wanting to tell them to run while they still could.

Alcohol had been a poor choice tonight. It made all those buried and repressed feelings she kept concealed screaming for an escape. This was the last place she wanted to be, pretending to be happily married watching her sister-in-law tie the knot. Samantha finished her drink and set it down. Immediately a hand came down placing a fourth whiskey in front of her. She looked up and saw Tommy. He gave her a knowing smile as he walked away. Samantha wondered why he was always so willing to listen; why he was always so willing to take her side. After all it was his brother that had here downing whiskey to dull her pain, yet he never questioned her side of the story.

Tommy knew she had her faults but he knew his brother’s pitfalls as well. He knew it wasn’t her that had them again in debt over their heads with two children and mortgage they could barely afford. He also couldn’t fault her for her anger, as he knew this wasn’t the first time she had to struggle to bail them out of a situation she had not created. He wondered why she was so willing to stay by Joe’s side, why she was again doing this to herself. Maybe she stayed for the children, or maybe she still loved him, he couldn’t be sure. All he was sure of was that longing look in her eye he had seen in so many women before her.

Tommy and Samantha although never overly close had always got along well. There was always this playful banter between them with an underlying sexual tension. He remembered once trying to seduce her, but that was a lifetime ago. He was nothing more than a boy who was drunk and she was only a girl hopelessly in love with his brother. She had kindly turned him down and she became the one he never had.

Now he was anything but a boy. He was an experienced lover who had seen more than his fair share of action. The Navy had taught him many things including how to take control of a situation and go for what he wanted. Both of which helped him seduce countless lovers. Tommy thought about the look he had seen in her eyes and wondered if he should help alleviate her need. Both of their sexual desires had begun earlier that morning when he had called. He had simply phoned to ask what time they were all leaving to go to the wedding and what he should wear. Samantha had still been sleeping when she answered and almost unknowingly told Tommy she had just been dreaming of him. He had let her statement slide by without comment figuring she hadn’t meant to reveal that to him. He did however file it away for later.

They spoke for a few minutes about the upcoming day and Samantha gave Tommy advice on what he should wear. Their conversation was both short and sweet. About an hour later Samantha realized she had forgotten to buy a card. She was sure if she forgot a card than Tommy did as well. She took her cell phone out of her pocket and sent Tommy a text asking him if he needed her to pick one up. He told her to please pick him up a card and informed her he was on his way to her house to pick up his Harley.

Samantha was just about to leave when Tommy pulled up. She told him if he needed his clothes ironed that he could bring them over and she would take care of it. Samantha was willing to do anything as long as it meant he would be attending the wedding, she was not it the right frame of mind to tolerate his family without him. He had always been her rock at family functions and the one keeping a steady stream of alcohol coming. He was also the one who hated the false show of family fun and happiness just as much as she did. Samantha took a long hard look at Tommy before she quickly jumped in her car leaving Tommy and Joe talking.

Samantha had been less than a mile away when her cell phone buzzed. The text message from Tommy was telling her to go to his house; he would be there in five minutes so she could get his clothes and help him take his off. Samantha laughed at his text and quickly changed directions to head for his house. She was only there for a minute when she heard the Harley pulling into the driveway. She watched him get off the bike and beşiktaş masöz escort together they walked toward the house. He unlocked the door and they both headed for his bedroom. There she pulled out two pairs of pants and told him to try them on. Tommy went out into the hallway to try the first pair on. He came back in and Samantha noticed that they were a little too tight and they bantered back and forth about his gaining weight. Though the truth being told it was more that he had continued to fill out, only an image of the boy he had once been. It was an observation that had not been lost on her. Samantha checked the size on the next pair and handed them to him. He asked her to turn around so he could change and then in the same breath said never mind it doesn’t matter and quickly started to strip off his pants. Samantha couldn’t help looking at Tommy. She watched as he removed the first pair of pants noticing he was not wearing anything under them. Samantha consciously tried looking anywhere but at his member as he put on the next pair, but she couldn’t help stealing glances.

Once Tommy was sure these pants would fit he again began to strip down to put his jeans back on. This time Samantha couldn’t help but openly watch as he got dressed. She noted how similarly he was to his brother but also that he was slightly larger and thicker. Looking at him she could feel herself getting wet and quickly tried to change the focus of her thoughts to the things she still had to get done before the wedding. They walked out of the house together and placed his clothes in her car. As he was getting back onto his bike he smiled at her and told her she hadn’t done a very good job helping him take his clothes off. Samantha made another reference to her intimate dream and how horny she was and that it probably wasn’t the best idea but if she changed her mind there would always be enough time for that later. After a little more casual conversation they both left his house and headed for different directions.

A little while later he texted her again telling her she should have done something about being horny. She replied telling him she wasn’t sure if she was ready to cross that line, but that a little alcohol would most likely help her get over her reservations. He texted her back stating they could take a ride on the bike, find some old road to pull over on and just see what happened. Her answer was wedding, alcohol, ride and sex in that order. When her phone went off again it simply displayed ;).

Samantha returned home from running her errands and proceeded to get both her and Tommy’s clothes ready. When Joe and she left Tommy had not yet returned. She texted him telling him where he could find all his things pressed and ready to go. He replied saying he would show her his thanks later. The next time they saw each other was here at the wedding and now he had just placed that fourth whiskey down in front of her. She watched him walk away and sighed silently wondering if she would in fact sleep with him. Samantha wanted to desperately. She knew if all you wanted was cheap meaningless sex Tommy was your man, and discretion was his middle name, but it was Joe’s brother and she still wasn’t sure if she could go through with it.

Lost in thought she didn’t see Joe come up behind her. He rubbed her arm and she just glared at him. He asked her if she was ok and she assured him she was, though she could tell he didn’t believe her. Joe was just about to pursue it as her phone buzzed. Picking it up she saw she had a text message from Tommy. Joe queried as to who it was but not knowing what the message contained she lied and said it was her girlfriend Emily. Quickly she turned her attention back to the phone to read his message while Joe just sat down silently beside her. Tommy’s message asked her if she still wanted to go for that bike ride. Without a second thought she typed back most definitely. A few more texts floated back and forth discussing when they were going to leave all the while Joe sat right next to her and Tommy was no more than five feet away.

The evening was progressing slowly and both were anxious to leave. They casually watched each other on and off from across the room. At one point Samantha noticed Tommy flirting with a brunette at the bar. She watched for a while even pointing it out to Joe. When she saw them exchange phone numbers she smiled and took out her phone. She texted Tommy and asked him if he was going to get lucky. He responded, “With you beşiktaş otele gelen escort maybe. ;)”

Samantha could feel herself getting excited even more than she had been earlier in the day so she threw caution to the wind and the following were the series of texts that followed, beginning with Samantha’s response.

“I’m yours, you just need to tell me what you want me to do.”

“We could start with road head.”

“No problem, I love giving head.”


“What else would a lady do?”

“I can think of some other things.”

“Anything you want baby just take control and I’m yours.”

“Can do”

Another hour passed before it seemed kosher for the two of them to leave. They told everyone Tommy was going to take her for a ride on the bike seeing as he was shipping out in two days. They made their goodbyes and Samantha kissed Joe before they headed for Tommy’s car. They climbed in, shut the doors and headed out of the parking lot. Samantha lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply. Tommy asked her if she was ok and she told him that everything was fine she was just glad to be out of there.

By the time they reached the highway Samantha had finished her cigarette. They pulled through the tollbooth and picked up speed. Tommy again looked over at her and saw that she had her arms wrapped around herself. He again questioned if she was ok. Samantha assured him that she was just cold, as she had not brought a jacket with her. Tommy smiled with husky voice let her know if she took her nylons off he could warm her up. Samantha without hesitation stripped her nylons off and threw them in the backseat. Tommy reached over and slowly reached under her dress with his right hand. When he found her slit he made reference to her being wet with excitement. She reminded him that she had been horny all afternoon and he agreed he had been as well.

Samantha looked at him and told him to move his hand so she could help with that. Tommy complied. She reached over unzipped his pants. This is where Tommy’s lack of underwear was useful. She quickly released his hard cock, massaged it with her hand for a minute. Then, with no trepidation, she bent over and licked the swollen head. Noting how good he tasted she wasted no time filling her mouth with his cock. She licked and sucked as much as she could in her awkward position even managing a few times to take him ball deep. She continued to pump him with her mouth and she could feel him get harder than he already was. This excited her even more. Tommy, sensing this, reached around her on the seat and slid his hand under her panties. She was dripping wet from her own desire and the feeling of a cock in her mouth. He found her slit and plunged two fingers inside of her. She moaned quietly and continued to suck him as he fingered her pussy. They continued like that until Tommy whispered that it was time to get off the highway.

Samantha sat up, readjusted her dress as Tommy placed his cock inside his pants. They paid the toll and quickly drove the two miles to his house. When they arrived they were pleased to see that Tommy’s roommate wasn’t home. In an act of discretion Tommy pulled his car around the back of the house so it would not be easily seen from the road. They both got out of the car and headed into the house. Samantha went straight up the stairs to Tommy’s bedroom. He paused downstairs to lock the door and take off his shoes. By the time he reached his room Samantha was already naked.

As Tommy walked in Samantha was climbing up on the bed. She propped herself up on her elbows and watched Tommy as he silently removed his clothes. Samantha had a moment of doubt, but then he turned facing her and she could see his erection she knew in that instant that she wanted this in fact she needed this. He reached for his jacket and Samantha looked at him questioningly. Tommy pulled out a condom from his inner pocket and whispered, “For both our benefit.” Samantha further moved up on the bed as he ripped open the package and rolled the condom down his shaft. She was more than ready for him as he crawled onto the bed. Tommy inched toward her and she instinctively allowed her legs to fall open inviting him in. He grabbed her thighs and pushed them back, slid his cock up and down her slit before he effortlessly pushed into her.

Tommy slowly glided in and out before he lowered himself down, his arms still rapped around her legs. He pressed his lips to hers and for the first beşiktaş rus escort time in almost thirteen years they kissed. The kiss was full of lust and desire. Tommy picked up him rhythm burying his head in the nape of her neck, her arm holding his head to her. Samantha continued to kiss his neck and biting ever so gently on his shoulder. Tommy turned his head to face her and kissed her again before lifting his weight back onto his knees. He lowered her legs off his arms before reaching down to rub her clit as he picked up rhythm. Samantha became breathless and threw her head to the side as Tommy continued to thrust in and out of her all the while still rubbing her clit.

After a few minutes Tommy grabbed Samantha’s right leg and turned her onto her stomach with knees bent, bottom in the air. In this new position Tommy could penetrate her even deeper causing Samantha to moan out softly. Wanting to heighten her own pleasure she reached down with her left hand and began manipulating her button herself. Tommy was holding onto her hips and was pounding her from behind, being rough but not too rough.

The pleasure was so intense that Samantha could feel her legs beginning to lose the ability to hold her up and as Tommy put more of his weight on her so that his chest was making contact with her back they slowly fell into the bed together. All the while Tommy never slowed. With his right hand he reached down her stomach and moved her hand away so he could rub her clit himself. He could feel his own orgasm building and began to slam into her. Samantha was holding on to the headboard tightly with both hands as Tommy rode her. Her breathing was labored and she was on the edge. With his left hand Tommy pulled her hair. Sending waves of electricity through her body. It had been so long since someone just took control of her and the feeling was exhilarating. Still holding tightly onto her hair he turned her head and kissed her hard. He was getting to the point of no return.

After a few moments he released her hair and put his mouth to Samantha’s ear. She could feel his hot breath sending chills down her spine. In a husky whisper he said, “You’re going to make me come.”

To which Samantha replied, “Then fuck me.” Not needing to be told twice Tommy picked up his speed all the while he continued to rub her clit. Finally he felt his balls tighten and gave one last hard thrust before empting himself into her. Samantha pushed back trying to get him even deeper as his orgasm brought her over the edge. She spasmed as the two lay motionless his cock still buried deep within her.

For another minute Tommy and Samantha remained where they were recovering from their mutual orgasms before he slowly withdrew from her and rolled to her side. Silently they lay next to one another trying to catch their breath. Then with no need for words they both began to get up off the bed. It was then that Tommy suggested they take a quick shower to wash away any signs of their indiscretion, figuring it would be a poor choice if Samantha returned home smelling of sex. This one statement reminded her why she had chosen him in the first place, why he was the one to be with. Discretion.

After they both jumped out of the shower they returned to his room. Tommy and Samantha redressed and as she sat on the edge of the bed putting her shoes back on she looked over at him and as sincerely as she could said, “Thank you. That was exactly what I needed.”

Tommy looked at her and half chuckled before responding, “You’re welcome.”

Walking back out of the house and to the car they joked around. She told him that in the last twelve years she had only been with two, well now three people. Smiling at her he said I thought it was still two. Hearing him say that she knew it was their secret and any worries left her mind. The conversation the rest of the way home was casual. They talked about Tommy’s upcoming deployment and his on and off again girlfriend. When they finally reached her house five minutes later they both got out of the car. Tommy told her he was going to take his bike out for another ride and if he didn’t see her later he would catch her when he returned. Samantha just stood in the doorway between the house and the garage and watched as he put his leathers on. She was pleasantly surprised as right before he was ready to leave he walked up to her, gave her a soft kiss on the lips and told her he would talk to her when he returned.

As Tommy drove away Samantha slipped into the house closing the door behind her. She leaned up against the door as she thought back on what had just happened. She silently wondered to herself if this would be a one time only thing or if it would happen again. Samantha smiled to herself and whispered to no one, “I can’t wait to see what happens when he returns,” as she pushed herself off the door and walked down the hall to change.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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