My Girl Sam


(Author’s Note: This story was originally submitted under the wrong category. As it is a story based on very true events I felt it necessary to correct that error and also take the time to better relate the raw emotions and sensations with bolstered descriptive details. I hope you enjoy these edits even more. Thank you.)


I walked through the terminal with bags in hand looking for some close family friends. I had received a Christmas card again from them this year and replied with my usual letter updating them on my life and career. My career had only just begun a little over a year ago. I was in the Air Force stationed in Germany. I had told them in my letter I was coming home on leave in February. I had received a letter back from Mrs. McQuinn saying she and LtCol McQuinn were going to pick me up. They insisted I stay with them when they heard I was going to be coming in to McGuire Air Force Base which is where he was stationed now and where my military flight had brought me back from Sembach AB, Germany. I hadn’t seen them in a good while. And I could never turn down a request from Mrs. McQuinn. She was the sweetest woman in the whole world. Her husband and my father had been had been stationed together during a couple of assignments.

And there they were.

Lt Col McQuinn jogged toward me from the entrance doors of the terminal. Before I could set my bags down, he wrapped his big beefy arms around me and gave me a huge bear hug. He lifted me off my feet, luggage and all.

“Good to see you again, boy.” He said as he jerked me side to side. “Been a long while.”

“Oh, Tom, put the boy down. He’s not a little guy anymore, he’s a grown man.” Mrs. McQuinn walked up along side us and no sooner had Mr. McQuinn released me and I was able to drop my bags than she took up the hugging. Mrs. McQuinn was rather short in stature so her arms barely wrapped above my waist, her head buried itself in my lower chest. Her hug felt so warm. I had always felt so comfortable in her arms. She had always made me feel that way. Mr. and Mrs. McQuinn were the ‘huggingest’ people I knew. They hugged anyone and anybody. It felt good right then after being away from family and close friends for so long.

“So how is our grown man?” She asked rubbing her cheek into my ribs. “Hmmm, seems like you haven’t been eating so well over there in Germany, Stevie.” She reared back and looked me up and down before poking her finger into my midsection. “I think I have my work cut out for me these next two days getting you fed before I send you home to your momma.”

“Oh, it’s alright. I eat well enough. It’s just all the working out I’ve been doing. The military has gotten me in the best shape I’ve ever been in. But I sure won’t turn down a good meal from my favorite cook.” I bent down to whisper in her ear. “Just don’t tell mom I said that.” Then I gave her a hug of my own and squeezed her as tightly as I dared.

“Oh, my. You have been doing some exercising. Very strong arms there young man.” Mrs. McQuinn leaned back again and this time reached up to touch my biceps. “I bet the girls will be impressed, too.” She winked up at me.

The girls.

By girls, Mrs. McQuinn was referring to her three daughters. The two oldest, Sara and Samantha, were twins and twenty-one. There couldn’t have been a set of twins that were so different. In appearance were totally different, Sara, taller and more of a dark brunette. Samantha was a couple inches shorter and with a light brown, not quite blonde head of hair. Most times you’d never even know they were twins even standing all together as a family. The youngest, Donna was still in high school, now eighteen and a senior. She was short like her mother.

She was also just as much a ball of energy as I remembered. It was her, the first of the three that greeted me as we walked into the McQuinn house that evening.

“Hi Steve.” The familiar voice resounded in the living room. Before I could fully turn around Donna had run and stretched her short arms around me. She gave me a warm hug just like her mom had done back at the terminal.

“Hi Donna. Good to see you, too.” I wrapped my arms around her head and squeezed, twisting her back and forth playfully. Her cheek and ear rubbed me not much higher than her mother’s had at just above my belly.

Finally I released her and she stepped back so I could get a good look at the baby sister. My, had she grown. Well, maybe not so much in stature but surely in all the proper womanly places. She most definitely had taken after her mother in another way. The curves of an eighteen year old woman had replaced the skinny features of the young fifteen year old girl I had seen the last time. Looking nearly directly down upon her I couldn’t help but see the almost massive bosom she now carried. As she bounced up and down on her toes it, or they, shook with an outwardly excitable effect in that scoop neck blouse of hers.

I realized I was staring, so etiler escort I blinked and looked up toward Mr. and Mrs. McQuinn expecting to have been busted for staring lewdly at their baby girl. I saw they had both left the room however. Not seeing my bags, I assumed Mr. McQuinn had taken them to wherever I was sleeping that night. Knowing Mrs. McQuinn she was out in the kitchen already.

“Have a good flight?” Donna interrupted the stillness.

“Uh, yea, for a military flight on a C-141 cargo hauler I suppose.” I looked back down at her and found myself looking upon her bountiful cleavage again. Wow, this girl had indeed matured. I blinked once more and tried to force myself to look her in the face.

“That’s good. Daddy used to fly in those a lot. Said they were noisy.” I watched her do a little twirl on her one foot and walk over to plop down on the couch. “I guess I’m not going to follow in Daddy’s footsteps in the Air Force and be a pilot at this puny height of mine though.” As she adjusted her feet under her there on the cushions I resumed my ogling of her breasts as they bounced again and again each time she moved.

‘The girl is eighteen, Steve. And damn it, she’s the McQuinn’s youngest. Get a hold of yourself stupid’, was what the little voice in my head said. While another voice was saying ‘Wonder hat the boys in her school must think of this package of energy and breasts?’

The thought of high school suddenly made me think of her sisters, Sara and Samantha. The last time I saw them they were all of eighteen and graduating.

“So how are your sisters?” I asked, turning to take a seat in the chair across from Donna. When I looked back at her I did all I could to try and keep my gaze above the neck level.

“Oh, good I guess. Sara is off at a night class tonight, usually gets home around ten o’clock. Sam, well, who knows where she is. She goes out a lot and comes home late. You did know she’s back home after her divorce right?” Donna leaned over to grab a pillow next to her, giving what could be only described as a quick peep show. I saw her breasts in full course and if not for her lacy bra her nipples may have been mine for the ogling. I watched as she hugged the pillow up tight to her chest. Both the good and the bad of it was she blocked my view of her grown woman assets now. It was probably in my best interest in the end.

My mind came back to her last comment. The words ‘her divorce’ made me think of Samantha. Sam, as she was known to family and friends, was just twenty-one but she had been married and divorced already. I never knew the guy, but she had met him her freshman year of college and by the end of sophomore year they were married. I didn’t get the entire story from Mom, but I heard enough to know he didn’t treat her well and drinking was involved in their somewhere, more than the traditional college binges I understood. Anyway, he hit her a couple times and she finally left not only him but college. I had supposed she’d been back home with her parents for several months now.

“Well?” I looked back up at Donna as I realized she was speaking to me again.

“Well what?” I asked obviously having missed the original question.

“I asked how are your Mom and Dad?” Donna repeated, as she clutched that pillow more tightly to her chest, only this time the way she held it actually pushed up her bosom.

As I answered I couldn’t avoid looking at her chest as I it was nearly up in her face. “Uh, alright, I mean good I guess.” Her cleavage was as defined as ever now. Okay, eighteen or not, this girl was sexy; sexy enough to make me stir in my jeans right at that moment. ‘No, Steve, this is a family friend’s baby daughter, and sister. You can’t be getting a hard-on over her.’ But it was most definitely real. My briefs were getting rather tight. I tried to focus on our conversation but in my mind I was thinking what those round mounds of female form really looked like.

“That’s good. I haven’t seen them since my sisters’ graduation.” Donna shifted again.

I felt another twitch in my jeans. Okay, I had to try and to think of something or someone else to distract me. Mrs. McQuinn that was it. Think of the sweet, loving mother. Better. No not better, thinking of her made me think of her own huge chest. Now I was thinking of Mrs. McQuinn’s large naked breasts. Then I was picturing mother and youngest daughter both topless. I tried to squeeze my legs together, to pincer my erection between my thighs, trying to make it painful. That only made it worse, grew harder.

“Dinner is served guys.” Mr. McQuinn came in and announced.

Saved! I quickly jumped up out of the chair and took a couple of steps before I realized, ‘Crap, was I still hard?’ I made a quick turn and looked down, yes, I was. “Uh, could I use your bathroom, first?” I asked with my back to Mr. McQuinn.

“Yes, of course, down the hall on the left.” He eve gelen escort answered.

I looked back over my other shoulder at Donna to see if she may have noticed my embarrassing indiscretion. She was already up and walking toward the dining room. Geez! Now I caught myself looking at her butt. What a wiggle, what a nice round butt. That image was also very familiar, but in a taller version. I suddenly saw her sister Sam’s butt. I flashed back to a dance floor three years earlier and the nearly same wonderful sight in a print patterned Prom gown. A desire I had then returned to me there in the McQuinn’s living room. My manhood pushed out even harder in my briefs. I quickly stepped off toward the bathroom.

Once I lifted up the toilet seat and first hauled it out, I found myself semi-hard so it took a bit of just letting it hang there before I could go. I really did have to go as it turned out; I hadn’t gone since I got off the plane. When I finally did it was amazing how a good pee could be. It wasn’t an orgasm, and as much as I could have used one right then, it felt so good feeling that stream running through and out that thing.

To help frame my perspective here, let me backup a second and explain something here before I go too far. Samantha, Sam, was my first real crush. Our fathers had been stationed at the same base in Ohio when we were in junior high. Our families actually lived right next door to one another in base housing. I was not quite a year older than the twins, but by virtue of school age cutoffs we were actually in the same grade. It was early my eighth grade year that I started really getting keen on girls. Being close to the twins started to become more of a boy/girl thing for me than the previous just goofing around with our other friends in the neighborhood. I enjoyed being around them both, but it was Sam that struck my fancy the most. I think it was her athletic or tom-boyish attitude that got me first. It may have also been her beautiful face. Her light brown, almost blonde, hair framed what was the most beautiful thing I remember at that age. The pre-teen romance, if you can call it that, budded into not much more than me shyly giving her a dime-store ring. Of course it was the first token of friendship or anything I had ever given a girl. Sam and I did things together like go to a movie and to the local Arby’s, but we were never really ever alone. Her twin sister Sara and usually a couple of others would always be around. But we did find a way to sit next to one another and hold hands. That all lasted a few months though, as my Dad got orders that summer and we left for Hawaii.

Then three years later, LtCol McQuinn got orders to Hawaii and his family followed us to the Islands. Sam and I never picked up where we left off in the ‘dating’ thing. We didn’t see one another all that much as we lived on opposite ends of the island as our Dad’s were stationed at different bases. Sam and I had not even kept in touch in all that time. I had since gotten wrapped up in high school and spent most of my free time at the beach or working out for the wrestling team, I was in my third year of wrestling by then. My once skinny, bony body had filled out since the last time we had seen one another. I had also grown nearly eight inches in height. Of course Sam had grown up plenty herself, too. I remembered the first time I actually saw her again was at a football game. She had made the cheerleading squad. I remember sitting up in the stands as the girls came off the field from their routine and Sam waving up at me with those red and black pompoms. Sam was still the beautiful girl I remembered; only now she was not a girl, not a little girl anyway. She was so hot in that short skirt and tight top of hers. The feelings I had for her as an eighth grader had matured tremendously now as a senior in high school. Watching her bounce around doing her cheers needless to say transformed the boyish thoughts of Sam of just a few years ago.

Now I need to flash ahead several months to late springtime. Although I had some strong feelings that night at the football game, being both teenagers at different high schools and living farther than just across town, we didn’t really see one another that much at all except on special family occasions. I was totally wrapped up in wrestling and body surfing and she was very into her cheerleading and school work. She was a straight A student by the way. Anyway, my feelings for her did not totally wane over that time and by now it was time for my Senior Prom. The first person I thought of was Sam. We had not dated even once unless you counted holding her hand, with my cheap ring on it, in the movies back in Ohio. But there were two reasons why I wanted to take her; first and foremost, she was still on my mind when I thought about dating for some reason. Only it was truly funny when I thought about it. Even after that one night at the football fatih escort game, after getting seriously aroused over her, I never once jacked off to the thought of Sam. Oh let me tell you, I became a hell of a masturbator back when I first got to Hawaii and turned fourteen. But it was mostly stimulated by the fantasies I found in magazines, my Dad’s Playboy and Penthouse magazines. I’d sneak into them whenever I could. Maybe that is why the second issue for asking Sam out came about. There I was eighteen years old, relatively handsome I’d selfishly admit, tall and muscular as a high school wrestler, but not once had I ever been alone with a girl. Oh, I could get a good whack off anywhere or anytime over a hot pictorial, but I’d never made even had a girl’s hand on me let alone my hand on any intimate part of a girl. I was a virgin.

So when I asked Sam to my Prom I was more than a little nervous to say the least. She was to be my first real date. Sam, also a senior who turned eighteen just a couple months before that, actually accepted and it turned out to be one of the most memorable nights of my life. I was more than uncomfortable not knowing really how to dance. It took half the night, but by the fourth or fifth slow dance and with Sam as a good teacher I was finally comfortable being with her out on the floor. Sam was an excellent dancer; maybe why she was such a good cheerleader or vice versa; either way she was very fluid on the dance floor. It wasn’t until that last slow dance that I truly realized how comfortable I had become when her pelvis bumped into me and there was a very healthy erection going on between us. As I said, I had never really been with a girl in all this time so having that kind of reaction other than when I’d masturbate away over a glossy magazine was so new to me. I remembered it felt very good though. I also remembered wondering how much of me she had actually felt. I was as hard and long as I had ever been, while still in my pants and briefs anyway. Still as much as I knew I liked her Sam was still my friend, okay maybe my one love in life back then but that was always something separate from anything sexual.

Sam and I finished off the night back at her house as we sat on the couch, in the dark, and had a wonderful conversation about everything but the two of us. I had only just gotten up the nerve to lean in and kiss her, which may have taken the whole relationship to the next level, when the kitchen light flashed on. Mr. McQuinn had come downstairs. My rookie confidence was shot down as I knew I had been busted. Although he’d never given me any reason to be scared of him in the past, it was different that night as I was sitting on his couch, in the shadows no less, with his daughter, starting to think about getting physical.

He came walking by with a tall glass of water in his hand and said, “Oh hi, didn’t mean to interrupt you two. Just had a thirst.”

I translated that as my cue to say goodnight to his daughter. Without a kiss, but with a hug, Sam and I did say goodnight. When her body pressed up against me that last time it made me not only feel very good but it also made me feel the distinct coolness of an enormous amount of pre-cum that had built up on my briefs by that point in the night. I had finally seen and reacted to Samantha McQuinn as someone I could be sexual with and I hadn’t hade the nerve to make a move.

And it was not to happen anytime ever since…

I looked at my face in the bathroom mirror as I brought myself back to the present. All in all I realized it had still been the most wonderful night in my life up to that point, even if we hadn’t consummated any sort of sexual or even romantic relationship.

I finished washing my hands and headed out to the dining room.

Dinner turned out to be as delicious as ever. Mrs. McQuinn really did have to be the best cook in the world. Sorry Mom! It was just the four of us around the table, Mr. and Mrs. McQuinn, Donna and I. The meal was scrumptious and the conversation busy. The latter another female McQuinn trait and although I’d have loved to have seen Sara and Sam, the noise level would have been magnified tenfold with them around the dinner table I’m sure.

Our conversation continued on out to the living room, but by about ten o’clock Mr. McQuinn headed off to bed and Donna was up in her room.

“Come on Steve, we have you sleeping down in the basement if that’s alright. You remember the sofa bed don’t you?” Mrs. McQuinn announced as she got up out of her chair.

“Yea, I sure do.”

“Samantha has been sleeping down there the last few months. I did change the sheets of course.” She smiled at me. “But don’t mind all the other girl stuff strewn around. I told her to clean up some, but I think she forgot or more likely didn’t listen.”

“Oh, wait, I don’t want to put Sam out.” I protested as at the same time I was picturing that sofa bed. A bed Sam had slept on and I was supposed to now sleep.

“Don’t worry. Sam is going to bunk up with Sara. We got her a double bed last year so they’ll be alright. Be just like the old days for them.” Mrs. McQuinn reassured me and she seemed to reminisce.

“Sure. I guess, if they are okay with it.” I said politely but deeper inside I was really picturing that sofa bed with Sam lying across it.

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