My Dream of Life Ch. 02

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I wrapped my arms around her waist, hugging her closely. My now firm cock was nestled warmly in between her thighs. I sucked on her neck, she loved that, and she began to squirm, drawing my attention back to my tingling erection as her legs slid over and squeezed it. She let out a soft sigh as my head parted her soft pussy lips, allowing my shaft to slide into her waiting hole. I slowly worked my penis in and out of her, wanting this to last for a long time, to feel the joy our union created.

After several minutes of slow love making she suddenly slid off of my rod, turned around and pounced on me, dragging me to the wet floor of the shower. She wiggled around on top of me until I was once again firmly embedded deep inside her. She knew me well, as this was my favorite position. I loved having her on top of me, breasts bouncing in my face so I could play with them as I pleased. I wrapped my arms around her and we embraced in a wonderful kiss, letting the moment linger before continuing with the thrusting. I felt the familiar tingle of an approaching orgasm and began to thrust harder, faster and deeper. At the same time we both exploded in an intense orgasm and collapsed in the bottom of the tub. Our warm, wet bodies shuddering against each other and tingling from the hot shower water raining down on us. She sighed and buried her head in my chest while I ran my hands up and down her smooth back. A few moments later she kissed me and giggled. I smiled and we both got up and rinsed off before stepping out of the shower.

As she bent over to dry off her legs I couldn’t resist giving her sexy ass a playful whip with my towel. In response she gave me a whip with her towel then took off, leading me on a wild chase around the house. As I turned the corner into the bedroom she leapt out of nowhere, tackled me to the ground and gave me a playful nip. Knowing her secret weakness I began to tickle her without mercy, causing her to squirm violently. I used this opportunity to lead her on a chase of my own and dashed out of the room, nearly tripped running down the stairs and hopped over the back of the couch in the living room and hid behind it. The next thing I know she has once beylikdüzü escort again pinned me to the ground, but this time she made sure I couldn’t tickle her. She began to tease me by rubbing her crotch against mine, and I stared lustfully into her lovely green eyes. She groped my erection and fondled my balls, then said “Why don’t we go rack up a game of pool?” as she rubbed her breasts.

She had already gotten up and gone downstairs to the pool table, so I had no choice but to follow the little tease. I saw her bending over while she put the balls in the rack, just slightly flashing her pussy to me, as we were still in the nude. She let me break and I got to be solids. As we played she always bent over to shoot in a way that gave me and excellent view of cleavage, so I wasn’t able to concentrate well on my game and she easily beat me. She tauntingly slid her cue between her legs, causing my erection to swell some more. She gazed at my member and gave me a wink then licked her lips. Suddenly she was on her knees sucking my cock. I gasped in surprise as her wet lips first enveloped my dick, taking it in deeper and deeper until my full length was down her throat. She was very skilled in the art of cock sucking, giving me more pleasure than I thought could be possible. I could only hold out from this expert pleasuring for five minutes, and I then had an incredible orgasm, shooting my seed down her throat. She greedily sucked down every last drop.

I looked down into her eyes and she noticed a glint in my eyes as I smiled. I picked her up and sat her on the pool table, then began to fondle and suck on her breasts. With her crotch pressed against my leg I could feel a warm wetness where we touched. I closed my eyes, sighed and licked my lips. I was going to thoroughly enjoy pleasuring her waiting pussy. I slowly ran my tongue in-between her breasts and down her stomach. She trembled as I gave her navel a kiss, then my tongue continued its journey to her crotch. I let my tongue softly brush against her swollen clit but continued to trace it around her snatch. I then kissed and rubbed her inner thighs, making beyoğlu escort her moan. She grabbed my head and pulled it into her pussy, not being able to take any more teasing punishment. I happily lapped up the sweet juices dripping down her lips, and inserted the tip of my tongue into her soaking entrance. I tongue fucked her for a few moments then pulled out and gave her clit much needed attention. I slowly circled her clit, giving it the occasional flick or suck. I looked up to see that her nipples were very hard and her eyes closed in pleasure. I heard her breathing become faster as she approached her orgasm. I planted my mouth over her clit and sucked on it. The added stimulation threw her into a trashing orgasm, nearly squeezing me to death between her legs. When she relaxed her legs I gently pulled off her sensitive clit and tenderly licked around her pussy lips.

After a minute I then focused my attention back to her clit, careful to avoid too much stimulation to her still sensitive button. She was soon able to handle more stimulation so I began sucking her clit again. She came again within seconds, but I refused to pull myself away from her sweet cunt and sent her into several more orgasms. I let her push my face off of her burning pussy. I wrapped her up in my arms and passionately kissed her, letting her taste herself on my lips. By now my cock was rather hard again, and I noticed her pussy was dripping its sweet juices down her legs. I licked the juices on her legs then knelt her down on the floor. I came up from behind her and entered her slippery vagina doggy style. I had thrust my full length into her. My eyes went wide as her very tight walls massaged my cock. I started to make long thrusts into her, savoring the heavenly feel on my rod. My pace steadily grew faster as time passed. I was proud of my lasting ability as I could easily fuck for at least ten minutes non-stop, usually more, rarely less. I loved the smacking sound that was made when our flesh touched. Noticing her breasts swinging wildly, I decided to have some fun with them and cupped them in my hands. She had such nice breasts, bizimkent escort not large, but not small, just right. I’ve always thought that large breasts looked odd and ugly on thin women; I liked breast size to be in proportion to the body. She moaned as I gently squeezed her breasts and softly tugged on her nipples.

I then leaned over to kiss the back of her neck. I gathered she liked this treatment from the way she arched her back and squeezed my member even tighter deep inside her. As I sucked on her neck I heard her breathing become faster. Wanting to make her cum I began to fuck her harder and faster. I gave her ear a little nibble and she let out a groan, I could tell she was close, and so was I. I licked my fingers and began to play with her nipples again. She couldn’t take the added stimulation. When I felt the first warm contraction on my cock, my own orgasm began. Her pussy milked every single drop of cum from my balls.

Panting, we collapsed to the ground holding each other closely. We lay down on our sides, and she turned around so she could face me. Looking into each others eyes we both smiled. No words needed to be spoken; we knew we were both completely satisfied. We embraced in an affectionate kiss that sent a tingle throughout my body. I loved to cuddle after sex. It was so nice to hold the warm body of my loved one against myself as it added to the warm afterglow of our passion. I let my hands wander over her body, exploring at their own will. She sighed, closed her eyes and buried her head in my chest as she always did when I had thoroughly pleasured her.

Letting out a sigh of my own, I awoke and found myself snuggled up to a pillow. I let out another sigh. Oh how I yearned to be with my dream girl. I rolled out of bed half awake and dressed myself in a baggy t-shirt and equally baggy pants wandered over to the bathroom to wash up. I stared at myself in the mirror, judging myself. I look pretty decent, I thought. I wondered why nobody cared for me. I’m not repulsive looking, I’m not a jackass either. I’m funny, smart and kind, why wouldn’t anybody like me? I sighed again and spit out the toothpaste in my mouth and rinsed. When I was finished washing up I went downstairs to fix myself breakfast and read the comics while I ate like I do every morning. I called a few friends to make some plans for the day, but everyone was busy. I put the phone back on the receiver and sighed to myself. I had to spend another lonely day on the computer all by myself. Will I ever meet my dream girl? Only time will tell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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