My 18th B-Day


This story is for mature adults. It is also for all different types of people. Enjoy!

This is the story of my eighteenth birthday.

Hi, my name is Keri, I am 20 years old and I have black hair (with streaks of blond and auburn) and baby blue eyes. I wear a 36DD, size 12 in jeans and little tops (as long as the top fits over the tits and hits below them).

I know that makes me sound like some little whore, but honestly I am not. Actually up until my eighteenth birthday, I was a virgin. And I can imagine what is going through your mind right now; probably something along the lines of “Yeah Right” or “If she was a virgin and dressing like that and a rack like that then she has to be uglier than hell”. Am I right?

It’s true though. You see I had the incentive to keep my virginity. My grandmother made me a deal around the time that I started filling out in the chest (I was about 13). She told me that if I would promise stay a virgin until my eighteenth birthday, she would help put me through college and give me enough money to go on a trip for two weeks on my eighteenth birthday. My parents agreed with her, and so I made the deal. I mean at that age, boys weren’t all that important.

Well after I turned 15, things changed. I started noticing boys. My grandmother noticed, and she told me that since I was older that she would require proof every year that I was a virgin. I asked how she was going to get the proof, and all she said was ‘gynecologist’. And so I agreed to a check up and went every year and I stayed a virgin. I mean I kissed a couple of boy but that was as far as I would go. My last check up was on my birthday. I was a virgin. So I got a check for 2500 dollars from her. And a new car from my parents.

I was eighteen, had money, a car and a month away from my parents. So about seven thirty the night of my birthday my friend Alana and I were packed and on the road. I had rented a cabin by a lake in the mountains for one month, and had already taken most of the food stuff up there and gotten the beds made up. So that meant all that we had to take was clothes and anything else we needed.

Once there, we unpacked the car and went inside to put things away. But once we got inside, the only thing we did was find us something to sleep in. We both had our own room but there was only one bathroom, which was huge. I swear the tub its self was big enough to be a Jacuzzi, and I couldn’t wait to try it out. We met each other in the bathroom, evidentially both of us having the same idea.

“Bath?” I asked her.

“God yes. Look at that thing, it is almost big enough to swim in!” she replied.

“Well, hell, that was my idea too.” I smiled, cause we always thought alike and it tickled me to know it.

“Want to share??” she asked.

“Share?” I was confused. Was she actually suggesting that we take a bath together?

“Yeah share. I mean why not? We have seen each other naked many times, so why not share a bath? Especially one as big as that?” she was looking at the bathtub as she was

talking so I couldn’t see her face.

“Sure. That is fine with me,” I told her. She was right, we had seen each other Bycasino naked many times.

“Good,” she said. “With or without bubbles?”

“With bubbles definitely.” I laughed. “A relaxing bath is not relaxing without bubbles”

“Don’t I know it.” She looked at me about that time and there was a huge grin on her face.

Well she fixed the water and I tested it to make sure I liked the temperature, which was just fine to me. As we undressed I noticed a lot about her body that I hadn’t noticed before. Like she had a really nice ass and these nice round tits that weren’t all that big but big enough for her. And then she turned toward me. She shaved her puss. I just stared until I realized what I was doing. I glanced at her face and realized that she was giving me a once over too. I turned around, so she could see my ass. Fair is fair, I thought to myself. I waited a few seconds and turned toward the bathtub, and got in. She followed.

We were both leaning back and relaxing, when I felt something brush against the inside of my right thigh. I waited to see if I felt it again and when I didn’t I thought that maybe I had just imagined it. I had my head laid back against the rail of the tub thinking about shaving my pussy since I had liked how hers looked, when I felt something hit my pussy lips. This time I looked up. Alana was laying back like I had been but she had this big grin on her face.

“Alana?” I said.

“Yeah?” she raised her head as she answered and looked me in the eye. She had this mischievous look in her eyes.

“Umm…” I wasn’t sure what to say.

“You know,” she started before I could even think of something. “You should shave your pussy. I do and I love it.”

“Do you think? I mean I had heard of people doing it, had even thought about doing it once, but I was afraid to do it myself.” I was sitting straight up and so was she.

“I’ll help,” she said.

“OK then I will do it.” I told her after a little bit of hesitation.

“First thing we need to do is trim you some. But I think we should wax you, cause shaving can irritate your skin.” She was looking at my tits when she was talking although I don’t think she realized it. And to my total disbelief my pussy started tingling and my nipples got hard.

“I don’t have any wax to use on my puss. All I brought was for my legs.” I told her, watching as she set up.

“I have some. Come on,” she said as stood up. “We will leave the water until we finish.”

“OK,” was all I could get out cause I was watching her get out and I got a better glimpse of her pussy. I felt my pussy start tingling a little worse.

“Well come on.” She said as she started toward the door.

I got up to follow her and was right behind her as she stopped at the door to her room. She was looking at her bed and then she turned toward my room, and looked in at my bed.

“Your bed’s bigger. Grab a towel and spread it out on the bed then lay on it,” she said as she turned back to her room. “I’ll get the stuff and come in here with you.”

So I did as I was asked to do. I was laying on the bed with no clothes on, waiting on one of Bycasino giriş my oldest friends to come and shave my pussy. Ironic considering that I had always thought that the first time someone besides a doctor would get between my legs, it would be a guy. But it was going to be a girl, and one that was making me feel all wet between the legs just by thinking about what was going to happen. I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I didn’t here Alana come back in the room, so when I felt her hand on my thigh I naturally jumped.

“Well, are you ready for this?” she asked me.

“Sure,” I looked her in the eyes and saw something that surprised me. Lust. Which is probably what she saw in mine. Now I know I was a virgin but I never said I was a saint. I know when someone looks at me with lust in their eyes.

I watched as she picked up the trimmers, and turned them on. I slowly opened my legs and she looked down, slowly bringing them closer. I felt so hot just thinking about Alana touching me. And oh my let me tell you once the trimmers hit my skin, I almost leaped off of the bed, the vibration felt so good. I looked up at Alana to see if she had noticed and but she was looking at my pussy, licking her lips.

I started moving my hips and she smiled even more. She kept trimming the hairs on my pussy, but she brought her other hand up to my pussy and I felt her part my lips, then I felt the slightest touch against my clit. I moaned, spreading my legs even more and she kept rubbing and I started feeling as if I was losing my breath. That is when I realized that I was in the beginning of my very first orgasm.

I was feeling so good, I didn’t realize that Alana had turned off the clippers. I opened up my eyes when I realized there was no more buzzing, and her fingers were just lying on my pussy.

“Bath,” she said as she got up, and started out the door.

So I got up and followed. By the time I got in the bathroom, Alana was already in the tub. I walked over and climbed in, but instead of sitting down I walked over to where Alana had sat and sit down beside her. I was unsure of what I was going to do until I looked at her.

I put my hand on her knee and stared sliding it up and down each time getting closer to her puss. She looked at me and I slowly leaned toward her until our mouths touched. We started kissing and I felt her tongue against my lips so I opened them for her. I slid my hands to the inside of her thighs and slowly started rubbing her clit, stroking down to the opening of her puss, and back again. She started to squirm so I ended the kiss, and started kissing her neck, then I went down to her breast. And oh my let me tell you, the minute I put my lips on her tit, she started cumming. I swirled my tongue around her nipple and sucked gently. I stopped sucking long enough to look at her face, and again there was this grin on her face and lust in her eyes.

All of a sudden she jerked away and stood up. “Bed.” was all she got out.

We both ran to my room, and as soon as we hit the bed we were kissing and touching, She pushed me back and trailed kisses from my mouth to my throat, stopping at my Bycasino güncel giriş titties to play with my nipples. She did not linger long; instead she brought her hands to my breast, gently squeezing the nipples. She continued to rain kisses down my stomach, until she reached my pussy. She brought her right hand down to spread my pussy lips and once she did that, she kissed my clit. She then started to flick her tongue over my clit sweeping down to hit my pussy hole.

Then she stood up and got the wax. She spread it over the top of my pussy, put the strip over the wax, and smoothed it.

“This may hurt,” she told me, and grasped the edge of the paper and jerked it. I screamed, but not in pain. I climaxed. She continued to wax me until all the hair was removed.

She put everything away, and lay beside me. We began kissing and stroking each other. All of the sensations that I was feeling was all so new to me, and I was moaning and groaning so much, climbing higher and higher, until I knew that I was about to die.

Just as I thought that I could not take anymore, I felt her take a deep breath and stick her finger as far inside me as she could, going in and out as fast as she could. I started thrusting my hips against her hand. She took her finger out and started rubbing on to my clit, pinching and flicking it until I screamed out in ecstasy. She then moved her mouth from my mouth down to my pussy opening and thrust her tongue in. I slammed my hips up and cummed all in her mouth, filling it full. She sucked and sucked until at last I settled down.

She raised up and started to ease up my body. As soon as we were face to face she put her lips to mine and stuck her tongue out, pushing it in to my mouth. I willingly opened it for her. And I felt something trickle on to my tongue and then I realized I was tasting my cum. I closed my mouth over hers and started moving my tongue toward hers and just devoured her mouth, loving the taste of me on her.

I tried to roll over, but she pinned me to the bed and raised up to her knees. She smiled at me and I started scooting down, until her pussy was over my face. I raised my head and stuck out my tongue, tasting her for the first time. And oh did she taste good. I dove right in sucking and licking, paying extra close attention to her clit. I wrapped my lips around it, and started sucking and nibbling. Her hips started to move, and I grasped them to make sure she wouldn’t get away. I stuck my tongue in her and opened my mouth wide adding as much suction as I could. I heard her moan and then I felt a gush of liquid in my mouth. I swallowed some, but decided to keep a little bit in my mouth so she could taste herself.

After a few seconds, she quit moving her hips and lifted up to climb off of my face. I guided her down, loving the feel of her body against mine. She seemed to anticipate what I had done, cause as soon as she could, she put her lips to mine, and thrust her tongue in my mouth. She moaned as she tasted her cum and she sucked it out of my mouth, swallowing it and moaning.

After we broke apart she rolled over, laying beside me, and rested her cheek against my titty.

“If sex with a guy is that good, I can’t wait.” She said sighing.

“Me neither.” Was all I could get out.

“But we can keep doing this too. I really enjoyed it.” she said turning toward me

“You know it” I smiled, turning so we were facing each other. “Anytime, anyplace.”

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