Mrs. Claus! Ch. 05

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CH. 5


by royhoffman©

“Mom? Jimmy”

I thought about being quiet but realized that Mom had undoubtedly seen Grandma’s car. Plus I didn’t want to scare the shit out of her by just popping out of the john.

“I’m in here, Mom, Grandma is taking a shower”

“And you’ve been in there all this time?” She asked with a laugh. It dawned on me that she thought I was in here masturbating. “Well hurry up, I wanna see my baby boy!” There was an odd tone in her voice at the last statement and I wondered where my Dad was. I cleaned up as thoroughly as I could with a washcloth. I dressed my pajama top and boxers and went out to see my mother.

As soon as I opened the door I was enveloped in a warm embrace of full breasts, sweet perfume and motherly love. Fortunately due to my recent discharge, I did not get a woody from embracing my mother. Mom hugged me tight, “Oh Merry Christmas, baby!”

After letting me go, Mom regarded me with a wistful smile and then laughed, “Did you forget your pants?”

Yeah in my room. I had to come up with a plausible reason for being in my boxers other than it gave Grandma easier access to my cock. ” Umm, Gran said if it was more comfortable for me I could just go in my boxers. After all the penises she seen mine wasn’t anything special.”

Mom raised her hands in mock surrender. “Far be it for me to mess with the rules of the house.” She quirked a brow at me and laughed, “Besides, I guess you’ll probably be okay for an hour or so.”

That puzzled me for a second until I remembered she thought I had just masturbated. I blushed at the thought.

“You’ll probably want to put some pants on when we leave however because its cold out there.”

Mom sat on the couch, she slipped out her coat and let it fall behind her. She was dressed in a snug green cashmere sweater, tight jeans and slip on shoes. I hobbled to the other end of the sofa. The television was playing some edited version of Trading Places, I guess to fit in with the holiday theme.

“Is Dad at home….?”

“I guess you didn’t listen to my messages, hmmm? Where were you?”

“Visiting some of Grandma’s friends.”

Mom rolled her eyes slightly. “I imagine that must have been fun for you, huh.” Her eyes teared up a little. “I’m sorry we ruined your vacation, Jimmy, for no good reason.”

Before she could expand on that Grandma walked into the room carrying a tray of coffee cups. Gran had her hair in a shower cap and was back to wearing her flannel nightgown. And I noticed that this time she had some kind of underwear on as well. So she had been teasing me the other night!

“Merry Christmas Annie, I thought that was your car I heard driving up. What on earth are you doing here? We must have missed your calls. We were at service”

Mom narrowed her eyes a bit. “We went to church first then we visited Gran’s friends.” I said quickly to allay any suspicion.

My Mother shot me a look of sympathy and sighed. “Well, Mom its a long story but basically Doug and I had two differing visions of what our holiday vacation was about. He’s returning on the day after New Year’s as we planned.”

Sensing that something was wrong Grandma sat next to Mom and put her arms around her. Mom hugged her Mother tight. Mom made a great effort not to break down and cry in front of me. However a couple of tears escaped and coursed down her cheek. She brushed them off, sniffled and put on a smile for us. “I decided that since our vacation wasn’t going to work as planned, everyone else’s shouldn’t also be absolutely ruined. I hope you and Jimmy can salvage something out of yours. Hopefully you can can catch up with your friends or you could come and stay with us if you want. I’m gonna take Jimmy home where he won’t be… in your way”

“You mean bored as hell without his internets, games and “other” entertainment.” Grandma said and gave me a pointed look. Both Mom and Grandma giggled.

Upon receiving the news that I would be going back home Grandma gave me a wistful look and small smile. “I guess I can catch up with my friends for the rest of the holidays. You and Jimmy can have some quality family time.”

She turned to my Mom and hugged her, “And you didn’t ruin my holidays, Annie sweets. Spending time with my Grandson is never wasted time. Its been an absolute joy having him.” Grandma’s eyes twinkled. “But even with him being injured I’m having trouble keeping up with his needs. I love him dearly but the boy has kinda tuckered me out.” She reached over and took my hand in her age wrinkled one. “However I feel that in the past few days we have really bonded and have become closer than ever. I hope that he’ll come to his old granny’s a lot more often.”

Mom gave me a stern look. “Don’t worry Mom, I’ll make certain that he does!”

I gave them a what did I do görükle escort bayan look. “Grandma’s always traveling but I’ll make more of an effort to see her when she’s in town. And if she needs me to do anything around the house, I’ll be more than glad to help her out once I’m healed up, okay? I used a mock put upon voice that caused them both to laugh.

We chatted for a little while over the coffee but Mom kept yawning.

“Jet lag is a bitch, isn’t it” Grandma remarked.

“Mommmm!’ exclaimed my mother.

“We’re all adults here, Annie. You know you curse when Jimmy’s not around.” Her faced filled with concern, Gran asked “Do you want to lay down for a while?”

Mom thought about it for a second. “No, I appreciate the offer but I really just want to get home” Her voice broke a bit on the last word and she bit her lip. Grandma’s face melted with sympathy and she hugged Mom again.

“Okay, honey. I’ll get Jimmy’s things together so you can leave.”

“I can.. I can do that, Mom. And I’m not in a rush to leave.” She yawned again. “Did you guys have your Christmas dinner while you were out?

Grandma shot me a sort of guilty look because she actually hadn’t gotten around to fixing Christmas dinner yet. She had planned one but circumstances had changed last night. I got the impression that this morning she had planned to have dinner late tonight or tomorrow, after we had thoroughly finished dessert.

To be honest I had sort of lost track of time, although I knew I was starving.

“Well, we had a few bites to eat while we were visiting but I sort of lost track of time. I was going to fix it tomorrow but since I’m going be traveling, you can have all the fixings and have a late Christmas dinner with Jimmy.”

Mom gave me a small smile although her eyes remained troubled. “That’d be nice Mom.”

“Why don’t you just close your eyes for a few minutes while I get everything together for you.”

Normally Mom would have poo poo’d the idea of her mother doing everything by herself but today, she leaned back and, “That sounds like a good idea. I’ll get up to help you in a minute.” A few seconds after closing her eyes she was asleep.”

Gran got up and moved to the other end of the sofa next to me. She took my hand but didn’t make any other overt displays of affection.

“I’m really sorry your visit got cut short but something’s going on with your mother. She’s seems pretty fragile right now and is gonna need your support and love.”

“Yeaaah, I’m pretty sure I know what’s happening and I’ve seen it coming for some time.”

Grandma patted me on the knee. “So did your Mom, although I’m pretty certain she’s been in denial.” She sighed, “Okay… Well I gotta get you packed up.” She bustled off to the kitchen. I felt pretty guilty about not being able to help her because of my injuries. She returned a few moments later with two shopping bags full of groceries. Then she went to my room and returned a few moments later with my suitcase and the portable dvd player which she put on top of the suitcase.

Sitting next to me on the couch again Grandma leaned in and whispered in my ear. “It was going to be a surprise but I also bought you some regular dvd movies.” She giggled, “I took your special dvds out of their cases and hid them inside the regular dvd cases so your Mom won’t see them if she unpacks your bag. I hope when you watch them, you’ll think of your old Granny”

She looked over to see if Mom was still asleep and whispered, “I’m gonna have to rename my toys to “Jimmy” and “naughty boy!” and honked my cock when it twitched. With a laugh she slid from the couch and went back into my room to give me a shirt and a pair of sweats that she’d left unpacked.

After I had finished dressing Gran gently shook my Mom awake.

As before I had to recline on the back seat to keep my leg straight. I saw Mom’s face in the rear view mirror she seemed pensive and sad. I knew she was suffering but at the same time I did’t know what to say and I also didn’t want to barrage her with a lot of questions.

“I’m afraid that I won’t have time or feel like fixing anything tonight. So I’m afraid our Christmas dinner will have to be microwave dinners or frozen pizza.”


“I’m sorry, baby. I thought you would’ve had dinner at your Gran’s. I forgot how much of a social butterfly she is.” There was a tinge of anger in her voice as she said, “I know she was a nurse but I really didn’t expect her to drag you all over the place to see her friends”

Crap, I should have said Church like Grandma had. Now Mom was getting mad at her Mom. “Actually, it was my idea. Her friends kept calling but she kept turning them down. I finally told her I didn’t mind going with her because I was tired of being cooped up.”

“Oh, well that was nice of you. But then you’re a good boy.” Her voice broke a little.

“I know you’re probably pissed at me right now. We made you choose between two places to altıparmak eskort stay that were uncomfortable for you. And now I’ve changed things up on you again but I hope it won’t be too bad spending some time with your old…” Again her voice broke “your old mom.”

After a minute of reflection I said. “I’m not mad at you at all Mom. Dad and you were right to punish me. Getting that beer for the party was stupid and a disaster waiting to happen. And I realize now that staying by myself was not an option in my current state. Besides staying with Grandma was not as bad as I thought it would be. Grandma was pretty cool once she realized I was an adult and treated me like one. We found a lot to talk about.”

Although I was trying to make Mom feel better, it seemed like what I said made her even sadder. At a loss, I shut up.

Mom was uncharacteristically silent on the rest of the drive home. Once there, she helped me to the couch and carried all the stuff in from the car, fixed a couple of pizzas and disappeared for a few moments. She came into the living room with two plates of pizza set them down and returned with two mugs of beer.

“I tapped one of your kegs. You bought it, we might as well drink it.”

We ate in silence watching some of the shows on the dvr. After another mug of beer she said, “I’m gonna lay down for a few minutes, will you be okay down here?”

After Mom didn’t return after two hours I realized she had probably zonked out and probably wouldn’t be back. That was okay since I’d been spending most of my time since my injury on the couch anyway. I needed to visit the john and hobbled to it on my crutches. I tested my foot and found that most of the pain was gone so walking was a lot easier. Mom hadn’t taken my bag upstairs yet, so I looked inside to see what dvds Grandma had bought me. There was Shrek, Me Myself and Irene, Wild Wild West and something called Mothers Day Massacre which looked to be a cheese horror film.

I grabbed my portable dvd player and the dvds and set them up next to couch. I slipped in Mothers Day Massacre. All of a sudden my screen was filled with a cock plunging in a pussy and a voice screaming “Fuck mommy!!” I hit the eject button with a silent what the fuck, I looked at the disc label. The actual title of this disc was A Mother’s Love. I opened the case again and yep, Grandma had secreted this disc inside the Mother’s Day Massacre’s case.

Grandma hadn’t even mentioned “A Mother’s Love” when we had watched the other films. So I wondered if she had saved this for last but we hadn’t gotten around to watching it or if she had purposely kept a secret surprise for me to find when I got home. Then I asked myself, just how spontaneous had her seduction of me actually been? I shrugged those thoughts away and decided what the hell. I plugged in my earphones and sat down to watch “A Mother’s Love”

This too was a compilation film with six scenes. The first two starred Kay Parker, the next two Honey West and the last two had Ava Sommers. I’d seen a different scene of hers on one of the porn discs I watched with my Grandmother. The first four scenes were quite obviously vintage porn, although still quite erotic. All the actresses bore a resemblance to my mother being dark haired, busty and all around sexy.

I’d watched “A Mother’s Love” more out of curiosity than for inspiration. Despite the eroticism, I kept nodding off. So I shut the dvd player off and went to sleep.

The mouth-watering smells of bacon, eggs and coffee woke me up the next morning. I looked over the top of the sofa to see my Mom busily cooking. She heard me stir and looked back from the stove to smile at me. She was dressed in light pink satin pajamas and a pink terry cloth robe. “You awoke just in time, its almost ready.” a couple of minutes later she sat next to me. Each of us had a plate of eggs, bacon, sausage and a cup of steaming hot coffee.

As she sat down, Mom kissed my cheek. “I’m so sorry I left you down here last night. Once I was out, I was out. Before I knew it it was morning.”

“Its fine. My foot is actually feeling a lot better.”

“That’s good, how about your knee?”

“Better but still tender. Hopefully I’ll get good news tomorrow.”

She was puzzled for a second. “Oh, that’s right you have a follow up appointment tomorrow.” Mom gave me an appraising, somewhat pensive look. She rubbed my injured knee. “One of the reasons I came down on you so hard about the whole beer thing was because you got hurt. You scared the hell out of me. It broke my heart to see my baby boy in a hospital bed.” She waved her hands as if to forestall any protests. “I know, I know. You’re a man now but you’ll always be my baby boy.”

I wasn’t exactly sure what was going on with my Mom and Dad or if that was the reason why she was so emotional of late but I did know she needed some reassurance. So I took her hand and said, “I love you too, Mom.”

Mom squeezed my hand and her nilüfer escort eyes welled up a bit as she beamed at me. “You’re a good boy, Jimmy.” After a moment, she said, “I think today I’ll fix the food your Grandma gave us and we’ll have our Christmas dinner and exchange gifts, if that’s alright with you”

We had planned to do a Holiday dinner when my parents returned from their trip. “So we’re not going to wait for Dad?” Mom flinched as if slapped.

“Well, we can if you want but you know your Dad isn’t as interested in family… in family time as he used to be. I’m sure he’d prefer just handing off presents to one another, time permitting.”

“I was just asking. I’d love to have Christmas dinner. I’d love some Mom-Son time with my beautiful Mother.” Mom hugged me tight and as her braless breasts pressed into me, my mind flashed on the film I saw last night and my words took on a second meaning. After what happened between my Grandma and I, I no longer felt that ashamed at getting aroused by my Mother.

However our day quickly went sour. Her cellphone rang while Mom was putting the dishes into the dishwasher. Her voice gradually rose in anger. She noticed me looking at her and went to the laundry room. I heard shouting and after ten minutes of so my Mom came back out to the kitchen, flushed and puffy eyed. In a shaky voice she said, “I hate to do this baby, but we won’t be exchanging gifts today. Your Father insists on being present.” She clutched her head “I just got a really bad headache and need to lay down for a while. Do you need anything before I do?”

“Uh no, Mom I’m good. Just take care of yourself.”

After she hurried off to her room. I felt like crap for not being able to follow her upstairs and comfort her.

A couple of hours later Mom came downstairs, still dressed in her pajamas and robe, which was very unusual for her. She went to the liquor cabinet and poured herself a tumbler of vodka. This was absolutely odd behavior for her. While Grandma usually has one or two drinks a day my Mom hardly ever drinks. She may have the occasional glass of wine or beer or a rare mixed drink but never have I seen her pour anything from a bottle and drink it straight. She downed half of it and then started to fix our Christmas dinner. As she had been on our drive home, she was uncharacteristically quiet.

Since both my Grandma and my Mom were career women their culinary skills were fairly basic. So dinners, even Holiday dinners tended to be comprised to a lot of pre-packaged components, so except for the ham most everything else came out of a box or a can. I don’t mind this since its what I grew up on. I’m just telling you this so you can understand how my Mom could fix Christmas dinner while also drinking steadily.

When all the food was done Mom weaved and wobbled with a plate of ham, scalloped potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower. She said it down in front of me and came back with another plate. She stared at the plate for second. “Ah shit, I forgot to fix the fucking biscuits” My Mother never cursed in front of me. Never.

After we ate in silence for a few moments she turned and said, “So what did you talk about”


“You said your Gran treated you like an adult. So what did you talk about?”

Taken off guard, “Lots of stuff. Like sex.”

Mom gave me a stunned looked and started giggling. “You talked about sex with your Granny?”

“Well, generally. She told me about how she was kind of wild and how she had to get married because she was pregnant.”

Mom looked genuinely shocked. “Wow.. I had to figure all that out on my own. What else did she tell you”

I decided to tease Mom to see if I could lighten her mood. “Well… she told me about you””

“About me?” Her lips curled in a small smile. “Really what did she say?”

“That she used to catch you… how did she put it.. Oh yeah, Caught you getting busy on the couch all the time. I guess…. when you were about my age.”

Mom blushed scarlet and gave me a nervous giggle. “It was once or twice! Not all the time!. I was kind of pretty back then and some boys wanted to take me out.’

“You weren’t kind of pretty, Mom. Grandma showed me pictures.” Mom looked like I punched her in the gut when I said, she wasn’t kind of pretty. “You were beautiful and sexy”

She gave me a pleased smile, “So I guess it was a shock to see that your old mom was once as cute as the girls your age?

“Not really” She gave me a questioning look. “Well only if you were a late bloomer.

Considering how you look now, its not really surprising that you were gorgeous as a teenager.”

“What do you mean how I look now?” she asked sharply. I felt like I had inadvertently stumbled into a minefield.

“Come on Mom, you know you’re a beautiful woman. All of my friends are always saying… ” Oops, I almost stepped on a landmine.

“What do they say?”

“You know how guys talk”

“Do I have to tickle it out of you?” Yeah, that used to be her thing but I stopped being ticklish about seven years ago. Since she always got disappointed when it didn’t work anymore I always pretended to easily cave in just so she wouldn’t tickle me. “Okay.. Okay. They always say, Man if that was my Mom I’d be all over that”

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