Mother Dear Pt. 13

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“Oh my baby boy, you should see the way you squeeze up tight that little butt hole. From this angle, truly precious, you are too cute for words. I know why Alan and his friends like you so much.”

She laughs, pulls back on my penis. She pulls it up hard back and back between my legs with her cupped blue thin rubber gloved hand, pushing my face deeper into the table I’m mounted on and making me arch my back as far as it will go. I cry out. She ignores it all.

I am ‘mounted’, as she calls it, to my ‘reward table’. Naked and on my knees, legs up under my lower stomach, forearms flat to the table, my face pushed into the small leather pillow at the end of it. Tight restraining straps hold me at my wrists, elbows, upper calves just below my knees and ankles. A strap locks my neck in place just below the leather pillow. I am naked, legs and cheeks spread wide exposing my rear and tight little hole, balls and penis, in a ‘butt up and face to the floor’ position. She has her left thumb and forefinger tightly around my balls and the base of my penis, pulling all back tightly between my legs. She uses this to push my butt up very high, painfully so. Mounted on this table like this, she can sit comfortably behind me or stand with me displayed right in front of her. She stands today.

“Ooooo, that has to feel good, baby boy. Doesn’t it?”

She forms a lose ring with her thumb and forefinger of her right hand and runs it slowly over the head of my tiny erection. Her rubber gloved hand is covered with K-Y lubricant. She bends my erection back between my legs and pulls it up with her left hand as she milks me, toys with me, runs a tight circle with her fingers over the head of it.

“Ooooo, ahhh…oooo…yessss…yessssss…uhhhh…”

She laughs as I whimper and moan. She takes her right hand off of me and pushes the end of her finger into the hole of my penis. She spread the head, pushes deep.

“Please, please…uhhhhhhhhhhh, ooooo…nooo…please…”

I cry out as she goes passed teasing, slightly hurts me.

“Please what, baby boy? Please what?”

She makes tiny forceful rings with her finger, circles the hole of it, as she spreads the urethra of my penis wide.


She forms the tight little ring with her finger and thumb and starts to pump the head of it again, runs me through her fingers. I am so tightly restrained, movement is all but impossible. I heave and buck but am held in place. I shudder as she starts bizimkent escort to pump me again. She says nothing, pumps me in silence. The only sound in the room is the squishy K-Y moving back and forth through her fingers around the head of my penis and my soft crying and whimpering.

“Should I let you cum? Should I? I am in the mood for a ruined orgasm, baby boy. I like when you get all frustrated like that. Should I let you cum or should I take my hand off of it as soon as you get there, should I?”

She laughs, tightens her grip on my balls and bends, pulls it all back more between my legs, back and up.

“Please, mother, please…please, please, please…please…let me come into your hand…please…”

I start to cry, beg through tears. I can still feel the burning welts on the back of my legs and cheeks where she used the riding crop on me and hour ago. Her favorite, a cruel thin whip that feels like fire every stroke, she used it on me for over half an hour. The crop sits on the table next to my mounting table, right next to my pink locking penis harness.

She ignores me, strokes me slow, slow, slow, up over the head of it. She feels me throb on her hand.

She is dressed in a thin and tight brown pencil skirt that highlights every curve of her beautiful rear and legs, the hem just below her knee. She wears a black brocade see through blouse with a black lace push up bra. You can see her bra and cleavage through her blouse. She wears thigh high black nylons and knee high soft leather boots with 3″ spike heels. Her hair is up in a tight bun on the back of her pretty head. Her large silver hoop earrings almost touch her shoulders. Her makeup is beyond sexy, gorgeous. She wears no panties. I dressed her for just this reward occasion. She always has me dress her for this. She knows she drives me crazy, wanting to kiss her, go down on her. She forbids it while I dress her.

She told me long ago that doing this, the whipping, the following milking, makes her crazy wet and that she doesn’t like to soil a perfectly good pair of sex panties, that I should lick her clean, lick her after I remove her skirt after my ‘reward’ if she is in the mood.

She has been pumping me for a good twenty-minutes and I am rock hard. As hard as I get like this, my little thing no more than three inches soft, maybe four inches hard throbs in her hand. It’s one of her favorite things to do with me. She actually enjoys this and loves what it all leads bostancı escort up to, my cleaning her hand with my mouth, my licking her pussy and legs as she sits without skirt in her worship chair.

“Baby, I think someone is ready to cum. I think some dirty little boy is ready to make a mess. I really do. I can feel that little thing moving in my hand. I can.”

She giggles, school girl like. She leans forward and kisses my right rear butt cheek, a soft peck on one of my welts. I feel it burn, feel my cheeks tighten.

“Come on, sweetie. Come on, baby. Let it go, for your dear old mother. Come on baby.”

She starts to pump for cum. I hear the soft squishy noises increase in speed, feel her squeeze the head of my penis harder as she runs her rubber gloved hand over it. She squeezes my balls from behind and points my penis down and toward the black saucer placed on the table between my spread knees. It’s my milking saucer and kept in full view on a table in her living room. I’m made to present it to her on my knees and naked, just before being mounted and restrained on my reward table in her basement. I can’t help but be erect every time I do that, while I patiently wait for her to come to the basement after dressing her and being told…’Get you dirty little saucer, baby boy, and get to mother’s basement! You know where mother wants you next. Be a good boy.” She says that every time and every time I start to get hard. It brings tears to my eyes.

As I feel the first spasm and ‘drip’, and I do drip, I don’t squirt like a real man as she’s quick to remind me of, I shudder, quiver, cry out. She quickly releases my balls and inserts the middle finger of her left hand into my tight little hole. I cry out as I feel her start to massage my prostate gland, her right hand milking me to the point of making me cry out, cry real tears. I shake uncontrollably.

“Good boy. Come on. Come on, baby. Good, good boy, that’s a good boy.”

She purrs to me in her soft sexy girlish voice as she milks me completely, as I drip onto the black saucer. She doesn’t stop. She keeps pumping me slowly, fingers my rear end and rubs my prostate as she does. She knows that I am so sensitive after I cum that it almost hurts. She laughs as she sees me fight to not pull away from her hand, laughs knowing I am so tightly restrained I can’t. I cry softly.

“I could have let it go, could have ruined your little reward. I think you should thank me. Don’t you, baby büyükçekmece escort boy?”

Before she completes the sentence I profusely thank her, beg her, plead with her to accept that I am grateful. She listens, smiles as I do, her hands working me. And then it’s over.

I feel her pull her finger out of me, let my penis go from her hand. She moves to the front of me and puts her middle finger into my mouth. I quickly start to suck it gently, suck it clean, taste my rear end and the rubber taste of her glove. I feel her wipe her K-Y covered hand on my left cheek as she holds her finger in my mouth.

“I’m going to let you stay down here and think about all of this, think about what a good mother I am to reward you like this. I could have taken my hand off of you, baby boy. I have several phone calls to make. One of them to that new man I told you about, the one I’m going to introduce you to. I already have an outfit picked out for you so don’t you worry your pretty little sissy boy head about what to wear. We’ve been talking about you and both think a little sissy should be presented in pink. So cute, honey, you will be.”

She giggles, laughs.

“He’s going to love that little hole of yours, that mouth too. If you suck him as eagerly as you clean that finger of mine he may want to marry you.”

She laughs loud.

“I expect that dirty mouth of yours cleaned, teeth brushed, when I come back. Nobody likes a dirty sissy girl and I don’t what that mouth of yours on my pussy after I had my dirty finger up your butt. I expect you clean, and on your knees next to my chair. Don’t clean your saucer until I come back down here. And have your penis cage in place and locked. Be a good boy for your mother.”

I feel her pull her finger from my mouth. She peels off her thin rubber gloves and tossed them to the table next to my penis harness. She starts to unbuckle the restraints at my neck and wrists. She moves to the door, leaving the leg restraints to me to unfasten.

“Naked, clean mouth, on your knees next to my chair when I come back, your cute little saucer in front of my chair, you be a good boy and do that for me. You can’t make me any wetter than I am right now, sweetie. I am dripping. I want my pussy and rear end licked real good, honey.”

She bent forward and kissed my cheek, whispered in my ear.

“I love you like this. I really do.”

“Thank you, mother, thank you…”

She listened to me as she moved to the door.

“Think about licking my pussy. Think about licking my pussy real good, baby boy. That should be your only thought. You can think about sucking your new lover’s cock later. Right now it’s all about your mother.”

She smiled at me as she went up the stairs, not listening as I gushed to her that I would, I would, I would.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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