Meeting the Maddisons Ch. 09

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Chapter 9

Last minute tips for the Sex Olympics

The Maddison family was coming over this afternoon to discuss the Sex Olympics and go over the videos they’d taken during mum’s gang bang training session at their house.

I was a bit nervous as I was really keen to see Alison again. I really liked her, but I was worried the sex was overpowering any relationship that might be between us. I wasn’t jealous or anything. I knew she regularly fucked her twin brothers and her father, even her mother. I guess she also screwed plenty of guys outside her family. I certainly don’t mind her screwing other people, but with all that going on I was worried that any relationship I might have with Alison was a bit crowded.

My heart leaped a little when they eventually knocked on the door and dad let them in. I gave Alison a big hug and a kiss. She looked great in a pair of shorts and braless under a blue t-shirt. Her blonde hair was shining and she smelt like she’d just come out of the shower.

Her mother Laura was her usual staggering self in a loose white singlet that left quite a bit of side boob exposed in deep scoops under her arms. She wasn’t wearing a bra and I guessed she wasn’t wearing anything underneath her short white pleated tennis skirt either.

The twins Mark and Andy gave me the old school handshake. Their father Charles patted me on the back. They had an old man aged close to 70 with them. He wasn’t the old guy at mum’s gang bang — the one Alison had told her brothers to move aside for and let him go first fucking my mother.

“Gloria, George, Jim — this is my father Stephen,” said Laura, introducing the old man who stepped up and embraced my mum. “He’s real sorry he didn’t make it to the party along with Charles’s father, but he’s quite the old goat, still going strong.”

“It’s nice to meet you Stephen,” said mum.

The old man laughed. “It’s real good to meet you Gloria. Laura has been telling me all about you. I was impressed with your skills and stunned by your photos, but you are even more beautiful in person.”

He embraced her closely again, his hands drifting down her back to squeeze my mother’s ass cheeks. She was wearing a loose pink cotton dress that buttoned up the front. She was showing a good deal of cleavage. I knew she was wearing a low cut bra and a thong underneath her dress as I’d seen her getting dressed. Mum didn’t shy away from the old man’s groping. She smiled and accepted the fondling from the old man. I looked over at dad and he was smiling.

Stephen gave mum one last squeeze and let go of mum’s ass to shake my dad’s hand.

“George, hell of a cock you have there — even Laura was struggling to get that monster down her throat. But she did — I saw the photos. Nothing can stop my Laura when she sets her sights on a goal.

“And hello to you too Jim. I cheered you on from the sidelines when I watched you play rugby with my nephews. You were a heck of a player. Then I was cheering you on when I saw the film and watched you give your ma the finishing touch in her gangbang. She got you all the way down her throat. Now that was a real achievement, wasn’t it Gloria,” he said and turned to my mother to congratulate her.

Mum smiled bashfully at him, somewhat embarrassed by this enthusiastic praise for her sexual abilities from an old man she’d just met. She wasn’t shy about her new sexual freedom, nor was she worried what others may think. Hell, she’d taken many total strangers into her mouth, ass and pussy since we’d all embarked on this liberated lifestyle. But she wasn’t used to being praised for it loudly like this, as though she’d just won the Nobel Prize or cured cancer.

Laura seemed to sense mum’s embarrassment and put her arm around her dad to calm him down. The old man returned the favour and put his arm around his daughter, slipping his hand under her singlet to caress her breast, heft it and knead the mound.

Her twin sons and her husband looked on smiling. They must have seen this action between Laura and her father before and obviously accepted it. Alison came over to me and put her hand in mine and kissed me firmly on the lips.

“Granddad’s been screwing mum for decades,” she said softly to me. “I found out about it five years ago when I was 18. The twins were still only 13 then, so we kept it from them until they were of age. They weren’t too surprised when they found out. Incest is a big family tradition in the mad Maddisons.”

“Well I reckon we’ve joined the ranks of the mad families,” I said as I held Alison by the waist. She felt wonderful, warm and firm. We had wandered off to the kitchen to get drinks for everybody and we were alone. I enjoyed talking with her and she was totally open in telling me everything.

“Yeah, apparently granddad was back screwing mum as soon as she and dad got back from their honeymoon. Grandma was alive then, and after mum told dad all about her having sex with her parents, dad was keen on joining in. I was about ten when grandma died. It was very taksim escort bayan sad as we all missed her terribly, but at least granddad didn’t feel alone and he became a regular part of our family fun.

“What, you too?” I said, shocked.

“Oh don’t be silly Jim. Not then. Not until I was 18. Mum and dad wanted me to be old enough to make up my own mind about whether I would join in the sex side of the family fun. Dad and granddad were very gentle in providing my sexual education — mum too. She was always there in the early years to make sure I felt safe.”

“And the anal thing — how did you get so interested in that?”

“Oh that came right at the very beginning. Granddad licked my ass early on and it sent an electric jolt through me. I took granddad, and then dad up my ass and I was hooked. Mum helped me with relaxing so I could open up for them. She knew the secret was lots of lube.”

Alison laughed. “We were going through so much lube in those days we should have bought it in bulk. I had boyfriends, mum and dad’s friends, even a few of granddads friends all taking me in the ass. I was a bit out of control. I can’t help it Jim, I just love anal sex. And Jim, I want to ask you, would you mind if I asked your father to fuck me in the ass? I’ve never had one as big as his, and I want to see if I can take it.”

I blanched at that. For the first time since I knew Alison I felt a little bit jealous. I looked away from Alison and busied myself pouring the drinks. She must have picked up on my reaction because she came over and put her arms around me from behind.

“Oh Jim, I’ve upset you. I’m sorry. Sometimes I just shoot my mouth off without thinking. I do care for you, you know. I should realize not everyone talks about sex like me and I can be thoughtless about how it effects people.”

She turned me around and gave me a deep long kiss on the mouth. “Jim, you are very special to me. I’m sorry. I won’t do it if you don’t want me to.”

“Alison, I don’t have the right to protest or say no. After all, you didn’t even need to ask me.”

I looked into her blue eyes and I knew I had fallen in love with this incredible girl. There was no way I could disappoint her.

“Of course you can try taking my father in your ass. It’d be amazing if you could fit him in there,” I said as I reached around and caressed her ass cheeks over her shorts , letting my fingers dip into the crease of her ass.

Alison squirmed and ground her crutch into me, feeling my erection growing against her. She giggled and ground herself even harder into me.

“What I was thinking was that you could warm me up, make me nice and loose, and then your dad could try and get his ten inches inside me. It’d be awesome!”

I held up my finger smiling.

“Don’t forget it’s ten and a half inches. My mom is very proud of that last half inch.”

We both laughed and kissed passionately again. Just then my mother came into the kitchen to fetch the nibbles and drinks. I noticed two more buttons of her dress had become unbuttoned down to just below her bra since I had been in the kitchen, and the valley between her breasts were completely exposed to the point where they started to hang on her chest.

“You two having fun in here?” mum said. “We’ve been waiting for these drinks.”

Alison laughed.

“I see granddad didn’t waste any time getting his hands on you,” Alison said. She left me and went over to my mother, put her hands on her cheeks and kissed her firmly on the lips.

Mum didn’t back away. After all Alison had given mum’s cunt a thorough licking when she warmed her up for her gang bang. Alison continued kissing mum and dropped her hands to her breasts, hefting them through her dress as the kiss went on and on.

“I hope you shaved this morning Gloria,” Alison said softly to her.

“Of course dear. Jim gives me a good finish every time I shave to make sure I haven’t missed anything, don’t you dear,” she said to me over Alison’s shoulder.

“Yes mum. It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it.”

We all laughed and gathered up the drinks to take into the living room where everyone was waiting for us. Laura was sitting in the big armchair in the corner, the twins Mark and Andy perched either side of her on the arms of the chair. Mark had his hand under Laura’s loose singlet and was nonchalantly fondling his mother’s right breast. Andy was stroking his mother’s well toned thigh, running his fingers slowly up to her hip and then down again to her knee. Her short pleated tennis dress had risen up around her hips, exposing her shaved pussy to anyone in the room who looked.

My dad, Charles and Stephen were looking intently at the big flat screen of the TV set. They were in deep discussion about the action that was being shown. I put the drinks down and went and looked over their shoulders at what was on the TV.

It was the film Charles had taken of my mother at her gang bang practice session. It ümraniye escort bayan was the part where dad was underneath mum, his huge cock buried in her cunt as a big black guy slammed his big dick into her ass. He was really piling it into her. I saw myself at mum’s head, supporting her by the shoulders and kissing her.

“Now that is the kind of action that scores big with the judges,” Charles said to my dad and Laura’s dad.

“You see how she is obviously enjoying it. And kissing her son while being DP’d. That will be scoring 10 all round.”

“Huge bonus points,” agreed Stephen. He looked around and saw my mum sorting out the food and drinks.

“Gloria, you are going to be a gold medal winner for sure,” he said beaming.

“Oh really?” answered mum as she spread out the food for her guests. “I can’t take any credit. I just did what comes naturally.”

“That’s why you will score so well,” said Stephen, coming over to her and putting his hands on her shoulders. “You are a natural and it’s clear you are doing this because you love the sex and you love your family.”

Stephen slid his hands from mum’s shoulders to her breasts, feeling them through the dress, hefting them and squeezing them. Mum didn’t move. She looked over at dad and smiled at him.

“You really do look stunning and beautiful on the film Gloria,” dad said.

“She sure does,” said Stephen. He undid one more button on mum’s dress so that it was open to her stomach.

“May I?” he asked.

Mum looked over at dad, who smiled at her and gave a small nod. It was the first time I’d seen her ask permission from dad to expose herself. I don’t know if this is a new agreement they had or what. Until now mum had always done just what she wanted.

She looked back at Stephen and smiled sweetly to the old man.

“Go ahead Stephen,” she said softly.

As Alison and I watched from a few feet away, my father and Charles turned around from the TV to see what was going on. Stephen slowly undid the rest of the buttons on mum’s dress. One by one they opened to reveal mum’s hard body underneath.

Stephen undid the last button to reveal mum’s hard flat stomach before her tiny thong underwear was revealed, and he paused. He slid the dress back off her shoulders so that mum’s lacy bra was fully exposed. It barely covered her nipples and held both full breasts up as though they were an offering to the Gods.

“My God Gloria, you are truly magnificent — even better in the flesh than in the movie.”

“Thank you Stephen,” mum said quietly.

Stephen continued undoing the buttons, down past her panties and down her thighs until the dress fell open down the front. He eased the dress off her shoulders and down her arms until it came away completely. She stood nearly naked, dressed only in the lacy bra and tiny thong. It was cut so low that the top of her shaved pubis was exposed. The material only began just above the slit where her clitoris was hidden.

“Now that is what I call frilly underwear,” Stephen said admiringly. He ran his wrinkly hands over mum’s body, down her rib cage and across her flat stomach. Mum didn’t move, watching his hands caress her body as she stood. His fingers inched across her shaved pubic mound, nodding his approval as he found it completely smooth.

Stephen turned mum around so that her back was directed at everyone in the living room. Her thong was miniscule from behind, a thin strip of material disappearing in her ass crack so that her ass cheeks were completely exposed.

Stephen slowly undid mum’s bra and slipped the straps off her shoulders. He eased it off her chest and took it to the side, dropping it on the chair next to him. He then slid his fingers under the straps of her thong at her hips and slowly eased them down her toned legs. Mum stepped out of them, and then Stephen turned her around so she stood completely naked before all of us.

Charles and the twins murmured their approval, even breaking into applause. I was so proud of my mother. She had worked really hard on improving her body since we had started our sex adventures, and it showed with her totally flat belly, well toned legs and high firm natural breasts that hung proudly on her rib cage.

Stephen slowly ran his fingers down her belly, over her hairless pubic mound, and into the slit of her vagina. As we all watched, Stephen asked mum to stand with her legs spread wider apart. She did so. He continued to finger her, now running his whole hand between her legs until they were dripping with moisture. Mum was starting to breathe heavily. Dad stood up and moved behind her to support her. Mum leaned back on him. Stephen intensified his fingering. The slap of his hand and fingers running in and out of her vagina was making wet sloppy noises in the room. Mum groaned and leaned further back on dad, her legs spreading wider as Stephen picked up the tempo even more.

I could see splashes of liquid gushing from mum’s cunt, splashing üsküdar escort bayan up Stephen’s forearm and onto the floor below. She gasped for breath and her chest was rising and falling as she approached orgasm.

“Go for it granddad,” cried out Mark. I looked over at them in the armchair. Andy had his fingers deep inside his own mother’s cunt, working her just as Stephen was working on my mother. Mark lifted off Laura’s singlet exposing her breasts, and began massaging them intently. Mark looked at his twin brother and as though with a silent telepathic agreement, they both dropped their shorts at the same time and whipped off their shirts. They both had hard erections and they went back to working on their mother. Laura reached out her hands and took Mark’s dick in her left and Andy in her right, jerking them as all three watched intently as Stephen worked on giving my mother a deep fingering while she strained to keep standing.

The sloppy gushing from mum’s cunt was more intense than I had ever seen before. It was running down the inside of her legs and forming a puddle on the floor beneath her. Charles was now also behind her helping her to keep on her feet. They clearly wanted mum to have a stand up orgasm. Stephen had all four fingers up to the knuckles inside her as he worked on slamming it in and out of my mother’s loose pussy. Mum’s eyes were rolling in her head. I wasn’t worried about her as I knew she had an incredible sexual capacity. But I hadn’t seen her gush like this before.

Stephen kept on driving his fingers in and out of her, right up to the knuckles. I saw him curl his thumb in. He worked it in and out for a bit — four fingers and a thumb. Then suddenly his whole hand disappeared inside her. It was beyond the wrist. He was fist fucking her while she stood. Sweat was pouring down her face and body as she cried out.

“My God Gloria, you feel fantastic inside,” Stephen cried. ” So hot and wet.”

“Don’t stop, please don’t stop” mum cried.

Stephen worked his hand deeper and faster into her. She was now completely supported by dad and Charles behind her as they held her up for Stephen to ravage her with his fist. Stephen picked up the tempo even more, his hand disappearing into mum beyond his wrist and several inches of his muscular forearm.

With a loud cry mum burst into orgasm, liquid splashing out of her pussy around Stephen’s wrist, pouring down her legs and down his forearm. Her body shuddered and she collapsed into the arms of the two men behind her. As her shaking slowly came to an end, Stephen carefully slid his wrist, then the palm of his hand, his thumb and finally all four fingers from mum’s gaping pussy. She was truly spent. Charles and dad picked her up and carried her to the couch where she lay exhausted.

Stephen examined his hand which was covered in mum’s juices. He licked his fingers and smiled in satisfaction.

“I reckon we have a gold medal winner,” he smiled.

Alison hugged me close.

“My turn,” she whispered in my ear. She dropped to her knees and started undoing my shorts. She tugged them down and my erection sprang up in the air, hitting her on the chin.

“Hey, no beating my sister,” laughed Andy. I looked over at him. He was sitting on the floor fingering his mother in the armchair, but topless Laura now had Mark’s cock buried in her mouth. I watched as she took Mark’s nine inches right down her throat in one motion. She sure can deep throat, I thought. Laura had to be favourite for a gold medal for deep throating at the Sex Olympics.

Alison kissed my cock which was already standing to attention in front of her face. She opened her mouth and slowly devoured me as much as she could. But she’s not as good as her mother in the cock swallowing department, and she was stuck at seven of my nine inches. She pulled off, leaving a long drool of saliva connecting us.

“Careful Jim, you know what I want, so don’t you dare cum yet.”

Stephen had come over and stood next to us, looking down on his granddaughter sucking my cock.

“It’s great that the women in the Maddison family both have their specialities,” he said. He undid his pants and they dropped to the floor. Alison had my cock buried in her mouth, but she reached out her right hand and gently stroked her grandfather’s balls before resting his stiffening cock in the palm of her hand. She slid me out of her mouth and leaned over to kiss Stephen’s cock, once on the head, then little kisses all the way down to the base before returning to the head and taking it briefly between her lips and into her warm mouth.

Stephen rocked his head back and sighed.

“Ah thank you Ali, you are a treasure,” he said looking down at her. “But I think you want to devote your attentions to your boyfriend here.”

Stephen moved back, his cock slipping out of Alison’s mouth. He stepped over towards the armchair where the twins and Laura were pleasuring each other. Andy was still on the floor in front of his mother, his tongue working on her bare pussy. Laura was busy sucking off Mark to her right, so Stephen stood on her left. I watched as Laura reached out her hand to hold her father’s fully erect dick. She lifted her mouth off Mark’s cock and turned to take her father’s impressive nine inches into her mouth, her lips advancing without hesitation to take the entire length of it through her mouth and down into her throat.

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