Meeting the Farmer’s Daughter Ch. 08

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Angela White

We lay on the floor next to the bed, holding each other in our arms, not wanting to move. We were still breathing deeply from the wild sex we just had. I removed one arm so that I could run my fingers through her long hair. Her eyes were closed and I looked at her face, admiring her high cheek bones, the shape of her mouth and thought how beautiful she was. At that moment there was no where else I wanted to be but on the floor, next to this bed,in this motel,feeling the warm, soft body of this intense, amazing person. “I don’t believe this is happening to me,” I said to myself as I looked at her, next to me. I loved the way my fingers felt moving through in her hair.

Sherry opened her eyes and smiled at me. “Hi,” she said, softly.

“Hi” I responded.

“That was pretty hot fucking,” she said.

“It was more than fucking,” I answered.

“You’re right. I love how we feel together. I love it. I love it,” she repeated.

“I do, too. I feel so free with you. I love how you tell me what you want. I like that it

sounds dirty but it isn’t dirty. It’s fun. It’s open and honest and wild.”

“Yes, you understand what I mean about how amazing and wonderful it is to feel and give pleasure. When both of us are giving our bodies and spirits so willingly, how can that be dirty. Pure open, intense sex is so beautiful when you really care about the person you’re with.”

Sherry reached up and touched my face, looking into my eyes, smiling. She caressed my cheek, ran her finger over my lips, the tip of my nose. I was still running my fingers through her hair and we were both enjoying touching each other. She lifted her face closer to mine and gently kissed me. She smiled and said, “And I really care about you.”

“I care about you, too. I loved hearing you tell me about how you grew up and the home schooling and how you just walked out of that school. It made me see how independent and strong you are.”

“That means a lot to me, Pete. I like that you see me as a person and not just someone who likes to fuck.”

We just looked at each other and didn’t speak. She then kissed me gently again. I kissed her too. I loved the taste of her lips. Finally, Sherry said, “So do you want to sleep here on the floor or should we get back on the bed?”

I laughed, remembering how we fell on to the floor. “It might be safer here,” I said, but maybe we should take a chance and get back on the bed”

Sherry got up and went to her backpack and took out her cell phone to check the time. “Wow, it’s almost ten o’clock.”

I could tell she was thinking as she looked at me. “We need a plan so Dad doesn’t suspect what’s going on.”

She put the phone back, picked up her long tee shirt and slipped it on. It came just below her crotch and ass. It was tight across her chest and I could see the outline of her tits and her nipples. She climbed on the bed and sat “yoga” style with her ankles crossed. I lay down with my legs stretched out and looked at Sherry at the other end of the bed.

“Dad thinks my car is at the garage and that I’m at Jenny’s, but then how did I get to Jenny’s unless she picked me up or you drove me there.”

“So we have to get your car to the garage, except there’s nothing wrong with it. Should we go get the car now and drive it to the garage then come back here?”

“Maybe,” Sherry said. “It would take about an hour ’cause the car is just 15 minutes away and then it’s about half an hour to town. We’d be back here by a little after eleven.”

“How are you going to get back to the farm, if your car is at the garage?”

“I’ll call Jenny and ask her to pick me up here in the morning and drive me hone. She’ll do it. We’re best friends.”

Sherry reached in her backpack and got her cell phone and punched in a number. She looked at me while waiting for Jenny to answer. She puckered her lips and blew me a kiss and smiled. She then spoke into the phone.

“Hi, Jen, It’s me.I need a big favor and I’ll explain everything later.” She spoke to Jenny as if she had just talked to her yesterday when the fact is she hadn’t talked to her for quite awhile.

“Can you pick me up in the morning at the Riverside Motel, say around nine?”

Sherry nodded as she listened to the response on the phone then said, “I’ve got a lot to tell you,” she added. “Thanks, Jen. See you at nine. You’re the best friend, ever. I love you.”

Sherry hung up and said. “There. That’s settled. She’s a great friend. We’re like sisters and we’d do anything for each other.”

“Wow, it’s great that Jenny would say yes and come get you without a question.” I said.

“I’d do the same for her,” Sherry said, reaching into her backpack.”I can’t wait to tell her about you,” Sherry continued, slipping on the short black skirt she wore when she was playing Mary Jane. She tucked in the tee-shirt. I put on my

jeans and polo shirt.

“Let’s hurry and get my car to town so we can get back here and mess around,” she said.

Sherry walked in front etiler escort of me to the truck. I loved the way her ass looked in the short skirt and how her big firm tits moved without a bra. She knew I was looking at her but just smiled at me as she opened the door to the truck. When I got behind the wheel, she looked at me, biting her lower lip then smiled coyly at me, “So, Pete, how do you like being in this movie?”

“It’s an adventure for sure, but I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out when I meet with your dad in the morning.” I turned on the ignition and backed out of the parking spot and headed in the direction to the farm.

Sherry’s smile disappeared and she reached over to touch my hand on the steering wheel.” She paused. “I’d feel horrible if he fired you for being with me.”

She shook her head as if to shake away the thought, “I can’t let that happen,” she said. She then leaned forward in her seat, straining to see in the darkness. “I hope I can remember where I parked my car. It’s so dark out now.”

While she was looking, I asked, “What can you do about your dad?” I asked. “He’s fired other apprentices, why wouldn’t he fire me?”

“This is different,” Sherry said. “I’ve got to talk to Mom before you talk to Dad.”

Sherry looked out the side window, quietly thinking. I kept my eyes on the road thinking about meeting John in the morning, dreading hearing the words “pack your bags and get lost.”

“Slow down,” Sherry said, “I think my car is down that road.”

I had my high beams on, but it was still hard to see any openings. Sherry pointed to a narrow road. I turned left and entered a bumpy, dirt lane with lots of pot holes.

“There it is,” she said. “Go up past the car, that way you can turn around when I get my car going.”

When I stopped, she said,”Just follow me to the garage and we’ll be set.”

I watched her get out and run over to her car. It was a brown Saab. I heard the engine start then stop and could tell she was having trouble getting it to turn-over. I heard the engine grinding, over and over, but not catching. “Damn,” I muttered, “What if her car is really broken down.”

I started to get out of the truck to go to Sherry’s car, when it finally kicked in and started with a little sputter. Sherry took off and I backed into the small clearing and turned around. We were on our way to the garage in town. “Wow, that was a close call,” I thought to myself, as I followed, noticing one of her back lights was not working.

We drove past the Bangkok and turned into a small dark gas station. Sherry parked her car next to two other cars. She got out and climbed in my truck. “Okay, let’s get going. Walter’s the mechanic here and knows my car only too well,” she said. “He’s the one who sold it to me.”

“It must be nice living near a small town where everyone knows one another.”

“Most of the time it is, but there’s also a lot of gossip and that sucks,” she said.

We headed back to the motel when Sherry pointed to a bar up ahead and said, “Pull in here.” I looked at the sign, “Charley’s Bar and Grill.”

I turned in to the parking lot and noticed a lot of cars, several pick up trucks and at least six motor cycles.

“What’s this place?”I asked.

“It’s the local watering hole. It’s kind of a dive.”

“So why are we stopping. You’re not old enough to drink?”

“You are and I have a fake ID,” Sherry said, smiling. “Anyway, I got another movie I want you to be in with me.”

“Another movie,” I said, admiring her spontaneity.

“Yeah, I want you to pick me up like I’m some slut.”

“Won’t people know you here? I asked.

“I doubt it. I’ve never gone in here before.” She smiled at me and then laughed.

“Come on, let’s have some fun.”

“You’re wild,” I said,

“I told you I was a little devil and an angel,” she said, “Here’s the plot. You go in and sit at the bar and I’ll come in a few minutes later and sit at one end and we’ll take it from there.”

I got out of my truck and entered the bar. It was dark, smoky and loud with talking and rock and roll music. No one looked up as I walked over to the bar and took a stool.I looked around the room at people dancing, eating pizza, two waitresses carrying trays of food, several women in their forties were at the bar chattering away. One of them, turned and smiled at me when I sat down then turned back to her friends. The bartender came over and said, “You got ID.” He wiped the bar in front of me, while I got my wallet out to show him my license.

“What can I get you?” he asked,

“Just a beer—how about Rolling Rock,” I said.

“We got it on tap,” he said.

“Great.” I said. “That’s what I want.”

I turned to the door wondering what would happen when Sherry walked in. The dance floor was pretty crowded with people shaking and grinding to the Rolling Stones singing, “Can’t get no satisfaction,” while a chorus of two women eve gelen escort and two men sitting at a booth near the juke box were shouting along with the music, “Can’t get no satisfaction.” They were pretty drunk but were having a good time.

I looked over at the door and saw Sherry entering. She glanced at me as she went to the far end of the bar and took a seat. While she was walking I noticed two guys look at her, one elbowed his friend as if to say “check her out.”

Sherry looked pretty sexy walking to the bar—a single girl in a tight short skirt and a tee—shirt bursting with her big tits. I was hoping these guys wouldn’t turn our movie into an action thriller instead of the romantic seduction movie Sherry was creating.

The bartender went over to her and I saw Sherry take out her wallet and show her ID to him. He looked at it and back at her and nodded approval. He wiped the bar in front of her. She gave him an order and smiled at me.

I noticed one of the guys who had looked at Sherry walk over to her and sit in the empty stool. He was tall and wore a black polo shirt, cut off at the shoulders and had a tattoo on one of his muscled arms. He had a mustache and goatee. Sherry looked at him and smiled. She glanced over at me, and then spoke to the man, who nodded at what ever she was saying. He got up and walked away. I wondered what she said.

I took a gulp of my beer and kept my eyes on Sherry who was looking back at me. She now had a goblet in front of her that looked like a martini. She lifted her glass and looked at me over the rim as she sipped. I took another gulp of my beer and kept my eyes on her. We were flirting, our eyes fixed on each other. Sherry then took the olive out of her glass and put into her mouth, puckering her lips as she sucked on the olive. Her eyes were on me as she sucked and then licked her lips with her tongue. She then cocked her head to the side, smiled seductively, keeping her eyes on me. It was as if we were the only people in the bar. Then she waved me over with her head, moving it slightly. I was already getting hard from the sexy glances.

I picked up my beer and walked over to her and sat in the empty stool. I noticed her skirt was high on her thighs. Her legs were crossed. I sat down and her knee touched my leg. She took a sip of her drink, her eyes never leaving mine. We didn’t say a word at first.

“Thanks for coming over,” she said and touched my hand.

“The pleasure is all mine,” I said.

“Are you new around here?” she asked. “Never saw you in here before.”

“Yes,” I answered. “I just arrived in town.” I added.

“You got a name,” she asked. “Mine’s Veronica.”

“Hi Veronica,” I said. I’m Mike,” I said, taking a gulp of my beer. Veronica’s a nice name.”

“Thanks,” she said. “So what do you think of our little town, so far?” she asked, moving a little closer, pressing her tits against my arm.

“I can’t say for sure, but right now it’s feeling pretty good

“I think I’d like to make it feel even better,” she said.

“You would. What do you have in mind?”

“Well, since you’re new in town. I thought you’d like some hospitality, if you know what I mean.” She reached down to my crotch and rubbed my cock through my jeans. “Looks like you’re ready for some…..hospitality,” she added.

“Depends on what you have in mind.”

Just then I noticed the music change to a slow tune. It was Elvis singing “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

“Sounds like they play some oldies but goodies in here,” I said.

“Wanna dance,” she asked, grabbing my hand before I could answer. “Come on, Mike, Let’s start the hospitality with a slow dance.”

The small dance floor was crowded, but we found a spot on the edge. Sherry put her arms around my neck and pressed her body into mine as we started to move. My cock was bulging in my pants as she pressed her pelvis into me. I loved the way her tits felt against my chest. I moved my hands down to her ass and pulled her into me. I was grinding my cock against her body.

We moved against each other, our hands pulling each other closer. “This is making me so hot,” she whispered into my ear. “You’re really turning me on.”

I didn’t answer as we moved against each other. She then took her hand from my neck and placed them on my ass, squeezed, pulled me tighter against her and moaned in my ear, “Ummmmmm.”

My hand was still on her ass and we were grinding into each other, practically fucking on the dance floor. I moved my hand down to the hem of her skirt and lifted it up and placed my hand on her bare ass. It was so dark and crowded on the dance floor, I was sure no one noticed or cared.

When the music stopped, we just stood there with our bodies grinding hard against each other. She had her mouth against my ear and licked it with her tongue. Then she whispered, “I want you to fuck me. Let’s get out of here.”

I ground my cock into her body, my hands still fatih escort on her ass. “Come on Veronica, my truck is outside. I have a room at the Riverside down the road. I took her hand and we walked back to our seats at the bar. She took a final sip of her martini and I gulped down the rest of my beer. I placed a ten on the bar and nodded to the bar tender. Sherry was in front of me as we walked and I loved how her ass wiggled in that tight skirt.

She turned back to look at me and smiled. “Come on take me home with you,” she said. I couldn’t believe how sexy she looked, as she grabbed my hand. We were both horny as could be as we left the bar. Outside in the parking lot, we kissed next to my truck. We were breathing heavily, grinding into each other.

She grabbed my balls as we kissed, and I grabbed her tits.

“Let’s get going, Mike. I want you to fuck me with that big cock of yours.”

“You feel so good, Veronica,” I whispered in her ear, rubbing my cock against her pussy, my hands pulling her into me. Then I let go, turned her around and pushed her against the truck and said something that surprised me. I pressed my cock into her ass and grabbed her tits and said, “Come on, slut, let’s get going.”

She pushed her ass into my cock and started wiggling. “Yeah, I’m your slut, Mike. I’m your slut and I want you to fuck me any way you want.”

I squeezed her tits roughly and held both of them in my hands, using them to help me grind my cock into the crack of her ass. I could feel her nipples harden in my hands and she squealed, “Ohhh. That feels so damn good, Mike. I can’t wait ’til you fuck me,” she said, turning her head to look in me in the eyes.

“Get in the truck, slut!” I ordered, really getting into my role.

“Yes, sir,” she said. “Take me back to your room.”

She opened the door and climbed in. I closed the door and went to the other side. When I got in. she was all over me. “I’m your slut Mike. I’m your whore.” She grabbed my cock and said, “I want this cock in me.”

I started up the truck and headed towards the motel. I grabbed her hand and pushed her away from me. “Get to the other side, slut.” I said. “You’re going to have to wait.”

“Yes, sir,” she said. “Sorry. I’ll be good, sir.”

I was impressed with what a good actress Sherry was and how she really got into being a submissive slut. I was also surprised at myself for talking to her like I did.

While we were driving, she reached over and put her hand on mine and said, “I want to make you feel good. I want to welcome you to our little town.” She spoke softly.

“Thank you,” I said. “You’re doing a great job.”

“I don’t usually stay our so late on a Saturday night because I teach Sunday School in the morning.”

“You teach Sunday School.” I said.

“Oh yes, at my father’s church,” she said.

“So your father’s a minister?” I asked, amazed at Sherry’s wild imagination.

“Yes, I teach Sunday school every Sunday and next week I’m getting married at the church.”

“You’re getting married,” I said.

“Yes, I have a white wedding dress and it’s going to be a big wedding.”

“Then what were you doing at Charley’s?” I asked.

“I wanted to get laid,” she said. “I go there to pick up guys and get laid.”

I laughed. “You go to Charley’s to get laid and then teach Sunday school the next morning.”

“I know it sounds crazy but I can’t help it. I try so hard to be good but then I get so horny I can’t stand it, so I get dressed up as sexy as I can and come to Charley’s looking for guys to fuck.” Sherry’s wild imagination was going full steam ahead.

We arrived at the motel and I pulled into my parking spot and we both got out of the truck. While I was unlocking the door, Sherry put her hands on my ass and said, “Hurry up, Mike.”

“I pushed her hand away and said, “Watch yourself, slut. I’m in charge.”

Once inside, I closed the door and grabbed Sherry and pushed her down on her knees. “Okay, miss Sunday school teacher, I want a blow job!”

“Yes. Sir,” she said, then unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock out. She opened her mouth and started licking it with her tongue, moving slowly up and down the length of my hard cock like it was a lolli-pop.

“That’s it. That feels so good,” I said, holding her head. She was really getting into then placed her mouth on the sensitive tip of my cock and started sucking and licking it, driving me insane.

“Come on slut, fuck my cock.”

She then took my cock in her mouth and started bobbing up and down, holding the base with her hand, the slurping wet sound of her mouth getting louder as she swallowed my cock. I grabbed the back of her head, twisting her hair in my hands and pulled her harder against me, fucking her mouth.

Suddenly, I pulled out of her mouth and picked her up. “So you want to get laid,”I said, as she stood next to me. I noticed some saliva on her lips from her sucking.

“Yes. I want you to fuck me. I need to get laid.”

“How bad do you want to get fucked,” I said.

“Stop talking and fuck me,” she said.

“Is that anyway for a Sunday school teacher to talk?”

“Fuck you!” she said. “I’m here to get fucked not to talk.”

Suddenly, her personality changed and an angry expression crossed her face. She was no longer the submissive slut but now was getting aggressive.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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