Massage At Sea

Big Tits

This story might disappoint readers, as it doesn’t have much actual sex in it. On the flip side, it’s totally true, which, I think, makes it much more exciting.

Years ago I was hired to work on a 2 week cruise. Short term employees like myself, while cautioned to remember that we were under the employ of the cruise line, were treated as guests and had access to all of the amenities that a guest had.

I was given a small cabin with a private deck; I ate in the main dining room and had full use of the ships facilities.

There was a health club area which consisted of a workout room, locker rooms and a group exercise room. In order to use the area I had to check in at the reception desk and trade my ship ID for a key to a locker.

On my first visit there I saw that they offered massages. I had never had one before. I was making good money on the cruise, so I decided to treat myself. I scheduled it for the following day.

I checked in with the receptionist early, explaining that I was going to get in a short workout and was planning to be in the steam room, in the men’s locker room. She said that they’d send somebody in to get me at the appointment time.

The gym was deserted. After my workout I took a quick shower and went into the steam room. It was a very small room and I was glad that I was the only person in it, as it would have been a bit uncomfortable being naked and rubbing knees, or worse, with another guy.

After a while I heard a tapping on the door. It opened and there was a young woman standing there. I think we were both surprised; I didn’t expect to see a female in the men’s locker room and I think she didn’t expect for me to be naked.

I noticed that she checked out my goods briefly before averting her eyes, telling me that it was time for my massage and to please follow her. I stood up, with her still holding the door open, and walked past her out of the steam room. The door wasn’t really wide enough for both of us; I had to squeeze past her and there was incidental (?) contact.

I grabbed the towel that I had hung outside of the door and wrapped it around my waist. Just then another guy came into the locker room. The look on his face was priceless.

I followed the young lady out of the locker room, past the front desk and into a side room. The room consisted of a massage table, a chair, and a shelving unit with towels and bottles of lotions.

She introduced herself, but she was Asian with a very thick accent and I had trouble understanding her. I never really did get her name. She told me to lay face down on the table.

I now know that the usual routine is for the masseuse to leave the room, or at least avert her eyes while the client undresses and gets on the table, but I didn’t know that then. So before she had a chance to do anything, I took off the towel and draped it over the chair. I assumed that nudity was ok, especially since she had already seen me in the steam room. I didn’t know the proper procedure, but I did notice that my dropping the towel so abruptly, giving her a full frontal shot, seemed to surprise her. And, again, I noticed her watching as I got onto the table.

She covered me with a fresh towel. I was still a little damp from the steam room; she patted my back and shoulders dry then folded the towel down. I was pretty sure that the top of my ass was exposed; I felt the air. I assumed that this was standard procedure. She was the professional and I was a first-timer.

She oiled up her hands and touched my shoulders. I was not accustomed to having a stranger’s hands on me, let alone a young petite Asian woman. I knew that she had to be at least 18 years old, but I doubt Bycasino that she was much older than that. She wasn’t unattractive, just rather plain looking. It didn’t help that she was dressed in a plain white shapeless uniform of a cruise line monogrammed t shirt and mid length shorts.

I was still warm from the steam, it was warm in the room and the oil seemed heated as well; once I got over the initial shock of her first touch I relaxed as she spread the oil over my back, neck and shoulders.

Her touch was very light at first, almost tentative, but she gradually increased it as she worked. As she massaged her way down my lower back, I wondered if she was going to massage my exposed ass. She continued down the small of my back then, using both hands, she started again at my shoulders and worked down, with her thumbs tracing along either side of my spine. When she got to my ass she went just a little bit inside the crease, and then moved her hands to the sides. If I had been totally uncovered this move would have given her a bird’s eye view of my asshole as she was effectively spreading my cheeks apart. I did feel a bit of the oil dripping down there. She repeated the move a couple of more times, going further down each time, but still not too near any orifices. So the butt massage was really only the tops of my cheeks.

Despite her getting close to my butt, I was still very relaxed, as I trusted that she knew what she was doing. It was all new to me; I had no expectations.

She moved on to my legs. She pulled the towel up to cover my back, then off to the left to expose my right leg. The draping left my entire leg uncovered as well as most of my right butt cheek. She tucked the towel into my butt crack and just a bit under my right leg. I realized that she might have gotten a quick look at my cock and balls as she moved the towel. When she tucked it under my leg there was also some very close contact, but I assumed it was accidental. Even so, it did get me a bit excited to have that contact.

The foot massage was very nice, as was the work on my ankle and calf. Then she started on my thigh. She worked on the back of the thigh, then moved to the outside and up my hip towards my butt. She paused and said something. I had to lift up and turn to her to ask her what she said. She was pointing to my butt and asking if that was ok. When I understood what she was trying to say I shook my head yes, fine, and laid back down. So she massaged my butt a bit. That was another new sensation for me; it felt good and I was mildly turned on by a pair of hands on my butt. She wasn’t just rubbing it. She was really working on the muscles there. Even so, I was enjoying that.

The trouble began when she moved down and started on the inside of my thigh.

I can blame it on my imagination or perhaps because the area in question is highly sensitive, but the more likely issue was that I was not used to hands touching me there. As she started above my knee I began to wonder how far up she was going to go. I have an average size dick, nothing to write home about, but it was a bit fuller than normal. She wouldn’t have to go too far to get a touch. I had heard of happy endings, but we were on an upscale cruise line and I couldn’t believe that any sort of happy ending was on the menu.

But that didn’t stop my imagination from wondering ‘what if?’

She worked pretty high up my thigh but stopped right before she would have struck gold. Then she draped that leg and undraped my left side.

I knew that I had gotten a little hard, and the foot massage helped me relax a bit, but knowing that she would soon be working back up my leg kept me on edge. The butt Bycasino giriş massage did nothing to relax me. So by the time she started with my inner thigh I had not gone down at all.

I have a theory. I believe that men’s dicks hang to the opposite side of their dominant hand. I haven’t done any research on this, not do I care to. I doubt that this theory is taught in massage training. For that matter I didn’t even know what my masseuse’s qualifications were. But, being right handed, my junk hangs to my left side, which was the side she was working on.

As she continued to work up my leg, I was on edge and getting harder. Then, even though she had gone no further than on the other side, the back of her hand grazed against the head of my cock.

We both let out an “oh!”, almost simultaneously. I lifted my head out of the donut and looked back at her. She tried to say that she was sorry, but in all honest she didn’t really look like she was sorry. She was a bit flushed and had a half smile on her face. I didn’t say anything, just smiled back. It was at this point that I began to wonder how experienced she was.

After working on my thigh some more, still getting close but without any further touching, she told me it was time to turn over.

I now know that the correct procedure is for the masseuse to lift up one side of the covering, turn her head away while the client rolls over, and then replace the covering. But not knowing this at the time I started to roll over as soon as she said to. Since I was still half draped, the towel got tangled under me. I could sense that I was about to lose the cover, so when I was on my side about to roll, I held onto whatever piece of the towel that I could so that at least my cock would stay covered.

It didn’t really work. Yes, she had seen me before, both in the steam room and before I got up on the table, but I had grown a bit since then. She got an eyeful, and then tried to untangle the towel. It was wrapped around my leg so I had to lift up off the table while she reached under to extract it. She finally just yanked at it and got it off, then laid it back on me, covering me from the waist down.

I think it was about this time that I realized she wasn’t as experienced as I thought she was.

Being fully exposed while she fussed with the draping did nothing to ‘relax’ me. So, when she finally got me covered, I was hard. Not ‘pitching a tent’ hard, but pretty engorged. It was obvious and the towel did nothing to disguise it.

She moved up to behind my head and started a scalp and face massage. It was very relaxing, but with my eyes closed I couldn’t help wondering if she was checking out my package as it deflated a bit.

She continued on to my neck, shoulders, arms and hands – all good. I started to get a little tingled when she did my chest, but she avoided my nipples which was good because they can be sensitive. And then she moved on to my belly.

The belly massage was interesting. I know now, as did she, that you are not supposed to put a lot of pressure on the belly and that the motion should always be clock-wise. It ends up being more like a belly rub.

So she was being soft and gentle and it felt nice. However, as she continued, she started to expand the circles to the point where her hands were going beneath the towel. She was actually running her hands just across the border where my pubic hair was; then her fingers were dragging thru the hair.

I remember thinking that, unlike the work on my legs or butt, she had to know that this was exciting me. I thought she was doing it on purpose, so I didn’t disappoint. As she continued my package started twitching; Bycasino güncel giriş there was no way she couldn’t notice. In no time at all I was fully ‘pitching a tent’.

For a moment I thought she was going to take matters in hand, but she stopped what she was doing. She pulled the draping up to cover my chest and moved down to the end of the table to start on my legs. She removed the towel from my right leg, uncovering it all the way up to my hip. She had folded the towel back over my dick, but the extra layer of covering did little to hide what I was sporting.

The actual leg work was uneventful. I might have gone down a bit when she was working on my calf, but as she moved higher so did I. Her hands on my inner thigh got close to, but never touched, my balls.

When it came time to switch legs, she had to reach across my dick to get the portion of the draping that was folded back. In doing so her wrist glanced against my covered shaft. It might have been accidental, but looking back on it I don’t think it was.

The other leg was just like the first, including the touch when she went to cover me back up. When that happened I knew it wasn’t accidental…

I know now that most massages end with what is called centering, which is a procedure used to bring closure to the massage.

My massage ended with me face up fully covered. The masseuse pressed down firmly on me in various places, head to toe. As she worked her way down she avoided my erection but pressed firmly down on either side of it.

Finished, she left the room for a moment but quickly returned with a warm washcloth. She uncovered my chest and used the washcloth to wipe off any residual oil. One leg was uncovered and wiped off. Then surprisingly she totally removed the towel and wiped down the other leg. Even though I was still hard she was very nonchalant about my erection. She then had me roll over and wiped me off, from head to toe, including my bare ass.

She asked me if I enjoyed the massage. I rolled over and was tempted to say that she hadn’t finished, but I knew that probably wasn’t going to fly. So I hesitantly replied that yes, it was very enjoyable. She smiled and took the washcloth and draped it over my slightly deflated dick, told me to take my time getting up, and left the room.

Once I got off the table I saw that I had left a wet spot, most likely a bit of precum. I wiped my dick off, wrapped my towel around me and headed out back to the locker room. But before I did I put a tip in the envelope on the side table, wrote ‘Thanks!’ on the outside of it and placed it right next to the wet spot.

After the cruise was over, back at home, I saw that my health club had hired a massage therapist and even had a discounted introductory package. She showed me what a real massage was about, with proper draping, without exposing any private body parts. I still sometimes had issues with erections, especially with thigh work, but she only addressed it once by saying that it was a natural reaction to the increased blood flow.

About a year later this masseuse stopped working for the health club and moved her office to her home. Things got a bit more touchy feely from that point on. I’ve written about that relationship in a previous story.

I did get hired back for another two week engagement on the cruise the following year. I was hoping that she was still working in the health club. Because knowing what I knew then about legit and not so legit massages, I was looking forward to booking another session with her to see how far I could take it. Unfortunately the entire ship had been given an overhaul. The health club and massage rooms, which were previously rather small and out of the way, had been upgraded to be front and center and was being billed as a world class spa.

Whether my first masseuse had left on her own or because of her unique massage style, I’ll never know.

But I’ll never forget my first!

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