Lust and Desire

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Alison Tyler

Author’s Note: Here’s another ONESHOT. Except this one is specifically for YAOI lovers. I implore you to read, review and remember good or bad; I like feedback. -Kiba Blackfire


Every night, it’s always the same. Xayne would take a shower being trapped in a dorm with a boy who embodied wild fantasies of a very lustful sort. Out of all the guys he had to share a room with why did it have to be Fate? Xayne had admitted that men were his preference and Fate was the main reason why. The boy couldn’t be any hotter if he tried. To top it off, he was the boy dad’s warned their daughters about. The man was after one thing and one thing only. It’s always about sex with him; he loved the way it made him feel. He got off on it and didn’t care for anything else. He liked to tease the ladies most of all. However, He teased nobody more than him.

The second Xayne took his shower. It was almost instantly; Fate would barge into their room and lose himself to his sexual fantasies. He would sit in his chair turn on some naughty videos of women and touch himself. Xayne would often crack the door just to watch as his hand grabbed that package concealed in jeans and just stroke it. Fate was never kind to it his moans were proof. Those moans so loud almost like a loud plea. It was torture, just torture. No matter how much he tried to give him privacy it just wasn’t possible it was like he got off on him watching him. Fate was putting on a show and he was always right there in the front row watching never touching. What he wouldn’t give just to be part of his race for release just once.

“Must not look,” Xayne reasoned forcing his eyes closed running water to silence Fate’s pleas. Even if he wanted to touch him; Xayne’s body was lost in comparison. He was average aside from his hair which Fate told him he’d kill for his naturally soft black hair. He grew it out for that very reason; yeah he’s a real fan boy at heart. He ran his hands through his hair and rinsed off his glasses putting them on. His green eyes stared at his reflection in the mirror. This average body of his even in all it nakedness was nothing compared to Fate’s. Even if Fate were that way, a guy like him didn’t get hot guys like him. He told himself to drown out the desires.

He prided himself on intellect, a real, he let out a sigh; nerd. This seemed to benefit Fate greatly seeing as he wasn’t known for being intellectual. He had Xayne wrapped around his finger for that very reason. Xayne would do anything for him and he knew it. He did all of Fate’s college homework, took on his online classes for him, and helped tutor him for exams. Fate aced every class he got because of it. Xayne didn’t mind because Fate was only here to shut his parents up. He wasn’t one for education instead he wanted to make it big as some hit rock star surround himself with ladies.

Fate planned his whole college experience out perfectly making sure every class he got Xayne was in it. The only class they had apart was his guitar class. Xayne chose to pursue teaching seeing as he could teach someone as stubborn as Fate. He was positive he could take on a whole class probably teach some honor’s course.

In short, Xayne’s brain was his brain. Fate had told him time and time again he fucking adored his brain. That bastard always knew what to say to tease him if only he were more than just a brain to him. Xayne grabbed a towel covering up taking a peak through the crack. He was still at it, the boy liked to prolong this; such a tease. It’s unfair. He decided to give up and just indulge himself on the show.

“Yes,” Fate panted as his hand rubbed the inside of his jeans entering his boxers. He rubbed himself over and over again watching his show. His broad well built chest breathing in and out deeply through his nose. He let out soft pleas of pleasure as rubbed it. He began grinding against his hand moans getting louder his junk getting harder. “Fuck yeah,” He cried out lowering his pants revealing that tempting organ jerking hard on it. “That’s it,” He started moaning louder thrusting hard, his breathing so heavy. Xayne bit his thumb eagerly wanting to touch him just once. “Uhnn,” He pleaded stopping his hand as prerelease emerged. He jerked slowly teasing it a bit. Xayne couldn’t bare it anymore he had to do something anything otherwise he was going to go insane.

“X,” Fate looked at him confused as his blue eyes looked directly into his. “Sorry, altyazı porno was I being distracting again?” He asked; he shook his head. “Why are you,” Xayne placed his hand in his black hair with dark blue highlights stroking it. “What gives man, you’re being weird.” Xayne blushed forcing his words out.

“Mind if I,” He pointed at Fate’s throbbing hardness. “Give it a try.” Fate raised his brow contemplating it. “Just once come on,” He begged. “You’ll like it.”

“But that’s my,” Fate’s cheeks flushed. “X, you know more about this stuff seeing as guys are your thing so I have to ask. Would this be gay? If you touched me there,”

“Even if it was, would you care?”

“Not really,” He admitted. “It’s not like there’s any witnesses to this. Go for it,” Fate leaned back in his chair. “My hands were getting tired anyway.” He confessed. “Just this once though,” Fate knew of Xayne’s feelings for him but told him that he deserved better than him. Fate prided himself on looks and wanted nothing more than to be smart like Xayne; he was jealous of him. Xayne knew this.

At the same time, they were friends, best friends. Fate didn’t have many friends just him that was it; the rest were ladies he had picked up from bathroom visits taking down their cell numbers. He often used them when his show wasn’t enough. Xayne was an actual friend. He tried to consider his feelings tried to be reasonable because after Xayne had confessed that he liked him as more than a friend.

Fate distanced himself for awhile scared to confront the elephant in the room. He had finally got him back but feelings were still there. He was trying to ignore them for their sake but Fate was everything he wanted and more. He was perfect and try as he might he couldn’t stop himself from falling. Fate told him he couldn’t be without him either; it’s a mess. They needed each other they were hopelessly lost by themselves. Go for it; these words he thought he would never hear them from Fate’s lips they were a surrender to the feelings. Just this once; it was enough.

“Promise me,” Fate took hold of his hand before he touched him. “You won’t leave.” These words were like a supplication. “I tried being alone, without you, and I never want to go back to that ever again. I need you X, it’s fucked up but it’s true.” Xayne smiled at him seeing the fear in his eyes.

“Hey,” He said calmly. “I would never do that.” Xayne explicated. “Even if I wanted to, I would always end up right here while you teased me. You enjoy teasing me and though it’s cruel I like that you do it. It shows that you at least see me and value my presence even just a little. In that moment, I get to be more than your brain. Well now,” He stroked Fate’s neck. “Let me be the one to tease you.” He let go of his hand resting calmly. This was hard for him not that he was scared of it. Fate was just worried about being teased by harsh words and evil glances that sometimes followed the lifestyle. He was trying and that’s all that mattered right now.

Vigilantly, Xayne reached for Fate’s masculinity. He started with a few touches, a few presses, and strokes. Fate took his hand after a soft moan making him put his whole hand on it. He watched his show as Xayne jerked him slowly teasing his balls soon after. The volume of his moan got a little louder as he pressed his balls against his hand. “Not bad,” Fate spoke faintly as Xayne provided him with a few jerks increasing his pace with his thrusts. “F-F-F-uck,” Fate leaned his head back breathing heavy his hands gripping the chair roughly. “X, you’re so good at this.” He managed his back arching a little as the moans got louder. He jerked him faster as his moans sounded more like joyful pleas. “Make me cum, X,” He moaned loudly. Xayne jerked faster watching as breath got heavy, his whole body thrown into powerful thrusts. He had never seen Fate crave release so badly. “Oh fuck, oh fuck,” He begged thrusting so hard. “X, you got to stop.” Fate took his hand nearly out of breath.

“Why stop?”

“I like to tease it remember?” In other words; he wanted everlasting joy. “Tease me,” Fate ordered. Xayne snickered; oh yes sweet revenge. Let’s see he pleasured himself in front of him making him watch at least a hundred times by now. That means; he was going to not only tease the bastard oh, no, he was going to torment the bastard. Xayne very slowly almost slug like stroked Fate’s balls. “X, amatör porno your mean,”

“Why on earth would you say that?” Xayne spoke playfully. His tone shrouded as if he were innocent of his crime of teasing. “My hand is numb is all,” He reasoned pretending as if what he what he said were true. Fate rolled his eyes catching on to his scheme no doubt.

“Uh huh,” He nodded, “Yeah, I got you.” Fate smirked. “Just wait; next time, I jerk it I’ll be sure to remember this. Get ready to live in the bathroom X; I’m going to pull an all night jerk session.” He nodded as if he were proud of his idea. “Yeah that’s exactly what I’m going to do buy me nice lubricant, go real slow and just enjoy stroking my cock all night long. Teach your ass to tease me like that.”

“All night,” Xayne raised his brow; Fate nodded. “You can’t do that, that’s impossible.” He added.

“I’m stubborn enough to try it.” No truer words could be said. Xayne admitted defeat increasing pace to normal levels. “I thought you’d see it my way.” Xayne moved his lips mocking Fate’s words. “Hey,” Fate screamed. “Don’t you dare mock me I will fuck you up so bad got it?” He retorted his lips forming a moan from Xayne’s touch.

Fate’s eyes began drifting in and out as his moans escaped underneath his breath. He took his hand placing it on his adding more pressure his head bending back with another cry for release. Fate eyes returned to his show while Xayne jerked him. Fate seemed into his show even as his body jumped into his hand. Xayne took this chance to do something he had been dying to do since he first looked at Fate’s hard on. He wanted it in his mouth, he wanted to lick that piece of flesh and taste all of him.

Xayne brought his lips over to him being discreet. Fate would disapprove if he caught on. He would think this was going too far but this was exactly what Xayne wanted. He wanted to do it for so long. He had to take his chance. Xayne to get accustomed to the first taste of him or any boy for that matter ran his tongue across the head of his shaft. Fate cringed being caught off guard by his wet tongue, he gripped Xayne’s neck holding him away from his cock.

“X, that’s my dick, your,” Fate reminded him. Xayne forced his mouth back down on him. Fate tried to force the rest of his words out wanting him to stop but at the same time. Xayne knew he was enjoying it. Fate’s moans were constant; his whole body was reacting to his tongue conveying complete surrender. “Oh, fu-ck man, th-is is,” He began breathing heavy as Xayne worked his tongue around his shaft, his every inch being licked by his slick tongue. He pursed his lips on Fate’s balls stretching out the skin, teasing him a bit. He opened his mouth taking his inches back inside sucking his cock like it were hard candy.

“X,” Fate pleaded for him gripping tight onto the chair. “Fuc-k man, you’re,” He grabbed the remote turning off his porn. “That’s it, suck my dick,” He encouraged taking his finger moving Xayne’s hair from his face. “Just like that,” He leaned back relaxing. Fate’s eyes were taken in by Xayne’s actions. He watched as Xayne bobbed his head up and down his inches, he stopped jerking him a bit as his tongue licked at his tender skin. He went to take him back inside his mouth but Fate stopped him. “You like sucking me don’t you?”

“I do,” Xayne answered; he ran his tongue down his inches licking at his sack. Fate bit his lips, his nails digging into the chair as he fought a moan. Xayne returned to jerking him off, pumping his cock steady. “I have wanted this for so long, you have no idea.” He chuckled. “You aren’t mad at me are you?” Fate laughed.

“Mad, me, no way,” He took hold of Xayne’s hair. “You want to suck me then get down there and do it already. Take it all in,” Fate allowed; he nodded taking the challenge. Xayne grabbed his hips shoving more of him in his mouth taking it all slowly but surely. “Aw, yeah,” He grabbed onto Xayne’s hair tightly as he sucked him. “Fuck,” Fate jumped trying to catch it, Xayne felt his juice emerge a tiny bit dripped into his mouth. “Oh shit, I got it in your mouth.” He pulled Xayne off worried that he got his prerelease in his mouth. “My bad,” Xayne tasted Fate’s precum for minute deciding to give it a sample. It wasn’t bad, in fact, he kind of liked it. “I promise I will warn you before I cum for real.” Fate reasoned searching for tissue to wipe his dick off.

“Don’t,” animasyon porno Xayne took hold of his hand. “I like it, tastes okay,” Fate blushed. He stared at Fate’s cock as it dripped with his body’s natural sign of intense pleasure. He ran his tongue over the slit licking every bit of his prerelease. The more he licked, the more Fate panted, he hitched a moan as Xayne went back down on him.

“Wait,” He gripped Xayne’s hair taking him off his cock. “You like it,” Fate blushed astonished by this, “my cum,” He finished finally able to say it. “You like how it tastes.” He repeated nearly breath taken by this discovery. Xayne ignored him and just kept sucking him. “You want more?” Fate asked making him stop. “X, I asked if you wanted more.” He asked again.

“How much you got?” He countered his lips formed a witty half smile. Fate’s cheeks reddened, he half smiled back.

“I did say I wanted to fuck your brain.” Fate got out of his chair. “I guess now I get that chance.” He grabbed Xayne by his wrist making him sit in his chair. He positioned his cock in front Xayne’s mouth; he licked his lips eager for another taste. Fate took hold of his hair forcing his mouth on him thrusting into his mouth. Xayne choked a bit he felt as if Fate was destroying it. Hell, his thoughts faded the second that cock pounded his throat. He loved being fucked in the mouth, in fact. Xayne grabbed Fate’s hips demanding that he do it again, this time he handled his cock like a seasoned pro. Xayne gripped him tightly by his ass and drove his hard tastiness into his throat.

“X, you take it so well.” Fate let out a moan as he kept jamming his cock down his throat. “Oh X,” Fate cried out as more of his sweetness escaped him with every thrust. Xayne swallowed that sweetness not a letting any get away. He stopped Fate’s powerful hips slowly pulling his lips from his wet cock as he licked at the slit taking his pleasurable treat. “You want my cum huh,” Fate forced him against the chair by his shoulder and with a powerful thrust his cock rammed into his mouth rapidly. So fast, it didn’t take him long to- “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit,” Fate screamed out in surrender. Xayne’s felt warm wetness drip from Fate’s cock painting every inch of his sodden cavern. Fate leaned in panting as his hips demanding more of his cum out, so much it dripped from Xayne’s lips. “That was,” He removed himself from Xayne’s cavern as he proceeded to lick his friend clean. “Great job,” Fate added.

“You really came hard,” Xayne licked his lips getting the last of it down his throat. “I knew you’d like it.” He moved letting Fate have his chair back after what he just did, he was going to need it.

“You really suck,” Fate took a seat in his chair. He grabbed his pants putting them back on. His chest elevated up and down as he tried to re gather his thoughts. Xayne could hear his heart pounding out of his chest.

“I know I do,” He replied. “I suck hard.” Fate laughed as his fingers toyed with Xayne’s hair. He was trying to fix it after pulling Xayne’s hair so many times.

“X, you’re so fucked up.” Fate checked his hair to make sure it was perfect again. Fate told him as a reward for being the brains of their operation. He would be his personal stylist keeping him from at least looking like a nerd. He nodded satisfied with the results. Xayne was like his personal doll that he personally took care of. Xayne found his need to take care of his appearance and well, him interesting.

“So hair dye, want to do it?” Fate asked. “I’m thinking dark green highlights to bring out those green eyes. You’ll get some hot dudes trust me,” Xayne looked at him asking now. He usually just did it anyway. “Yeah, I’m taking you to get your hair done first thing after class.”

“But I don’t want to,” He complained.

“Too bad,” He countered. “X, you’re my play thing if I say hair dye, you say,”

“Suck it or better yet I can suck you.” He teased. “I’m sure that’ll change your mind.”

“X, you can’t say shit like that to me,” Fate countered. “It’s teasing man.”

“Not if I actually do it,”

“Yeah, you’re cut off,” Fate patted his head. “Too much dick on the brain; that can’t be good for you,” He went to closet setting out some clothes for him. “I need that brain for my exam tomorrow. While we study, you can help me with this.” He pointed at his junk. “That is if you behave,”

“Studying,” Xayne got dressed eyeing his package. “Sounds like fun, I could study all night long.” Fate blushed catching on. “Yeah, just let me get my text books.” With those words a new arrangement was made. If Xayne offered his brain then Fate offered his body as payment. This was their game and they played it well.

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