Lucy’s Party Ch. 01

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This is my fantasy. Some of it I am still not sure I want to come true. But I would be happy if it did. Thanks to my favourite author for putting it in writing. Kisses – Lucy


Over a year has passed since that amazing birthday weekend with my Boss. At that time he was my Boss. Now he is my Master and that’s how I think of him all the time.

He has definitely become my Master in so many ways and he controls so much of my life. I love that so much and I love my Master as well. He works so hard at making his business successful and sometimes he doesn’t have enough time for me. I don’t mind so much because I want him to be a success in his chosen field. The other reason I don’t mind is that every other part of his life is devoted to me and making me his loving submissive. Sometimes I even get to join the two together, like when he has to go away on business and I am lucky enough to be taken along.

Thanks to my Master, recently I had an amazing experience. At first it was a shocking experience and I almost cried when I realised what my Master wanted. When he told me I found it hard to believe Master would put me in such a situation and I was scared for a while. Of course it ended up being far from shocking and it really turned out to be wonderful. I could not thank my Master enough afterwards and I guess it just shows how far I have come as his submissive and also his obedient slut.

It was a Friday night and I wasn’t surprised to be asked to go to his main office. But after I got there I was so shocked and scared when I discovered what was going to happen to me.

Earlier that day Master called me and told me to leave my work early and meet him at the main office. Some people would be meeting in the boardroom that night. It sounded strange because it was a Friday night. But I know Master sometimes has to work odd hours, especially if he is finalising business with someone abroad.

I felt very happy that Master wanted me in the meeting. Or maybe I was just there to pose as his secretary. I didn’t care either way because he said later on he would take me for a dinner somewhere extra nice. Master gave me no hint at all about the rest of his plans for that Friday evening.

When I arrived all the normal staff were gone and it was dark outside. Master had all the lights on in the boardroom. I went straight there and found him talking with two other men. They were all in their suits so to me everything looked normal. Master came and hugged and kissed me and that was a little strange. Then he said he had something special he had arranged for me that night. I smiled at him and wondered if he meant a special present at dinner.

I recognised one of the men at the table. He is kind of a friend Master met through his business. The other man I had never seen before but he was very good looking. After a few minutes of talking another man in a suit arrived. I don’t really know this guy but I know he is a business acquaintance of Master’s. All the guys were about Master’s age or a bit older, early thirties. They said something about others being late and in my mind that was the reason why they hadn’t started their meeting.

I am not going to bother with telling everyone’s names. Its not really important when you find out what happened to me that night. Also I have no idea sometimes who was doing what.

Master asked me to fix drinks for everyone so I went to the small bar in the corner. Master came with me and started to hug me again. Actually he was touching me all over and it was very sexy even if there was an audience. Then Master said something that made me freeze. He told me that the meeting was actually all for me. It was a surprise party and tonight he was going to make a dream come true for me.

I just froze right there. I didn’t have to guess what my Master was talking about. He wanted me to have sex with all those men. This had sort of been a fear for me for a long time. Master was loaning me out, giving me like a cheap gift to all his male friends. I remember for a second that I hoped the reason was that I was supposed to be part of some new business deal. I really didn’t know what to think or do but I could feel I was about to start crying. I have never ever done that with Master.

Then Master put his arms around me from behind and pulled me close. I felt him kiss my cheek and he was whispering in my ear.

‘This is a special sex party just for you. I know you have imagined yourself being at the centre of a cock party. Tonight I want that dream to finally come true for you.’

I couldn’t quite understand what Master was saying. My brain was feeling numb right then. I couldn’t speak but I turned to look at my Master, wondering what he was telling me.

‘I know you love watching cock parties on the web. You never asked me but you’re so beautiful and so sexy that I really want to make it come true for you.’ I couldn’t believe it and I was still feeling totally confused and mixed-up. What was Master saying? What had he planned for me? But in my brain I knew that Master was right about my ideas of a cock party.

Then Ankara escort he said something else I’ll never forget in my whole life. ‘I love you Lucy and tonight I want you to be the biggest and the best slut you ever imagined. Go over there and don’t worry. Relax and enjoy it.’

Right then there was no question I would do what Master wanted. I guess what happened was that all my training from Master kicked in and all my wishes about being totally obedient to him kicked in and suddenly those words were enough for me.

But I was still upset and afraid. Why had Master not warned me and let me get prepared in my mind? Plus I was feeling a little ashamed in front of these guys that were more or less strangers to me. Somehow I felt my body start to respond to the new ideas Master was whispering to me. I had watched those scenes over and over on-line and it was about to happen to me for real. I felt excitement at the idea but I was also a little afraid since I had no idea what I really should do as the star of a cock party.

I was still thinking all these things when I got to the boardroom table with the drinks tray in my hand. I was putting the first man’s drink on the table when I felt his hand on my bottom. I just froze again, still numb. I was still freaked out about what Master had said. I had gotten no warning at all and now I learned the meeting was for these men to have sex with me. I looked over at Master and I saw he was smiling. It was like the smile I had seen in our threesomes and it made me feel better and stronger and more ready to act for him.

Plus the guy’s hand rubbing my butt cheeks was making me feel good. I always thought I was good looking and Master has helped me feel even more proud of my body so I felt good to know he was turned on by me. Also I could see the look on my Master’s face and I could see that he really wanted me to go along with the plan. So I let the guy grab my ass and when he put his hand up my skirt and grabbed my bare cheek I knew he was horny and that I was horny too. I was still confused and upset but I was starting to understand that I was going to get fucked that night. Somehow the idea I had an audience made me feel more slutty than ever and for some reason I started to really like that.

I still had a job to do which was to hand out the drinks. I tried to turn to give the next man his drink but he just stuck his hand up my skirt as well. His hand was warm and soft and straight away he was touching my thighs above the tops of my stockings.

In my mind I was still in shock at the sudden and scary turn of events. I had been told to come to a meeting and suddenly the first item of business was me being felt up by two guys while my Master watched. It kind of felt like when he made me fuck his friends because I love being an obedient slut for Master and I always want to honour him by giving him what he wants.

It was hard to move with both hands up my skirt. I tried to turn to give the third man his drink. He was the handsome one of them all which was a little bit lucky because I saw he had already taken his cock out of his trousers. I thought he was brave as well as good looking and on another night I might have been angry with him for assuming that about me. But his cock looked good and I knew I was supposed to be a slut and I knew what I had to do.

So I put the drinks tray on the table when I heard my Master say aloud to the men to ‘get things started’. I wonder what he thought had been happening. The first two guys grabbed me then and they started pulling at my clothes. I got no say at all and I felt humiliated and a little afraid as they grabbed me and stripped me naked. One man started on my skirt, pulling the zip and then yanking the material down my legs. They were really keen to strip me and the second guy almost ripped my blouse as he pulled it off and then started on my bra.

My C-cup boobs fell out and I heard all the guys murmur and say how sexy I looked. It felt good to hear those comments. Their hands were all over my boobs and one of them really liked my nipples. They were already long and hard like little bullets and he was pulling on them and that started to really make my body heat up. I could have felt shame but instead I felt proud of my boobs just the same as when I was groped by those women at the sex party house. So I happily let them do their thing, feeling sexy and proud.

Actually by then I was starting to really understand that I was going to get fucked by all those men and I was going to have my own sex party. Mr Handsome was already offering his cock to me and I didn’t even think anymore but I just stepped out of my skirt and went on my knees in front of him. In my mind I knew that I was doing a lewd and slutty thing but I didn’t feel any shame about that at all. Master had ordered me to be a slut and he has trained me so well with those other men that I knew what to do with a hard cock in front of me.

The other guys moaned and one of them called me a ‘horny bitch’. I glanced up at my handsome new man and I put one hand around the base of his shaft. I thought Ankara escort bayan he had a very nice looking cock as well and I saw he had big, dark veins along the shaft. He was hard and hot in my hand which is the way I love them.

I was on my knees wearing just my stockings and suspenders and of course that was where I was supposed to be since I am a woman who knows her place in front of men. Over on the side I saw my Master smiling and I just knew he wanted to see me suck the handsome guy’s cock. So I opened my mouth and swallowed as much of the lovely shaft as I could. The numbness in my brain was starting to fade and I just wanted to give a great blowjob and make Master proud of me.

The handsome man was moaning right away and that started to make me really horny. It was such a slutty thing to do but straight away I thought how perfect his cock felt in my mouth. I moved my wet lips up and down his length and managed to stroke him a little with my hand. I stayed down there for maybe a few minutes because he tasted so good and because I just liked him. It was such an amazing feeling to take a new cock and to suck on a stranger as my Master watched and the other guys stood close by.

I tried not to think about the rest and just concentrated on Mr Handsome’s cock in my mouth but after a couple of minutes I felt a hand on my shoulder, pulling me around. I let go of the handsome man’s cock and then I almost wished I hadn’t looked. Suddenly I was surrounded by three stiff cocks. They all had their flies open and their big members sticking out at me.

It was a little scary but of course I should have expected that all the guys would want to shove their cocks into my mouth. I had a quick mental picture of the porn I watch and Master was right. This was a big fantasy of mine even though I’d never really told anyone. Now I was surrounded by cocks and my feelings of being scared had been replaced by me feeling excited because they were going to make me into a cockslut that night.

I followed the man pulling on my shoulder and move around to the second cock. I didn’t really check to see who owned it because I just knew I was going to obey their demands and I knew that I had to service them all. So I lowered my mouth over the hard shaft and let it rub over my tongue. He tasted good as well. This time I didn’t try to give the guy a special blowjob. I just filled my mouth with his cock and did my best to show him I was happy to be used like that. In the movies the woman can never get enough and I wanted to be just as slutty as that. He didn’t thrust too much, he just let me suck and lick on his cock.

Someone took my hand and I felt a cock being placed against my fingers. I think it was the handsome guy because it felt wet so of course I wrapped my fingers around him, wanting to show the guys I could take as much as they wanted. I really did, too. I knew my pussy was soaking and those hard cocks just helped things along.

Soon there was another tug on my shoulder and I had to change position again. The third man put his cock against my face and I was ready for him. Just as I got my lips around the new cock I took a quick glance and saw my Master on the other side of the table with a big smile. Master was so proud of me even though somehow he had found out my secret desire to be a total slut for him. Seeing his smile made me feel determined to do everything to please him that night.

The three guys all wanted their turns and their cocks were constantly hard and waiting to use my mouth. Every few moments a different guy thrust into my mouth and I went round and round with them all several times. They all let their trousers fall to the floor so their cocks and their balls were fully exposed. I was still a little overwhelmed by everything that was happening but I was also feeling very hot!

I don’t know how long we went like that but there was always someone with a cock in my mouth or pressing against my lips. I lost track of which guy it was and which cock I was sucking. I didn’t care because I was so thrilled to show them all what I could do. I still got to grab their cocks a few times and they all felt great in my hands. I can’t tell you how it felt to have so many cocks hard and eager to use me. I was being a slut and a whore in the most extreme way and it could have been a really bad situation but with Master there I was incredibly turned-on because they all wanted me so badly.

And I can say I was really excited to be serving them all like that. I just had to keep my mouth open and ready to suck and lick each time a new cock slid into my mouth. After a while I lost control of my mouth so that my spit was running down my chin and dripping onto my boobs. Is that the right way for a cockslut to look when she is servicing a party? I imagined I looked just as beautiful as when I have cum all over my face.

As they were using my mouth the men were making comments about me. They weren’t talking to me because I had my mouth full. They were talking to one another about me and saying crude things and making me feel like I was just a slut who was Escort Ankara there for their pleasure. It was just things like ‘what a delightful mouth’ and ‘man that tongue is so skilled’ and even things like ‘a great cocksucker’ and ‘a natural slut’. It was humiliating but in a really exciting way and I accepted it because it felt so good to be in my proper position for Master and all these men.

Somewhere in the middle of the guys making me suck their cocks a new couple came in. It was a man and a woman and I didn’t have time to really look but they were both Chinese like me. She was smaller than me, darker and very pretty. He looked small but I didn’t worry because I was certain I would find out before long.

The woman started getting undressed with hardly saying a word and I saw she was not wearing a bra. Her boobs were so small and perky it wasn’t needed. But I saw her nipples were just like mine, long and dark. And her knee length black leather boots looked very sexy.

When I turned my attention back to the circle of men I saw my Master was there as well and right then my pussy flooded with juices. I grinned wildly when he was in front of me and his cock looked so big and hard. I felt so proud of his amazing cock and I made sure to give him an extra long suck each time his turn came around. Having his cock in the circle made me feel more brave and more happy about everyone getting to use me.

Whenever it was Master’s turn he put his hands on the sides of my head and I let him control his thrusting into my mouth. He was the only man to hold my head and use me like that, which was good. I was so happy for Master to show he owned me and that he really could use me any way he wanted.

I saw the other woman get on her knees like me and soon she was sucking on her man’s cock as well. Later on I learned her name was Tash. And she really was gorgeous. But when I heard her giving orders to her man she sounded bossy and maybe even a little nasty. I guess that Tash was the Dominant with them. When she sent him over to join the circle I let him have the next turn in my mouth even though his cock was still wet from her. I took him as deep as I could because I didn’t want to upset Tash. That was OK because he wasn’t too big so I could take almost all of his cock. He was my first Chinese cock ever.

Now it was five cocks that I had to service but for some reason my mouth never really got sore despite me sucking so many cocks. It might have been from the extra practice Master had been giving me lately.

After a while the guys all pulled me up off my knees and started groping me again. I still didn’t really keep track of who was doing what. I got my ass rubbed and my pussy rubbed and they played with my boobs roughly. My nipples were so hard and long and I had drool running down my chin and over my boobs. But I knew that my pussy was even wetter by then. I don’t know if the guys noticed but at the time they were all busy taking turns to push their fingers inside me anyway.

I was practically naked in front of all these strangers but I was totally happy that they were so excited by my body and obviously wanted to fuck me. It felt so good to be wanted so much by those horny guys. Yes I was a slut and I was going to let them fuck my pussy but it didn’t matter much since I was already close to cumming from their fingers inside me.

Everything was happening so fast. The men pushed and dragged me onto a meeting chair, on my knees and bent over the armrest. I just went along and let them move me into the position they wanted. It was one of Master’s nicest leather board chairs and they turned it so I was facing the table. Then they pushed me forward until I was lying on top of the cold, hard table and my bottom and my holes were pointing to the rest of the room.

This is one of my favourite sex positions, bent over an armchair or forced to lie my body on top of a hard table. When the men put me in that position I was on display to everyone like a whore with my pussy juices running out of my hole. I was so vulnerable and available to them and I remember I was trembling because I was getting so excited.

The guys started touching me again and then they were making their comments again — ‘nice arse… juicy cunt… wanna stick my cock in there before long’. I didn’t care because by then I was a slut for them all that night and I knew every one of those guys was going to stick his cock in me and fuck me. It was like my dream coming true thanks to Master. He took a big risk with me when he arranged the party in secret but now I was in the middle of my own private porn party with lots of hard cocks to please.

A finger was the first thing inside my pussy and I grunted and then moaned as someone pushed it deep inside me. Someone found my clit next and when they started rubbing me I thought I might faint. One of the guys knew just how to touch me there but they were all touching me, pulling my butt cheeks apart and taking turns to finger my pussy. Sometimes they were rough with me but my pussy badly needed attention right then. I was an object and a sex toy and it could not have felt any better because I knew my pussy juices were making their fingers all wet. Someone even rubbed a finger over my asshole a few times and that gave me a thrill as well as making me a little scared.

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