Longing for Chelsea Pt. 05

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Author’s note: Thanks again to all my patient readers. Your comments – both positive and negative – are invaluable and I welcome all contacts. I try to reply to everyone who bothers to email with feedback. I hope you enjoy this latest addition to the seduction of the innocent Chelsea.


The debauchery at Janet’s house had ignited every sexual impulse in Mary and left her longing for Chelsea even more than before. But it was a frustrating three days before she could again get her hands on her pretty young step-daughter-in-law. Mary’s step-son – Chelsea’s husband, David – hung around each day like a bad smell and Mary found herself wishing he had a regular nine to five job rather than being a minister with an erratic schedule. However, Mary took every opportunity to keep the flame of lust alive in Chelsea’s delicate body. She delighted in teasing the shy young woman – twice she managed a quick but deep tongue kiss while David had his back turned. And she never missed a chance to cup one of Chelsea’s breasts or a tight butt cheek when they were alone for a second or two. One morning at the breakfast table, while David was buried behind his newspaper, Mary caught Chelsea’s eye across the table and pulled her robe aside to bare one of her large matronly breasts. She rolled the nipple and licked her lips in a clear sign of intent. These incidents always left Chelsea flustered but never failed to bring a look of smoky lust to her beautiful blue eyes.

So both women were in a high state of sexual anticipation when David finally announced one morning that he had to make an all-day trip to provide pastoral care to some outlying parishioners. Chelsea and Mary exchanged a significant glance yet neither reacted with anything other than mild interest. But David’s announcement immediately brought heat to Mary’s pussy and she noticed a definite stiffening in Chelsea’s tiny nipples under her cotton blouse.

Still, even after David’s car had disappeared down the street, Chelsea busied herself nervously with the breakfast dishes, speaking distractedly of all the things she needed to achieve during the day. Mary watched Chelsea from her place at the table, idly absorbing the neat swell of the young woman’s bottom as she moved about the kitchen, and squeezing her thighs together to stimulate her own wetness. Then she rose without speaking and retired to her bedroom.

It was just a few minutes before Chelsea heard Mary call her name, summoning her. Breathing deeply, Chelsea dried her hands at the sink and walked obediently down the corridor but hesitated at the partially closed door to the guestroom.

“Come in darling,” Mary cooed.

Chelsea pushed the door all the way open and stepped into the room. The sight that greeted her made Chelsea gasp and bring one hand up to her mouth. Mary was on the bed, seated with her back against the heaped pillows. But she was naked – with her large breasts hanging full and firm, with her legs spread lewdly apart and with one hand working the glistening pink folds of her generous pussy.

Chelsea’s look of shock fuelled every salacious instinct in Mary. She smiled and asked: “Do you ever do this my darling? Do you ever pleasure yourself when the aching need gets too much to bear?”

Chelsea breathed deeply and swallowed before answering. “I … I’ve often wanted to … but I knew David would not approve. And I didn’t really know … well … I wasn’t sure how to do it…” All the while her eyes were devouring the scene before her, taking in every detail of Mary’s lush naked body.

“Do you recall how you felt the other day, when we were in bed together?” Mary asked softly, encouragingly.

“Ohh my yes!” breathed Chelsea.

“Then I’m going to make you feel like that again. But this time you are going to do it for yourself. Okay?” Chelsea licked her lips and nodded. “You must trust me – and you must obey me. Do you understand?” Again Chelsea nodded, still with casino oyna her eyes fixed on Mary’s gleaming pussy and slick fingers. “Good girl. Now while I pleasure myself I want you to undress for me – slowly – so I can see all of your beautiful body.”

Mary could see that her words had triggered both fear and hunger in Chelsea – the conflicting emotions were clearly reflected in her expressive blue eyes. Mary knew the young woman was still so constrained by her upbringing, still feared the depths of her own desires but needed to quench the burning fires that Mary had ignited in her young body. Eventually, as Mary knew it would, Chelsea’s desire conquered her fears and she began to unbutton her blouse.

“Slowly!” admonished Mary. And Chelsea complied – slowing her movements, and relishing the teasing aspect of what Mary wanted. As each button was released she allowed her own fingertips to arouse the exposed flesh. And Mary watched the slow striptease with growing agitation. She could never get enough of Chelsea’s 22-year-old body – still adolescent in its petite flawlessness.

Chelsea let her blouse slip from her shoulders – then slowly unzipped her conservative knee-length skirt – glancing nervously at Mary as she let it, too, slip to the floor. She was now dressed in just her virginal white bra and panties. She stopped and looked to Mary for encouragement. The middle-aged matron smiled and thrust her fingers wantonly inside her dripping gash. This was all the encouragement Chelsea needed and she turned her back on Mary and reached behind to unclasp her bra. It too hit the floor and then the lovely young minister’s wife looked back over her shoulder, growing confident in the way each of her actions was clearly compelling Mary’s masturbation. She slowly eased her panties down her legs – and Mary moaned in appreciation as Chelsea bent to remove them.

“Stay like that!” Mary commanded. “Now hold your ankles!” Chelsea complied and slid her palms down her shins to grip her ankles. This had the effect of thrusting her hips back toward Mary and she older woman gazed enraptured at the twin mounds of Chelsea’s perfect bottom and at the petite pussy lips peeking back at her and at the tiny pucker of her asshole.

“Mmmmm,” breathed Mary. “Now stand up and turn around.” Chelsea complied but couldn’t resist trying to cover her breasts and pussy with her hands.

“Now, now,” scolded Mary gently. “I want to see all of you!” Chelsea obediently dropped her hands to her sides and Mary revelled in the sight of the beautiful, slender young woman: her lovely face, the gentle slope of her shoulders, the succulent ripeness of her pert breasts with their tiny pink tips, her smooth flat stomach, the prominent peaks of her hip bones, her straight toned legs – and best of all – the inviting thigh-gap which framed the tender swell of her pussy lips in their halo of wispy blonde hairs.

“Mmmmm,” Mary breathed deeply. “Now, come and sit at the other end of the bed. Yes, that’s it – but face me … and spread your legs. Mmmm, good girl. Do you see how excited you are already? Look how your lovely pussy is peeling open – how wet it is?” Chelsea said nothing but the obvious beating of her heart and the smoky lust in her eyes told Mary all she needed to know about the young woman’s state of arousal.

“Now I want you to use the forefingers of your left hand to spread your lips open … mmm yes, good girl. And now touch yourself with the fingers of your right hand, like I am. I want you to follow my actions in everything I do.” Chelsea complied and gasped as her fingers spread her nether lips and she felt the silky nectar already oozing from inside. Mary lifted her own anointed fingers from her cleft and gently smeared her juices around her own nipples. Chelsea followed suit and gasped again as her slick fingers teased her tiny breast buds.

“Mmmm, good girl,” cooed Mary watching closely as Chelsea’s nipples tightened and shimmered. canlı casino “Doesn’t that feel good, now? Can you feel how your nipples are responding? I can! I can feel my nipples sending sparks to my pussy and my clit?” Mary rolled her own nipples, then pinched them, plucked and released them making her breasts tremble. Chelsea did the same and was gasping from the pleasurable sensations. “Now,” continued Mary. “Keep teasing your nipples with one hand while you caress your lovely quim again.”

Chelsea faithfully mimicked Mary’s actions, sliding her fingers up and down her delicate, swollen pussy lips – then dipping her middle finger inside – feeling the clench of her inner lips – building a yearning for release deep within her belly. Mary then slid a second finger and a third inside herself – watching as Chelsea followed, till both women were finger-fucking themselves, breathing heavily and moaning. Then Mary abandoned her breasts to bring her free hand down to unsheathe and roll her clitoris – her excitement mounting as Chelsea did likewise.

Without support behind her Chelsea had to slide down onto her back to keep complying with Mary’s unspoken commands. This allowed her to open her legs further and expose herself more fully to her step-mother-in-law.

“Mmm yes,” intoned a now breathless Mary. “That’s it my darling… finger that tight hole … finger-fuck yourself for me. Ohhh yes – oh God yes … cum for me sweet girl … fuck that pussy … ooohhh fuck yesssssssss…”

Mary’s crude words had an electric effect on Chelsea and the two women convulsed simultaneously in a gut-clenching orgasm that made them dig in their heels and lift their bottoms from the bed. Their cries crescendoed – then peaked – as each watched the other convulse in ecstasy.

Eventually they subsided and Mary took Chelsea’s hands and drew her up the bed and into her arms – their hot flesh cleaving together in a hug – their lips meeting in a soft, sensual kiss.

“Mmmm,” said Mary. “Have you ever done that to yourself before?”

Despite her lingering embarrassment at what she had just done, Chelsea chuckled: “Oh no – my goodness no! That was lovely!”

“Well catch your breath my darling because we have all day together and I want to share so much more with you.” She kissed Chelsea again and slid one hand over the young woman’s taut breasts, palming the nipples and revelling in the feel of the resilient flesh.

“Mmmm,” smiled Chelsea. “I can’t wait.”

Then began a long and languorous morning and afternoon of slow and sensual love-making such as Chelsea never thought possible – and even Mary had not really experienced before. In all things Mary was the guide…

“…now suck on my nipples my darling… use you lips and your tongue together – oh yes like that … bite them … yes, hurt them … now lift my breast and suck on the underside … right here …oh yes that’s it …”

And later…

“…now straddle my thigh and twist till you feel your pussy lips part… yes that it… now press your thigh against my pussy … mmmm … just like that … can you feel yourself opening for me … and if we slowly grind together… oh fuck yessss – mmmm …we’re going to make each other cum like this… oooohhh yesss…”

Still later…

“… now while our pussies are still hot and wet slide up and let them kiss together… ahhh yessss … oh my God yessssss – hold my hands – pull – yes – can you feel it … can you feel our lips kissing … our clits rubbing… ooohhh damnit … yes harder… harder… ohhhh fuck yes – oh Chelsea fuck me with your sweet cunt… oh I’m cumming again ooooooohhhhhh…” The crudity of Marys language made Chelsea’s head spin as her body also responded with another pulsing climax.

Through all of this Chelsea was a mesmerised student – revelling in new sensations but completely lost for words. She couldn’t get enough of Mary’s warm, wet, curvy body. Her own kaçak casino body was a tingling mass of nerve endings responding with ecstatic joy to the commands and touches of her mature sexual mentor. Chelsea lost count of the orgasms that swamped her slender frame.

They dozed for a while lost in unconscious bliss… then woke to more kisses and caresses – reigniting the passion in their already tortured bodies.

Mary kissed Chelsea deeply and took the young woman’s face in both her hands, looking deeply into her eyes.

“Do you recall what I did for you on that first day? How I kissed you and licked you here?” Mary slid the edge of her palm along Chelsea’s soaked pussy lips. Chelsea nodded with a new look of apprehension in her eyes. “Well, now my darling, do you think you could do that for me… make me cum like that?”

“Oh Mary, I don’t know. I’d love to but I’m not sure I could do it like you do…” she trailed off with a look almost of panic in her eyes.

“Nonsense of course you can. Now slide down here between my legs … yes that’s it.” Chelsea slid down till she was perched on her elbows between Mary’s spread thighs. She watched doubtfully as Mary used both hands to massage her pussy lips, opening them and spreading her own wetness. “Now just think about what I did to you… and do the same to me. And here’s a tip: as you kiss me … and lick me… and suck me… imagine it’s being done to you. Imagine what you would want to happen to you and that will be a very adequate guide.”

Mary then took a pillow and slid it under her own hips, tilting her pelvis up towards the beautiful face of her step-son’s wife – and spread her legs in the most lascivious manner, leaving her swollen cunt gaping in front of Chelsea. She watched as the young woman breathed in the lustful scent then sighed in deep satisfaction as Chelsea’s head dipped and she felt a tentative tongue slide along the length of her slit.

“Mmmm,” breathed Mary. “Oh yes slow and sensual just like that.”

She felt Chelsea begin to relax and get into the rhythm of what she was doing, licking up and down Mary’s slick folds, then pausing to suck on her outer lips, then resuming her licking, pressing her tongue a little deeper with each pass. Mary moaned and gasped, watching Chelsea’s beautiful face become smeared with her pussy juice. And as she responded, Chelsea became bolder, pressing inward using her whole mouth to lave and suck at Mary’s throbbing quim. Instinctively she brought two fingers up to slide into Mary then licked her way up to Mary’s rigid clitoris. The jerking reaction of Mary encouraged Chelsea and she sucked on the engorged nub, then flicked it with her tongue over and over, responding to Marys moans, driving her higher and higher, till the combined efforts of her fingers, lips and tongue sent Mary spiralling over the edge into a gasping, howling orgasm and Chelsea felt the warm gush of Mary’s cum on her chin.

She clung to the older woman as the echoes of orgasm ricocheted through Mary’s body – till Mary pulled her up to desperately clutch Chelsea’s tight body to her own and kiss and lick the cum juice from Chelsea’s angelic face.

“Ooooh,”gasped Mary, kissing Chelsea lips, cheeks and even her eyes. “Thank you my darling – thank you so much. Oh you made me cum soooo good.” Chelsea responded in kind, obviously proud of what she had done for Mary, and entwined her slim legs with Mary’s thicker thighs as they cuddled and kissed.

“And now that deserves a reward!” exclaimed Mary, and she pushed Chelsea over onto her back and squirmed down between the young woman’s sleek legs.

Mary looked up at Chelsea with lust raging in her eyes and pushed the young girl’s knees up till they were pressed against her tiny breasts. Mary smiled at her wickedly and directed her gaze down to Chelsea’s delicate quim – already slick from her previous orgasms. She used the pad of her thumb to roll and press on Chelsea’s tiny clit, noting hungrily how it made it made her tiny cunt flower open … and further down, to where it made the tight star of Chelsea’s virginal asshole pucker and swell with unwitting need.

To be continued.

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