Long Island Raquel

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Big Tits

As I enter my middle forties, I’ve started to reminisce about my exes. In particular, my girlfriends who loved to suck my cock and swallow my cum. Raquel was one of these. I was in my late 20’s, living in NYC, she was in her early 20’s, in college.

I remember visiting her out on Long Island, way out in East Hampton, and we’d take these getaway car rides where we could be alone and away from her family. One night we pulled into a parking lot by the beach where there were a lot of other cars, and we both ended up in the back seat kissing. Things were pretty steamy, but even so, I remember being surprised when all of a sudden she was on the floor between my legs, tugging my belt open and unzipping my fly.

Wow! I thought, this is really happening- she’s going to go down on me in the back seat of the car. It was the first time this had ever happened. I remember wanting to savor it, too, so I tried to get her to go slowly, which she hadn’t ever done. “Take your time…” I kept repeating to her as her lips enveloped my cock, and I relaxed back into the chair and tried to make it last as long as I could.

I wanted her to be more patient, to take breaks where she’d take my penis out of her mouth for a while so I could re-experience just how awesome it was when she took it back in her mouth. But it was hard to tell her this, so I remember just letting her blow me until I came, which didn’t take too long, considering how turned on I was. I remember how awesome it felt to have someone keep sucking as I shot load after load into her mouth. She always drank it all Sivas Escort down.

Another visit to Long Island, and I fucked the shit out of her in the backseat of a car. Probably one of the best fucks I had given to anyone, ever. She was actually crying afterwards because she said it was so good. (Though she was kind of a drama queen)

I was a man possessed, and I actually seriously skinned my knees because the way that I was getting good thrusts in required my knees to rub against the floor a certain way. I remember that my boner was strong but not going to cause me to come too quickly, and I really took to heart the process of teasing her pussy with the tip of my cock before sinking it deeply in her.

I did this over and over again, positioning at the entrance of her vagina and holding it there while she begged for my full length, and then driving it deep, deep into her, sometimes giving her five or six thrusts before pulling back out and repeating the process, and all the while kissing her lips, neck and ears.

The windows of that car got seriously steamed because it was winter time and about 5 degrees outside and the heater was blasting. I’m sure if anyone saw the car from the outside it was bouncing up and down, too, from all the energy I was putting into my thrusts.

At a certain point, I took pity on both of us and got into a good rhythm so that I could come. She was one of the few girlfriends I had where we both would come together during sex. She was pretty vocal; she’d really let loose and holler right when she Sivas Escort Bayan was having an orgasm and I remember thinking that it was pretty hot, but also that my roommates (when she was visiting me) could also hear it. Maybe they got turned on and jacked off to it, who knows..

We had some great sex in New Orleans. I stayed with her while my jazz band was down there on tour and I was pretty wrapped up in organizing the tour and making sure everything went o.k., so I didn’t have a lot of time to devote to her, and we were just getting our sexual feelers together anyway, having not really spent a ton of time together.

When the rest of the band finally left and I had a few days with her to myself, we really went to town on each other. I remember the feeling of having had some practice and finally having a good fuck with her in her apartment which was in the Garden District. One of those sessions where I pulled her leg up and honed in on the center of her, just really laid my cock into her a bunch. She was really happy about that, and she told me later that she told her friends: “I just got laid!”

We smoked a lot of pot and had a lot of sex, and she sucked a lot of my cock. I remember one of her dick sucking session when we were both incredibly stoned and her air conditioning was really cranked, and I was completely naked with my boner pointing upwards but shivering with pleasure and cold while she sucked and sucked and sucked my cock, all without any use of her hands, just bobbing her head up and down and side to side. Due Escort Sivas to all the sex and blowjobs I had built up endurance, so she really had to work to bring out my load, but as always, she swallowed it every time.

Our final time together the sparks weren’t really flying, but she still blew me a couple of times. I was getting annoyed at the fact that she talked too much, and wasn’t really enjoying hanging out with her that much, but she invited me out to long island, as her parents were away.

I showed up at her doorstep and the first thing she did after inviting me up to their room was push me down on their bed, unzip my pants, pull down my underpants and start sucking my cock. Nice! I didn’t stop her, of course. What a nice way to begin the weekend. After sucking me off, she wiped her lips and said “I’ve been looking forward to that”. It’s nice when a girl likes your cock.

However, the rest of the weekend wasn’t as fun as that. We tried fucking in the hot tub but I wasn’t that turned on and it was a bust. In fact, I think I couldn’t wait to get out of there, as I had just met another girl in NYC that I was thinking about. We went to some farmer’s markets to kill time until my train came, and then I thought: “Well, what about another blow job before I go?”

I think I let her know by some touches and suggestions, and we drove hurriedly to the same parking lot that she blew me in on that very first night. It was broad daylight, but we both hopped into the backseat, I unzipped and pulled down my pants, and she leaned over and started sucking. I had a train to catch, so I didn’t try to make it last too long, just enjoyed it and basically used her mouth as a receptacle for my semen. Pretty cold, I know- but I was done with her. That was probably the last we saw of each other, though we’re still friends on Facebook.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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