Locker Room Shower

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Friday: Erin Meets the Women

The College Admission Scandal sweeping the country delivered a crippling blow to institutions of higher education. Not only were there indictments and lawsuits over the cheating scandal, but students who had scammed their way into college were being kicked out left and right.

Sports teams from Ivy League campuses had also taken major hits, losing several key players just prior to the start of a new season.

On the bright side, Erin was in heaven when she was told of her good news. Due to a Forward on the soccer team being kicked out for cheating her way into college, Erin was offered a spot on the team. It was all very last-minute and she was thrilled that she had made a solid impression on the Coach during tryouts several months ago.

Normally, she’d tell her roommate of the wonderful announcement, but sadly, her socialite roommate had withdrawn from campus before any disciplinary hearing could be held.


Erin was in awe, standing on the field, watching the fierce women of the soccer team practice. She was also in awe of the beautiful Coach, who watched the practice session with a keen eye. The Coach had such grace and power, that Erin was just amazed looking at her.

“Are you still in shape?” the Coach asked, while maintaining her sharp gaze on the field. “Do you still run? You look fit, but do you still have the cardio to compete in a game?”

“I run every day,” Erin proudly boasted. “Sometimes leisurely. Sometimes I run really hard. It’s my way of relaxing and my passion.”

“Wonderful to hear. How is your academic schedule? Is it filled with difficult course work?”

“It’s reasonable.”

The Coach kept analyzing the players on the field. “There’s no hard feelings, right? I know you were bummed when you didn’t make the team, and frankly, you should have been picked. But you know how this is. Sports is a business, and sometimes certain decisions have to be made.”

For a split second, Erin wondered if the scandal of deceit and deception had made its way up the chain to the Coach, but she tried not to think of such negative thoughts.

“There’s no use living in the past,” Erin said diplomatically. “I’d love to be on the team if you’ll have me.”

The Coach blew a whistle and hollered at the team, “Great job everyone! Stretch, relax, then in 5 minutes head to the locker room for physicals.”

When the team did as they were instructed, the Coach turned her attention towards Erin.

“You’re here on the right day,” the Coach said. “We’re doing updates on physicals, and since this is your first examination, you’ll be given a thorough inspection. Valentina is in charge of the team’s fitness. I take her words to heart. If Valentina says you’re ready for action, then you’re on the team.”

Erin beamed. “Thank you, Coach.”

“You can thank Valentina if she agrees to have you on board. Have you ever been in a locker room like this before?”

“Sure, I played high school sports and I go to the gym regularly.”

The Coach gave a cryptic smile, “This is a different type of gym. Now follow me.”


Everyone headed to the locker room together for their evaluations. Being a mild-mannered person, Erin assumed the players were going to stand patiently in line for their turn. Instead, she quickly realized that this group of young women were just as rowdy as any group of sorority sisters after final exams.

“Tops off, bitches!” the Goalie shouted to the group.

The women hooted and hollered as they pulled off their soccer jerseys and stood in their sports bras. Some twirled their jerseys before tossing them in the laundry bin. Others used them to whip teammates in the butt. This was just like a frat house, Erin thought, amused by their antics.

The players toned it down when the Coach and Valentina appeared and strolled through the room into the small office where the physicals were to be taking place. Valentina was well known and highly respected in the world of women’s soccer. From Eastern Europe, the blonde woman had a reputation for excellence and her ‘bitches’ were expected to follow the rules. Consequently, the women formed a straight line and struggled to be patient while awaiting their turn to be poked and prodded.

Erin could see Valentina taking meticulous care to analyze each player. The line dwindled until finally it was her turn.

“Strip down to your bra and panties,” the Coach ordered. “Valentina will work her magic on you. She’s my right-hand woman, you could say.”

There was an air of innuendo in that statement, but Erin was thrilled that she was yet another step closer on this fast-track plan to join the team.

Erin removed her clothes and placed them on a chair. She felt exposed and a bit nervous as she undressed under the watchful gazes of the two professionals for the first time, and she could see members of the team lingering around before heading to the showers. This whole process was unexpected, but she’d agreed to the necessary locker room physical and tried to bursa escort take it in stride.

When she was down to her undergarments, she fought her nerves and stepped forward towards the trainer and equipment. All eyes were on her body and everyone seemed to be pleased with what they saw. While booksmart, Erin was also a fitness enthusiast.

“I’m Valentina,” the trainer said with a friendly smile and an extended hand.

Erin smiled back and shook her hand. “I’m Erin. Pleasure to finally meet you, while, ummm, I’m standing like this.”

They laughed at their awkward introduction, while Erin was standing in her bra and panties.

Valentina playfully shrugged. “The pleasure is all mine. Now, this is our first meeting, so your examination will be extra thorough. Bear with me, okay? I’m going to take your height and weight, so if you can stand on the scale, please?”

Erin stepped up and felt the height marker whoosh down and stop at the top of her head.

Valentina nudged the little weights into the correct spots and declared, “Looks good! Go ahead and hop onto the table.”

Small instruments and a light invaded Erin’s headspace, and a cold stethoscope met four different parts of her chest and back. Her joints were tapped while sitting and her abdomen prodded while laying down. It would’ve felt like any other appointment if the raucous laughter and shouts from the shower and changing area didn’t keep interrupting Erin’s attempt at calmness. And it seemed like people were lingering around more often than necessary, but Erin chalked that up to nervous paranoia.

When Valentina was done scribbling her notes and gave her final signal of approval, the Coach gave Erin a pat on the shoulder.

“Everything looks good so far,” the Coach said in agreement. “Again, I’ll defer to Valentina on a final judgment. You two work things out. In the meantime, you’ll have to excuse me. The team Captain wanted to see me about something urgent regarding group morale. You two have fun getting to know each other.”

They all exchanged pleasantries when the Coach made her sudden exit, leaving Erin to look awkwardly and playfully at the trainer.

“You can get dressed now,” Valentina said, while removing her latex gloves. “For what it’s worth, I think the Coach likes you.”

Erin pulled on her pants. “You think so? The impression I got was that she just needs a new player as soon as possible.”

“Trust me, I know what the Coach’s preferences are. She’s strict, but I can tell she favors you. In fact, you were the first choice after the cheating scandal happened.”

“That’s amazing,” Erin beamed, happily putting her clothes back on. “I don’t want to make assumptions, but I think I have good chemistry with her and the rest of the team.”

“I think so, too. Do you have any further questions?”

Erin made sure her clothes were adjusted. “No, I think that’s all.”

“In that case, you’re free to leave now,” Valentina said, putting her things away. “Everything looks great. Tomorrow I’ll check your fitness at 10 am on the field, and I’ll let you know if there’s anything you need to focus on. Oh, and you may want to say ‘bye’ to the Coach. She’s somewhere in the locker room. I know she’s a stickler for good manners and respect, so it’s something to consider.”

“I’ll do that,” Erin smiled. “See you tomorrow. Thanks.”

Several of the players had already showered and dressed, and were beginning to leave. A few of them approached Erin and welcomed her aboard the team, which was a gesture she deeply appreciated.

“You’re really pretty, by the way,” one of the Forwards said.

“Speaking of which,” a Defender chimed in, “Morgan is back there sucking up to the Coach. Let’s just say that Morgan puts the cheating scandal to shame with the way she’s able to get ahead in life. Be prepared!”

The women giggled and sauntered out, leaving Erin confused and feeling like she missed a joke somewhere.

In hindsight, those delicious grins should have been a clear warning for Erin to turn and leave. Instead, she ventured forward into the steamy section of the locker room that held the shower and sauna.

A skinny black girl, the Defender, exited the sauna with a carefree strut, as if she were in a state of total relaxation. And she looked relaxed too, with the towel wrapped around her waist and her upturned breasts and chocolate nipples pointed forward.

“You looking for the Coach?” the player said with a smile, which was equally as perky as her breasts. “She’s in there, with Morgan. Good luck.”

The player used her thumb to gesture to the sauna, with the same impish grin a few of the other women had. The player went to the locker area to get dressed, still topless, and Erin’s curiosity was now on full throttle.

She wondered why the Coach would be in the sauna. A few moments ago the Coach was fully dressed.

Her answer came when she peeked through the window that was on the sauna door. She saw the beautiful Coach. And she saw Morgan, the team Captain. But they weren’t talking bursa escort bayan strategy or anything related to the game. In fact, it seemed that this meeting had nothing to do with sports at all.

The Coach was completely naked, with her knees on the bench, while facing the wall. Morgan was on her knees behind her, with her face buried in between the Coach’s firm cheeks.

The Coach appeared to be in a meditative state, enjoying wherever the tongue went. This seemed way too casual to be a one-time thing. This seemed like something normal. Was the whole team aware of this?

“Shocking, isn’t it?” Valentina said from behind, whispering in Erin’s ear.

Erin stiffened and took a step back. “Sorry… I…

“Don’t be sorry. I can imagine how you feel.”

Erin gestured to the sauna. “Is that… what I think it is?”

“I know you’re confused. I hope you’ll still be here tomorrow. I’ll give you a fitness workout to test your abilities, then I’ll explain everything to you.”

Erin gulped. “See you then.”

She briskly left the locker room.

Saturday: Erin Gets to Know the Women

In a strange twist of events, Erin’s dream had turned into a nightmare. Only that nightmare was ripped straight out of a bad porn movie. Or would that be a good porn movie?

Erin did some warm-ups on the field with the trainer, and so far, there wasn’t any mention of the Coach’s sauna interaction with the star player. This meeting seemed purely professional so far.

There were a few other girls from the team too. They were doing light workouts on the field or jogging laps. This was an optional workout day.

While those girls did their leisurely exercise to stay in top form, Erin was put through the wringer, running sprints on the field. Valentina timed all the intervals and checked Erin’s heart rate after each set.

About half an hour later, Erin was a heaping pile of sweat, collapsed on the grass, gasping for air.

“Pretty good,” Valentina said, standing over her. “You’re in solid shape for someone who’s not currently on a team.”

Erin huffed while still laying there. “I love running… but… I may have to reconsider that stance. Jesus, my lungs are on fire.”

“Do you want to be on the team?”

“If you’ll have me,” Erin said, calming down. “It’s a dream.”

“Great, which means I’ll have to explain some rather private things to you.”

Erin sucked up the pain and got back to her feet. Struggling to stand, she faced the trainer and eagerly awaited some answers.

A billion questions ran through Erin’s mind but she wanted to stay in her lane the best she could. This was her new superior, after all. And since they were standing on an open sports field, this wasn’t exactly the place for such a discreet conversation.

“Are they dating?” Erin asked, finally catching her breath. “The Coach and Morgan, I mean. Are they in a relationship or something?”

Valentina gave a light chuckle. “They definitely have a relationship, but I don’t think anyone would call it dating.”

The revelation hit Erin like a ton of bricks. There was nothing romantic about what she saw in the sauna. It was purely sexual. And everyone knew it.

“It’s common knowledge?”

Valentina gave a curt nod. “There are… We have… It’s difficult to explain. You’re new. Let’s say the team has already bonded with each other, a lot.”

“I’m a fast learner.”

“Look, I hope this isn’t discouraging,” Valentina said.

Erin tried to shake it off. “Oh please, it’s 2019. Big deal. I can handle anything.”

“You’re going to fit right in. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to finish up practice for the rest of the girls.”

“By all means.”

“Okay, let’s wrap it up ladies!” Valentina hollered to the small group of players on the field.

They all headed inside towards the locker room. The small group of women were as rowdy as the other day. They joked, laughed, and hollered at each other, while stripping off their sweaty jerseys.

Erin walked alone behind everyone else, and after Valentina praised the work ethic of the girls, the trainer came back to her. Although the situation was strange, she trusted Valentina like a mentor. She’d only been helpful thus far.

“You’re still new here,” Valentina said with a disarming smile, while giving Erin a pat on the shoulder. “When we get closer to a big game, you’ll see how much pressure these girls are under. The pressure to win is enormous.”

“I’m sure of that. I played sports in high school, and even then I was stressed out. I can only imagine what a big game would feel like.”

“Well, these women deal with pressure in their own ways. That’s why they’re the best. The team’s record speaks for itself. You’ll learn soon enough.”

Erin gulped and nodded. “I think I already have an idea.”

“Do you? If you’re intimidated by what Morgan was doing to the Coach’s ass yesterday — with her tongue — then I’d understand. Not a lot of people can handle being in that sort of environment. I get it.”

Erin escort bursa held firm this time, wanting to prove herself. “And if I’m not intimidated?”

“If that’s the case, then you may actually be a real asset to this team. You’re talented and we could use you.”

They could hear the shower heads being turned on as some of the women got an early start washing themselves. Steam hit their face as they entered the locker room. Women were walking around in their sports bras and shorts, barefoot on the floor. They stripped down without shame, like any other locker room.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to join a team like this,” Erin said with great pride. “I mean, I don’t have any plans to become a professional player, but I’d love to play with these talented women. That’s my final decision.”

Valentina extended a handshake. “Welcome aboard, Erin. I’ll let the Coach know that you’re up to par, and that you have what it takes. Practice is on Monday, don’t be late.”

Erin was thrilled when shaking the trainer’s hand. This felt right. It felt like the decision that should have been made months ago.

“I wish I could talk to you all day,” Erin said enthusiastically. “But I know you’re busy after this and I’m desperate for a shower.”

“Actually, I think I have a few minutes. Are you sore anywhere?”

“Heck yeah.”

“Where?” Valentina asked.

“Calves, and my arms from all those push ups.”

“Need a massage? That’s part of my specialty.”


“It’s part of my job,” Valentina explained. “I need to keep the girls fresh. I need to know if they’re sore, if they’re aching, if they’re stressed. Small issues can lead to really severe injuries if they’re not addressed early. I’m an assistant coach and I take my job very seriously. So if you ever need a massage, please let me know.”

Erin was delighted to hear of these services, but was too shy to ask for a massage at that very moment. Her calves and glutes were burned out and she needed to be fresh by Monday.

“Where do you do it?” Erin asked. “I didn’t see a table for that.”

Valentina flashed a shy smile. “In the shower area. I know what you’re thinking, it sounds weird, but we’re an open group, and I find that hot water and steam are great for muscle relaxation. It enhances the massage.”

“In the shower area?” Erin gulped, unsure of what she had just heard.

“There are benches and seats attached in our shower. It’s weird at first, but you’ll get used to it.”

Dirty thoughts ran through Erin’s mind. Did this trainer have the same attitude as the Coach? Were all the players so nonchalant about everything?

Erin’s eyes shifted to a pair of players undressing by the locker, before heading to the shower. The women giggled as they talked amongst themselves. There were other sounds of conversation coming from the shower area as more women entered.

It occurred to Erin that she hadn’t seen the shower area yet. Were there even private stalls?

“That sounds interesting,” Erin noted. “You all seem really close.”

“We have to be. Again, friendship and being a sisterhood is a massive stress reliever. We’re like troops going into battle. We have to be close.”

“Makes total sense.”

Just then, Valentina’s phone beeped and she checked it.

“I need to go,” the trainer said after checking a text. “This is your first time showering here. Just relax, okay? Get used to the madness before the entire team is here on Monday. These girls are lively, but harmless.”

There was a cautious tone in Valentina’s voice which set off alarm bells in Erin’s mind. Was this something to be afraid of?

“Anything I should know?” Erin asked. “Do you have any friendly pointers for a newbie like myself?”

Valentina nearly blushed. “These girls are a friendly bunch, as you’ve noticed. Talk to them. Be their friend. Say something. Don’t be intimidated. Think of this as a sorority of athletes. Oh, and no one uses a stall. Everything is out in the open. These girls are close and share everything; soap, shampoo, towels. It’s like an exclusive community.”

“I get that feeling from them. It seems like a cool, kind of sisterly bond.”

“That’s the mentality we need,” Valentina explained. “They share more than just material items. It can be something as simple as a touch, an encouraging pat on the back, or even affection.”

Erin’s toes curled inside of her shoes. “I got the feeling that something like that was going on. I didn’t want to be rude.”

“There’s more on your mind, isn’t there? Go ahead, ask me. Last chance before you head in there.”

Erin gulped. “The thing I saw yesterday with the Coach and Morgan… how common is that sort of thing, exactly? The other girls seemed so… so… carefree about it.”

“It all depends on the mood of the team. So what if they wash each other’s hair in the shower? Or they share a tongue here and there. We’re all adults, right? The girls work super hard. They’re entitled to their forms of relaxation.”

Sharing a tongue? Erin felt her pussy clenching and it nearly made her legs cross in the process. This was a lot to handle, and for a moment, Erin considered running back to her dorm room to shower. But that’s totally against team spirit.

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