Lioness Goes Wild

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Author’s note: I am deeply indebted to my lover for her assistance in writing this.


He’d arrived early at Central Station ready to meet her off the London train; he had to be there for her. It had been several weeks since they had been together and as always when they’d been apart, he was excited. Sexually excited of course, but theirs was a relationship that went far beyond sex. It absorbed and informed his entire life, and he knew, hers too. They had rapidly become life-mates. They could exist apart – had to – though never a day went by without emails at least, and more usually IM. They shared their lives together in the only way they could now, with the enforced separations. Just getting on with things, their work, their studies, families.

– The train now arriving at Platform Two is the fourteen-thirty from London Euston.

The blood surged through him. It was always the same, the joy of expectation about to be realised. He moved up the platform, hardly registering the other folk pressing forward. Stopped at the front of the train as it sighed to a halt, not knowing in which carriage she was. He was distracted as he recognised a couple of acquaintances coming off the train. Scotland was a village really. If you’ve been around long enough you know a lot of folk. The usual chat and greetings with people you know, but don’t really know. And then the tug on his arm:

– Hey darling, too busy to greet me? Her warm smile melted him and he excused himself from the others, took her in his arms. The joy of holding her, and christ her scent again, he needed to bury himself in it. But he could smell more than bodyscent and shampoo as they nuzzled each other. He inhaled her cuntstink, faint but sharp.

– Uhuh, so you got a bit excited on the train darling? He smiled as he kissed her mouth again.

– Fraid so, she giggled. Um … there was this guy on the train kept looking at me — she glanced down at her uncharacteristically short skirt, smoothed it. His eyes followed hers.

– Oh darling, showing off I see? So yes, this man on the train?

– He was sitting diagonally opposite me, trying to look up my skirt.

– So you let him see? He knew she liked to flirt when she was mid-cycle. Well, quite often actually, but specially mid-cycle.

– Um, yes, he was making me horny. I showed him a little — she giggled — then I had to go to the toilet to wank. I left my panties off when I finished, and as I walked back down the aisle to my seat, the ticket-collector squeezed by. So I had to lean in towards the man to let the train guy past. My cunt was inches from his nose. I heard him sniff. He knew.

– I’m sure he did darling. And…?

– When I sat down and knew he was looking at me, I momentarily parted my legs. Of course I wanted him to see … But then the train was pulling into Carlisle, and he got up and left. End of story, sadly…

They were the only people left now on a deserted platform, apart from the traincrew blethering a few yards away. He was deeply aroused, both at her sensual immediacy, and at what she’d related. He put his arm round her waist possessively:

– Come sweetheart, we need to get home. I didn’t bring the car; silly to drive into the city centre at this time. Dinner’ll be ready when we get back.

The suburban train was crowded, but by the time they reached Anniesland there was nobody else in their part of the carriage. Her need was obvious from her banter as they sat together. When the train left Anniesland his fingers slid up under the short skirt. Felt her engorged wetness:

– Oh my darling, how I love you. Love your sexuality. I’m so glad you had fun on the London train: I know you needed it. If the man had stayed on past Carlisle you’d have fucked him, wouldn’t you?

– I’m not answering that! Her glare was mock-severe.

His fingers probed deep in her wetness and she gasped. He moved and crouched over her so now his palm was on her mons, and his fingers curled deep and hard into her g-spot.

– You wanted to shag him, didn’t you? Her face contorted as his fingers drove her towards orgasm.

– No darling, you know I’m yours, only yours. She was panting now, her face the beautiful pre-orgasmic mask he knew so well, as he manipulated her cunt.

– Don’t fucking lie to me darling. You wanted his cock in you, didn’t you? You would have dragged him into the train toilet and fucked him, I know you wanted that.

She was on the edge of orgasm when the train stopped at a station, and a young couple boarded and entered their part of the carriage. She smoothed her skirt as he withdrew his hand, wet and intensely sex-scented. The couple smiled at them, and he saw the effort his lover put into trying to make her face appear normal.

Presently the train reached their station. Free from the ears of the young couple as they left, she whispered:

– Yes, I wanted to shag him. I probably wouldn’t have, even if he’d stayed on the train, but I wanted him. That’s what bostancı escort you’d like, isn’t it? To know that I’d fuck another man?

– Darling, I want for you whatever you want. You know that. He pulled her to him and kissed her hard.

They walked home in silence, lust dripping from the dark trees in the park. Fuck, he knew her need now. She’d never been quite like this before; never admitted that she was so horny she was tempted to fuck anyone else. Well, perhaps not anyone. But a sexy stranger whom she found attractive … Their silence wasn’t uncomfortable, but it had an edge to it that was new to him. His excitement surged.

He fussed in the kitchen, organising the lamb casserole, opening the cabernet sauvignon. When he brought the two plates to the dining-table, she was sitting waiting. Naked under her dressing gown. One hand was under the table and there was a low buzzing.

He started. This had never happened before. He carefully put the food-laden dishes at their places, bent to kiss her. Realised she was holding a vibe in herself. He grabbed her hand away from her groin and withdrew the toy:

– I think I need to finish what I started on the train home. What you didn’t get from your Carlisle man earlier.

He leaned to kiss her mouth and thrust three fingers in her wet cunt, palm up:

– His cock’s in you now. He just needs to use you; he doesn’t give a fuck about you. He just needs to get off. Give him your cunt. He needs your cum.

He wanked her harder and was rewarded. Felt her muscles clutch his fingers as they sloshed and ground in her greedy wetness. Watched her face spasm, her eyeballs roll up. Fuck he loved her, loved her need, loved her entire being. He kissed her mouth as she wailed her orgasm, his lips stifling her long-drawn keening.

– Oh my darling how I love you.

– Sweetness, she gasped. As I love you.

Her face was slowly composing into her gorgeous enigmatic post-cum smile. He kissed her mouth:

– Now darling, perhaps you want to eat? I worked hard to make this for you.

– Yes love, I know. I’m hungry. But perhaps first, is there wine?

He poured and watched her as the glass moved to her lips and she sipped. Then he remembered, held his glass to hers. The crystal sang.

– Slainthe, sweetness.

– Um …, C, she responded, a smile lighting her face.

– C? What’s that? It’s a new one on me?

– The note of the glasses, dill, she smiled. It was a C. She burst out laughing as comprehension spread on him.


She was carrying the dishes to the kitchen, when she felt his hands stroke her arse through the silk gown:

– Well, that was a brave move, my prey. Not washing dishes after that! Have to have you NOW, she growled.

She turned to him, her eyes glinting with something he hadn’t seen before, grabbed his jaw, pulled him close, and kissed him hard and deep, grinding her pelvis against him with undisguised need. Her fingers grappled with his shirt buttons.

– Not yet, not now, he replied, firmly removing her hands. I’ve work to do first. And you’ve had an orgasm or two already, which should keep you going for a bit.

He had stepped through the door when she flew at him, gripping his bicep with her strong fingers.

— I’d have had Carlisle man on the train if I’d thought you’d something better to do than fuck. Damn you and your work. I need you right here, right now.

She executed a move with her strong body, and suddenly he felt himself falling. She leapt on top of him, snarling and growling, her eyes flashing fire, clawing at him, tussling with all her considerable strength.

He knew she was sexually aflame, but christ, he hadn’t recognised the fire and power of it until now. He was tempted to tease her in her need, and did so, employing a few well-chosen climbing techniques to twist out from under her, leaving her gasping and clutching at air as he dusted himself off.

– As I said before, I have work to do before we play, he affirmed in a mild tone.

He moved to his computer, his nerves thrilling at his contrived offhandedness in the face of her passion. She lay on the floor, her skirt twisted up so that he could see her hand at her clit, stroking and sliding through the shining wetness. He clenched his jaw and turned resolutely to the screen, his cock jerking and thickening nonetheless. He tried to concentrate, sought to ignore her, and began typing.

She was enraged by his apparent nonchalance, but she was huntress and he was prey, so she played it cool. Watched him carefully, unobtrusively, and then, when she was sure, stalked him. She sidled up silently, and flung her scarf around his chest, pinning his arms to his sides, and then, twisting his forearms behind the chair, she bound them expertly with a sure hand. She moved to his front and began tearing at his jeans, unbuckling and unzipping in a frenzy of hotblooded passion. She sniffed at his crotch, trembling in response to ümraniye escort bayan his male earthiness. She glanced up at his stunned face and snarled then, as she bent over his cock:

– This is your work, manprey: to feed my appetite and satisfy my hunger.

She bowed her head and began to feed on him, sucking and swallowing lustily, slurping and licking at him with her velvet tongue, consuming him with unbridled vigour. When she’d snuffled into his balls and suckled on them, licked as close to his arsehole as she could reach, and nipped the insides of his thighs; when she’d played him and teased him to screaming point – then she climbed onto his lap, and lowered her soaking wet cunt on his stiffly engorged cock, slowly, excruciatingly.

She rose on her powerful thighs, rhythmically withdrawing and enclosing him on her own terms, her face beautifully contorted with intensity. Her fingers stroked urgently at her clit, as she groaned in the power of her lust. He felt her trembling intensify, watched her face with fascination, and waited with her as she hung breathlessly at the edge, until she soared into the void, her soul flaming, her voice shrilling her ecstasy.

When she returned, she looked into his eyes, victorious in the knowledge that she’d hunted him down and captured him, incarnated him. Knew assuredly that he was hers.

– Now sweetness. It’s time for lioness to be freed from her cage, don’t you think?

She leaned over him and kissed him possessively, deeply. Lifted herself off his cock, and moved round behind him, to unfetter him, though keeping his wrists bound with the scarf, by which she led him to the bedroom and their bed.


She pushed him onto the bed and, trapping him in his surprise by sitting on his torso, secured his ankles to the cuffs dangling from the footboard. Now he was hers. Her prey. She slid off him and pulling him up to sitting position, undid the scarf at his wrists. Then shoved him back to lie on the bed.

– Sweetness, he gasped…

– No sweetness here. Lioness is hungry.

She sat on his torso again and, pinning his biceps with her knees, attached his wrists to the cuffs on the headboard. Normally the cuffs were used to secure her. She was angry at his pathetic ‘work’ excuse a few minutes previously, his attempt to maintain his dominance. Well, he’d find out who lioness was. Her cunt was wet at the role-reversal. Her prey would pleasure her now, her need burned in her loins. She turned to face the foot of the bed again and knelt on his arms, lowering her crotch onto his face.

He gasped in pain, the weight on her calves crushing his stretched arms. The pressure eased when she leaned forward, took weight on her arms, and pressed the wet need of her groin on his face. Adjusted her position till her clit rubbed his nose. His tongue stretched and lapped, slid round her slippy vaginal opening. Her cunt began to move against his face, slowly, carefully, and he realised what was happening. She was wanking her clit against the hardness of his nose. He felt her breath coming fast and hot over his cock as she used his face, but she didn’t touch his dripping member. Just kept rubbing his face, using him. He understood her well enough, read her movements and sounds, knew she was climbing to her crisis. He relinquished himself to her need, abandoned any pretence at his silly game earlier.

– Oh fuck, my manprey, my sweet love, my sextoy — she panted the words harshly — how I need you. Ohhhhh jesus — she was crushing herself hard on him, gasped when her clit slid from the ridge of his nose, adjusted so it was back there — ohhh fuckman, need you…

She was normally wordless during sex, lots of sounds, but no words. And she normally orgasmed quickly, at least the first few times. This time it was longer. His cock quivered in excitement as he felt her hover on the edge, a succession of wails and keens. This was for her pleasure, he was her instrument, he loved her and needed to serve her now …

– So fucking beautiful darling… ohhh — her words were lost in a prolonged ululation, closer to the unholy sound of stags rutting in the glens than anything human he’d ever heard — ahhh jesusfuck, need this, need this …

Her hips were thrusting so fast on his face now, digging and taking pleasure from her use of him, that the sturdy bed shook and creaked. He sensed that he was almost not there for her as she lost herself in this triumphant self-pleasuring and he truly didn’t care, wanted only her joy.

– Fuckjesus…. ooohhh….

His face was wettened as the awful crisis swept her, her body juddering and contorting on him, her lingering howl piercing his soul. She slumped on him, her face in his groin, long hair wreathing his cock. Tremors shook her yet, but lessening. Then she was still.

He licked at the soft flesh on his mouth, understood she’d been somewhere new, somewhere she hadn’t been with him before. Moved his head a little so he could form words.

kartal escort How I love you, my sweet goddess.

She stayed prone on him for minutes, slight quivers and moans. His arms were aching from the pressure of her weight on them but he didn’t move. Lapped her cunt contemplatively when his tongue could reach her. Then pain shot through his arms as she slowly lifted her trunk from his and all her weight bore down on him there. He screamed when she shifted her weight shifted to one leg momentarily, crushing his right arm excruciatingly, as she lifted herself from him. Then she kissed him.

– Thank you, my sweet prey. Was lioness too much for you?

– No. He smiled weakly. Course not. My arm got sore for a second when all your weight went on it, that’s all.

Her tongue lifted the tears at the corners of his eyes, lingered to taste her own ejaculate on him.

– I have a new toy for you darling. Well — she laughed — mainly for me really.

She rose from the bed and rummaged under it. Held something before him, before removing the usual ridiculous amount of packaging from the tiny device. A cockring. Or more accurately, he thought as he examined it, a cockclip. He’d never used such a thing, but knew what it was for. She intended to keep him erect indefinitely whilst she pleasured herself on him, used him. The device would prevent him ejaculating.

Her fingers moved round his cock. It had softened a little, and her mouth descended on it hungrily. He groaned and quivered as her mouth closed round him, felt himself stiffen and jerk as she drew him into her throat and her singing muscles gripped and played with him. He’d still never spunked her mouth; knew he would this time if she continued. His need was building, hips thrusting himself into her silken cavity, wanting, ohhh fuck needing …

As his balls started to tighten her mouth withdrew abruptly, and her fingers closed round the base. He felt a sudden tight constriction and she was smiling in his eyes, fingers stroking his cheek.

– Now, manprey, how does that feel? Maybe you should see? — she glanced down at him — It looks just delicious to me!

It wasn’t quite pain he felt at the base of his cock, but there was a new acute tightness he’d never experienced before. She moved back a little and he strained to raise his head. His cock was as big as he’d ever seen it, a flesh-coloured clip snug round its base, cinching it tightly so it bulged obscenely around the device. He groaned and his head fell back.

– Lick my arse now sextoy. Ohh fuck, I need your mouth there …

She twisted above him, balanced on her muscular legs, and her fingers pulled her arsecheeks apart as she lowered herself onto his face. His tongue moved eagerly; he loved her tastes and scents there; needed no encouragement to lap and probe, his face absorbing her thrilling anality, pleasuring her … He could see and feel her fingers working at her cunt as she pressed back onto him harder and his tongue slid right into her arse. She was panting and he wondered again at the beauty that was his multi-orgasmic lover. Then her weight shifted and she lifted herself from him:

– Your tongue’s not long enough, prey, can’t get off on it. Lioness needs cock in her arse.

She was panting and hoarse and there was a demand in her growl he hadn’t heard before.

– Want to watch your face, she husked.

She crouched over his cock, eyes drilling his with pure lust.

Then her legs stretched up on either side of his trunk and her arse sank slowly onto his erection. Ohhh jesus, he’d never felt anything like this as his tortured cock slid into the velvet grip, felt the muscles close round him. Or seen anything like the grimace of lust as her beautiful face glazed into a mask of pure need. She leaned back a little and her hands spread on the bed behind her. Then she began raising and lowering herself on him. Arsefucking his cock.

He was teetering on the edge of explosion, hovering on the lip of the volcano, had to thrust into the sweet beloved bum that played with him. Her cunt was spread open before him and his eyes moved there from her face, saw muscles pulsing there, knew her aching need. But she moved and flipped off him, gasping hoarsely in her need:

– Not enough, need to try the other way, need to touch my cunt.

Then she was kneeling facing his feet, her knees wide on the outsides of his, her obscenely-stretched arse before him. Her fingers came round behind to guide his hardness into her anus, and they moaned in unison as he slid into her core. She started moving hard and fast, one hand on the bed and the other, he knew, frantic on her clit. His cock was in agony as she thrust herself onto him, his tender skin being rubbed and gripped by powerful muscles till there was real pain in his rising wails. Then her voice rose, strange and disembodied:

– This … is … my … cock … manprey … FUCKING … MINE

The pain was excruciating but there was joy in the giving, joy in knowing the intensity of her pleasure. The agony sharpened as her movements quickened, her arse pounding him into her, taking him for her own. He felt her muscles tighten, sensed the fingers on her clit blurring …

– JESUSFUCK. Ohhh … ohhhhhh

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