Jayne and Becky


Last night Becky and myself had enjoyed a night of passion which I never knew could ever be possible. Although we have known each other since childhood I had never thought of her in any sexual way before although I have to admit on the numerous occasions I’ve seen her naked I have been jealous of her body. Becky has the most amazing tight ass you could imagine she has generous titties although they are smaller than mine they are far more pert and are crowned by the biggest nipples.

We fondled and licked, sucked and invaded each and every orifice of each other then fell asleep in each others arms fucked out after a mind blowing and mind opening sex marathon which left is both exhausted. It is now morning and the summer sun is flooding in through the crack in my bedroom curtains shinning straight across my body making me feel warm. As I open my eyes the first thing I see is the vision in the bed next to me. Was last night purely a one off? I hope not. As Becky breaths her chest rises and falls moving the thin duvet covering her, her face is inches from mine her warm breath washing over my lips, my mouth waters, I raise myself onto my arm still lying on my side my gaze never leaving her watching her as she sleeps she truly is the most beautiful person I have ever seen. I brush away her hair from her forehead it is so silky to the touch even after last night when I saw her as a red hot cunt licking slut this morning she still looks like an angel. I plant a soft kiss on her eyes if I don’t get another chance to be with her I will make the most of this one. I lick her lips gently in her sleep her lips part slightly and I feel her perfect teeth on the end of my tongue. I now push the duvet away from her slowly beginning to uncover those two globes that I licked and sucked with pure abandonment last night even laid down they still jut out from her rib cage they don’t sag or flop just stand where they are wanting me urging me on. As I am looking at her wondering what to do next Becky begins to stir slowly she opens her eyes as she focuses on me a smile spreads across her lips.

“Morning darling” she croaks, I reply with a smile I move in to give her a kiss as our lips touch I can feel my tummy flip with excitement she responds putting her hand on the side of my face I pull back slightly from her staring into her eyes her hand gently rubs the side of my face moving behind my neck she pulls me in for another kiss our lips lock together we breathe into each other and begin to mash our tongues together they circle in each others mouths our juices Ankara escort mingle. I again move away from her I wont more than this I need to taste her I move down her body trcing the contours of her neck I continue my journey drawing my path with my tongue leaving a glistening trail I bypass those wonderful orbs and move across her belly so taught and slender I reach her exquisitely trimmed bush inhaling deeply to get her full smell my own pussy twinges again I swerve from her moistness and travel farer down her body I lick and caress her inner thigh she sighs. Now I move upwards softly biting her skin as in move I glance at her face a smile on her lips her eyes closed tight my nose is next to her Venus mound I slowly push her legs apart her lips open for me on there own.

“ yes lick me there” she says pulling back the hood of her clit exposing herself to me gingerly I place my snake like tongue against her, a soft moan escapes her lips I circle around that little piece of flesh drawing it into my mouth pinching it with my teeth I bring my middle finger up drawing into her crack up and down I rub pressing into her snatch she is so warm and wet I gain easy access into her being my hand moves back into her arse crack softly rubbing her back hole another gasp followed by a long deep moan. “You like that” says I. She nods “ turn over for me” she does as requested. I now have my head on her butt a hand on each cheek “Tell me if you wont to stop”. No reply. I move her cheeks apart and for the first time in my eighteen years I see another womans puckered entrance I begin to shake slightly this feels wrong but so right I taste her arse she purrs I push my tongue into her hole she groans I try to go deeper her arse inviting me in I felt like I was going to cum doing this to her she pushed herself back onto me. “Use your fingers on me lover” her gravely voice interrupted with pants and gasps I licked my middle finger and pushed gently against her ring it didn’t hold out much resistance. She screamed “That is fucking great fuck me harder” I began to pump my finger into her anus whilst I placed the giant double ended dildo with she fucked me senseless last night into her snatch “ you like that don’t you. Your going to be my little slut aren’t you” I barked being overtaken by the dirty scene we were playing out. “ I want to be your slut make me scream” she replied. I removed my finger from Becky’s arse and replaced it with the other end of the dildo this pushed her over the edge and her body shook violently as wave after wave of orgasm Escort ankara took over her last night I learnt how audible Becky could be when she was coming but this morning made her sound like a mute last night. When her orgasm had subsided Becky fell fall onto the bed exhausted I went with her holding onto her planting kisses on her back my cunt pressing against her arse cheeks. She was so hot it felt to me like she would burst into flames any second. We nodded off me still holding onto her not wanting to ever let go.

When I awoke Becky had somehow managed to slip from under me and she was sat on the chair next to the bed dressed in my robe it was slightly open in front and I could see her cleavage she had showered as was still glistening droplets of water hanging to her skin her hair was tied up in a bun her eyes were burning into me. She stood up and walked to the bed. “Now then Jayne thank you for waking me up so nicely this morning. I am going to do something to you which you will dream about for months to come” with that she pulled the top of her robe open revealing her perfect breasts she placed two fingers in her mouth and coated them with her saliva then she started to rub her nipples slowly circling them then pinching them they were standing out so far you could have mistaken them for a baby’s thumb my pussy was getting wet watching her I began to stroke myself.

“Oh no you don’t” she said “You can leave that alone.” I removed my hand she took hold of my wrist and tied it to the headboard with one of her silk stockings then did the same to the other hand. “I’m going to please you so much just like you did when you tongue fucked my ass it felt so dirty feeling your tongue up there then your fingers. You have taken my virginity and I loved it. Now I’m going to fuck your arse till you scream out” as she stood up she removed the robe completely letting it fall to the floor what I saw there almost made my eyes stand out on stalks sticking out from her groin was the biggest strap on I had ever seen in my life. It was at least 14 inches long and as thick as my wrist. Becky spat on her had and started to stroke the fake phallus like a man masturbating it was such an erotic sight I gave out an involuntary pant and my pussy muscles contracted tightly leaking some of my juices.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think my best friend would fuck me with such a monster. “ there’s a little dick on the other end of this touching my G SPOT so I’m coing to enjoy this too.” My mouth must have fallen open at the Ankara escort bayan sight of Becky with a huge cock for the next moment that monster was against my lips pushing it’s way into my mouth I didn’t resist I just allowed her entry. Slowly she began to fuck my mouth in and out a few times I gagged and then became more accustomed to this invader “ Your such a cock sucking whore you love having your face fucked don’t you.” I don’t know how she expected me to answer I could hardly breath.

She removed the cock from my mouth and started to rub it against my sopping wet snatch pressing it against my opening steadily she inserted into me slowly at first then picking up speed each thrust harder than the last. I was on fire my breathing was getting faster my pulse raced away my heart was nearly burst from my chest “oh your cock is so thick and long I think it will rip me in two.” She did not speak just carried on her onslaught on my cunt I was close to cumming. Becky knew and slowed her pace she grabbed my legs and placed them over her shoulders fucking me in the same position I had been taken many times by my boyfriend, But it never felt like this I had never wanted to be so abused part of me wanted to cum and cum again another wanted to put off the inevitable. Becky’s hands where now cupping my arse stretching my cheeks apart every now and then she would slap me make my bottom feel like it was on fire then it happened my orgasm took control of me I screamed at the top of my lungs the room started to spin I felt week I could hardly breath wave after glorious wave over took me I must have passed out when I came too I was lying on my front my pussy was on fire but empty I could feel Becky lying on top of me that erect cock pressing against my tight butt hole. “now you are going to take up the arse my love and then who knows with that she lifted herself onto her knees the cock pressing itself against me slowly she entered me the pain was undescribeable the head was stretching me to the limits slowly I was able to take more I tried to push back feeling the size of it against me then she withdrew and started to pummel me again when she picked up the pace I felt like I was going to cum again she shagged me as hard as she could and I could hear her breathing becoming more ragged this egged me on further into my orgasm the tension built her motion became more like little jabs then she shook screaming my name I came with her. We fell on the bed exhausted sweating and heaving flushed with it all we kissed passionately and deeply still in spoons our tongues darting in each others mouth. Becky is now moving into my flat and we are going to be together always I love her so much words cannot describe the feelings I have for her. Becky also want one of her friends to join us one night I will tell you what happens if it ever comes off.

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