Janet’s New Life Pt. 02

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Big Boobs

Helen’s Tale

Janet knocked on Helen’s back door, then opened it and came on in. They were that kind of neighbors.

“Hi, Helen. I’m making a casserole for dinner and I can’t find my big casserole dish. Would you mind if I borrowed yours?”

“Sure thing, Sweety. You know where it is. Help yourself.”

“Thanks! Gotta run, but I’ll talk to you later!”

Helen sighed as Janet dashed out the door with the dish. “So pretty, so smart, but so naive…”

She had tried to drop a hint when they talked yesterday, but the poor girl still had no clue that her husband was a closet case, blowing dicks all over town. Not that Helen had witnessed much herself. That one guy stayed the night several times while Janet was away, and she had seen him there a couple of times before, but that was all. Still, she was pretty sure Mark was cheating on Janet and the whole town seemed to know.

Not that Helen would judge him. She had secrets of her own.

Helen’s life had three main priorities: 1) taking care of her husband, like a good Asian wife, 2) raising her kids, like a good Asian mother, and 3) getting banged by the pool boy as often as she possibly could, like a good Asian slut.

Actually, she was glad Janet didn’t stay long, because the pool boy was due any minute. He liked to come early so he could service her and still have time to service the pool. She grinned to herself, “He always comes early but he never cums early.”

Just then she heard him dragging his equipment into the back yard. She took off her robe to reveal a short, sheer nighty and nothing under it. Helen knew she was pretty, with delicate Asian features. Her body was trim but full, with round, firm tits and a butt she was proud of. “Not bad, for a MILF,” she thought.

She went to the door and caught his eye. He perked up when he saw her and she motioned him inside.

They kissed passionately as he came in the door and she felt her body warming up. She could feel the big bulge through his pants pressing against her and started to unbutton his shirt as he caressed her body.

They wasted no time. He lifted her up on the kitchen table and pulled up her nighty, kissed her tits, then her belly almanbahis adresi and then plunged his face into her pussy. Jose was a superb pussy licker and she loved to have him eat her out. He knew how to tease her clit and finger her insides in a way that drove her crazy. He seemed to love it and would go on as long as she let him.

She liked to talk dirty when he was taking her. “Lick that pussy… Oh, yeah, that’s it…”

It didn’t take long before she yelled out, “Ohhh God yes! You’re making me cum!”.

He held on and kept licking as she bucked and ground against his face while she came, until she was done. She pushed his head away. “Oh God, stop. I can’t take any more. It’s too good!”

He licked up her body, then kissed her sloppily on the mouth, letting her taste her own pussy juice. He knew she found that incredibly sexy and grinned as she licked it all off his face.

“My turn” she purred. She got down on her knees and pulled his pants down slowly. She liked to see his big, hard cock pop out as she pulled down his pants. It bounced out and smacked into her face.

“Yum… I love this big dick.’ She pulled his pants down to his ankles, then took his dick in her mouth. She sucked and cupped his balls with one hand while rubbing his ass with the other. “Mmmmm, my sexy man.”

His big dick pushed in and out and then deeper in the back in her throat as he got more excited. She bobbed up and down making slurping noises.

Some days, she liked to have him cum in her mouth, but today her pussy was hungry. She stood up, then turned around and leaned over the table, presenting her ass. “Give me that big cock, stud,” she breathed.

He got behind her and rubbed his dick up and down her wet slit, driving her crazy. She wiggled and pushed back against him, making little pleading sounds. He grinned, then slid right in.

“Oh yeah – fuck me… fuck me harder… ooooh Jessu … pound me like a whore…”

He fucked her long and deep, gradually picking up the pace. She stopped talking and just mumbled incoherently, moaning.

They were both so caught up in their passion that they didn’t hear Janet open the door and step inside.

Janet almanbahis adres took a moment to realize what she was seeing. That was her friend bent over the kitchen table, and she was getting fucked from behind by a swarthy man! She seemed to be enjoying it!

Stunned, she didn’t make a sound and just stood there watching.

Jose was pounding her like a machine, going faster and faster, and Helen was pushing back to meet his thrusts.

“Tell me I’m your gook whore!”, Helen moaned.

“You’re my gook whore! My sexy, dirty Asian slut! This pussy belongs to me!” Jose grunted.

With that, Helen started to buck and shudder and Janet could tell she was cumming. Jose could tell, too, and buried himself balls deep in her and started cumming himself.

“Helen! Oh My God!,” Janet finally blurted out.

“Janet!” Helen gasped, then closed her eyes again. “Oh God…” ” Oh…I…can’t…stop…cumminnngggggg…”

Jose was shuddering as he came inside Helen, but as he realized Janet was there, he jumped back and whipped around to face her, panic on his face. The last spurt of cum shot out of his cock and onto the floor.

“Dios Mio! Sorry!” He quickly pulled up his pants, grabbed his shirt and rushed past Janet and out the door.

Helen lay there on the kitchen table for a minute, breathing hard. Janet watched, fascinated, as a glob of semen dribbled out of her cunt and onto the floor. As she stood up and turned, more dripped out.

“Mmmm, Jose always cums a lot. I think he saves it up for me all week,” she sighed. “I’ll have to clean that up…”

Stunned, Janet stood silent as Helen pulled down her nightly and put on her robe.

Then she blurted out, “Saves it? Helen, how long has this been going on?”

Helen said, “Jose? About a year.”

Janet gasped. “What if someone finds out? People will talk!”

“It’s okay. I think people may already have an idea. Jose has brought his friends around a couple of times and they probably talk… Then there are the gardeners…”

“What the hell, Helen! Friends?! Gardeners?! What will people think?”

“Mostly they don’t know or they don’t care. Everybody has secrets, you know. almanbahis adresi I get funny looks from some people that make me think they know, but they don’t say anything. Honestly, it makes me feel kind of sexy.”

“I can understand that,” Janet said, thinking about how getting fucked while she was at the conference last month made her feel like a powerful woman for the first time in years, “But yours is a pretty hot secret.”

Then, “Oh my God! What if your husband finds out?”

Helen shook her head. “I think he already knows. He doesn’t say anything directly, but he’s dropped some hints. Little remarks, like ‘I’m not paying that pool boy extra, ok?'”

“But I thought he’d be furious,” Janet said, “I’m sure Mark would be.”

“Nah, he’s a businessman and his business is the only thing he cares about. All he expects from a wife is to have the meals ready on time, get his suits dry cleaned, and make sure the kids get into Harvard. If I’m getting sex on the side, it just means I’ll bother him less.”

She went on, “As for your husband, I have to be honest. Sorry to be the one to tell you, but from what I hear around town, he’s got his own thing going. You might be surprised at whether he’d be furious or not.”

“Jesus, Helen,” Janet exclaimed. She realized that she might not be the first person to spot Mark coming out of a gay bar. If the whole town knows and it still doesn’t matter, that opens a whole new world of possibilities for Janet. She’d been suppressing her desires for years, afraid of what people would say, but it turns out it just doesn’t matter. She’d have to think about this.

“Anyway, I won’t tell anyone what I saw. It’ll be our secret. Actually, I kind of envy you… It looks like that Jose really delivers…”

“Oh, honey, you have no idea. Maybe you can join us sometime when his friends come with him.”

“Oh, Helen! You’re so bad!” But she really liked the idea. She imagined herself bent over that table getting pumped full of sperm by Jose.

The truth was that Janet was turned on by the idea of Helen’s stud and his friends ravishing her. But she wasn’t quite ready to tell Helen that, even though she’d just watched her get fucked right there in the kitchen.

“Anyway, here’s your dish. Turns out I didn’t need it after all,” Janet said.

She winked and pointed to the puddle of semen on the floor. “You better get that before it dries.”

Janet headed home. She had a lot to think about.

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