I Just Wanted to Fuck Pt. 01

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This is a unique story about a husband and wife, written from two perspectives under two different titles. This one is about the man who thought his sex life became ordinary and scripted to the point of boredom. Its companion story is titled “I Just Wanted to Get Fucked”. I suggest you read them both chapter for chapter and gain some insight into why people who love each other end up cheating. Like I said it is Unique, and I hope you enjoy hearing both sides.

I Just Wanted to Fuck

His perspective: The beginning of their troubles.

My name is Brian, and this is my story of my wife Jen and I, our marriage and how it all went wrong. We met in high school and were sweethearts from 9th grade through graduation, and our lives went on from there. Please don’t take me wrong when I say I truly love Jen and always have, I just don’t know how we got here and what changed or why.

Jen is absolutely the most beautiful woman I have ever met at 5’4″ tall and 110 pounds, blue eyes, with gorgeous C-Cup breasts and long perfect legs that would drive any man insane. Her blonde hair came down her back to about 12″ above her wonderful ass, which was a perfect addition to her body. She seldom wore pants and mostly wore skirts and dresses about mid-thigh, which with heels, gave her the astounding figure and toned legs that originally got my attention.

I would hate to say that I am a leg man or a breast man, because I love all parts of the female form, but her legs, breasts, shoulders, and butt just make the perfect combination. That being said: I love watching her getting in and out of cars, walking in front of me, flipping her hair to show more shoulder, and that wiggle she has is my kryptonite. Our entire life dating she would tease me with her hemline ridding up, bending so I could see down the front of her thin strap dresses, and that purposeful swagger when she knew I was looking at her ass.

After graduation and us getting married, our story is the same mundane one as most kids that don’t attend college, I got a job at my uncles plumbing supply warehouse and she took a job as a secretary at a customer relations firm in town. We spent our weeks working and had our high school friends over on Friday nights and went out to the movies or at a local bar on Saturday nights. It wasn’t a rag to riches story, but we were happy and thought we were well on our way to a good life together. Somewhere in the two years since our wedding, she changed and didn’t act as flirty and sexy as she once did, and that was something I really missed.

I guess it started with the way she dressed, she almost stopped wearing those sexy mid-thigh dresses I loved so much, the ones that would drive me to fuck her brains out every chance I got. In place of them she started wearing dresses that came down to her knee, blouses that buttoned up to the neck, lower heels and a whole conservative wardrobe that pushed her sexy one to the back of her closet. She started wearing jeans on Friday’s when our friends came over for drinks and fun, and only wore her old dresses on Saturday night, if we went out. Somehow our weekly date night got missed occasionally, then every other weekend and suddenly it was once a month.

Our sex life took the same path as our social life, going from active and spontaneous to mundane and predictable, and less seldom. You know the story of high school romances, we got married and fucked every chance we had, and even in places that were daring and almost dangerous, but we thrived on that type of freedom. We went from fucking a couple times a day, at the drive-in, in the park at night, and we christened every room in our apartment multiple times to a good week being twice and each time in the bedroom like church going people.

Well now you know they why, now to tell you the who and where I went as I strayed from the love of my life. They hired a cute petite girl in the office at work, who dressed as Jen used to, she flirted with me often and blatantly, letting her skirts ride up and giving Porno me a peek her and there of her upper legs and sometimes panties. She was smaller in the chest than Jen is, but she still had respectable B-Cup tits and her legs were a bit heavier than Jens, but for now I didn’t care that much. I just wanted to find someone to fuck with abandon, like Jen and I used to, and maybe regain that feeling I once possessed, and it appeared she was willing. You may have noticed I didn’t mention her name at first, that’s because it really didn’t matter to me, this wasn’t a love affair it was just wild passionate fucking. Her name was Judy, and we had an affair for almost six months before Jen started noticing little things, but I was acting reckless and thought I had a handle in things that she would never find out.

Judy and I would take risks at work, fucking on the loading dock during lunch, sometimes she would suck my cock in the warehouse, and we even fucked on the customer counter on Saturdays after closing. To say our sexual affair was active would be a huge understatement as we fucked everywhere we could any time we could, and neither of us wanted anymore than that. But as life shows us repeatedly, things don’t remain static, the only thing that doesn’t change is that everything changes.

You start having an affair, especially when it’s built on just sex, along with the fucking and sucking and kissing and hugging, people start getting emotionally attached to each other. That’s what was happening between Judy and I even though I denied it at every turn, that is until Judy gave voice to that hidden monster called feelings. One day after work she forced the issue and I was completely unprepared to deal with it, so I did what most people do, I dealt with it badly.

“Brian, we’ve been going together for some time now. I enjoy the sex and spontaneity of our relationship, but I feel it could be more, and I want that, don’t you? I mean if we keep this up at work, we’re going to get caught, and I would like to go places other than work.”

This is where the idiocy of a man thinking with the wrong head comes out to try and keep what he has and makes stupid decisions.

“Of course, I want that Judy, you make me very happy, but I just have to be careful about this.”

“Well, I would feel much easier going somewhere other than here, and who knows, it might turn me on and make me do things I can’t do here at work.”

“Well, I must work overtime doing inventory this weekend and my uncle is looking for volunteers for overtime to help. Why don’t you take him up on that and we can discuss this and go out afterwards?”

“That sounds good, and I could bring something special in my car to wear after we leave here?”

“Yes, then it’s settled, you let him know tomorrow and we can start planning together on Friday night.”

Friday night came and we were working taking inventory with three other people, which was going to take all weekend having to count every fitting, pipe, and accessory in the warehouse. Judy wore a dress to work during the day but changed into a loose-fitting tee without a bra and loose shorts for the evening, knowing she could flash at will or anything else that struck her fancy dressed like that. I was running the inventory team, so I broke the five of us up into different parts of the warehouse, Judy’s part next to mine. Before long I looked over and I saw her electronic tablet in hand, counting pipe fitting, her tee hanging from the back pocket of her shorts. Being daring enough to work topless with three others nearby she was just teasing the hell out of me, and she knew exactly what she was doing.

“If you’re going to tease me, why not go all the way?”

“I think this is having its intended effect, and judging by the bulge in your pants, so do you also.”

She walked off behind some shelving and just smiled at me as she left. I knew she wasn’t done, the night was early, and she wanted me in a mood to say yes to whatever she had Altyazılı Porno planned for us going forward. Fifteen minutes later I went looking for her and found her wearing her tee with her shorts on the floor next to her, bending to pretend to count items on the lower shelf. Her legs were spread just enough to allow full view of her pussy and ass, which looked inviting as hell, but the night was still early, and I was trying not to be so easy.

“You had better be careful, walking around like that could get you a cock in your beautiful ass.”

“Now-now, you know I don’t do anal…. yet.”

“What do you mean by yet girl?”

“Who knows what can happen if you play your cards right buddy?”

Now I’ve tried to convince her to let me have her ass on many occasions, but she always stopped me. Now she’s putting this possibility out there, what is this going to cost me? Hell, the wrong head was doing the thinking again and I knew this would be trouble, but I convinced myself I could handle any situation that arose.

Our dinner break came, and the two other guys and one girl decided they were going down the street to get some food, but Judy and I had brought food from home, so we were left alone in the warehouse. We went into an office to sit and eat our meals, but I couldn’t put the sight of her half naked out of my head, so I pushed her up against a desk and pulled her tee off over her head from behind. Then I spun her around, leaned her back onto the desk and relieved her of her shorts, and as I was undoing my belt, she ran out the door laughing. Of course, I had to follow so I played her game and caught her near the front customer counter, put her hands behind her and bent her over. I dropped my pants with one hand while holding her in place with the other, lining my cock up with her sweet tight pussy. Remember this is a relationship totally built on fucking, so I showed no mercy and rammed my cock deep inside her with one forceful thrust, making her scream out momentarily. She was already as wet as she could be and adapted to my rough fucking her, taunting me the whole time.

“Go ahead, take that pussy, and make it cry for your cock, and make it hurt big man, I can take it.”

If that wasn’t an invitation to fuck her for all I was worth, I don’t know what one is. As I pounded her from behind, I engage in my own vocalizations.

“You want to be force fucked little girl; I’ll give you a fucking you’ll never forget. By the time I am done with you, you’ll be a whore for this cock and it’s all you’ll ever think about bitch.”

“Well then fuck, don’t talk, show me don’t stand there and tell me.”

I pounded her pussy for over ten minutes, savoring every stroke as she massaged her clit as I long let go of her arms from behind her. At this moment, I wouldn’t have cared if my wife walked in, I was lost in a moment of savage sexual ecstasy.

“You think you can take this bitch; I’ll pound that cunt of yours into submission.”

“Go for it, show me what a real man in charge can do to me. Don’t hold anything back, just fuck me like never before.”

That only fueled my sexually insane mood and made me fuck her even harder.

“You don’t get to strip naked, walk around smirking then disappear on me, you act like that, and you’ll get fucked like a little whore every time.”

“Yeah, fuck me like a whore, I’m loving it. Keep pounding my cunt and make me cum all over your hard cock. Oh yeah, keep going, I’m close so don’t you stop mother fucker. Yeah, yeah Oh fuuuck, fuck me hard.”

“Yeah, take it you fucking whore, take all of it.”

“Yes, I’m ready, come with me, here I cummmmm.”

With a high-pitched squeal, she came hard all over my cock, contracting on it and forcing me to cum deep inside her. Her orgasm was bigger than most I had experienced as she kept clamping down on my cock as she kept convulsing, milking every drop out of my now empty cock. I pulled out while she was still convulsing and quivering, causing Brazzers her pussy to push some of my cum out and down her thighs.

“Now I’ll show you what a real man can do with a whore like you.”

Lining my cock up with her unused asshole I was ready to send it home for the first time.

“Nah nah, you don’t’ get that until you start taking me out and not treating me like a dirty secret you have to hide.”

She stood up, pushed me back a step, and fell to her knees sucking my cock all the way into her throat. She not only sucked me clean but made a groan every time my cock was at her throat entrance, causing a vibration against its head and getting me hard all over again. She kept this up until I could hold on no longer and I pumped another load down her throat. When she was finished, she stood up and walked back to the office where we started, wiping our combined juices off her thigh with her finger and sucking it clean each time until she was clean.

“Well come on there big boy, we have to eat yet besides the others will be back shortly.”

“That was the best fucking you have given me so far, what got into you?”

“I was horny, and I wanted to show you a little of what awaits you if you start treating me right.”

“Well, you certainly have piqued my curiosity, I’ll tell you that.”

“It is a whole lot more than curiosity mister, I’m tired of being your sometimes fuck that you keep in the dark. I can and will be your full-time whore if you want me to, but I want things too.”

With her still sitting there wearing nothing but sneakers, I looked out the window and saw my coworker’s car pull back into the lot.

“You’d better get dressed; the others are here.”

“Why, don’t you want anyone to know that you’re fucking me?”

“Now, I didn’t say that, and you know it.”

“Fine, I’ll get dressed but you watch Cindy and the two guys as they get out of the car.”

I did as she said, and she was right, Cindy got out of the car pulling her jeans up and buttoning them. She looked disheveled and she looked freshly fucked.

“You knew those guys were fucking?”

“Cindy has fucked everyone in this place multiple times, including your uncle.”

“Wow, I didn’t know that. How did you find out about it?”

“Well unlike you, not everyone is ashamed of having sex with their coworker’s. Cindy has told me some stories that would curl your toes. Everyday there is somebody fucking somebody in this place.”

“And you?”

“What, now you think I’m a company whore, free to be used by anyone who wants?”

“Now I didn’t say that either, stop twisting my words.”

“To answer your question, you’re the only one I’ve fucked, although your uncle had me give him a blow job a time or two, or three. He loves a good blow job and isn’t ashamed of asking for one.”

“Well then, that makes a big difference. Are you telling me we can do it anytime we like and don’t have to worry about people finding out?”

“I’m telling you can fuck the shit out of me any time you want if you don’t keep treating me like a nasty dirty part of your life. Treat me with some respect, I’m not a dirty family secret that never gets acknowledged, I’m a person with feelings.”

I knew at this point that this was not going to end well, but with the fucking Judy just gave me, and what she was promising to come, no way my big head was calling the shots.

“Alright, tonight after we get out of here, we’ll go out somewhere and have a few drinks and talk. Is that alright with you?”

“Yes, that will do for a start, but I want more than one night in a bar, but we’ll talk about it tonight. You’re going to love the insanely short dress I have in the car. Oh shit, I forgot to bring panties, I’ll just have to go without and make sure I don’t bend over.”

“You’re still teasing, really? I agreed to take you out somewhere tonight.”

“And you’re going to agree to more than just that before we’re through.”

This was getting much deeper and more complex than I had planned, but the sex was fantastic with this woman, and she was promising even better to come. So, I went along with her demands and figured I could handle any situation that arose from this, especially since I didn’t have to worry about my coworker’s finding out.

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