Highway to Heaven

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Big Cock

“You sure you’re not too drunk to drive?” Sheryl asked Toya.

“Girl, I’m not drunk. I’ll be alright.”

“Okay, drive slow…and watch out for the police.”

“We’re going to follow you. We’ve got to pass your place to get to my house anyhow,” I yelled as I opened the car door.

“You don’t think she’s going to make it home in one piece?” Sheryl asked as she slid into the passenger seat and fastened her seat belt.

“We’re going to follow her home to make sure. You, on the other hand, definitely ain’t going to make it home in one piece?” I stated, running my hand up her bare thigh.

Sheryl had been grinding all over me in the club. We had been grinding up on each other all night. She even let me slip my hand beneath her little black mini to feel how wet she was. She had been soaking wet for me. It’s been about three weeks, and I hadn’t hit yet. I was tempted to try and get me some right there in the club. If her girl, Toya, hadn’t been there cock-blocking, I probably would have.

“I’ve got an early flight in the morning, so you know you can’t keep me out all night. I can’t even take the chance of coming inside when I stop at your house to pick up my car. You might not want to let me go home.”

“Well in that case, you need to go ahead and take that skirt and those drawers off now,” I said, glancing over at her as I pulled out of the parking lot behind Toya.

“You’re kidding, right?” she giggled.

“No, I’m not,” I replied, stroking her love sponge through her wet undies. “You’re so wet…been wet from in the club.”

“Mmm, that feels good, baby.”

“Take these drawers off and I’ll really make it feel good,” I said, tugging on the edges of her undies as I got onto the on ramp for the highway.

I slipped my index finger between her underwear while she unfastened her seat belt and wiggled out of her skirt and underwear. I stroked her wet lips and her hips rose up from the seat to meet my fingers. I prepped two fingers in her juices, letting them dance across her outer folds before penetrating her. Her inner muscles snuggled my fingers as I let them dance around in her.

Sheryl dropped her seat back and kicked off her heels. She had this salacious glow that had me hard as steel. She swiveled until she was sideways in the seat facing me, giving me a better angle to work from. Our eyes locked, and then she tore off her top.

My eyes travelled down to her perky, cupcake-sized breasts. The way I had my hand positioned while fingering her became uncomfortable, so I had to rotate my hand. Now my palm was cupping her wet sponge and making contact with every part of her sex. I leaned over to suck her breast, trying to keep my eyes on the road at the same time. She squealed when I nibbled on her left nipple. That only encouraged me on. I let my thumb run circles around her swollen clit while my tongue worshipped her breasts.

Sheryl bucked and rolled her hips, fucking my fingers. She struggled to reach across me. Pressing her breast hard into my mouth, she unfastened my seatbelt, and then started unbuckling my pants.

I turned loose her breast and tried to focus on the road, all the while continuing to finger her.

I stroked her so good that she couldn’t concentrate on what she was doing. She sprang up and tried to crawl away from my fingers. She was wide-eyed and panting. I brushed my fingers across her clit, causing her to scoot way back on the reclined seatback. She was damn near sitting in the backseat. “What are you running for? Come back here,” I ordered, reaching my sticky fingers back for her.

“I’m not going to let you make me cum like that. If you want me to cum, you’re going to have to fuck me!”

“Fuck you? But I want to make love to you.”

She started laughing. “Make love to me? You order me naked in a moving vehicle and you want to make love…this isn’t the place to make love,” she chuckled. “As much as I would love for you to make love to me, right now, a simple fuck is all we have time for.”

Shit! She just laughed at me. But on the real, what kind of weak shit was that? ‘I want to make love to you!’ Look how a player like me let this woman laugh at me. Fuck is what I had in mind all along. So what she said was actually music to my ears.”

Must be the alcohol talking, ’cause I know that wasn’t me just say that weak shit…not that I don’t want to make love to you. It’s just like you said, this isn’t the time, or the place to make love,” I said, trying to clean up that shit. I was fucking up my words left and right. It’s a good thing she’s already naked, if not, I might have talked myself out of the pussy for sure.

Sheryl grinned. She lunged forward and attacked me.

Remember, I’m driving on the highway…with my dick pounding against my stomach…with a half naked woman that I haven’t fucked yet.

She pulled my face to the side and kissed me enthusiastically. Our tongues intertwined and a melodic moan escaped her lips.

I felt her melt. I was floating. I was elated. bursa escort This was paradise, heaven…or a foretaste of it. I had to strain to keep at least one eye on the road ahead. Her hands had my belt and pants unbuckled in no time. Chris –nickname for my dick, short for Christopher Columbus the explorer, discoverer of new worlds– was out and in her warm hands in no time. “Don’t stroke him,” I said as I slid the seat all the way back. “I can stroke him myself. Do something to him that I can’t do.”

Sheryl pulled off what was left of her torn top. She was completely naked now. “Raise up,” she ordered, reaching over me to pull down my pants. After a bit of twisting and turning, she was able to get my pants down below my knees without me swerving from lane to lane. I got my left leg out and didn’t worry about the right leg. “Lay the seat back so I can get my feet up and behind you.”

I laid the seatback as flat as it would go, then I scooted up on it just a little bit so that Sheryl could squeeze her slender frame between me and the steering wheel. Sheryl hopped over and straddled me. It worked out perfectly. She was dripping wet again. I could feel the warmth coming from her love sponge. Her clit was short and perky like her nipples. Same size too. A nipple at the apex of her lithe thighs. A nipple that I wanted to put my lips and tongue on.

While she teased the opening of her love canal with Chris’s head, I had to find a good angle that would allow me to suck on her delicious cupcakes and still be able to see the road ahead. Sheryl’s breasts were just the right size to fit completely into my mouth. Her nipples were like ripened cherries on top. Mouth-watering and delicious.

I plucked at her cherry, made circles around her sensitive, glazed areolas, then took the entire breast into my mouth when she slid Chris into her love canal. I wanted to sing out loud as I entered and discovered a whole new world. It was a perfect fit. Nice and snug. I wanted to stay in there forever. If she knew how to work her muscles, I would be in heaven.

“Fuck!” I yelled as my tire hit the warning grooves then the gravel on the side of the highway.

“If you’re going to run off the road –as much as I would hate it– I’m going to get up off this sweet dick,” Sheryl cooed, gyrating slowly on my dick.

“Chris wouldn’t like that,” I said as I got the car driving straight again. I really couldn’t keep my focus on the road. It felt too damn good. The things that she was doing to me had my toes curling in my boots. I kept one hand on the steering wheel, the other I used to fondle her breasts. As much as I wanted to suck on her sweet little cupcakes, I dared not. I kept my gyrations and strokes short. I let her do most of the work. If I tried to give her the loving that I had for her, we might end up wrapped around a pole or something.

I steeled myself against the accentuated rise and fall of her spiraling hips. I wanted so badly to get into a groove with her, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold on. This pussy was too good, I’ve been waiting too long for this pussy to fuck up and cum too quick. As soon as I thought it, I felt my nuts churning, I stopped moving.

Sheryl kissed my lips, moved to the tip of my nose, over to my cheek, and then finally, she nibbled on my ear. Her breath was hot and sweet against my flesh, “Cum!” she whispered, oscillating her hips more erotically, More energetically.

“No!” I mumbled, fighting to hold on.

“Why not? I. Want. You. To,”

“Unnn-unnnl” I said, shaking my head and trying to focus on Toya’s car up ahead. “When I cum…I want you to cum with me,” I said, gritting my teeth, and fighting with everything I had.

“That’s so sweet…but…it’s going to take your second round to make me cum. I don’t cum easily. You’ve got to put in a lot of work…”

“I…Oh, yes! I want to put in a lot of work. I…I want to put in some overtime.”

“Cum for me…and then you can put in some work. Don’t you like how this pussy feels?” she asked seductively.

I started grinding deep into her as her muscles clamped gently around Chris. Her loving was so soft and tender: her canal narrow and so, so sweet. I wanted to profess my love for her right there and then. Pussy does that to a man. It makes us weak. This woman…Oh, God…this woman was going to make me cum.

“Cum for me, baby,” she whispered hotly in my ear. Her hips took on a life of its own.

She started doing some belly dancing shit on me, and then it felt like my dick slipped into another section of her pussy. This must be the VIP section. I can’t explain it. It felt like a spongy cavern…like an underwater cave or something. I squeezed my pubococcygeus (PC) muscles tightly and held it. Then I breathed. I wanted to prolong my ejaculation. I actually wanted to send it the fuck back.

Sheryl had other thoughts on her mind, though. She switched up her rhythm. This time she rolled her hips in small, tight circles. Her tongue found my mouth and I found it bursa escort bayan difficult to keep my eyes opened, much less on the road. I pulled away from her kiss. “We’re going to crash,” I huffed, trying to get away from her potent kiss.

Three little words came out of her mouth. “Cum. For. Me.”

Wouldn’t you know, I felt my body betraying my brain. My own body was obeying her commands. “No! Not yet,” I whimpered, trying to convince my body to listen to me instead of her. “I want to satisfy you first.”

“I’ll be satisfied when you splatter my walls…”

“Jesus!” I shot. I couldn’t help it.

She clamped down on my dick as she spoke, wiggling her stomach and ass in a way that had to have come from an advance belly dancing class. I felt my cum rising to the top.

Sheryl felt me swelling in her. “God! I’ve wanted this for the past three weeks…”

What? I shouted in my mind. I’ve been trying to get this pussy for the past three weeks without success and she has the nerve to tell me she wanted to feel me bust a nut up in her for the same three fucking weeks. My nut went back where the fuck it came from. Since she wanted to feel my nut so badly, I was going to make her suffer just like she made me suffer for the past three weeks.

“So are you going to satisfy me?” she asked seductively.

“Yes,” I answered, giving her some of my own creativity.

“Oooooh…Ummm…that feels…Uuuuuuuuuhhhhhh!” Her speech and breathing came to an abrupt stop when my fingers slid between us and played with her swollen, unguarded clit. My strokes and fingering brought on a mad rush of sensations…more for her than me.

Sheryl latched on to me and locked her legs around my back. She was stroking like she was doing the breaststroke. Each stroke ground her clit harder into my talented fingers. Her passionate sing-song cries told me all I needed to know; she would not take as long to cum as she had pretended.

“Someone…feels…as…if…they’re getting ready to cum,” I said, giving her one straight stroke with each word.

She grunted and ground down hard on each of my strokes. “You…you’re cheating…”

“And. You…know…you… love…how…this…makes… you…feel. Don’t…you?” I asked, giving her a new set of strokes. All short but on target to find that ever elusive g-spot. I thought I had found it, but when I went back to the same spot, she twisted so that I couldn’t hit it. “I felt that,” I said, gripping her winding waist with one hand to try and hold her where she was. I started hitting the spot. Her legs trembled each time, so I knew I had it right this time.

She sounded so sexy and proper when she cursed. “Please don’t fuck me like this. You gonna make me cum. Oh, Baby, don’t make me cum. Please! I don’t want to cum.” Sheryl sounded on the verge of tears as she begged me to stop fucking her so good.

She claimed that she didn’t want to cum, but she never stopped her exotic gyrations. In fact, she picked up her pace. Her moans and coos got louder and sweeter with each and every stroke. Then we were at our exit. I had to ease up on her to exit safely.

Sheryl had enough of a break to catch herself. She continued to ride me, but she rode me as if she really didn’t want to cum. She was so fucking close. I found myself getting upset because she didn’t cum. What woman wants to fuck and not cum? That didn’t make any sense.

“Why’d you stop it?” I asked as we coasted to a stop at the light.

“Stop what?” she giggled nervously.

“You were about to cum,” I stated, gripping her by the waist and putting some real pressure behind my strokes.

We were stopped at the light, so I suckled on her right breast, swirling my tongue over and around her nipple.

Sheryl wrapped her forearms tightly around my head and started grinding down on Chris like she had done before. Those sensually exquisite strokes. The exotic grinding. “I told you…I don’t cum easy,” she said, riding me to a different groove.

With my mouth full, and my own impressively creative strokes, I slid one hand between us and stroked her clit lightly. Sheryl’s hips rotated, gyrated, oscillated, rocked and rolled in my lap. I started giving her short, but vicious, strokes to her G-spot. And, I managed to hold her ass in place.

Her pace quickened. Her grunts increased several decibels. They were almost as loud as mine were. Headlights doused us from behind as another car exited off the highway. The light was still red, so I wasn’t concerned.

I switched my mouth over to her other nipple, sucked, kissed, flicked, then latched on when she started making those sweet, sexy sounds. She was right where I had her before. My mouth ached to kiss her. I raised my head up and our lips crashed together. My tongue slipped between her lips, invading her mouth. Our tongues danced together, tasting each other, feasting on each other.

I glanced up and saw that the light was still on red. Toya was directly in front of us, and using the escort bursa rear view mirror, I realized that the car that had exited a few seconds ago had come to a stop directly behind us.

Sheryl was body waving me to ecstasy and I was grinding her into oblivion. My strokes were loving but vicious. I felt her breathing change. I gripped her ass with both hands and started raising her up and down while I delivered my devastating strokes. She wasn’t going to get away this time.

Sheryl gasped, then she bit my tongue. Her fingernails raked into my shoulders. She started humping me so fast that I had to move my hands from near her ass. I couldn’t hold on. And, my hand was in danger of being crushed on the steering wheel.

Sheryl was cumming.

I was cumming.

The light turned green. Toya pulled off. A car horn blew from behind us.

I wasn’t moving. Well my car wasn’t moving. Me personally, I was moving mountains. Changing the flow of her rivers and streams. I was getting in some good, hard, strokes as her pussy clamped around me. Her pussy was biting. I fell into that pocket. This must be the mysterious snapping pussy. Her sponge-like muscles massaged my head as it swelled.

Her juices flowed freely. She held on and trembled against my body. No words escaped from our lips. She freed my tongue from between her teeth, and then kissed it tenderly. Lovingly. She nurtured it back to health.

My dick throbbed as I felt the pressure building. I was ready to erupt. I felt my hot lava rising. My legs trembled as the lava rose. I sucked on Sheryl’s tongue as if the harder I sucked, the faster I would cum.

Sheryl knew I was cumming along with her. This was what she wanted. Her body continued its erotic dance as she wiggled and gyrated to the sweetness I was giving her.

The first shot was painful. The blast made me see bright lights all around us. I wrapped my arms around Sheryl tightly as my lava spewed into her, mixing with her juices; cumming as she came. I held her tightly, making sure that she got it all. The sounds of sex, wet sex, permeated through the vehicle –snapping and sloshing sounds– as we continued to discharge our bodily fluids.

Sheryl screamed. It wasn’t an orgasmic scream.

I opened my eyes. There were bright lights on either side of the car. Strobbing red and blue lights flashed from behind us.

There was a tapping on my window. It was the police.

Sheryl tried to move off of me, but the officer shouted for her to stay exactly where she was and for me to let down the window.

There was one flashlight in my face: one in Sheryl’s face. I had no choice. I had to let down the window. I was caught, so I had to play it as cool as possible to ensure that this didn’t blow up too big.

I had to appeal to the man in them. “Good morning, Officer,” I said politely, looking up but unable to see his face due to the bright light shining in my eyes.

“Do you know what you are doing could get. you killed?”

“I’m sorry, Officer…we just got caught up in the moment.”

“Caught up in the moment?” the officer scowled, pulling his credentials.

“I know that you’re an officer…you don’t have to show me your badge,” I chuckled nervously.

“You don’t recognize the name?”

“I can’t see shit…I meant…I can’t see anything. You have that bright light shining directly in my eyes.”

“Here, take a look now?” he said, taking the light out of my eyes and shining it on his badge and ID.

“Keith Barker,” I read out loud, shaking my head. “No, I don’t recognize that name. Am I supposed to know you, Officer?”


“You, shut the fuck up!” he shouted, shining the flashlight into Sheryl’s face.

Sheryl shut up and used her arms to hide her breasts.

“Officer, I’m the one that’s responsible for this. There’s no need to speak to her that way.”

“I can speak to her any damn way I please,” he snarled.

Now I was getting worried. This officer was losing his cool. And his hand –the one that had been holding his badge– was now on the butt of his service weapon. “Officer…”

“You don’t recognize my name? Barker?” he snapped, cutting me off.

“No, Officer, I don’t.” I snarled, growing impatient also. “If you’re going to give me a ticket, then go ahead and give it to me…”

“Ticket! You could lose your life…”

“There’s no reason to blow this out of proportion,” I said, cutting his tirade off.

“You’re lucky that I don’t blow your fucking head off…”

“Just wait one fuc… Just wait one minute. I know what we we’re doing is illegal but…”

“What is your name?”

“You want my license and registration?”

“I asked you a question. What.Is.Your.Name?”


“Ryan, what is your passenger’s name?”


“Sheryl? That’s a hoot. Is that the name she gave you? How long have you two been seeing each other?”

“Keith…” Sheryl started.

“I told you to shut up,” the officer yelled. ”Well, Ryan, her name isn’t Sheryl. Her name is Tameka. Tameka Barker.”

“Tameka Barker,” I repeated, looking at her. “This your brother?”

“Brother? Try her fucking husband,” he snarled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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