Giving Up Control Ch. 03


Author’s note~~ read parts 1 and 2 for the back story.

~~Part 3~~

Roughly 2 hours after I had been tied to the toilet the door was opened and the light turned on. I was so excited that I started to gag again on the rubber cock, but by this time I had learned to turn off my gag reflex and control the gagging. It had taken me about a half hour to learn to do that. The saliva that had drooled out of my mouth throughout the last hour was so slimy, sliding down my oiled chest and between my legs.

I saw the white man come into the room alone and shut the door. He removed the headphones then undid the straps on the dildo and slowly pulled it out of my mouth. I was so happy to have the music stop playing so loudly in my ears and the black dildo out of my throat. I could see he was excited and I found out why.

He wrapped his hand around my hairless little teenage cock and I suddenly remembered the Viagra. I had been so concerned about the dildo gagging me and the loud music scaring me that I had forgotten about the pills that made my hairless cock rock hard and my head go a million miles an hour. I hadn’t forgotten the water though, and had to pee extremely bad. He slapped my cock back and forth hard a few times, then stood up facing me. He straddled my face and in one motion, pushed his 10 inch cock all the way down my throat.

There was nothing I could do as I was kneeling there tied and helpless. I wished I could pass out but I knew the speed they had forced down my throat wouldn’t let me do that on my own. He began to pump his cock in and out of my throat, sometimes pulling all the way out and smearing my sloppy drool on my face.

At times he would force his cock deep into my throat until my nose was buried in his crotch and I was gagging hard and drooling out the sides of my mouth. He would hold me down on his cock so I couldn’t breathe, keeping me there until I lost consciousness. I would wake to find him holding my limp head in both hands while roughly fucking my throat as I was unconscious. waking up with him violating my mouth and throat made me feel completely helpless and hysterically frightened, yet for some reason I was more Escort sexually aroused tonight than I could remember ever being before.

Even with being scared, I couldn’t help thinking about what the old man had told me in the note on his front door a few weeks ago. He had said that he wanted to make me a sexual plaything, and he had said that I would do anything he wanted. I had agreed voluntarily to that so I suppose this was part of that fantasy and as scared as I was, the complete lack of control did turn me on in a very dirty way.

The white man had enjoyed my throat for ten minutes or so when the black man entered the room. He came up and knelt between the white man’s spread legs which gave him total access to my cock, which was so hard with the cock ring on it that it physically hurt.

As the white man continued to force feed me his cock, the black man smeared the drool from my chest down onto my cock, coating it with my bubbly saliva. He twisted and tugged on the butt plug, further loosening my asshole. I felt him pull the plug roughly out of my asshole and slam it back in, over and over, forcing my asshole very wide open as I felt baby oil trickle out of my ass and down my legs. when he was done, he rammed the plug back into my ass and told me I would have to work to hold it in now because my pathetic asshole was really loose. With that he stood up to admire his handiwork.

The white man stopped fucking my throat and backed up to stand by the black man and look me over. As they watched, they told me to go ahead and piss so I released my painfully full bladder and felt the piss splash up onto my chest and face. As I pissed all over myself, I saw the two men move in closer to me and begin to piss all over my body. As the white man pissed on me, he grabbed me by the hair and forced his cock into my throat while he was pissing. I felt like I might almost drown as this man’s semi hard cock buried itself in my throat while his piss trickled into my stomach.

When I was fully covered in piss, they took turns slapping my face and tugging harshly on my cock, telling me that I was their slave boy now and that this was just a small taste of what they had in store for me. The black man rubbed more of my saliva on my cock and began to stroke me. As his hand wrapped around my cock I felt a weird sense of pleasure, being in complete submission to these men did scare me a lot, but it turned me on in a perverse, dirty sort of way.

As the man jerked my cock roughly, I felt my orgasm growing. After a few minutes of being forcefully masturbated I began to cum. It felt wonderful to release my cum tied up and naked in front of these middle aged men. The black man caught my semen in his hand and brought it up to my face. He forced his fingers in my mouth causing me to feel and taste my own slimy hot cum as it coated the inside of my mouth and globs dripped down my raw throat.

The white man told me that he loved using boys like me, and that he was going to enjoy my teen body all he wanted. He said that it turned him on to be in total control of my naked and shaved eighteen year old body. With that, I saw the black man empty a small vial of fluid onto a washcloth which he put up to my face. I had to inhale the fumes, and within a few seconds, the room went gray and I passed out.

I woke to find myself on my stomach on a stool of some sort with my arms and legs spread and chained to the sides. I could still taste my cum in my mouth, and when I looked up I noticed I was facing a cinder block wall.

The wall was covered in pictures of me tied up and being used, both from last week and tonight. On either side of me were large flat-screen television sets. One was playing the video that had been recorded by the old man last week. I looked at the other TV and realized I had been recorded tonight as well, obviously by hidden camera. The volume was turned up loud and I could hear myself gagging loud and whimpering in the videos. I looked back at the pictures to see if I could see any faces. It was then that I saw the letter in the center of the wall.

“You have signed a legal contract to be our slave and not to question or complain about anything we do. This was originally going to be a one night thing but we saw you enjoying it so we tore off the blackmail at the top of the email you brought with you so it looks as if you signed a contract.

We have you on video following all the instructions in the contract perfectly and it looks as if you have been enjoying yourself. Every second of tonight has been recorded fully by several hidden cameras, and you seem to have been enjoying your submission. We bought all your pics and videos from that old man and we have decided that we are going to use you to make a lot more. If you do not do exactly as you are told, there is a mass email waiting to be sent to all your contacts from your email and facebook accounts with your signed slave contract and all the pictures and video of you that we have taken.

You will soon be writing a letter to your parents telling them that you have run away to Florida and that you will be in contact with them when you decide and that they should not come looking for you. We will mail it to a friend in Florida and he will mail it to your parents so they will really believe you have run away to Florida.

They will not come looking for you, you are 18 and an adult. No one cares about you and no one will go looking for you. We are going to use you for things you would never dream.

You are for sex now only.

You will suck cock every day, and you will almost always have something stretching your asshole wide. we are going to permanently remove all the hair from your neck down, and we are going to keep your cock ring on all the time. You will be taking two large Viagra every day from now on.

You will be loaned out to our very perverted friends to be used however they like, for as long as they like. You will meet other young slaves and do all sorts of things to each other. you will be forced to play with other 18 year old slaves. you will watch as a room full of older men tie up an eighteen year old girl and use her in ways you never thought possible knowing that they are only preparing for you. We are going to make you think only about sex and we are going to keep you full of whatever drugs we see fit. You are going to be our slave boy so get used to it.”

Reading this I was scared out of my mind, and yet for some reason I couldn’t wait for tonight to continue, and I felt my cock growing again.

to be continued…

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