Free-Use Spanish Teacher

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“Alright everybody, class dismissed!” Ms. Greenberg said to her Senior Spanish class. All the students walked out of the classroom, except Danny who walked up to her desk with his graded exam in his hand. Ms. Greenberg hoped he would come to her after class, she hated having to fail her students but Danny left her no choice!

“Hey Ms. Greenberg, I was hoping to talk to you about my grade.”

“Hi Danny, I hoped you would stay after to talk about that. You know I’m here for help if you’re struggling with the material, I’d rather stay and tutor you than give you an F! It brings me no joy to do that, but you just don’t seem to be grasping the material.”

“I know, I’m sorry. I think I’m just having trouble focusing in class.”

Ms. Greenberg sighed. She knew what this was about. She knows that she’s “the hot teacher” in school, and it causes a lot of problems for a lot of the boys, especially the ones who aren’t 21 yet. She cares deeply for her students and she would do whatever it took to help them succeed, but the law is the law!

Danny continued, “It’s just that… I’m so attracted to you and I keep thinking about cumming on your face, or fucking your tits, or eating your pussy. It’s too hard to focus! I was hoping you could just suck me off or something quick, I really think it would help.”

Ms. Greenberg sighed. “I know, Danny. My senior class is always a tough one, but you know the law! I know you’re 18, and normally I would just consent if you asked, but the school has a policy against teachers relieving students. You know the law, as soon as you’re 21 you’ll be fine, you’ll be able to use whoever you’d like! But hopefully it won’t be me anymore, I don’t want you failing high school Spanish for the next 3 years,” she said with a warm smile. “And if you still want to come use my holes, then I love it when my students come back and visit!”

Danny perked up a little bit and smiled. “I know the law, Ms. Greenberg, I really cannot wait to be 21. I’m sure I’ll come back and visit. But I talked to my mom and told her about the problem. She really wants me to do well in Spanish because it will look good on college applications, so she called the school and asked if they could do anything. They ended up giving her a permission slip and she signed it!”

Danny pulled a note from his back pocket and Ms. Greenberg was surprised. “Oh, I didn’t know we had permission slips!” She took the note and unfolded it and read the note out loud. “I, Stacy Mills, give Ms. Greenberg permission to let my son, Danny Mills, use her however he requests. I hereby relieve Morris High School of all liability, and I fully endorse this arrangement. Signed, Stacy Millis.”

Ms. Greenberg looked back up at Danny. “This isn’t a prank or anything is it?”

“No ma’am! You can ask Principal Davis, he gave it the thumbs up.”

“And this is really your mom’s signature? You didn’t forge it or something?”

“Of course not, you can call her princess power izle after class if you’d like.”

Ms. Greenberg was surprised, but this was great news! She had a problem with her students focusing for years, she always wished she could do more to make them succeed in her class. If she could just tell them all they needed was a permission slip to use her as they pleased, maybe this would help them get the fantasies out of their heads and focus on Spanish!

“Good job taking the initiative to do this, Danny! Well, of course you can use me!” She started unbuttoning her shirt and Danny’s eyes got wide. “I’ve only got 8 minutes until my 3pm class so you’ll have to be fast. Take off your pants, I’ll suck you off like you asked.”

Danny quickly reached for his belt. “Wow, thanks Ms. Greenberg! I’ll try to be really fast, I’ve been wanting this for so long I’m sure it won’t be a problem.”

Ms. Greenberg let her bra hit the floor just as Danny’s cock came out of his pants.

“Wow!” they both said at the same time, and they started laughing.

“Your tits are just as perfect as I imagined!” Danny said. He reached out and squeezed her natural D-cup breasts, twisting her nipples between his fingers.

“Thanks Danny, you’ve got quite a cock there! Let’s see what I can do with this thing.”

Ms. Greenberg led Danny behind her desk and had him sit in her chair. She got on her knees in front of him and wrapped her fingers around his cock. “Wow, I can’t even touch my index finger to my thumb around your cock. I hope I can fit enough of this in my mouth, we don’t have a ton of time!” She held the base of his cock with both hands and opened her mouth wide. She fit his head in her mouth and started twirling her tongue around it, looking up into his eyes. She noticed his adorable dumbfounded look and giggled with the dick in her mouth.

She tried to go down deeper and was able to get about half way until she gagged. Danny groaned deeply and said “Oh sorry, Ms. Greenberg, are you ok?” She pulled her head off his cock, and gasped a bit. She pulled the strings of spit connecting her lips to his shaft off of her mouth and used them to stroke him. “Oh you’re so sweet, honey, I’m fine! It’s a little trick I use so I can get more spit.”

She went down as far as she could one more time and made it slightly further than the last time. She pulled up and wiped the spit from her lips again and used it to make his cock sleek with her saliva.

“Oh fuck, Ms. Greenberg that feels amazing. Oh, sorry for cursing.”

“Don’t worry about it honey, I’m glad it feels good.” She went back down on his cock, falling into a fast rhythm with her mouth and hands. She made sure to swirl her tongue around his shaft as she sucked, trying to use any tricks she could to relieve him quickly.

“Oh my god, Ms Greenberg I’ve never felt anything like this before.” Danny said as his body shook with pleasure.

Ms. represent izle Greenberg looked back at the clock. “Shoot, we’ve only got 5 minutes left. Let me try something else.” She quickly got up and pushed away some papers on her desk. She laid on the desk on her back, tilting her neck over the edge of the desk so her head hung upside down. “Here Danny, fuck my mouth like this, you might be able to get deeper. You can play with my tits too if you’d like.”

“Wow, great idea Ms Greenberg!” Danny jumped up and grabbed his cock to guide it into her open mouth. He pushed deep into her throat, feeling his balls slap her nose. He let out a deep moan and pulled out of her mouth slowly.

“Are you sure this is alright? I don’t want you to choke, Ms Greenberg.”

“Don’t worry about me, honey. I’m yours to use however you please! If I need to take a breath I’ll just slap your thigh.”

Danny smiled and nodded, and he started pushing his cock in and out of her mouth. She grabbed his butt cheeks and squeezed on them, pushing him deeper down her wet throat. She took much more of his dick in this position and he could feel her mouth filling with phlegm and spit with each thrust. He started squeezing her nipples and felt her throat vibrate as she moaned onto his cock.

Danny reached down her stomach and undid the button on her pants. As he unzipped her pants, he asked “Can I play with your pussy, Ms Greenberg?” She slapped his thigh and he pulled his long cock out of her throat. She let out a little gasp and wiped some of the spit from her mouth. “Sure, Danny, if you think it will help you cum faster. I’m going to have students walking in soon.”

“Yes ma’am, I think it will,” he said as he pulled her pants down, exposing her pussy. He reached down and stuck his fingers between her silky lips. “Wow, I thought there was no way you actually didn’t wear panties like I fantasized! Your pussy feels so good, can I taste it?”

She let out a non-verbal “mhmm” and she moved her face down, letting his cock rest on her chin as she positioned her mouth under his scrotum. He leaned over and put his tongue into her slick cunt and moaned into her as she put both balls into her mouth and used her tongue to reach back towards his asshole.

“Oh fuck, Ms. Greenberg that feels amazing!”

She kept licking his taint and sucking his balls as she noticed her first students coming in the door, making eye contact with her between Danny’s legs as her head dangled upside down over her desk. She spit his balls out of her mouth and said “Sorry kids, take your seats and give me one moment, we’re just finishing up here.”

Danny was unphased by the students walking in and kept burying his face into her delicious pussy.

“Danny, honey, my class is starting soon. Do you think you’ll finish soon if I let you fuck me?”

“Sorry, Ms. Greenberg, yeah I think that would help. Would you mind if I fucked your ass instead rick and morty izle of your pussy?”

“Oh boy, ok sure but only if you think it will be quicker than my pussy!”

“Oh definitely.”

“Alright then,” Ms. Greenberg said as she slid out from under Danny’s legs. She got up from the desk and fixed her hair a bit as her class filled up with students, all watching attentively. “Sorry kids, just one more minute. Why don’t you take your notes out from yesterday and we’ll begin as soon as we’re finished up.”

“Holy shit, Danny, nice cock!” said the cute blonde girl sitting in the front row, blushing.

Danny smirked at her. “Thanks, Sarah.”

Ms. Greenberg quickly pulled down her pants to her ankles and bent over her desk. She spit into her palm and reached between her legs to stick her wet fingers into her asshole.

“Ok Danny, go ahead and go in slowly.”

Danny pushed the head of his cock into her asshole and Ms. Greenberg let out a loud moan and a giggle. The class laughed along with her. “Oh boy, sorry again, class! Danny’s got a big dick for me, I’m not used to this.”

Danny slowly pushed inside of her tight asshole and felt the pressure of her walls clench around his shaft. “Oh God, Ms. Greenberg your asshole is amazing! This is definitely going to do the trick.”

“Glad to hear that, honey. Have fun but do it quick!”

Danny grabbed her hips and started fucking her asshole faster. He could feel his balls hit her wet pussy each time he pressed himself all the way inside of her. His body started to clench up and he said “Oh shit I’m going to cum Ms. Greenberg, where should I finish?”

“Shoot, we don’t have any time to clean up the mess. Just pull out and cum in my mouth.”

He thrusted into her 2 more times before pulling out and jerking his cock. She quickly twisted around and dropped to her knees. She grabbed his dick out of his hands and stroked him onto her tongue. She looked up at him and watched him as he moaned loudly before she could feel his cock pulse in her hands. She felt the first rope of his warm cum land on her tongue, and it was followed by 2 more. A fourth shot over her head and onto Sarah’s desk.

“Oh shit. Sorry, Sarah,” Danny said, embarrassed. The class laughed, and so did Sarah. “No worries!” she said, giggling.

Ms. Greenberg felt his cock pulse one last time and she squeezed the last drop out of him. She swallowed the warm load in her mouth and picked her bra up off the ground.

“Alright, Danny, I hope you enjoyed that! No more F’s, ok? I want your full attention in class from now on.”

She grabbed a Kleenex off her desk and started to wipe off his wet dick. “You got it, Ms. Greenberg. Thanks so much, I really think this is going to help!”

“I hope it does! Now get to your next class!” She said as she tossed the Kleenex in the trash and handed another to Sarah.

“Sorry about that Sarah, thank you for understanding.”

“No problem, Ms Greenberg!” Sarah said as she wiped Danny’s cum off her desk.

Danny pulled his pants up and walked out of the room. Ms. Greenberg wiped the spit and cum from her lips and put her bra back on.

“Alright, class. Now we left off yesterday with conjugating verbs in the imperfect tense…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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