First Time With Joe Ch. 02

Big Dick

Chapter Two Sexercising with Joe

At first it was not all plain sailing with Joe, that first time was absolutely fabulous when we became acquainted so intimately.

But one does not really get to know another only after just one meeting. I had sensed his masterful disposition. That didn’t worry me too much because something from my really life, I don’t know what, made me feel good about being obedient in a subservient way.

During our first meeting in his mobile caravan, and when he so wonderfully touched and teased me behind, first over my jeans and then inside, it was all very thrilling and exciting, and it was nice too knowing that Joe enjoyed me that way.

I was in my element being touched, teased. sucked and licked in all my very sensitive places. He spent quality times discovering my likes and dislikes and. Of course. It was just as much fun for me too. It was the first time I had ever touched another guys cock or anything in the lower region. I particularly remember that very first intimate touch in the shower room when we simply stood there and let our cocks touch, looking into each other’s eyes to take in the wonderful expression of sheer lust and joy.

That was just a quickie though because it was done on the spur of the moment. But it was an opening to our mutual desire to take it further and when at last, I got my first taste of desirable hard cock I was in my element. It was something special too hearing his moans in different tomes and volumes as I tried different things with mouth and tongue.

As our meetings in his mobile caravan grew more frequent so our need for each other grew more intense. As soon as he welcomed me at the door I could see instantly he had a real large swelling beneath his summer shorts which I found very erotic and encouraging

His was a real beauty, it certainly was and to feel its rigidly form in my mouth coupled with the feel of his foreskin as I twisted and tuned my tongue just inside, gradually and teasingly working it back until I could get a good taster of his glans with that beautiful jap eye in the centre.

I savoured the nectar as he grasped the girth of his erection and prompted it upwards , pushing his glans against the roof of my wide open mouth. Then I felt just a surge and a drop of pre-cum squirt onto my tonge. I tasted it. It was like sea salt but not at all how I imagined, I slowly dared to let it dribble down my throat, something escort bayan I could never have dreamt doing until I met Joe, but with him it seemed right and beautiful and as a he stretched his foreskin back tight, urging me to suck, suck, suck.

I was in a complete world of my own, instinctively sucking and wanking his cock simultaneously as he continued to beckon me on with lots of swearing to suit the occasion.

This would be a first timer too, when I felt him squirt his hot white cum deep into my throat. I found myself grasping his hips as I held my breath, kneeling there before him mouthy opened wide and feeling the plunge of his cock enter my throat.

I managed to squeeze and so push him out of my mouth for a pause, so I could get some air, but that was not for long because then he wanted more.

“You had better get used to this, because you are going to get plenty of it” he grunted plunging that still so very rigid earthy cock into my mouth again. My mouth was full of his fuck juice squelching ar0un in my mouth as he continued to mouth fuck me.

By the to me he had finished with me I was glad because both my tongue and mouth felt numb.

Now I was beginning to discover the real Joe Philips as he started to get much more outgoing in his approach and his demands. For that is what he was all about I soon realised – to be the dominant male and as our visits became more familiar his sexual diversions became regular, and, although there were certain things I did not particularly like, I had to take the rough with the smooth so when, for example, he spanked me stretched across his right leg I gritted my teeth and hoped it would soon end so that I could enjoy the next stage, which would fully make up for that surge of pain brewing deep in my rear.

So every time I arrived it was the over his knee bit first. That was after he’d stripped me and messed with my ass. He could never get enough of the sucking and licking, and then, when the spanking was over, there he was again, me on all fours and him stretched out beneath me, prompting me to crouch over his face until his mouth was fully emerged into my crack.

During this time he would really rub up my fresh spanked ass cheeks though with lots of soothing lubricant, which made all the pain go away and leave just a numbness, which was rather pleasant really.

And then Joe would go to it again, planting his head between my altıparmak escort bayan thighs and really having a ball. Yes, it was all worth the pain. I grew to enjoy the pain and pleasure bit. He knew he had hurt me but after he’d reached satisfaction with me he gave me a real sympathetic hug. Explaining that he just could not stop his full emotions coming out.

But it seemed that was the name of the game. If Wanted to keep up the relationship with Joe I had to abide to his dominance although, sometimes, when he changed his spanking habits for example – when he started to use a paddle on me and then sometimes a cane, every swish stung as it came down firmly on my ass cheeks.

I grit my teeth and took the immense pain, but knowing he would sooth it after wards, and the wonderful joy of all that.

“I love your sweet ass babe” he said nudging me after each firm contact. “I adore the way each cheek wobbles as I thrash you. You ass is made for spanking and thrashing. And wearing your tight brush jeans really emphasised the tightness of the curves I love and adore so much/ Keep it that way for me Pete and we shall continue to have lots of sexercise.

That word again; sexercise, It sort of summed up our relationship. Their was never much dialogue when we were together, he declared every minute with me was precious and we should make the very best of our quality time together.

He certainly did that.

His eventual l fuck was always the highlight of out session, because if most other things he wanted to do with me were predictable, the fucking never was. There were so many ways he liked to have me according to which mood he was in. Which made it always thrilling. Usually by the time he had his way with me, how he wanted all the thrashing over his knee, over the back of the couch, or sideways on the bed, my wrists tied and my mouth gagged and stuffed with an apple. All that, what he called; beautiful dirty stuff when he’d rub the consequential juices from my well worked asshole into my face and his too, and licked my hole raw.

I never knew after such sessions how he would want to fuck me. I liked it doggy much of the time, that was I could be absolutely all ass for him. I’d waggle and sway to his command. He’d stretch my cheeks apart once more and take his feed of my natural juices, spurned by those wonderful experiments with the anal vibrator s and things, nilüfer eskort and still he loved to use the proverbial screwdriver head in me, usually before the fuck, he’d make me really frantic as he stuffed the bulbous handle deep up my ass until In yelled for his fuck proper..

And then I’d appreciate the feel of real cock deep fucking me, thrusting and moving in different directions which was nice. When he’d had his lot I was still wide open for him to indulge in some more licking, holing and sucking. There I was still on all fours

But I guess it was equally as good when sometimes he fancied me scissor style when I’d feel; his huge cock enter me sideways. It felt someti8mes like he was splitting me in half, he was so emerged into what he was doing, all the moaning, the grunting and always the swearing made it complete

The sideways fuck was different again, when I laid on my side, that is. Hel could d get a good grip on my thighs to enter me in a very deep slow thrusting mode, and the fucking usually took longer.

But at the end of the day the feel of him sliding up into me was absolutely beautiful.

I told him that no matter how he wanted me, I would always enjoy his fuck.

It seemed it would never end our beautiful relationship. And it was always so fresh each time we met.

But I did wonder at the end of our last session how I would cope with his latest suggestion

With me having told him where I bought the anal vibrators and dildo’s, he’d sprung this catalogue on me.

“See what you think, Pete” he said opening a particular page and letting me see.

He was pointing at a double penetrator. I comprised of an ample sized rubber cock, attached to a ring like gadget that fitted around the girth of a live cock.

“What do you thin Pete? This way you could have the best of both words, a double penetration would be great and of course, as always, you could see the action on the monitor screen.”

We hadn’t used the camcorder of late. I guess the novelty had worn off, But it would be fun watching this on the monitor.

I wondered just how it would feel. Would my hole take both okay?

“As always I shall be careful, Pete. Just tell me to stop if it gets too much.”

But I knew Joe by now, that never works if he is well frenzied in what he is doing. But that’s okay though, because I have become accustomed to it and it made for a thrilling fuck always.

But the double penetration. Would it work and would I be able to stretch open that much?

I took a good gander at the picture and finally said I would be willing to try. I was still unsure though. The things I do for Joe. But he is worth is because he has changed my life completely.

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