First Taste

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This is my first attempt at a gay male story. I’ve kept it short, but hopefully sweet. Please send feedback if you’d like to see more of the same, perhaps a little longer and with more detail next time. Obviously the more I get the more I’m inclined to write! Also if there are any suggestions for further scenes or stories I’d be pleased to receive them.

First Taste

I couldn’t believe I was actually going to meet Phil. It was one thing to enjoy a dirty hotel threesome with him and his sexy girlfriend, which we’d managed on the previous Saturday night. But it was an entirely different prospect to meet him on his own.

It had all started when we’d arranged to meet at a local hotel. I’d never met Phil and Karen before, I’d answered a swinger’s ad and was quite pleasantly surprised when the couple turned up at the room. Karen was quite pretty, very busty, and a fantastic fuck as it turned out. It was a bit of a shock when Phil had asked openly if he could suck my cock along with his girlfriend, but after a little deliberation I thought to myself, why not?

I was surprised by what a turn on I found the whole situation to be, and I must admit that I thought about our antics for most of the following day. Then, out of the blue on Tuesday I received a phone call from Phil. Was I doing anything that afternoon? The answer was no. Would I like to come over to his place and watch some porn and maybe play a little? I thought about it briefly and decided to throw caution to the wind I took Phil’s address, agreeing to meet him at about 4pm.

I parked in the driveway of what I hoped to be Phil’s house. My mind was put at rest very soon however when I saw the front door open and Phil smiling just inside the house.

‘Hello mate,’ he said, stepping back and allowing me over the threshold. ‘…Tea, coffee, beer?’ Phil asked as he showed me into his well furnished living room.

‘…Er, a beer would be great, thanks Phil.’ I replied. This was a surreal situation for me; I’d never done this before in my life, not with just another man present, I’d been part of more than a couple of threesome’s in my time, and had seen a few hard cocks, but this was the first time I’d ever been alone with another man for a sexual reason. I was torn by conflicting emotions and thoughts.

I was slightly dubious about actually touching another man’s body, but paradoxically I was excited as well. I didn’t really know if I wanted to kiss Phil, or indeed how far I would actually go with him. I had made up my mind to meet him on the spur of the moment, and hadn’t given any thought to the situation at all. Perhaps if I’d allowed myself time to think I wouldn’t have come.

But I was here now.

‘Here you go,’ said Phil when he returned from the kitchen. He set the beers down on the table and looked at me. ‘What would you like to watch?’ he asked.

‘Huh?’ I replied woodenly. I was caught off guard by Phil’s question.

‘Porn…’ He smiled at me. ‘What film?’

‘Oh!’ I replied, reddening with embarrassment at my stupidity. ‘Er… whatever you like.’

Phil put a DVD into the player and pressed the remote. The screen flickered for a brief moment izmit rus escort and then the picture solidified. The scene opened with two blonde men sucking a huge black penis. It was a shockingly good picture and I watched the scene develop with interest. The two men were handsome, clean cut and muscular, and the black cock was obligingly long and thick. It was totally new porn to me and I devoured it avidly.

I could feel my cock stiffening at the erotic images on screen and settled onto the sofa next to Phil quite happily.

‘Shall we get naked?’ Phil asked, already unbuttoning his shirt.

‘Sure,’ I responded. The DVD aroused me, and the added frisson of forbidden sex with another man was turning me on immensely. I stood and pulled off my clothes, leaving them in a discarded heap next to my seat.

I looked at Phil as he sat next to me watching the screen. He was stroking his long cock gently and I took a moment to admire his flat stomach and muscular, tanned thighs. Phil’s cock looked like it would be quite a size when fully erect. It was quite fat, with thick veins along the shaft and topped off by a big, domed head.

I copied Phil and slowly wanked my own decent sized prick to a full bodied erection. He looked across to me and smiled. Without a word Phil reached across the narrow gap that divided us on is sofa, and he calmly placed his hand around my shaft. This surprised me at first. I’d never had a man touch me in such an intimate way before and it was a strangely disturbing feeling. I closed my eyes for a moment and surrendered to the sensation of Phil’s fingers slowly massaging my prick. Then I just let myself go completely and made a decision to just enjoy what was happening, to go with the feeling.

‘Is that Ok?’ Phil whispered, ‘Do you like it?’

I opened my eyes and looked directly into Phil’s unsure face. ‘It’s fucking fantastic,’ I murmured. ‘I… I never realised that a man would do this to me,’ my voice faltered as the sweet feelings darted through the head of my cock.

Phil moved closer to me on the settee, so close I could feel the heat from his bare skin next to me. I looked down at Phil’s gorgeous erection and felt the overpowering compulsion to touch him as he was touching me. Trembling with the anticipation, I slowly reached out and tentatively took hold of Phil’s thick shaft. It felt very, very strange. I couldn’t believe that I was holding anther man’s prick in my fist. Phil’s big, blunt cock head stuck out from my grasp, all purple and angry looking. It was strange to hold his cock. It felt like mine but the dimensions were so unfamiliar, like a once familiar town that I’d not visited for years, it vaguely looked the same but some of the detail was changed.

I began to wank Phil’s prick slowly, he groaned and let his head fall back against the backrest of the seat. ‘That’s nice,’ he sighed. ‘Wank me, that’s it… do it slowly, make me huge.’

Phil let go of my cock and allowed me to massage him, allowed me to get familiar with the new texture and size of a different penis. I felt the incredible power that he had entrusted me with. The power of control over his izmit escort thick phallus, he was just sitting back and letting me take things at my own pace, and I found I was enjoying his thick maleness as it throbbed in my hand.

‘That’s enough… no more, please, I’ll come.’ Phil’s voice was a guttural croak as he placed his hand on mine to stop me pleasuring his cock any more.

‘I want to try something else now,’ Phil said and shifted position on the sofa. ‘Just watch the film, let me do some of the work,’ he whispered, moving his torso across my body.

I wasn’t sure what Phil was up to but allowed him to lie across my lap, his skin electric on mine as our bodies touched. Phil picked my penis up from where it lay, stiff as iron up along my stomach, and I watched with fascination as he licked the head of my cock with the wet tip of his tongue. As he slurped at the dome of my prick Phil looked up at me, he sort of smiled around my cock and then wrapped his lips fully around it, taking me into his mouth.

The sight of this man sucking on my root stunned me. He had his eyes closed as was murmuring as he fellated me, little groans of pleasure escaping from his throat. Phil obviously enjoyed giving head and he was very good at it too, as good as any woman I’d ever experienced in the past.

Phil let my cock plop from his lips and held it tightly in is hand. He licked down my shaft and gently lapped at my hairy balls where they nestled in my lap. Then he wanked me a little before sucking on my helmet yet again. His face was filled with lust as he tugged hard on my prick and I felt my spunk beginning to threaten.

‘Oh God,’ I groaned. ‘I think it’s going to explode.’

‘Not yet it’s not,’ Phil grinned at me. I could see his cheeks smeared with my pre cum from where he’d been lapping at the sides of my stalk and the helmet had rubbed against his face. ‘It’s not come time yet my beauty,’ he sighed, moving up to kiss my mouth.

This was another first for me, kissing another man. Not only was he kissing me, but also I could taste my own prick on his tongue. My cock surged with lust when Phil broke away from me; he smiled at me wickedly, ‘Your turn.’

I looked at Phil’s big cock where it jutted from his sparse pubic bush and I knew I had to suck it. I bent low over Phil’s lap and took my first taste of penis. It wasn’t like I expected at all. His dome was very slippery and my tongue slid all around it before I managed to control his slick helmet. I felt the smoothness of the head and ran the tip of my tongue underneath it and felt the bump of his banjo string.

I copied Phil’s actions and licked the length of him, even licking the soft sac that covered his testes. Phil’s cock began to leak pre cum of its own, and I savoured the clear, syrupy fluid as I slurped at it eagerly.

‘Oh yes!’ Phil hissed through clenched teeth. ‘Suck my cock, you bastard. That’s right, all the way in; suck me… That’s so good.’

His words spurred me on and I devoured his prick, slobbering over it, and even rubbing the slippery, oozing purple head of it around my face as I’d seen porn stars do. I looked up at Phil as I took his shaft into kocaeli escort my mouth, wanking him at the base of his cock as I sucked, his eyes were closed and his face twisted with the pleasure I was giving.

‘Stop! …No more!’ Phil shouted loudly. ‘I’m so close… stop, please.’

I let Phil’s cock fall out of my mouth and sat up straight in the chair. ‘What’s the matter?’ I asked, puzzled.

‘Nothing, nothing at all, that was fucking fantastic,’ he panted, his chest heaving. ‘We’d better stop soon,’ he continued. ‘My wife… She’ll be home soon.’

‘Your wife?’ I asked incredulously. ‘So who’s Karen?’

‘My girlfriend, she’s my girlfriend. I met her at work, she’s hot stuff as you know, we started an affair, but she’s got more than enough of an appetite for me. That’s why we did the threesome…’ Phil’s admission left me bemused.

‘And your wife?’ I asked.

‘Well… you know how it is…’ He left the rest unsaid. ‘Anyway, she’ll be home soon…’

He leant across me again and took my cock into his mouth once more. Fuck it, I thought to myself. I couldn’t give a shit about Phil’s wife. I’d come here today to get my first taste of cock and I’d bloody well enjoyed myself. If Phil had a wife and a girlfriend, that was his look out.

I sat back and enjoyed Phil’s busy tongue as he sucked and licked at my cock again.

‘You Ok?’ he asked after a few moments of action.

‘Oh yes, I sure am,’ I replied contentedly.

‘Great,’ Phil replied, brightening instantly, ‘Let me taste your come.’

Phil wanked at me and sucked like a demon. He licked at my shaft and drooled over my fat prick like a slut. I felt my spunk begin to spurt, and Phil bravely took the first two jets into his mouth. My gushing cock arced thick gobs of semen onto Phil’s face, some of it spattering his hair. I continued to spit my goo from the end of my prick, and Phil greedily licked the last oozing drops as it seeped from the eye of my cock.

Instantly he offered his mouth to me and I kissed him deeply, tasting the saltiness of my own semen on his wriggling tongue. When he broke off the kiss Phil’s face was coated with my spunk and I could see his big prick was in need of my attention.

I fell to my knees in front of Phil and began to suck at his hugely engorged prick again. He groaned and sighed at my efforts and caught me by surprise when the first jet of hot liquid spurted onto the back of my throat. I knew I wouldn’t be able to swallow his load, well not at this first attempt anyway, so I let his spitting cock spring from my mouth.

I felt the shock of his hot semen hitting my face; I tried to catch his gushes on my tongue, and some of Phil’s spunk found its target, whilst other spurts of the stuff gouted thickly onto my cheeks and face.

‘Oh yes, you fucking cumslut,’ Phil growled as he watched me take his thick drops on my tongue and upturned face. ‘Drink my cum, you whore,’ he continued to swear at me as his orgasm surged through his cock end.

I stood and kissed Phil on the mouth, taking control this time and pushing my spunk smeared tongue deep.

Phil and I stood naked, our pricks dangling at half mast, still dribbling thick goo from our cock ends. Our faces were smeared with our mixed deposits, and we must have taken his poor wife completely by surprise when she opened the front door and surveyed the scene of debauchery that awaited her return.

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