Fine, Just Fine

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It was hard to believe but at the same time it wasn’t. Here in this seedy motel room I was balls deep in a woman I had never met before. The condom was full, and she looked up at me, “are you okay”?

“Fine, just fine,” Nothing can prepare you for it. Not sex with the wife, or the sex with the ex-girlfriends, somehow someway in this strange woman’s body I found the emotional release I had been craving for such a long time.

I pulled out and took the condom off. She watched as I threw it in the trash. My dick was raw, I didn’t lube the inside before I strapped in. It was an amazing fuck, I could not have cooked up a better scenario.

Chat on an app, connect with her, set the date, paid for the room, and she shows up ready to fuck. I mean really ready to fuck. Pussy nice and trim, smelled clean, this ain’t the snatch old hubby got last night or last week. A lacy bra and panties, easy to remove but hard to want to remove them, make out for almost an hour before I started fingering her, one finger first, then the second. Let the moans tell you where to go. Loud moans means better, keep at it until she slides south and pulls “what’s his face” out of bahçelievler escort my boxers. Licks him kindly, and proceeds to suck on the helmet, just the helmet for several minutes.

If you remember a scene from movies where the characters did drugs and time slows down? Well time slows when a blow job is done right. Slow and steady wins the race. Quality over quantity. She’s running her lips, no dragging them over the head and somehow licking it at the same time. Don’t know what she’s doing but I ain’t gonna stop her.

Feels like an eternity. I can see the light change outside from the motel room window. It’s been almost an hour. Then she lays back, and spreads her legs like a Courbet, the sight is one for sore eyes. Flushed with color and moist to the point of glistening I don’t notice I’m licking her pussy until I’m in face first, her labia on my lips trying to deny me the sweet flesh but I push them aside and lick gently a hand on my head tells me I’m on the right track.

Closer, warmer, keep going, and finally my head is almost yanked off by violent urges that have taken over this woman’s body that bahçeşehir escort I scarcely have time to put on a condom before my dick is swimming in pussy juice, I feel for it, and then push slowly, I’m in. It’s too easy, but then I have to stop, I almost came, I felt the rush in my sack doing 90 in a 45 and I was just able to get it under control. I can’t pull out now, the lack of practice is killing me, thanks dear for the blue ball anniversaries that ended up over the john wanking like a fucking middle schooler. I can’t go back now, I have to go on, I focus, her eyes on mine, we can’t kiss since we agreed not to, but we can gaze and admire.

She’s gorgeous, full lips, big brown eyes with delicate brows, and her hair is her pillow right now. Her tits aren’t big but that doesn’t matter they’re very nice, she’s nursed a kid or two, my boldest move was about to play itself out.

When did I forget that she has tits? Nice ones that need and crave attention, pretty brown nipples that stand at full salute begging to be kissed, caressed, and shown a good time. I go for her left breast and take a mouthful, nipple and breast bakırköy escort becomes one in my mouth like chocolate syrup and strawberry ice cream, sweet and tart at the same time. I can feel her body squirm a bit and she moans, a moan of not just pleasure but enjoyment, don’t know when’s the last time she got her tit sucked during sex but it wasn’t recently, or probably ever.

It’s now or never son, I’ve regrouped my troops and work my cock while sucking her tit. Slowly at first, short strokes get longer, while my tongue and lips give her nipple a deep tissue. It works, she really likes it, her hips move to the rhythm, stronger and firmer, until I can feel that my pubes and hers are becoming velcro, my dick has all but vanished into her pussy and we’re grinding into each other until our faces are hot. I can feel the sweat in my lower back, my legs are throbbing but my cock will not stop until he’s had his fill, I can feel the build up, keep going your almost there, I’m wet up to my belly button from her pussy juices, her tits are bouncing now, I line up my body and go for broke. Stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke…stroke…stroke…I can feel it, it’s so close, clap, clap, clap, like if an audience were cheering us on, the rush of boiling hot cum races through me and into the condom making my legs shake, my muscles tense as if the very life of me has left my body, I close my eyes and shades of blue and purple flash onto my eyelids, a parade of light celebrating today’s achievement.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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