Feelings Ch. 01

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I involuntarily gasped as his hands made a grip around my naked body, resting it over my breasts while his fingers rested in my collar bone. My legs fold were spooned by his, I could feel his hairs dancing on the edge of his skin tickling my fleshy waxed legs. His face was dug in my hairs and my ears could catch the rhyme of his breathing as he inhaled and exhaled. My body synced with his breathing, and my spine was beating with his heart beats. I could feel the softness of my body against his masculine rough skin, while my ass rested on his crotch, which still was dangling and beating in sync with his heart beats. My thigh were engulfing the most sensitive part of my body which had gone wet with my built in release, and I couldn’t control my heavy breathings.

I could still feel his lips against mine when he kissed me in the midst of the party we were in, it was a shock indeed and it electrified me with the contact of his tightly stretched red lips. The hairs of his moustache were tickling my upper lip as he engulfed my lower lip and kissed it, his hands had my thin waist in them as he briskly pulled me into him. I opened my eyes to see him enjoying probably the taste of my new strawberry lip balm I was wearing. The butterflies in my tummy trapped for hours were now escaping, I couldn’t feel my legs and I let my whole body on him. We soon escaped from the party and the next thing I knew was we were kissing, in the lift, in the hallway and as we entered the room. My sync with his kisses was an acceptance I was giving with every pull and brush of his hand on my body I could feel skipping a beat.

The door went beep as he swiped the key card in it and he picked me up and I felt as if I was flying, holding my wings up I could no more control my body, we rushed in as I again kissed him, I was addicted to the taste of his lips, the game our tongues played and the slight tickling of konuşanlar izle his heavy black moustache and pointed hairs of his beard pushing into my soft skin.

The door behind us went shut and we heard the lock click, he pushed in the room key and the darkness of the room was conquered by the bright lights flashing the expensive golden furniture in it but we let the darkness win by switching off the lights as he threw me on the bed.

I could feel the heart racing, he was being rough just the way I liked it, I still stood up on my knees on that jelly bed and went close to him to pull him by his shirt and kiss him hard, it’s not just him who should be rough I thought in my head.

I felt his fingers struggling to unpin my saree which I had pinned after hours of struggle but he didn’t take long and the saree was off exposing my black blouse to him, our eyes had adjusted to the limited moonlight escaping the curtains falling in our room, and I could see his face lit up as he saw me getting close to naked for him.

He kissed me again and this time he was bolder than ever before, he licked my lips and left a bit on it, my eyes rolled up in pleasure and the current passed down my body reaching the inside of my thigh leaving me stunned with the feelings.

He moved to my chin and started kissing my neck as I had gripped his silky hairs and pushing him on to my breast. He soon reached the hook of it and started unhooking it kissing and licking simultaneously, the room was filled with the echo of his lips rushing on my body, and with a click I realized that my blouse was off and it was just my bra between him and my breasts. I pushed him away and started unbuttoning his shirt, and reached for his belt when he pushed me back on the bed when I landed on my back, he jumped on me like a lion jumps on his prey and started kissing kulüp izle my neck. I knew he was wild but today he was showing a different animal he carried inside him. With every kiss and lick of his I could feel my body passing currents to my ovaries, I could feel the fingers of my feet twitching.

I scratched his back with my nails when he left a gasp on my neck and gave a look to me, I could feel the glitter in his eyes, he soon reached for my bra strap and forced it away leaving me bare naked.

He played on my breasts like a kid, licking and sucking every inch, he pinched my nipples with his lips and sucked them in. My mouth went wide open as I felt his teeth against it, the pleasure in the pain was something new for me. The game continued when he atlast decided to undo the whole saree leaving me naked in my black undies for him.

He adjusted his body on the bed and hooked his arms around me, kissing my naval leaving me restless on how close he was to my undies which were now seeping in them the minor release from my body which had already started escaping, his eyes kept looking in mine, and I was hoping that the darkness was hiding the fact that I was blushing, before I could think or get my body in sync with him he already and placed a kiss on my thigh close to my lower pelvic. I couldn’t control my eyes rolling and me inhaling every bit of air floating on my body, he smirked as he saw me reacting to his kisses, I could feel it on my body, but I didn’t care less about anything. He slid in the finger in the strap of my undies slowly pulling them down to him, I adjusted my body lifting my ass up letting him take it off my body. My eyes met his when he saw me bare naked in front of him, he was enjoying every second of it and I was happy that atleast it wasn’t just me.

His hands lifted my legs up a bit, and a sudden stretch led to lady voyeur izle separation of my legs from each other as the thigh departed and exposed my sensitive skin to him, without any warning he pushed himself in, my fingers curled up and I lifted my upper body as his heavy warm breaths started hitting in, before I could digest the sensation of those breath his tongue pushed in, my mouth fell open and no words escaped, I felt I was chocking, something inside me wanted to escape and run away and I atlast left out a loud moan echoing the whole room with it.

My head was pushing the pillow in and I was falling short of breath as he kept on pushing his tongue in, deeper and deeper with every lick of his. My hands were searching for a grip and started scratching the bedsheet when he pushed himself deeper in me making me jolt back in a sudden motion, my hands suddenly reached for his head and I gripped those hairs again and pushed him in and a voice of pleasure escaped my body, he know he was doing it right but then his hands wrapped around my thigh went closer to his lips stuck to me and with his thumb he started rubbing me with the sync of his tongue. My lungs couldn’t take any more air in it as I had inhaled to the max I ever had, the upper body raised and my ass pushed myself in him.

I supported my body on my elbow and raised myself up to get a view of his head dipped in my body.

Air escaping my nose was entering through my tightly clutched teeth making a fizzing sound and suddenly with all his force he pulled me in him making me loose my balance on my elbow as I landed on my back again, he increased his speed to the max and I reached for his hairs again, my toe was curled up and my eyes rolled back and I lost my vision leaving out a heavy moan and releasing the built inside me, left me shivering. I gathered my legs that I couldn’t feel anymore back to myself and folded them in, I still was shivering and my body was still secreting what it had been holding in.

I turned to my side as my right breast fell on my left and I involuntarily gasped as I felt his hands gripping around my naked body resting it over my breasts while his fingers rested in my collar bone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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