Fantasy Merger

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He walks into his large, Victorian style house after a long but arousing day at the office. The new receptionist is breathtaking: Her long, fire-red hair flows around her shoulders and back, enhancing her perfectly tanned skin and complimenting her emerald-green eyes and ruby-red lips. She wears a sheer white, very low-cut top that accents her large firm breasts. They’re nestled in a white lace bra that could easily be seen through the silk-like blouse. Every time he glanced her way all he could focus on were impressions from her hard nipples piercing into the shimmering material as if they were trying to escape. When she walks out from behind her desk he can’t help but stare at her long, toned legs barely covered by a short black skirt, but lightly covered by the black stockings with a seam that ran enticingly up the back of her legs and walked in slender-strapped black heels. The vision of this woman awakes every animalistic urge in his body. Unable to stop, he continues to fantasize about throwing her on the desk and having wild passionate sex with her. He is sure that all the men at the firm are having the same raunchy thoughts about her that he is.

His pulse races as his mind snaps back from the pleasant memories of the day. He hears his wife in the basement tending to the laundry. Putting his things down, he hangs his coat then takes a moment to clear his head before going down to greet her. She’s wearing a tank top and shorts; her long wet hair tells him that she had showered and changed after work. As his quick inspection ends his eyes meet hers and she smiles sweetly up at him.

“Hello, honey. How was your day, pent up in that big ‘ol corner office?” She says with giggle.

“It was very” He pauses for a moment. “Very nice. I’m considering a new, merger.” He finishes with a devilishly raised eyebrow and smile.

“That’s wonderful, I hope it all works out. I’ll start dinner after I’m done down here.” She quickly walks over and gives him a peck on the lips then returns to the laundry.

“I’m sure it will. Take your time,” he says as he watches the muscles in her stomach move as she folds. “I’m not interested in food at the moment anyway.” She flashes him a devilish grin and continues with her work. His mind strays back to the sights and fantasies from the office; he walks up behind her putting his arms tightly around her waist and kisses her neck.

Enjoying the sensation of his touch, she lets her head fall back upon his shoulder and closes her soft green eyes, savoring his kisses. Bringing her arm up around his head she holds him lightly to her neck as he begins to nip and bite at her neck. He knows how wild it drives kağıthane escort her, she begins to groan softly under her breath. With a quick fluid motion he spins her so that they face each other and presses his body against hers, pushing her against the table where she had been folding clothes. The delicate curves of her body cling to him; she’s his for the taking just as he planned.

Their hot lips meet in a passionate kiss and their tongues feverishly dance together within their mouths. Closing his eyes he pictures the long, toned legs in the black stockings that he watched all day at his office. His hands run up and down her sides and back, firmly feeling her soft skin through the sheer shirt, around her flat stomach and up to her breasts. He kneads above the tank top clinging to her body while thinking of the full pert tits of the woman from work. She swiftly pulls the tank over her head, exposing her naked flesh and, with one-hand, guides his head closer.

Thinking of the long nipples in the white blouse, he kisses around her chest and large breasts, then teases her long thick nipples with the tip of his tongue. He can see himself, not in the basement of his house but at the front desk of his office as he draws her into his hot mouth. She claws at the buttons on his shirt and slides it off his shoulders, then quickly pulls his T-shirt off, trying not to disturb his current attention. Co-workers walk past the desk as he lightly traps her other nipple in his mouth, sucking and squeezing, rolling the free nipple between his thumb and finger. Her nails run up and down his back and sides as he jumps from one tit to the other sucking harder with each turn. She leans into him, nibbling and biting on his neck and shoulders, undoing his slack. His mind still in the office, he can feel the long red hair brush against his bare chest as her soft hot lips dance on his skin.

With one arm he slides all the neatly folded cloths into a jumbled pile on the floor, then reaches behind her and lifts her up onto the desk. He pulls her shorts and panties off, lets his fingers glide gently over this beautiful body. He can hear the office phones ring unanswered, the whispers of those walking past, and feels the envy of every man and women there. She wraps her strong legs around him and with her toes begin to slide down his unfastened pants and briefs. Her hands run wildly through his hair, down then up his tan, muscular back, around his broad shoulders and down his slightly hairy chest. He can still smell the seductive scent of the day as he begins to move down her body. Kissing and suckling her breasts, stomach, down one leg kartal escort and up her inner thighs, he can almost feel the seam from the stockings. As he reaches her womanhood he lightly licks at her lips, just enough to let her know where he is.

Feeling of the tip of his tongue she arches her back, bracing herself and lifting her pelvis closer to him. He begins slowly, kissing and licking then lightly sucking on her lips. Her moaning grows louder as he speeds his actions, his mind in the office with the beautiful creature stretched out on the front desk letting him taste her. His tongue darts around her clit then, closing his mouth, he sucks slowly but firmly. He moves back and forth, licking and sucking then pushing his tongue inside as her body starts to trembles beneath him. The feel of this gorgeous woman writhing with ecstasy makes his already hard cock throb for her. Her body quivers and shakes as she pulls him by the shoulders up to her. While he’s pulled upward he continues to stimulate her sensitive clit for a minute with his finger to keep her orgasm from ending too quickly.

Her heart beginning to slow, she takes her hand and runs it down his chest to his pulsing organ, stroking him. She starts to lower herself from the table when he stops her. His only goal is to give this redheaded beauty the most pleasure she’s ever known. He kisses her and leans her backward until she is lying on the desk. He slowly runs his hands all over her body, hesitating with pleasure at her legs when he again can almost feel the stocking that he watched so intensely earlier in the day. He smiles at her as he slides her closer to him and she continues to stroke his shaft.

He becomes lost in her velvet touch as she moves her hand up and down, then begins to circle the head with her finger, lubricating her hand and his cock with his precum. When his head begins to roll back and forth she wraps her legs tightly around him and starts to guide his hard rod into her. They both moan in pleasure as he enters her slowly and starts to circle with his hips. Her body tightens around him, pulling him deeper and deeper into her wet pussy.

Pushing into her slowly, he again kneads at her breasts and teases the nipples with his fingers, still reliving the day’s arousing sights in his mind. His thrusts become faster as he pictures the office, the people, the read-headed vixen. Leaning down he bites lightly at her nipples her groaning increasing in frequency and pitch. Gripping the table, her hips moving to meet his pushing him deeper and deeper. It takes all of his will to keep himself from cumming too quickly. He thrusts hard and deep, küçükmece escort wanting to feel every inch as her body begins to shake and her head throws about. Her fists clench so tight to the table that her knuckles are white, her raspy gasps for breath etch themselves into his mind. He slows his pace to allow her body to relax, his entire body aching for release.

He stops deep within her; she pulls herself upright meeting his wanting lips. Their tongues fight for control inside each other’s mouth as she still shakes from the after effects of her second orgasm. He grinds his groin into hers, letting her know it’s not over yet, then slowly withdraws. He then lifts her, standing her in front of him and spins her around and bends her over the desk.

His hand slowly slides upward from the small of her back, each curve just how he thought it would be. Gripping that long red hair in his fist, he gently pulls her back kissing the nape of her neck and across her shoulders and down her back. She moans at his touch, bends her leg up and starts rubbing her foot up and down his leg. As her foot touches him he notices a pair of black stockings draped over a shelf behind the table. His mind is thrown back to the office, the silky stockings, the long legs and that sultry seam that shows where to go. The thought drives him wild with lust and he quickly aligns himself with her and thrusts hard into her.

Reaching between her and the table he gropes at her chest as their hips move rhythmically together. His fingers pinch and tweak at her sensitive nipples. She grips the table as he lunges faster and deeper, moaning loudly as he thinks of those sexy black stockings on those long firm legs and tight ass that meets him with each thrust. He moves one hand down until he’s rubbing against her swollen clit, his other hand now clawing at her hair, neck and back. Her moans grow louder and faster as she once again begins to climax, her muscles gripping tightly at him as she shakes uncontrollably. He can’t control himself any longer; he wraps his arms around her and growls as he lifts her slightly form the floor with a last powerful lunge, releasing his hot seed into her.

They collapse against the desk, his hot cock still buried deep inside her. Lying there he strokes her hair gently, looking deep into her eyes, feeling complete emotional and physical satisfaction. Slowly he slides himself out of her; she turns and wraps her arms around him tightly, kissing him softly on the lips. They stand there for what seems like an eternity before she breaks away.

Walking naked towards that stairs he can only watch and admire the beauty of his wife’s naked body. She stops suddenly and turns; his eyes meet hers as she smiles seductively.

“I take it you liked the outfit I chose for my first day of work.” She giggles slightly and points to the pile of clothes on the floor. “Now you can clean up that mess.”

And she continues to walk away, naked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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