Fairweather Ranch Ch. 04

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Greetings everyone,


It’s been about a year (I say that with this site in mind) since I began uploading my stories to you all. It’s been an enjoyable journey thus far, I must say. In my view, I’ve grown as an adult writer since then. With that in mind, I decided to come back to my first long-term project, Fairweather Ranch. I do have it all planned out, so I’d like to finish it. Not as long as some of the others, just a nice little story written for fun! I hope you enjoy the continuing adventures of Eve and Melody!

Much love,



The next night, Eve and Melody snuck out again. They ran out and sat naked in the lawn, out to the grass. Eve loved to look at the moon and the stars. Her mother used to tell her about the stories about the moon and the constellations. Looking at them, Melody’s breasts looked like a pair of moons. She told her this and while Melody could not say the same for Eve, she told her they were not too small, not too large, just about perfect.

Melody offered to go back to the barn with Eve. Curious to what she had planned, Eve said yes and followed along, holding a lantern. Taking her hand into a back room, Melody bent over. “Spank my ass, dove.”

“Excuse me, lover?”

“Oh, don’t be shy. Smack it like I’ve been bad!” While Melody had been good, in both sex istanbul escort and her love for her, Eve was curious. She gave her ass a little tap.

“Come on, harder!”

Blushing, Eve really let her have it- once, twice, thrice and after that each of those numerical values. Melody knew the feeling. This is usually where she said “Don’t stop!” to a hesitant female partner, but Eve went on. Of course it hurt a little, her bum usually stayed firmly in one place.

Her bum red and stinging, Melody asked if she could spank her ass. Eve enthusiastically said yes. Slap… slap… slap! She loved it! They were both having a lot of fun.

“Have you been a bad girl, Eve?” asked Melody.

“Um, maybe?”

“Well, first a bad girl needs to be spanked…” Eve waited for the conclusion of her sentence, “and then she needs to be whipped.”

Now that interested Eve. Melody went over and pulled a spry, long whip out of her bag. Fascinated by the instrument, she closed her eyes. As she could tell her interest was growing, Melody went right at her with a sharp crack.

Eve made a noise of pain. “Is there a wound?”

“Not yet. Would you like there to be?”

“Maybe… maybe one…” Crack! A red mark appeared on Eve’s back. Melody could see it, and she was excited. Eve could not, but she felt it, and she was certainly excited. rus escort

“How about one more?”

“Absolutely!” Crack! Melody went at it again.

“I don’t know how I ever will explain this… but that’s the naughty part!”

“That it is, my dear Eve. I can always blame it on the work.” Melody smiled as she said this.

It took a second to realize Melody’s line of thinking. Thankfully, she was already pulling rope out of her bag. Eve pointed to a place where Melody could be tied up. Eve felt hot and wet as she applied the rope to all of Melody’s limbs. Bound by her lover, secure was certainly what Melody felt.

Eve went around back. Fifty spanks for Melody! Of course, she wasn’t allowed to know that… As Melody felt all of the slaps striking her bottom, she felt the need to orgasm. She came after every ten slaps. In no time at all, she saw Eve carrying the whip over. Yep, she would have been doing some hard work. There were five more orgasms, one for every whipped wound.

Eve untied Melody and they calmed down for a little while before going to sleep, still in the room.

When morning came, Melody couldn’t remember if she had the day off or not- but really who cares? What would they do today, she wondered as she got up.

Eve, on the other hand woke up to a large tongue. Opening şişli escort her eyes, she recognized it as a horse they had. Melody was on the horse, still nude. “Want to ride?”

Eve was better at horseback riding than Melody, so she thought it would be fun to help her out.

“Where should I go Eve?”

“This way!” She guided the horse.

“Where does it lead to?”

“Oh nowhere, really.”

Melody felt Eve caress her backside with her electrifying region. Her arms fell over her as she stopped giving instructions for a minute. They kissed once again, but this time if someone were to see it they would be inspired by the sunlight radiating off their faces, the intense locking of their lips, and their hands gripping each other’s bodies. The horse knew when to stop and give them a minute.

Melody looked at her lover’s pussy and decided she would have a go at it with her tongue. Eve was prepared for this sort of thing by now and tried to cum later so that she would gain a lot of pleasure. As her tongue reaches corners of her sex never before touched, she found this increasingly difficult. She knew for a fact Melody enjoyed the little orgasmic noises she made. Finally, she could only wait no further as she came, and came hard.

One of them slipped then and they fell off the horse. After they were sure that neither was seriously hurt, they started laughing as it was quite funny. Eve decided to ride the horse back to the house while Melody went back to the house. It would only be a little while before they saw each other next, but Eve still felt sad as Melody dashed away.

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