Educating Daisy Ch. 03

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Big Dicks

Despite Daisy’s best efforts, Nick had been almost continuously on her mind throughout the week which followed. A couple of times, her stomach descended into freefall upon noticing him waiting at the school gate. Grinning, Nick had winked at her as their eyes met. Not really understanding where she stood with him and certainly not daring to ask, she had simply smiled shyly back. By the time Saturday night arrived, Daisy was a complete bag of nerves and very unsure of what to expect.

‘Right, I’m taking Daisy out for dinner to thank her for looking after us so well last weekend. So be good please, Zach,’ instructed Nick as he held her front door open.

‘See you later, Sweetheart,’ called Daisy breathlessly, stepping out into the night.

‘Okay, Mum,’ shouted Thomas as he thundered upstairs with his friend. ‘Have a nice dinner.’

‘After you,’ said Nick confidently, closing the front door firmly behind them and guiding Daisy to his car. Holding the door of his Range Rover open for her, she climbed up as gracefully as possible, being quite unused to travelling at such a height. As Nick started up the vehicle and pulled away, Daisy felt overwhelmed with nerves and a fear of the unknown. The close physical presence of his large, powerful body, coupled with a knowledge of all the delicious things he’d done to her when they last met, rendered her all but speechless. For some time, she sat in silence, before forcing herself to make some form of conversation however banal it might be.

‘So, is this your new car?’ she asked nervously.

‘It’s just on loan while my insurance company sort out a replacement,’ explained Nick.

‘It’s nice,’ Daisy breathed. ‘For God’s sake! Is that seriously the best conversation you can manage?’ her brain inwardly screamed.

‘You don’t need to be nervous, Daisy,’ said Nick confidently. ‘I don’t intend for anything to happen between us tonight.’

‘Where are we going for dinner?’ asked Daisy, as the car swung up a long gravel driveway a few miles out of town.

‘Chez Nick’s,’ he replied, pulling up outside a substantial country house and cutting the engine. ‘Is that acceptable?’ he added, noting Daisy’s concerned face. ‘I wanted to try and cook you dinner, after you looked after us so well.’

‘Um, I guess so,’ replied Daisy, feeling very vulnerable. At least in a restaurant, they would have been forced to maintain a certain distance from each other and observe the social niceties. Once she was inside Nick’s home, anything could happen and her previous experience had demonstrated that she certainly wouldn’t try to prevent it. Jumping down from the driver’s seat, he strode around Daisy’s door.

‘After you,’ he said, holding out his hand.

Once inside the impressive oak-beamed house, Nick busied himself putting on music and getting drinks for them both, whilst Daisy strolled cautiously around the huge kitchen diner, admiring the art on the walls.

‘Why so nervous, Daisy?’ queried Nick as he passed across a glass of wine and she jumped at his unexpected proximity.

‘I’m sorry,’ sighed Daisy. ‘I’ve just never found myself in a situation like this.’ She knew how ridiculous it sounded for a thirty-five year old woman to admit that she hadn’t dated, but there it was.

‘Then let me make things easy for you,’ he smiled. ‘I’m going to cook for you and, whilst I do, it would be lovely if you could sit at the breakfast bar and chat with me. We can then enjoy our meal, as long as my cooking isn’t a complete disaster zone! If it is, we’ll order a takeaway. Afterwards, if you want me to drive you straight home, I will happily do so or we can sit for a while first. I have no expectations of you and what happened at your house won’t happen again.’

‘Understood,’ nodded Daisy, feeling unaccountably disappointed by his statement. ‘Thank you.’

‘No problem,’ he grinned, tying an apron around his waist. ‘Now, prepare to be amazed by my culinary skills. By the way,’ he added. ‘You may want to familiarise yourself with how to operate the fire extinguisher, which you’ll find just behind that door. There are some quite good instructions and a diagram on the side.’ Daisy giggled and slowly relaxed into Nick’s charming company, touched by the effort he was making to put her at ease.


‘That was a wonderful meal!’ sighed Daisy, finishing her glass of red wine and feeling so much more relaxed than she had on arrival. ‘Thank you very much.’

‘You’re welcome,’ Nick grinned. ‘Although I’m still stumped by what those oblong bits of charcoal we found in the Aga were. Shall we take our coffee through to the lounge?’ he suggested, collecting their beverages and leading the way.

Daisy sinking down into the squishy, soft sofa and closed her eyes.

‘Wow, this is comfortable,’ she groaned, stretching lazily. ‘Heaven!’

‘I know. It took me ages to find,’ smiled Nick, placing the cups on the coffee table and dropping down beside her. After a pause, he continued.

‘Would you like to watch something on the telly?’

‘Sure,’ snowpiercer izle she nodded. With a lazy grin, Nick flicked through the channels until he came across a light-hearted comedy.

‘Here, why don’t you lay back and relax?’ he murmured a short while later, easing her head down towards a cushion which rested against his body.

For the remainder of the programme, they relaxed happily together on the sofa, both revelling in the cosy companionship and closeness they were each unused to experiencing, interspersed with outbreaks of laughter. In time, Nick began to stroke her head, later migrating behind her delicate ears. Noticing that her breathing was becoming more laboured, he glanced down to find Daisy’s eyes closed and a look of deepest pleasure etched on her face.

Running his fingers through her silky locks, he occasionally scrunched her hair into his fist, in order to gently tug, lift and invigorate her scalp. Nick couldn’t help but smirk as he was immediately rewarded with deep, breathy sighs. Slowly, a red flush began to cover her neck and chest, providing even clearer indicators that she was becoming extremely aroused. With all the time in the world, he continued to caress her up to the point that she started to groan.

‘We ought to get you home,’ murmured Nick at last, disappointed that the precious time they had available was almost up. Daisy slowly opened her eyes, taking a long moment to gain her bearings.

‘Yes, of course,’ she replied, in confusion, trying to shake off her feeling of embarrassment. ‘I’m sorry, I think I must have dozed off or something.’

‘Or something,’ repeated Nick, a playful smile crossing his full lips.


Watching the full beams illuminate the road ahead of them and still feeling sexy from Nick playing with her hair, Daisy felt much braver than she might normally have done.

‘Nick?’ she said cautiously.

‘Mmm,’ he replied, negotiating a junction.

‘Earlier, you said what happened between us at my house won’t happen again?’

‘Uh-huh,’ confirmed Nick.


‘I’m not convinced either of us are in the right place at the moment.’

‘Why did it happen at all then?’ asked a confused Daisy.

‘It was a thank you which got extremely out of hand,’ smiled Nick ruefully, casting her a brief sideways glance.

‘It was the nicest thank you I’ve ever had,’ blushed Daisy. Although she was purposefully staring straight ahead, she could still sense Nick nodding in agreement.

‘Good. It was the nicest thank you I’ve ever given.’ After a long pause, Daisy spoke again.

‘Why don’t you think I’m in the right place for anything to happen?’

‘I think you’re still hurting,’ replied Nick gently. ‘And unsure about trusting.’

‘You may be right to some extent, but I feel differently when I’m with you,’ she explained shyly. ‘I feel braver and maybe just a tiny bit invincible.’

‘I’m really happy to hear you say that, Daisy.’

‘So, why aren’t you in the right place?’ she persisted. Nick smiled at her determination in approaching a subject he knew she would previously have avoided at all costs.

‘Having a relationship would be a really big step for me. I haven’t been involved with anybody since my wife.’ Another long pause stretched out between them.

‘Oh, right,’ accepted Daisy.

‘Of course,’ continued Nick in a low voice. ‘I might be wrong on either or both counts. I’m willing to have my theory tested.’

‘How would we go about doing that?’ replied Daisy, in little more than a terrified whisper.

Nick shot a hard, appraising glance across at her by the dim light of the dashboard. That single, scorching look caused Daisy’s stomach to liquefy and she swallowed hard.

‘You could always try and seduce me?’ suggested Nick.

‘I wouldn’t know where to start!’ chuckled an embarrassed Daisy. ‘I’m wildly inexperienced and completely out of my depth. What does seducing somebody even mean, anyway?’

‘I’d say it’s the act of deliberately enticing a person to engage in sex by leading them astray,’ he murmured. ‘By making them feel such strong desires that it becomes impossible for them to refuse your advances.’

‘Oh,’ whispered Daisy. ‘Right.’

‘An alternative option is that I could seduce you?’ suggested Nick.

‘Could you?’ she croaked.

‘I believe I probably could,’ he smiled, pulling up outside her home and switching off the engine.

‘How would you do that?’ stammered Daisy, her voice a mere whisper.

‘Hmm, let me see,’ said Nick thoughtfully, unclicking both of their seatbelts and turning his hips to face her. ‘I think I’d start by gently stroking the back of your neck,’ he said, doing just that. Daisy gasped at the sudden contact of his warm skin on hers as she felt the tiny hairs on her neck immediately stand to attention.

‘And then I’d probably tell you that I’ve really enjoyed spending time with you tonight and I hope we can see each other again?’

‘That would so help me todd izle be lovely,’ agreed Daisy, bowing her head.

‘I’d mention how my heart tightened, the first time I saw you across the school playground and how nervous I was when we had a coffee together, because I wanted to ask you out and I wasn’t sure how. So, in the end I just…didn’t.’

‘Really?’ she gasped. Nick nodded sadly.

‘I’d go on to tell you that I know you’ve been hurt in the past, but I’m a different kind of man to what you’ve experienced before and I have no intention of hurting you. I only want to give you pleasure and happiness because that’s what I honestly believe you deserve.’

‘You’re very good at this,’ she sighed resignedly.

‘It’s all true,’ he replied seriously. ‘And I’d probably finish off by saying that I have been dying to kiss you all evening and ask your permission to do so now.’ A long pause stretched out between them.

‘Wow!’ breathed Daisy eventually. ‘You’re absolutely right. You could seduce me with your eyes closed and one hand tied behind your back.’

‘Come on, trouble,’ chuckled Nick. ‘Let’s get you inside.’


‘You didn’t have to pay for the babysitter,’ reprimanded Daisy, having returned to the lounge after checking on the boys upstairs.

‘But I wanted to,’ replied Nick. ‘Stop fighting me all the time.’ Daisy felt her heart rate soar, remembering what they’d been doing, the last time he’d accused her of fighting him.

‘They’re both fast asleep,’ she explained. ‘It seems a shame to wake Zach now.’ Nick looked up, surprised.

‘Daisy, are you trying your hand at seducing me, by any chance?’

‘Yes,’ she murmured. ‘To both of your questions.’ It only took a moment to realise which other question she was referring to. With a lopsided smile, Nick strode across to Daisy and pushed her gently down onto the sofa until she was laying horizontally underneath him.

‘So, you give me permission to kiss you, do you?’ he growled.

‘Definitely,’ gasped a wide-eyed Daisy, an unavoidable sigh of contentment escaping her lips as Nick folded his body against hers and allowed some of his weight to trap her sweetly in position.

‘The only question that remains, then,’ he smirked. ‘Is do I give you permission to kiss me?’ And with that, he dropped delicate, feather-light butterfly kisses over Daisy’s forehead, down her cheeks, across her nose and over her chin. A deep moan vibrated in the back of her throat as his lips found her ear and his teeth gently grazed over the sensitive skin.

‘Do I have permission to kiss you?’ asked Daisy desperately.

‘No,’ he replied, chuckling to himself as she moaned in frustration. He tenderly kissed his way down Daisy’s neck and across her collar bone to her shoulder, all the while gently stroking her sides with the backs of his fingers.

‘How about now?’ she murmured.

‘Not yet,’ grinned Nick as he gently migrated his mouth over her face, suckling her quivering top lip into his mouth. Daisy let out a tiny sigh of pleasure in expectation of what might follow.

‘Now?’ she pleaded.

‘Uh-huh,’ he sighed, feeling her hands automatically curl into his hair, as she pulled him closer. Daisy experienced a rush of adrenaline as their mouths opened against each other. She had expected to immediately feel Nick’s tongue enter her mouth but was surprised when that didn’t happen. Suddenly, she felt his tongue flick against the inside of her upper lip and then immediately retreat. A few seconds later, he did the same with her lower lip. Groaning, Daisy pulled Nick closer towards her body, silently urging him not to tease her for too long. She slowly dared to extend her tongue and explore his mouth and was rewarded with a heady sensation, as their desperate tongues slid against each other for the first time. Immediately, Daisy felt blood pump urgently to her already swollen pussy lips and was filled with an urge to drag this gorgeous man into her bedroom, lock the door, pocket the key and never let him go.

‘Stay with me tonight?’ she begged. ‘Make love with me. Please.’

‘I’ll stay with you,’ he murmured. ‘But you might prefer that I didn’t.’

‘How do you mean?’

‘Do you know what first base is?’ asked Nick cheekily.

‘You don’t mean in baseball, do you?’ she groaned, as a tender path of kisses was dropped along her sensitive neck. Nick straightened up and shook his head, his eyes sparkling with a passion that made her feel quite dizzy.

‘First base is as far as I’ll go tonight,’ he clarified. ‘So, if you don’t mind being intensely frustrated, then I’ll stay.’

‘What does first base include?’

‘Kissing and anything above the belt.’

‘So, no orgasms then? For either of us?’ clarified Daisy.

‘Not necessarily,’ replied Nick, running his fingers across her neck line and stroking them teasingly towards her erect nipples. ‘Some women can orgasm through nipple stimulation alone. I’d be very happy to try and find out sokağın çocukları izle if you’re one of them.’

‘We’ve done more than that before,’ gasped a desirous Daisy as his fingers grazed over her breasts.

‘And as I’ve explained, that was to say thank you.’

‘But I’d like to thank you for dinner tonight,’ she grinned.

‘Believe me, the dinner I served does not warrant that level of thanks,’ chuckled Nick. ‘Plus, there’s a good reason I’d like to limit what we do tonight.’

‘Which is?’

‘I don’t want us to rush into anything. And I want you to appreciate that intense pleasure can be experienced between two people without physically having to have sex.’

‘I want you to stay,’ confirmed Daisy. ‘Just holding each other would be wonderful. Anything more would be the icing on the cake.’


Daisy walked into her bedroom, having brushed her teeth, to find Nick had dimmed the lights and was standing by the bed waiting for her, a small smile playing across his lips. Closing the door firmly behind her and turning the key to ensure no little people interrupted them, she bravely walked over and stood in front of him. It came as quite a surprise when he made no move towards her. Instead he just stood there and slowly allowed his eyes to slide shut. Initially unsure of what was happening, Daisy realised that he was waiting for her to make the first move; she would clearly need to be much more assertive than her natural character normally permitted.

Taking a deep breath, she raised her trembling hands to Nick’s wrist and unbuttoned his shirt cuff. His fingers encouragingly stroked the back of her hand as she did so, sending shots of lust up her arm. Having done the same to his other cuff, she then moved her hands to Nick’s chest and slowly began to unbutton his shirt, revealing an incredibly well-defined torso. Images from her dreams exploded sharply into focus as she remembered witnessing Nick stripping off in this very location. And now it was happening for real and she was the instigator. The realisation suddenly thrilled her.

Once Daisy had undone his final button, she tugged the shirt free allowing the unwanted item of clothing to slide smoothly from his broad shoulders onto her bedroom floor. Overwhelmed by a strong, natural instinct, she dropped her head to pleasure and appreciate his fantastic body. She nibbled, licked, stroked and sucked her way around his chest, arms, stomach and back, cherishing every sigh and moan he made in response and feeling her own sensuality ramp up.

Once she had travelled full-circle around his body, noting that his eyes remained closed, Daisy dared to unbutton his trousers and let them slip to the floor. Aware of the impressive erection he was obviously sporting beneath his underwear, she pushed him back onto her bed and pulled off his trousers and socks. Opening his eyes, Daisy caught Nick looking up at her admiringly, clearly impressed by her unusual daring. Encouraged, she began to slowly undress herself in front of him, unzipping her dress and letting it fall to the floor. Nick’s face split into a wide grin.

‘You’re so beautiful,’ he sighed, as she lay down next to him on the bed.

‘And you’re the sexiest man I’ve ever met,’ she admitted with a cheeky smile.

‘Sounds like we’re both happy then,’ grinned Nick, running his hand across her flat stomach, causing her muscles to contract sharply. He then dropped his mouth to Daisy’s and they both delighted in the amazing sensations their tongues, lips and teeth were capable of creating, whilst the skin of their warm bodies pressed lightly together.

‘Don’t you agree that kissing is seriously erotic?’ groaned Nick, coming up for air after spending some time devouring an overwhelmed Daisy.

‘Uh-huh,’ she croaked, her mind so fuzzy that she was incapable of providing a proper response. ‘It is with you.’

‘And kissing each other’s bodies,’ he murmured, allowing his lips to travel slowly down her chest, before dropping his mouth to suckle one of Daisy’s nipples through her bra. ‘Can be even more so.’ Daisy groaned at the feelings of uncontrolled lust which were building inside her. She could feel how ridiculously wet she’d become every time she moved.

‘Even for first base, however,’ smiled Nick, moving his hand behind her to easily unclip her bra and stroke the straps from her shoulders. ‘You are woefully over-dressed.’

Sighing deeply at the feel of his warm breath caressing her recently exposed skin, she watched in excitement as his lips dropped back down to her body and wrapped themselves with infinite care around her erect nipple. Sucking his fingers into his mouth, Nick placed them around her other nipple and pinched gently, simultaneously biting gently down. The sensation caused Daisy to throw her head back and groan loudly.

‘Don’t forget the boys are asleep,’ he murmured, before repeating his actions, knowing full well that Daisy would struggle to keep quiet. Predictably, he was correct.

‘Of course,’ he smiled, rolling his fingers around her nipples, causing even louder cries. ‘The other thing we can do tonight is use words to turn each other on.’

‘How do you mean?’ she groaned.

‘Well, you could tell me if you have any fantasies?’ explained Nick. ‘And then I could use that knowledge against you at a later date.’

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