Doing Mr. Wallace Ch. 01

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There’s a place in town called Freddy’s Burgers that makes the best old-fashioned burgers and chocolate shakes that I’ve ever tasted. It’s a little drive-in on the outskirts of town that used to be popular with kids when I was going to school. Now days the kids generally hang out at the new mall that went up about three years ago, or the skating rink. Most of Freddy’s business comes from those of us who remember and those of us who would rather go bear hunting with a water pistol than eat in a place crammed with a bunch of screaming, out of control kids.

I graduated from college seven years ago when I was twenty-three and came back to town to teach high school history. Being a teacher is tough and it’s another reason I go out of my way to frequent places that kids normally don’t go to. I get enough of them through the school year and the two months I teach summer school. It may sound callous since the general consensus seems to be that kids are our future and should be accorded respect, but I do get tired of them. Trust me when I say that other people’s kids are not always the joy that their parents would like the rest of us believe.

It was a little past eight when I ordered a Freddy’s Double Screamer, onion rings and a chocolate shake. The sun was just dipping into the west and the really hot weather hadn’t quite settled in just yet. I took a table on the backside of Freddy’s away from a family eating out front and got ready to dig in when I head a familiar voice, that I didn’t quite place to a face call out my name. When I looked up, I looked into a face that I doubt I’ll ever forget.

Wendy Carlton was the biggest nightmare of my life for an entire school year until she graduated last month. Don’t get me wrong; there were never any disciplinary problems with Wendy. She was probably the best student I had throughout the seven years that I’ve been teaching at Eisenhower High School. She was by far an excellent student who excelled in every aspect of education. She studied hard, made good grades and didn’t cause trouble in class.

My problem with her was something else entirely different. Wendy sat in the front row, center of the classroom, directly in front of my desk. She used to wear short skirts, even on warm days that revealed much of her long legs to anyone who cared to look. I can’t count the times when I would look up from grading papers and see Wendy uncrossing her legs, then crossing them again ever so slowly. Many times I would get a good look at her soft thighs and her panty crotch, and there would always be a seductive smile on her pretty face. Some would say that her actions were innocent, yet I knew better. Wendy had known exactly what she was doing.

I cannot tell you how much I began to loathe the last hour of the day, the hour that I would have Wendy Carlton in my classroom. It was difficult for a man my age to look the other way. She was a temptress, a young woman most men would love to sleep with, but I couldn’t. She was a student and off limits to me. Somehow, I made it through last year without giving into to temptation. And here she was standing on the other side of my table, more beautiful and sexier than I could have imagined.

“Hi, Mr. Wallace,” she smiled. “I just saw you and wanted to say hi. I don’t mean to interrupt your meal.”

“Not at all,” I relied quickly. “How are you?”

“Good,” she said. “My dad sent me over to pick up some burgers so I don’t have much time.”

“Well, have a seat until they’re ready,” I said standing.

Wendy sat down across from me at the small, plastic table. While I ate we talked about school, history and her plans for the future. She told me that she had been accepted at State in the fall and was looking forward to college. She told me she wanted to study veterinarian medicine.

“You know you are the most popular teacher at Eisenhower High.”

“Well, thank you.”

“I don’t know if you know this but all of the girls think you’re hot,” she said with that seductive little smile that I remembered so well. “All of the girls talk about you.”

“I, ah…I’m flattered,” I stammered.

After a small, awkward pause,” she said, “And I really think you’re hot.”

Wendy stared unwaveringly at me with green eyes that could set a man on fire with desire. As she looked at me she pushed a strand of long blond hair from her face, a movement that seemed more seductive than a strip dance. After nine months of having her in my sixth hour history class, I knew where this was heading. I’ll admit that while I was becoming aroused I was also a little frightened. She may not have been a student any longer but she was also twelve years younger than me. In a small town like ours, age does matter sometimes.

“I know you’re interested in me,” she said, that smile nearly driving me nuts. “I saw you looking at my legs in class.”

“Wendy, I don’t think it’s appropriate for us to talk this way,” I managed to say.

“Why? I’m not a student anymore,” she said. “Besides, I saw the casino siteleri look on your face every time I spread my legs and showed you my panties.”

“Wendy, there are people who wouldn’t understand,” I said. It wasn’t much of an explanation and I don’t really think it convinced her. My own argument apparently had little effect on me since my cock had become hard inside of my slacks.

Suddenly I felt something sliding slowly up along the inner part of my right thigh that I immediately recognized as one of her incredibly sexy feet. Smiling at me, Wendy gently pressed the bottom of her foot against my hard cock. I’ll admit that the feeling was so intense, not to mention surprising, that I dropped an onion ring and turned over the chocolate shake.

“No one will see us,” she said in a low voice. “Just sit there and enjoy it, Mr. Wallace.”

“Oh, Wendy…” My pulse had quickened considerably and my breathing was shallow and harsh in my chest as I stared at her through eyes that were wide with lust.

“You like what I’m doing, don’t you?” She pressed her foot a little harder and grinned.


“Did you like looking at my thighs and panties in class?” Wendy reached for my shake and slipped the straw between her luscious, full lips. It was the way she stuck the straw into her mouth that brought a deep groan to my lips. When I nodded, unable to speak, she added, “How many times have you jacked off thinking about me?”

“Many times.” My voice cracked and I felt a little foolish but she didn’t seem to notice.

“Such a nasty boy, Mr. Wallace,” she grinned. “Thinking of fucking my little pussy with your hard cock.”

“You’re killing me, Wendy,” I said around what I hoped was a grin. “Maybe this is not-“

“Take your cock out,” she said in a voice that was more command than suggestion.

I looked at her so dumbly that she laughed. Then, in spite of myself, I quickly complied. I can’t even begin to describe the overwhelming need to be touched by this sexy young woman.

“Oh, it feels so nice!” she purred. Her bare toes on my cock sent shivers of delight deep into my belly. “How big is it?”

“I don’t know,” I shrugged. “Maybe six inches.”

All at once Wendy gently slid her other foot between my legs and began to give me one hell of a foot job. Her sexy, petite feet were soft and gentle as she lightly rubbed my cock. I kept a watch on the front to make sure that no one came around the corner and caught us, but I was losing touch with reality. At that moment, my only link to reality was the exquisite feel of her bare feet on my cock.

“You can’t believe how many times I lay in bed at night wanting to do this to you,” she said softly.

“I can’t believe you’re rubbing my cock with your sexy feet!” I gasped. “This feels so good!”

“Do you like my feet?” she asked.

“Oh, yeah!”

“Cum on my feet, Mr. Wallace!” she hissed softly.

Wendy began to rub my cock harder with her soft feet. Less than a minute later I felt my orgasm drawing near and I sucked in a deep breath. She watched me, her beautiful green eyes boring boldly into mine as her feet brought me closer to a mind-numbing climax. All at once I tightened my gut and suppressed a groan as my cock exploded and sprayed hot seed onto her lovely feet. Wendy smiled and gasped lightly.

“That’s it!” she exclaimed breathlessly. “Give me your seed, Mr. Wallace!”

“Oh, fuck…”

Wendy’s pretty feet milked my cock, taking all that I had to give. I realize that a man does not shoot a gallon of sperm when he orgasms but it felt that way. And it seemed to go on for an eternity but was more like a minute at the most. Still, it was the best orgasm I’d ever had, as well as the first time I’ve ever received a foot job. And looking into Wendy’s eyes as I came was so hot that I can still see her face to this day.

“I gotta go,” she said once she’d milked the last drop of seed from my balls. “The burgers are probably cold and dad’s gonna be pissed.”

“I’m sorry, Wendy,” I said with an apologetic smile.

“Don’t be. I wanted this to happen.” Wendy stood and leaned across the small table, then touched her sexy lips to mine. “I’ll see you soon, baby.”

I watched her walk toward the front of the building, my eyes zeroing in on her cute ass. I almost laughed when I noticed for the first time that she was wearing a pair of tight yellow shorts instead of a skirt. It was the first time I had seen her in something else other than a short skirt, and I appreciated the way the shorts hugged her sweet ass. When she disappeared around the corner I quickly stuffed my limp cock back inside my trousers, stood and walked toward my car.

* * * * *

The next day was Friday and I had three days off. Summer school in our district, which is small enough that we only have one high school, runs from Monday to Thursday each week for two months. And I lay in bed that morning longer than usual while my brain replayed the events at güvenilir casino Freddy’s the night before. Like any normal man, with a pulse and a normal sex drive, I had an instant erection as images of Wendy flooded into my head. I could still see her sweet, sexy face and feel her soft soles and toes rubbing my hard cock.

I’m not a bad looking guy and I know that some of the female teachers at Eisenhower are attracted to me, but the idea that a sexy eighteen-year-old girl would be attracted to me, especially sexually, was incomprehensible. There are dozens of guys who were Wendy’s classmates that would give their left nut to experience what I did last night, and it just didn’t make sense to me. Maybe I’m just a little naïve when it comes to the female gender.

For nine months I had known Wendy was captivated with me; it was the way she looked at me, the subtle and knowing smiles whenever she ‘casually’ gave me a peek between her legs, let me see her panties and the smooth skin of her thighs under the skirts she wore. I simply chalked her behavior up as a sort of a teenage crush on her teacher, which isn’t uncommon at all. But, I figured that once school was out and she graduated, Wendy would move on to other guys her age and forget all about me. I suppose that was why I was so surprised last night when she seduced me with her sexy feet.

I finally rolled out of bed around nine, showered and ate a quick breakfast. I spent the morning grading papers, cleaning the house and cutting the grass that had grown a little longer than I liked. Around one I took another shower and headed for the mall. One of the stores, a slick looking twenty-first century shop that specialized in hard to get music from the 60’s and 70’s, supposedly had an old Three Dog Night album that I wanted to get for my dad’s upcoming birthday.

Eastside Mall wasn’t a mega mall like you would find in a big city but there were plenty of shops and the mall had been good for the town’s economy. As usual for summer vacation the mall was packed with teenagers. Several of them that I knew from last year called out greetings to me as I walked through the wide, sky-lighted mall. Just as I came to the music shop, appropriately named Old Rocker’s Emporium, I heard that familiar voice, and froze. When I looked across the wide pedestrian aisle I saw Wendy with two other girls who had also graduated last year.

“Hey, Mr. Wallace,” she said as I met them halfway. “What’s up?”

“I just came in to pick up an old rock album for my dad’s birthday,” I smiled. “How are you ladies today?”

“Shopping with Jeanette,” she said nodding at Jeanette Pearson, a willowy brunette who had been one of my second hour students. “She’s going with her parents and brother to Florida for two weeks.”

“Alright! Sounds like a nice vacation.”

“Yeah, two weeks of fun and sun,” the brunette laughed.

“I tried to hitch a ride,” Becky Thomas grinned, “but no dice. Man, I’d love to lay around on a beach for two weeks with nothing to do but check out the guys.”

I must be on my way to becoming a pervert because it was all I could do to keep my eyes off of Becky Thomas’ tits. For a small, probably five feet, five-inch girl, she has a tremendous set of tits that seem to leap out at you.

“The rest of us are doomed to a summer of the same old routine of draggin’ the strip at night and hitting the mall during the day,” Wendy said.

We made small talk for several more minutes; the girls all assured me that I was the coolest teacher they had ever had and they would miss me, which I did find flattering. And listening to them I couldn’t help but remember what Wendy had told me the night before how all of the girls at Eisenhower High had been attracted to me. I wondered, as they babbled on about shopping, Florida and sun bronzed guys, how it would feel to have Becky and Jeanette’s feet sliding up and down my cock. I glanced quickly at the floor and was disappointed to find they were both wearing sneakers.

The disappointment, though, quickly turned to lust when I saw that Wendy’s sexy feet were in a pair of flip-flops and she was wearing one of the short skirts I remembered throughout most of last year. An image of her soft, creamy thighs came immediately to mind and I had to quickly look away. Not only did I not want to get caught staring at the young blonde’s legs but I certainly didn’t want a sudden erection tenting the front of my slacks.

“Hey, we have to hurry,” Jeanette was saying as she stuck a hand out to me. “Our plane leaves from the city tomorrow morning and I have a shit load of stuff to do.”

“Well, have a nice time,” I said taking her hand. “Enjoy the sun and bring me back an orange.”

“You got a deal, Mr. Wallace.”

“See you, Mr. Wallace,” Becky said.

“Take care, Becky.”

“I’ll catch up with you guys,” Wendy said.

Jeanette and Becky hurried away down the wide common aisle to a clothing shop at the far end of the mall. Suddenly, as I stood alone canlı casino with Wendy, I felt like a kid in high school again going out with a girl for the first time. Since the mall was packed with teenagers and younger kids with their parents, there was no way I could expect another episode like the night before, but I found it was nice just to talk to her. All of a sudden she grabbed my hand, surprising me.

“C’mon,” she said pulling me toward a steel door between two shops. “I want to show you something.

The hallway on the other side of the door led to the public restrooms, but Wendy walked past them to a junction and turned right. At the end of that hall, she opened another door and we stepped into an empty room with concrete block walls. She turned on the light, shut the door and locked it. As I looked around the room wondering what she wanted to show me, Wendy was suddenly in my arms, her hands holding my face as she pressed her lips to mine.

She kissed me deeply, ravenously, her lips and tongue devouring me while one hand rubbed my chest and the other pressed hard against my cock that was quickly becoming hard. One minute we’re standing in the mall with hundreds of other shoppers, the next I’m being devoured by her soft lips and hot tongue.

“Wendy! What the fuck-“

“Don’t worry!” she gasped into my mouth. “No one comes back her. Besides, I locked the door.”

“You don’t think someone might have a key?”

“Who cares?” her right hand fumbled trying desperately to get the zipper down on my pants. Then her hand was in my pants and I gasped as her soft fingers curled around the shaft of my cock. “I need your dick! Put it in me!”

There was a burning urgency in her voice, one I had never heard in her before, but I quickly recognized it. Wendy Carlton was on fire. She was hot and I could see the lust in her pretty eyes as she stared boldly at me. I didn’t see that look the night before; then she had been a teen seducing her former teacher, completely and seemingly impassive as she took charge of me.

She pulled my cock from my pants with one hand and reached under the short skirt and pulled her panties aside. She was shorter than me and I immediately, without even thinking, bent my legs so that the head of my cock slipped between her luscious thighs and touched the wet lips of her pussy. Suddenly, any thoughts I briefly had about someone walking in and catching us, evaporated as my cock sank slowly inside of her.

I grasped her tight ass cheeks and lifted her up, then turned and pressed her hard against the wall. Our mouths came together again and Wendy groaned deep in her throat as she took my tongue deep inside of her mouth. Her arms were around my neck holding on as her long legs went around my waist tightly.

“Yes! Fuck me!”

We became like two animals as I began rocking my hips hard and fast. It was aggressive, fast paced sex, intense and forceful, our loins coming together hard. I had never had sex like this before and I found I liked it very much. The sound of our kisses, the way we tried to consume one another, reverberated off the concrete walls. Wendy’s passionate moans aroused me more deeply than I could have imagined in my wildest dreams.

Her fingers raked my back, combed through my hair and held my face. It was as though she couldn’t get enough of touching me. I squeezed her delightful ass cheeks, dipped fingers into her crack and toyed with her tight asshole. In my mind I could still see her sitting at the front row of my classroom, spreading her legs and showing me her panties. I could recall the times I lay awake at night and stroked my cock while imagining what it would be like to impale her sweet, young pussy with my cock. And it just made me hotter.

“I ate your cum last night,” she gasped into my mouth. “When I got back in my car, I scooped it off my feet and legs.”

“Did you like it?”

“Oh, fuck, yes!”

“You want me to cum in your pussy?”

“Please…” Wendy’s voice caught in her throat as she imagined it. “I want to feel your dick explode in me, filling my pussy with your hot seed!”

Wendy’s words telling me that she wanted my seed in her aroused me so much that I knew it wouldn’t be long before I did explode deep inside of her sweet, sopping wet pussy. Our pace, which had been somewhat frenetic, became even more erratic and out of sync. My mouth and chin was wet with her saliva from her kissing and licking me with suck intense desire. All at once, her hips began to rock and gyrate out of control and a small cry escaped her lips. She clutched me tighter with her arms and legs and buried her face into my neck. She was cumming.

“Oh my…oh, fuck…”

Wendy’s tight young pussy contracted and gripped my cock hard. I shoved into her one last time and groaned loudly as I began to empty my balls inside of her. We were locked together and pressed against the wall as we climaxed together. Wendy’s hips continued to jerk and spasm as her orgasm intensified. The sound of our voices – grunts and moans actually – seemed unnaturally loud in the small concrete walled room. Then, as quickly as it had begun, Wendy and I were through he delightful storm of our orgasms and I gently raised her off my cock and set her feet back on the floor.

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