Dirty Pool

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Big Tits

“Six ball, side pocket”

I watched closely as my girlfriend Kim stretched across the pool table, lining up her shot. She had an incredible body, full round ass, narrow waist, fantastic tits, all leading up to her beautiful face topped with long dirty blond hair. And her lips, the amazing things she could do with those lips…

“I said, it’s your shot, Mark. Are you listening to me?”

“Sorry, babe. Just watching you move around like that, it’s kinda distracting.”

“What, like this?” she said, bending over the table and thrusting her ass in the air. She shifted her weight back and forth, causing her cheeks to twitch inside her skintight jeans, and causing my breath to catch in my throat.

“Something like that, yeah,” I choked out.

We were in my basement rec room, breaking in my new pool table. I had gotten a large bonus at work, after signing a very lucrative sales contract. To celebrate, I had gone on a bit of a shopping spree, with Kim’s help. The pool table and its accessories were the main purchase, and the best, considering how much we both enjoyed the game.

“Have I told you how much I love having this table here?” Kim asked, echoing my thoughts. She turned around, resting her derriere on the table and planting her cue stick in front of her. “Not only can we play whenever we feel like it, but we can do so many other things as well. Things that we couldn’t do at the bar.” Kim pushed the pool cue in at an angle as she spoke, so that it rested against her ankle, then her calf, her thigh… My eyes were locked on the stick as she pulled it firmly between her legs, and then began slowly rubbing it against her denim-covered pussy. “Mmmm, y’know what I mean, babe?”

“Oh yeah,” I answered, feeling myself starting to get hard as the smooth wood see-sawed against her mound. When she let out a loud moan, I knew she must have reached her clit, the pressure sending sparks of delight through her body.

“You know, babe, I have a better stick you can use for that.” Stepping closer, I pulled the pool cue from her hands. Kim spread her legs wide, and then wrapped them around me as my hard cock bumped up against her crotch. As I leaned forward to kiss her, I felt her hard-nippled tits pressing into my chest, and we ground together, continuing the rhythm Kim had set with the cue. Our lips crushed together, tongues tangling as I ran my hands across her back and down to her waist. God, I wanted to rip her clothes of and fuck her right there on the table, spread-eagled and moaning my name. I reached for her jeans to do just that when I felt her hand on my chest, pushing me away.

“And just what do you think you’re doing, mister?” she panted. The words sounded angry, but the glint in her eyes told me she wanted to play a little before getting down to some serious fucking.

I smiled, and said, “Just trying to be helpful, ma’am. You seemed to be uncomfortable, so I thought we should remove some of your restrictive clothing. See, you’re still having trouble breathing.”

Kim shook her head slowly. “Uh-uh, buddy. If you want to get into _these_ pants…” and here she slid her hand slowly down the front of her jeans, until she was once again rubbing her pussy while staring hungrily into my eyes. I stood frozen in place, riveted by her actions as she drew her hand back up to her mouth and started softly sucking on her middle finger. Then the now-wet digit retraced its path, this time going under her jeans. Kim closed her eyes briefly when her finger reached its destination, then opened them and smiled at me.

“Mmmmm, God that feels good. Now where was I?” Her hand continued to move as she spoke, and I could tell that her finger was sliding deep into her pussy, back and forth in the heated wetness. I could hear the muted squishing noises that told ciplak izle me how wet she was – God, I loved that sound! “Oh yeah. If you want to get into _these_ pants, then you’ll need to earn it. You’ll have to win the right to ravage me.”

I watched her busy hand for a few seconds before I realized that she was waiting for a response.

“Wh- what? Win the right? How- what do you mean?” I was having trouble forming a coherent sentence, since all I could think about was my hard, pulsing cock, uncomfortable in my pants, and how much I wanted to put it where Kim’s finger was right now.

“I mean a game. A pool game, but we play by my rules. If you win, then you get to fuck me, for as long as you want.”

“And if you win?”

“Then I get to fuck you, for as long as I want.” Kim smiled as she said this, looking at me with an incredible mix of lust and innocence on her face.

“The game is called Strip Pool. I’ll go over the rules in a second, but first, to give you some incentive…” She pulled her hand out of her pussy and her pants, took a step closer to me and dragged her thoroughly wet fingers across my upper lip. The sight and smell of her juices hit me like a Mack truck, and I tried to catch her finger in my mouth. But she snatched her hand back too quickly for me, and shook her head. “Uh-uh, I did all the work, that means I get the reward.” And with that, she slid her fingers between her lips and started sucking her wetness off them, closing her eyes in delight.

God, nothing turned me on more than seeing Kim like that, playing with herself and tasting her own juices. I swallowed to get rid of the lump in my throat, but nothing could get rid of the lump in my jeans. I reached forward to run my hands over Kim’s tits and the hard nipples pointing through her shirt, but she slapped my hands. “No! Game first, then the sex!” She was laughing at me, at how horny she could make me in just a few seconds.

“OK, so how does this game go?”

“Simple,” Kim explained. “We play regular 8-ball, but every time you sink a ball, your opponent has to remove an article of clothing. Strip pool.”

“Sounds good to me. Do you want to break?”

“Uh-uh. You can have that honour.” Kim pulled the rack from its hook while I quickly started pulling balls out of pockets. Again she laughed at my eagerness. “Oh yeah, Mark, one last rule.”

“What’s that?”

“Distractions are allowed,” she purred, as she rubbed her right hand over her crotch and tweaked her nipple with her left. I stared in awe for a couple of seconds, then grabbed my stick – my cue-stick, that is, and said, “OK, rack ’em up!”

My break was a thundercrash – apparently I was highly motivated. And luckily, the 11-ball dropped into a corner pocket. With a big grin, I turned to Kim and said, “All right, take off the shirt. I want to see those big beautiful boobs that you’re always teasing me with.”

Kim was shaking her head. “Uh-uh Mr. Pool Shark. The person doing the stripping decides what comes off, and in what order. And I think…” Leaning against the table, she lifted her left foot and slowly peeled off the white sock she was wearing. Then, laughing, she flipped it into my face.

“Oh, if that’s the way you’re going to play, I guess I’ll just have to run the table and get you naked right away.” I lined up my next shot, an easy one into the side pocket. But that’s when I found out exactly what Kim meant by ‘distractions.’

She moved over to the pocket I was lining up, and leaned over it. Suddenly I was presented with her most impressive cleavage displayed by the V-neck of her shirt. And the side pocket seemed to shrink to the size of a dime. Taking a deep breath, and telling myself to focus on the game, and the reward for winning, I managed to make my shot.

Kim commander fort izle pouted a bit as she pulled off her other sock. “I can see that I’m going to have to take this up to the next level,” she said menacingly.

I chuckled and said, “Do your worst. Or should I say best?” Which was a mistake, because after that challenge, Kim pulled out all the stops. Suddenly I couldn’t make a shot because all I could see was Kim pinching her nipples, sliding her hands underneath her jeans, stroking her cue, and sucking on her wet fingers. It got even worse (or better) when she declared that Strip Pool was a full contact game. If you’ve ever tried making a shot while a hot, sexy woman was pushing her tits into your back, kissing your neck and rubbing your cock through your jeans, then you know what I mean.

Of course I did my best to reciprocate when Kim was shooting too. I was reaching down and adjusting my hard cock every 30 seconds, and once contact was allowed I didn’t hesitate to rub myself against Kim’s ass, thighs, arms, hands, whatever body part I could reach. But I kept changing my tactics as well, throwing in kisses, light brushing across her nipples, sucking on the occasional earlobe. I think the biggest surprise was when I smacked her ass hard, just as she was drawing back to shoot. We had never tried anything like that in bed, but from the way her breath caught in her throat, followed by a low moan, I knew that we would sometime soon.

Eventually, though, the game progressed. Kim had me down to my underwear, but I spent so much time stroking and showing her my hard cock that I might as well have not been wearing it. Kim was down to her bra and panties, and they were so light and see-through that her big nipples and thick pubic hair showed through easily.

I was trying my best to make a clean shot and get Kim’s bra off – I know I’ve said it before, but I loved those big tits of hers. Kim was doing her best to make me miss – she lifted her leg along the rail, and pulled her panties aside. Instead of the corner pocket, all I could see was Kim’s delicate fingers plunging in and out of her pussy, the lips all wet and swollen and looking oh-so tasty. Her eyes were closed. I don’t think she was even thinking about my shot anymore, she was totally focused on the pleasure screaming through her body.

When she dropped her stick in order to rub her clit while still finger-fucking herself, something in me just snapped. I threw my cue onto the table and stepped over to her. I pulled her left hand out of her pussy and brought it up to my lips, sucking the moisture off her wet digits. Then I grabbed her head and pulled her lips to mine, kissing, tongues twisting away at each other. When Kim tasted herself on my mouth she made a little whimpering sound at the back of her throat, which turned my arousal to an even higher pitch.

Moving behind her, I quickly unsnapped her bra and pulled it off of her. Kim made a small sound of displeasure as she had to pull her fingers away from her clit momentarily, but the interruption was brief. Her panting breath almost drowned out the slick sound of fingers against wet flesh, and she continued the circular motions over her mound.

In the meantime, I was running my hands all over Kim’s tits, rubbing, lightly pinching, feeling the weight of them in my hands. I was also licking the side of her neck, just below her left ear, the way she liked. But my pulsing cock could only be delayed for so long, and I slid my hands down Kim’s arms to her wrists. Ignoring her disappointed moans, I pulled her hands away from her body and placed them on the green felt of the table. I pushed forward, and Kim leaned over, farther and farther, until she was fully bent over the table. With my foot I nudged at her copenhagen cowboy izle ankles, indicating that I wanted her to spread her legs farther apart. My hard cock was pressed into Kim’s ass, separated by the thin layers of cloth we both still wore.

I growled at her, “Don’t move. Not an inch.” as I grabbed the sides of her panties. Crouching, I drew the soaked fabric down her legs as far as it could go, which was just below her knees. Far enough. In front of me was the pussy that Kim had been teasing me with, wet and pink and dripping, her hard clit poking out at me. I moved forward, my mouth less than an inch away from her. She could feel my breath blowing across her lips, and she gasped when my tongue made contact.

I traced her pussy lips slowly, over and over. I made sure to lightly cross over her clit on each circuit, but not to apply too much pressure. I didn’t want her cumming just yet. After several turns around the track, I let my tongue slide between those pink lips, as deep as I could get it. Kim’s moans became louder as I drove my tongue in and out of her, then became lower when I replaced my tongue with my middle two fingers.

God, she was soaked, and my pumping fingers forced more of Kim’s juices out of her pussy. There was a glistening trail sliding down the inside of her thigh, and my tongue traced it back to its source. Carefully wrapping my lips over my teeth, I nibbled softly at Kim’s clit, my fingers never slowing. I knew she was getting close, and I couldn’t wait any longer.

Standing up, I pushed down my shorts and gripped my cock in my hand. It felt harder and looked bigger than ever before, the head purple and shiny with pre-cum. Kim’s moans had turned into words I could just barely make out. She was saying ‘Fuck me’ over and over, softly, like a mantra. But it was interrupted when I brushed the head of my cock across her lips, her juices quickly covering me. Then I settled my cock in place, grabbed Kim by the hips and slowly slid inside of her.

The feeling of her tight, hot, wet pussy wrapped around my cock was like heaven. For a few seconds I couldn’t move, it felt so good. Then I slowly pulled out, until just the head was inside of her, and slid just as slowly back inside. I could feel every vein rub against the silken walls of her, all of my senses were centered in my cock. I glided in and out, faster each time, until I was pounding furiously into her, feeling my orgasm come closer and closer.

Looking up slightly, I could see Kim’s hands splayed across the table, and the pounding I was giving her was making her hard nipples rub into the soft felt. Her mantra had changed from ‘Fuck me’ to ‘I’m gonna come,’ repeated over and over. Which was good, because I couldn’t last any longer.

Kim knew that I was about to blow, as my balls tightened and my cock grew even larger inside of her. “Yes,” she yelled. “Yes, that’s it, come, come inside of me! Now!” And I did, one last plunge and I came, it felt like gallons of sperm pumping out of me and into her. My eyes were closed and all I could feel was my cock blasting cum and Kim’s pussy gripping me tightly, pulsing as she came with me. It was incredible.

I fell forward, covering her, just barely slowing myself by grabbing the table. My cock softened only slightly, and I didn’t pull out yet. I felt the tremors and aftershocks of Kim’s orgasm where we were still connected, and we both stayed motionless for a while, catching our breath.

After a few minutes, Kim turned her head to look at me, her frowning eyes conflicting with the smile she couldn’t quite suppress. “Hey, you,” she said softly.


“You cheated. You weren’t supposed to do that until one of us won the game.”

Oh, yeah. I… I just couldn’t wait, y’know?”

“Well, you know what we have to do now, don’t you?”

“What’s that?”

“It’s obvious. We’ll have to have a rematch.”

I looked at the smile on her face, and couldn’t help myself. I burst out laughing, and Kim joined me. Then I leaned down to her, said, “You’ve got a deal,” and kissed her.

The End

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