Didn’t Really Think This Had Any Chance Of Actually Happening, But…

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I’ve fantasized about this but never actually saw it coming to life.

I work in the hospitality industry in a split level office. On the first floor are 5 coworkers along with myself. Up a few stairs on the second level is a very attractice woman named Jessica who represents our company headquarters in a regional capacity. Throughout the course of just about every normal day of the years I pass through Jessica’s section of the office and we usually talk, joke around. While I have always checked her out in the safest way I possibly could, I know that she’s noticed it and was uncomfortable. In some cases she would even protect herself with hands on her neck to block me from looking at or down her blouse or standing in such a way that I wasn’t able to study her ass while she was standing with her back towards me or catch a few quick glances at her crotch. It was obvious that she knew I was looking and I sometimes tried really hard to be respectful but couldn’t help myself.

One evening last week it had snowed and she was stuck in our office while I had a lot of work left to do. I went upstairs to ask her how she was getting home and she was resigned to hang out for a few hours and see if her husband could come and pick her up. So I stood next to her desk and talked; typical office nonsense, bashing mutual coworkers and policies and recalling recent contradictory events. I was looking at her eyes with peeks at her cleavage and when she got up to put extra paper in her fax machine I could see the top kocaeli escort bayan of her white lace panties kind of rising above her teal dress pants. I was getting very turned on.

This time she wasn’t protecting herself and as our conversation got friendlier I decided to be bold. “I could be fired for saying this and I hope you’ll grant me immunity but Jesus, Jessica, I really like to look at you”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed” she said.
Does it bother you?”
“Well it’s a little rude and pretty typical of men but you’re a nice person and I don’t really know what kind of signal I’m giving you right now” and then she laughed.

“Would you stand up for a minute?” I asked her. She did. I ran my fingers through her hair and kissed her. It lasted for a while.

“Jessica. What would it take for me to be able to do something I’ve always fantasized about doing to you?”

“What’s that?”

“I want to eat your pussy so badly sweetheart. I think about it all the time. Would you really say no to that?”

We kissed again and this time I started opening her blouse and eventually took it off. She had a purple bra underneath. “I need to see your tits sweetie” and I unfastened it and just looked at how beautiful her breasts are. I licked and sucked each of them and moved one of my hands down to her pants…I took off her belt, unsnapped the botton and began to unzip her. “I can’t believe I’m finally going to see your vagina Jessica” I told her. Not the smoothest words for a moment like that kocaeli sınırsız escort but that’s how they came out. I moved her to the floor and began to take them off. Within a minute, there was the object of months worth of desire laying on the carpet with nothing but an incredibly sexy pair of white lace panties. I undressed with her. “Tell me you want to see what’s in here?” I said as I took my pants and black underwear off. And she did. I knelt down next to her so she was eye level with my cock which had grown nice and big. She touched it but I told her “gotta do you first”

I removed her panties. Jessica’s panties. I kept rationalizing it that way. Her soft, conditioned (she told me later) hair was light brown and framed her cunt so perfectly. What a moment. I inhaled her intoxicating scent and began to lick her pussy. I opened her lips and drank her in, licking and sucking as much and as many parts of her female pefection as I could reach. She was really wet and grinding herself against my face.

I told her that since this was a fantasy I’ve pumped myself off to so many times that I had to make it exactly that way and take it to every level I’ve dreamed of since it was finally here. She wasn’t sure what I was talking about but would soon find out.

“I need you on your knees with your back arched down a bit”

“What are you doing?”

“Jessica, just go along with it.”

And I did. I placed my hands on her perfect ass, exploring her roundness izmit anal yapan escort and softness and placed my face to her crack and tongued it up and down. Her asshole was right there and I rimmed the edge and then licked with a little more precision. She was really into it. I placed my finger in her cunt as I licked her asshole around in little circles. “Make me cum” she asked me. I placed my finger inside of her asshole and moved it all the way in as I got underneath her and sucked her pussy. At this point she was sitting on my face and I held her ass with one hand, moved my finger on the other hand in and out of Jessica’s asshole and licked her clit until she violently began to shake out of control and came on top of me. When it was over I studied her ass and gently rimmed her asshole for a few silent minutes.

“you’re going to suck me off and let me cum in your mouth now aren’t you? This is what I’ve waited for so please play it up for me”

“I want you to come in my mouth…I’ll let you…” she said, realizing how powerful those words were. She took my cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue all around it. She looked at me in the eyes and told me again “please come in my sweet mouth…I’m going to let you come in my mouth” She placed her fingers on my balls and her pinky timidly grazed my asshole a few times while she sucked and pumped my hard cock deep into her mouth.

“Keep going Jes…” and she did. Pumping my cock and sucking me until I spurted really hard. She took it in her mouth and gave me a visual of it dripping on her lips and then went back to swallow the next several other spurts…

We lay there for a while on the carpet next to her desk and held each other.

More next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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