Daddy’s Obsession Ch. 01

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I had been a single man for eight years. My divorce had been messy, but after a mountain of legal costs I had finally convinced the authorities that given my ex-wife’s destructive twin addictions to gambling and alcohol I should have sole custody of our only daughter, Lindsay. I had tried to shelter Lindsay, who had been ten at the time, from the fallout as my marriage disintegrated, and after her mother finally moved out she started to cling to me tightly.

Even back then Lindsay had been a beautiful young girl. Everywhere she went, people would comment on how pretty she was, and how she would ‘break some hearts when she grows up’. As she grew older her natural good looks continued to blossom. Now, having just turned eighteen, she was a straight-up perfect ten knockout. I tried not to notice what a painfully sexy young woman my daughter was maturing into, but it become increasingly difficult. I found myself starting to admire her looks more and more, my gaze becoming less and less fatherly whenever she wasn’t looking. Images of her started to slip into my fantasies, and before too long I decided to stop feeling guilty about it and accept it.

Lindsay and I had always been close. I was very lucky that even at eighteen my daughter still loved to curl up with me and watch movies, play games, laugh, joke and generally hang out with her old dad. I worked out a lot and considered myself in pretty good shape for forty, with a successful career, and I had dated a few women on and off over the eight years since my divorce. But my attempt at a new romance had never gone far, and it had always been my darling daughter whose company I enjoyed the most. While she was a smart, remarkably beautiful girl, she had always seemed to remain modest. That’s not to say that she wasn’t proud of her brains or her gorgeous looks, but she always brushed off compliments with a modest smile and never lost her kind nature.

One warm Saturday morning, shortly after her eighteenth birthday, Lindsay had come downstairs to join me for breakfast. She was wearing a white summer dress that came to mid-thigh, showing off her long slender legs. The neckline was just low enough to show a hint of cleavage from her full, incredibly perky 34d breasts, which looked even bigger in contrast to her slender body. Lindsay had been into gymnastics for years, and it showed in the graceful way she walked, the fabric of the sundress giving little teasing tosses back and forth as her well curved hips swayed hypnotically. 5’7, she was fit, flexible, and had the kind of body that would turn any man’s head. Long dark, softly curled hair framed an achingly beautiful face. With pale creamy skin, a flawless complexion, soft pink cheeks and sparkling blue eyes, her youthful face looked younger than her eighteen years, in contrast to her well-developed tight but curvaceous body.

As she walked toward me where I sat at the breakfast table, I quickly ran my gaze over her, admiring my sex-bomb of a daughter, being careful to look away after a moment so as not to be obvious. “Good morning Daddy!” she greeted me, flashing a brilliant smile, full of enthusiasm on this bright summer morning. “Hey sweetheart” I smiled back, jumping up to pull out a chair for her. “Aww, always the gentleman” she smiled.

We ate breakfast together, me occasionally stealing quick glances at the cleavage between her perky jaw-dropping breasts, and admiring the way her raven curls framed her flawless doll-like face. We made small talk, then she rose from the table.

“I’m going over to Sandy’s for a few hours to hang out in her pool okay Daddy?”.

“Sure honey. You girls have a fun morning. I’m gonna hang out here and get some work done. I’ll catch you later”.

“Eww, work on a sunny Saturday? You work too hard dad” she chastised me, leaning over to give me a playful poke in the chest where I sat, treating me to a brief look straight down her dress. My cock hardened instantly at the sight of those big firm teen tits in her lacy pink bra, and I was glad my arousal was hidden beneath the table. “I know honey, but I love my job and I want to make sure you don’t have to pay a dime for college”.

Lindsay gave me a grateful smile. “I know daddy. I love you”.

“I love you too honey. Go have fun at Sandy’s”.

A few minutes later Lindsay had left, leaving me home alone. I couldn’t shake the image of those full creamy tits in that lace trimmed bra, so the moment I heard Lindsay’s car pull out of the drive way, I went straight to my study. I pulled down my pants, and sat at my laptop. I opened an encrypted folder that I called ‘work stuff’, but which really contained dozens of photos of my darling daughter. Some were pulled from her facebook, some from vacation photos, but all had one thing in common – they showed off the stunning teen at her most sexy.

Wrapping a hand around my thick, eager erection, I started to click through the photos, stroking myself slowly. Here was one of Lindsay laying by a pool in a two piece bikini. I stared at her smooth flat abs, the kağıthane escort way her dark curls spilled out to frame her gorgeous face, the swell of her D cup breasts. A click of the mouse and the photo was replaced by one of her in her body-hugging gymnastics one-piece. She was posing on the gym mat with one long leg straight up. I moaned in lust, my cock throbbing. ‘God, she is so flexible” I thought, enjoying the way her chest strained against the tight fabric of the leotard.

I was still stroking my iron hard cock over my collection of Lindsay photos a few minutes later when she came back. I wasn’t expected her back for hours, let alone minutes, and with my mind clouded with lust, I hadn’t heard her car pull back into the driveway. Nor did I hear her come back into the house, looking for her misplaced cell phone. In fact I didn’t hear her until she was standing in the doorway of my study, watching from the side as I slowly rubbed myself over photos of her. “Hey Daddy, I….oh god. Dad!”.

I have never jumped so high in my life. I leapt up, simultaneous trying to pull up the pants that were around my ankles and close the images on the screen, blurting “Lindsay, I thought you were…oh shit, baby, I’m sorry”. Heart pounding, it felt like it took an eternity to close the screen and pull up my pants, and of course it was too late. I was busted, and at that moment all I could think was ‘my life is ruined’.

Our eyes met for a moment, mine filled with shame and fear at her reaction, hers wide with astonishment. Then without a word she pivoted, strode down the hall to her bedroom, and closed the door behind her.

For a minute I just stood there, heart going a mile-a-minute, wondering if I had just irrevocably ruined my relationship with my only daughter. I walked slowly to her door, hesitated a moment, then knocked. “Lindsay, honey, I am so sorry. I thought you were out. I….I’m sorry. You must really hate me.”.

There was a brief moment of silence, then her door opened. She stood there in her sundress, and I was surprised to see that her eyes were neither wet with tears nor hot with anger. She had the same loving expression she always gave me. “It’s okay daddy. I just wasn’t expecting to see….that”. She giggled softly. “That was a photo of me you were looking at”. She said it so matter-of-factly, letting the words hang there, waiting for my response.

I hung my head, unable to meet her eyes. “I’m so sorry. I know that was a terrible thing I just did, but you are so beautiful. I’m your dad and I shouldn’t notice you like that, but I couldn’t help it. I don’t expect you to forgive me.”

“It’s okay, come in for a sec” she said as she took a seat on her bed. I slumped in the chair by her dresser, and despite my feeling of guilt I still couldn’t help noticing how the hem of her dress had hiked up a little as she sat on the bed, exposing a good portion of her firm thighs.

I started to speak again, to confess my shame and beg forgiveness, but she immediately cut me off.

“Ssssh. It’s okay” she cooed. “I need to tell you something”. She still did not sound mad or upset, and I felt myself relax just a tiny bit.

“I’ve seen the way you’ve been looking at me lately daddy. You think you’re being subtle, but I’m used to that look from guys and you’re really not as subtle as you think”. She gave a little laugh, shaking her head, her long dark hair swaying. “But it’s okay. I know you’ve been single a long time and you have…needs. I…”. She hesitated a few seconds, her eyes searching mine, then pressed on “I kinda like it. That you look at me that way. It’s…flattering, knowing even my handsome dad can’t help noticing me in that way. I mean, it’s not like you’re trying to touch me or anything.”

“Oh honey I would never do that!”

She smiled at me affectionately. “I know daddy, and I feel so safe with you. Which is why I really don’t mind if you like to look at me. So long as it’s just looking, it’s okay. And you don’t have to hide it anymore. It kinda turns me on having my handsome daddy’s eyes on me, and when I just saw what you were doing….after I got over my shock I thought it was pretty hot! How long have you been looking at me while you, you know, take care of yourself”.

I stared at her in disbelief. “Um…since your eighteen birthday. You’re not mad or anything?”

“I already told you I’m okay, silly” she laughed. “I know we can’t, like, do anything, but when it’s just the two of us you can admire me all you like!”

I didn’t know what to say. Part of me was still recovering from the shame and shock, and part of me was getting horny again as I processed what she was saying. While I tried to gather my thoughts and reply, Lindsay lay back on her bed, head propped up on her pillow, and let the hem of her dress hike up even more. Now her long smooth legs were on display all the way up to the tops of her toned thighs, her panties barely covered by an inch of fabric. She reached up to her dress straps and slipped them down her arms slowly.

“Jesus, what are you doing sweetie?” I asked, unable to tear my eyes away as my daughter continued to reveal more of her sexy young body.

“I told you it’s okay for you to look now. And I know I interrupted you before you could, you know, finish what you were doing”. She had a mischievous sparkle in her blue eyes now as she pulled her dress down enough to completely bare her pink lace-trimmed bra. Pushed together by the bra, her breasts looked amazing, so big compared to her slim young body. “Why don’t you take it back out and finish what you started? I’ll just lay here and you can think of me like one of the girls in your men’s magazines”. She gave a soft laugh, clearly enjoying the effect she was having on me.

“Lindsay, I…we shouldn’t…”

“Ssssh, it’s okay. Your eyes are already all over me. Please…it’s okay, take care of yourself, I want you too”. Her voice was so soft, so soothing and encouraging. My cock got even harder.

She was right, my eyes were all over her, and the tent in my pants was obvious. Feeling like I was dreaming, I stood up beside her bed, looking down at her where she lay, and slowly pulled my cock from the tight confines of my pants.

She gave a little whimper of lust, biting her lower lip as it came into view. She only got a brief look earlier, but now her pretty blue eyes were entranced by the size of my cock. I felt an absurd swell of pride at my daughter’s reaction to what I knew was an impressive sized member.

“Ooh, he looks happy to see me” she cooed, running her well-manicured hands over the top of her bra-covered breasts.

“Oh sweetie, you’re so beautiful and sexy” I moaned, slowly stroking my cock. My heart was racing again, and I knew I had to go slow or I’d explode fast from the thrill of this new, taboo situation.

Lindsay ran her hands over her smooth stomach, gripping the top of her dress, raising her flexible body off the bed so that she could slide the dress over her curvy hips, and down her long legs. The sight of her with her back arched, her matching lace trimmed pink panties coming into view, make me moan in lust. She raised both legs up perfectly straight in the air for a moment, the fabric of her panties pulling tight over her pussy lips, pulled the dress over her ankles, and tossed it aside with a giggle.

“Mmm, that’s it daddy, stroke that big beautiful cock over me” she encouraged, her voice husky, her eyes locked on my hand as I slid it up and down my thick cock. She lowered her legs, parting them slightly, caressing her inner thighs as I watched. “Tell me I’m beautiful” she whispered, looking lovingly up into my eyes. I couldn’t believe what was coming from my sweet daughter’s hot mouth. She was normally so modest about her stunning looks.

“You’re the prettiest girl I have ever seen honey” I said truthfully, pulling my eyes from her underwear-clad body to meet her gaze.

She licked her lips slowly. “Do you like to imagine me on my knees daddy?” she teased, “with my lips around that big cock?”.

“Oh honey, yes. God help me, yes, I do. I know it can’t happen, but I think about it.”

“Do you wish you could slide that monster into my tight young body daddy?”. She ran her fingertips over her panties, briefly teasing her pussy through the dampening fabric.

My hand quickened it’s pace on my cock, waves of pleasure burning through me, getting closer and closer to the edge. “Yes. Daddy has such naughty thoughts about you baby. I can’t stop. I can’t help it”.

“I know daddy” she soothed, continuing to caress herself all over. “You don’t have to stop”.

“Baby…take off your bra” I pleased, my voice edged with barely contained lust. “Let me see those beautiful breasts”.

“Not this time daddy” she grinned. “Maybe I’ll let you see more later, if you promise to keep admiring me, but for now this is all you get to see”.

I started to go slower on my cock, knowing I was on the edge, but Lindsay shook her head “don’t slow down daddy, jerk it hard for me. You need release. Stare at me like one of the models in your magazines and cum hard for me!”.

She was crunching her thighs together now, obviously turned on by the power she was having over me. I stepped right up to the bed, eyes all over her bra, her abs, her legs, her panty covered crotch, her pretty face. I was looking at my daughter like she was a perfect-ten glamour model sex object, and I was seconds from cumming, my heavy cum-loaded balls tightening. The little sex-kitten was clearly loving her role as an irresistible tease for her horny father..

“Do it you handsome daddy” she moaned, “cum all over my tummy!”. She was squirming more and more on the bed, her voice getting huskier, desperate to see her handsome hung daddy explode from his lust for her.

Furiously pumping my cock, I pointed it at her slim bare tummy. “God you sexy little bitch, daddy’s gonna cum so hard!”.

“Do it! Show me how hot I make you!” she cried, and with a long moan of pleasure I came, my cock pulsing hard over and over, rope after rope of thick white cum shooting out to splash onto my stunning girl’s smooth abs.

“Oh wow, so much cum daddy” she giggled as my cock kept throbbing, shooting the biggest load of my life over my teasing little nymph daughter’s body. Finally, after an enormous wave of pleasure, I signed and stepped back, feeling completely sated. Lindsay lay there smiling, rubbing the sticky mess into her stomach in circles. “Mmm, that was so hot daddy”.

“Jesus baby, I can’t believe I just did that. I’ve never cum so hard in my life”.

“So long as we keep it a secret, I can help you get off like this a lot more. I really want to make my handsome daddy happy! But now I think I need to go shower” she laughed. “I’m kind of a mess”.

I slumped into her chair, satisfied, confused, my mind racing, and thought back on what had just happened while she took a shower and cleaned up. I was just trying to decide if I should tell her we had gone too far, and this shouldn’t happen again, when she came out of the bathroom, fully dressed again, rose up on tiptoes to kiss my cheek, and said “I found my phone so I’m going back out again to see Sandy. Have a good morning daddy”. Then she walked out of the house without another word, as if everything was normal.

I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon horny from the memory of what had just happened, and how irresistible my teasing daughter had looked laying on her bed in her bra and panties, encouraging me to bathe her perfect body in cum. I prayed things wouldn’t turn weird between us now, and I still wasn’t sure if this morning had been the start of something amazing or a huge risk doomed to disaster, but Lindsay had certainly not taken it badly! I was a very lucky guy.

As I waited for her to come home I tried to put my mind on my work, but I couldn’t switch gears and found it impossible to concentrate. Instead I paced back and forth through the house, hoping to god that Lindsay wouldn’t suddenly come to her senses and denounce her father as a pervert, or tell someone else about what had happened. But she couldn’t, could she? Not now, not after she had encouraged and teased me.

It was late afternoon when she came back from her best friend Sandy’s house, and I was sitting on the couch channel surfing. Her hair was wet from swimming, and droplets of water ran down her neck and soaked into her sundress. She greeted me cheerfully as she walked in, tossing her purse and phone onto the table and then dropping onto the couch. “Hey daddy, watcha watching?”.

“Just channel surfing. How was your day?”

“A lot of fun. Sandy and I went out for milkshakes, did a little shopping, then hung out in her parent’s pool and listened to music. It was a nice lazy day”.

I felt myself relaxing. There was no sign of tension between us, or any sign of anything unusual at all. It was as if the morning had been a hot but bizarre sex dream.

We spent the rest of the day together watching a movie, playing cards, reminiscing about the vacations we had taken together. At no point did she bring up what had happened, and I was too nervous to. It was well into the evening, and we were sitting on opposite ends of the couch watching random music videos on cable, when a Katy Perry video came on. I can’t claim to be a fan of her music, but I was enjoying the view as Katy strut around in a skin-tight latex dress, dripping cleavage, then laying naked on a cloud in a slutty pink wig, breasts barely concealed. I shifted a little on the couch, feeling my cock harden slightly as I watched the hot slutty pop star sing ‘California Gurls’ on the TV. Lindsay was beside me singing along to the song in her sweet voice, but as soon as I shifted uncomfortably she rose from the couch with a ‘be right back’.

I had figured she had just gone to the bathroom, so it came as a complete shock when a few minutes later my sexy teenage daughter strode confidently into the living room and nearly stopped my heart. Black high heels and thigh high lace stockings accentuated her long slender legs. A matching black-lace push up bra made her already generous tits jutt up and out and demand attention. A semi-transparent black semi-thong covered her smoothly shaved pussy. An elegant pearl necklace (a gift from her late grandmother) hung around her slender neck, just above her incredible cleavage, completing the sexy ensemble. She looked like every man’s perfect eighteen year old wet dream come true. My cock was rock hard in seconds, and I licked my dry lips in nervous excitement. “Holy crap honey, you look amazing”.

Even in those high heels she walked with a dancer’s grace, standing close before me. I sat gazing up at the sexy vision of perfection – a sight to make any red blooded man wild with lust, a tight bodied teen sex bomb in lingerie designed to make a man’s cock harder than steel.

“Do you like my outfit daddy? I picked it out this morning, just for you. I told Sandy I had a new boyfriend and it was for him” she laughed. “But it’s all for you. I hope you like what you see. I know Katy Perry was turning you on but you have your own live-in fantasy right here!” she giggled.

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