Dad, Do I Turn You On? Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: All sexual activity is between consenting adults. This story builds slowly, for reasons that will become apparent. I hope you enjoy.


The phone rang on the second Friday in June. Caller ID said it was my daughter Suzy. “Hi, honey, what’s up?”

“Daddy, can I come stay with you early?” Daddy only came out with her begging voice, which she was using now. Otherwise she had only called me Dad since starting high school. She used to use the begging voice a lot back before her mom and I divorced, when Suzy was 15 and her sister Amanda was 13, but now that she was 20 and done with her first two years at college, I hardly ever heard either one any more. It felt both good and bad to hear it again, as I knew I was about to get manipulated. Sweetly, but still manipulated, even if the answer would have been ‘Yes’ regardless.

I chuckled under my breath. “Honey, I was just about to buy the plane tickets tomorrow so you and Mandy can be here the first of July, so I’m glad you’re asking now, before it would cost me extra to change it.” I had moved from Minneapolis to Dallas for a promotion during the divorce, making weekend custody difficult, so had settled on having my girls for a month each summer, and a week at either Thanksgiving or Christmas. It sucked not seeing them more often, but I was working hard at my job to provide for them, which seemed more important at the time.

Mandy’s birthday is July 5th, while mine is July 9th, while Suzy’s in April 18th, so we had chosen July as the month they would stay with me, and always observed all three birthdays together in a combined party on Mandy’s birthday. This would be the year Mandy turned 18 and I realized this could possibly be the final summer we had together, as either girl could opt out of these visits after that. This was the third summer since Suzy turned 18 that she’d voluntarily continued coming to visit along with Mandy, so I was certainly happy she wanted to spend more time here, rather than less. She didn’t need to beg to get a ‘Yes’ on that. “Why the change?”

She sighed, a bit over-dramatically, “Mandy’s being even more impossible than ever. Since I got home from college, she’s been stealing my clothes left and right, stole my iPod twice, and yesterday she even stole my car, although she calls it ‘borrowing’. She knows you and Mom are getting her a car of her own once she graduates next week, like you did for me, but she can’t wait, and the butt-nugget decided to ignore me when I said she couldn’t drive mine. I need to get out of here, or I’m going to kill her, I swear.”

“Have you asked your mom?”

“Yeah, she’s not entirely happy about it, but since I’m an adult, she knows I don’t really need her permission to leave, just yours to be at your place. She does want me to wait until Mandy’s graduation, but since you’re coming here for that next Friday, I thought I’d just go home with you on Sunday. Can I, please, Daddy?” Oh, that voice.

“You know you’re always welcome here. It’s just that I won’t have any vacation to spend much time with you until Mandy arrives in July. Are you going to be okay hanging out for two weeks alone, while I go to work?”

She giggled, “Your condo complex still has that great pool, right? I’ll have the awesomest tan before Mandy gets there.”

A mental image from the previous summer of a tanned Suzy in a yellow bikini lying in one of the pool chairs flashed in my head. Stop it, you pervert. She’s your daughter. “Yeah, and they just enlarged the hot tub this spring.”

“Cool. I’ll be better off by myself, rather than wringing Mandy’s neck, at least. Hopefully, that will let me calm down by the time she arrives.”

“Okay, sweetie, I’ll get all the airfare set up for both of you, and I’ll see you next Friday for your sister’s graduation.”

“Bye, Dad, love you! Let me know your flight info, and I’ll pick you up from the airport.”

“No, I’ve got a rental reserved. I’ll see you at your mom’s house Saturday morning. Bye.”


I shopped the next day for some additional non-perishables, so the fridge and pantry would be well stocked for Suzy to be here, including some chicken breasts thrown into the freezer so I could make my Garlic Chicken Fettucine Alfredo, her favorite dish, to welcome her home. I’d shop for the birthday party later. Then I straightened out the guest bedroom where I kept fullsize bunkbeds for the girls.

The next Friday after work, I flew from Dallas to Minneapolis, and checked into a Marriott near my ex-wife Paula’s house, and sent my girls a text message saying I had arrived. I ate a late dinner in the hotel’s restaurant, then went to sleep.

The next morning, I drove my rental over to my former home, four hours before graduation, to pick my ex up, so we could go take delivery on the used silver Accord we’d bought Mandy as a graduation present, to complement the gold one we’d gotten Suzy two years earlier. Paula answered the door. “Hi, Steve. How are you? Still married to your job?” she asked grumpily, as we walked bursa otele gelen eskort towards my car. The time demands of my career, particularly when I was working towards the promotion that took me to Dallas, had turned into the primary wedge that broke up our marriage. I hadn’t seen Paula face-to-face since Suzy’s graduation, and this is what she leads off with?

“At least my bosses appreciate my hard work.” I stopped myself. “Look, I’m not here to have a repeat of the same old arguments, okay? Today’s about celebrating Mandy. Can we at least be on the same page about that?”

“You’re right. I’m sorry,” she replied, in a tone I half-believed was sincere.

We got in the car, drove over to the dealership, dealt with the final paperwork, then Paula drove Mandy’s car home, while I followed in the rental. We parked the cars in front of the house, and were in the middle of attaching a big green and white bow (those being the high school’s colors) to the Accord’s hood, when we heard the front door flung open.

“Daddy!!” screamed Mandy, running down the walk in her pajamas. I was still Daddy to Mandy, perhaps because she’d been younger during the divorce. “You’re here! Oh, Mom, I love it. Can I drive it right now?”

Suzy followed behind her, smiling at her sister, in a navy blue T-shirt and jeans shorts, and Nike sneakers. The forecast for the day was upper 70s. I felt my eyes drawn to her long legs, before I forced them away.

Paula answered Mandy, “You need to get dressed, and have your license with you. And we only have a little while, before we have to get ready for Graduation, okay?”

“Okay Mom. Thank you both so much!” She ran back to the house, but I caught sight of her sticking her tongue out at Suzy as she passed. Suzy got back at her with a backhanded swat of her butt.

Suzy reached the sidewalk and said, “Hey, can I ‘borrow’ her car right now, to make up for Mandy doing it to me? Pretty please?”

In accord, Paula and I both said “No!” Paula continued, “Mandy just got done being grounded for that, so letting you do after she was punished for it sends the wrong message. You’ll be out of each other’s hair tomorrow. I want the fighting between you two to stop, do you hear me young lady?”

“Yes, mom…”

She turned to me. “Hi, Dad,” she said, before giving me a tight hug. I felt her breasts press into my chest, and had to push the thought out of them out of my head. They seemed a little bigger than the last time I’d been hugged by her, at Christmas. When she stepped back, my eyes confirmed that she looked like she’d gained about 10 pounds, mostly muscle from volleyball, some not, and it had all settled in the right places. ‘Okay, enough checking out your daughter,’ I thought.

Suzy and I sat at the front window in the kitchen while Mandy and Paula went for their drive. I said, “So, it doesn’t sound like the conflict between you and Mandy is as one-sided as you made it sound. What’s actually going on?”

She signed. “Really Dad, that’s just Mandy trying to convince Mom that I’m provoking her into stuff, when I’m not into playing those teenage games with her at all. I think she just got used to my being away at college, and having Mom’s attention all to herself. And while coming to stay with you early was my idea, she’s even convinced herself that she got me to do it.”

“Okay, I’ll have to take your word for it. But I don’t want the fighting in Dallas, either. Clear?”

“As crystal,” she replied. “I really don’t think it will be a problem. The same thing seemed to happen last year, to a lesser extent, but cleared up as soon as we were with you. It really does seem to be about her time with Mom versus my time with Mom, so that gets neutralized when we’re with you. Maybe after Mandy spends a year at college, she’ll be better about it.”

“I hope you’re right. So, are you all packed up to leave in the morning? Best I could do when I booked for myself a month ago was an 8 AM flight, then got lucky that they still had seats to add you and get us side by side on the same flight. I’ll need to pick you up around 5:30.”

“Ugh, that’s early. Except for my toiletries bag and some stuff to go in my purse, everything’s been packed for a couple of days, though. I’ll be up and ready.”

We saw the Accord pull back up to the curb, and Mandy and Paula got out and Mandy ran up to the house. “Daddy?” she called from the entryway, before spotting me in the kitchen. She ran and gave me a big hug, and a peck on the cheek. “Thank you so much for the car, Daddy! I love you!” Before I could respond, she ran for the stairs, saying, “Gotta get dressed.”

While Mandy was getting changed for Graduation, Paula’s younger sister Nancy arrived. Suzy hugged her Aunt Nancy, then headed upstairs herself.

I gave Nancy the polite brother-in-law hug. “What’s it been, ten years, Nancy?” I asked.

“It was when Larry and I came out to visit ten Christmases ago, so nine and half?”

“Sorry to hear that bursa eve gelen escort bayan you and Larry split, too,” I said. It had happened two years before, and I’d only heard about it through my girls. Nancy had moved back to the Minneapolis area from San Diego just two months after I’d been to Minneapolis last, for Suzy’s graduation.

“Well, I’m not, she replied. “It was actually a long time coming. Best thing for both of us, really. So how are things for you down in Dallas?”

“Pretty good. Work has been going really well, and I still find time for the occasional date. Just haven’t found ‘the one’ yet.”


Graduation was the typical affair, full of processional, “We’ll remember these four years”, “High School is a stepping stone” and “Be awesome” speeches, and the presentation of diplomas, while everyone in the audience strove to take even one really memorable picture from their cellphones other than the meta picture of everyone else’s cell phones in the air, while a professional photographer associated with the high school got all the best angles. We cheered for kids we knew, even some we didn’t. And like that, I had another graduate on my hands, headed for college in the fall, college funds ready and waiting. Part of the reason I worked so hard.

Afterwards, we co-hosted a graduation party at Paula’s house, together with three of Mandy’s best friends’ families, so the girls could celebrate together. Burgers, sausage, grilled shrimp and salad made for a good dinner. I’d hardly been involved in planning and didn’t know the other parents, so my “hosting” duties were limited to grilling the meats.

About midway through the Party, Suzy came to me and said, “Dad, since we need to be at the airport so early, would it be okay if I came and stayed at your hotel tonight instead, and we can go straight to the airport from there? I checked with Mom, and she’s okay with it, since it lets her sleep in tomorrow.”

“That’s fine with me, it’ll save me half an hour. They even gave me a room with two double beds, so all we have to share is the bathroom.” My mind formed an image of Suzy climbing into the same bed with me, but I pushed it away, not really noticing a look of disappointment on her face.

As the party wound down, we loaded Suzy’s big suitcase into the rental car’s trunk, then went back in to say our goodbyes. Mandy thanked me again for her car, and even said a sweet goodbye to Suzy, telling us both she’d see us on the 1st. I politely said goodbye to Paula, and promised her Suzy would call when we landed.

At the hotel, I pulled Suzy’s suitcase into my room, and set it on the floor next to mine, then got a pair of sweatpants and a T-shirt from my bag and said, “I’m going to get dressed for bed in the bathroom. You can either change here or wait for me to come out.”

“I’ll change out here,” she answered. “Just knock when you’re done.”

I changed in the bathroom, peed while I was in there, and brushed my teeth. When I knocked, Suzy said, “Okay, Dad, you can come out.”

When I did, all Suzy was wearing was a T-shirt. One of my old concert ones, in fact, that I hadn’t seen in awhile. “Oh, so you complain about your sister taking your clothes, but it’s okay to take mine?” I said, keeping my tone lighthearted.

She looked down at it, and said, “This? I found this and a couple other of your old tees in Mom’s closet last fall, and she said you let her wear them to bed sometimes, and left them behind when you moved out. I asked her if I could have them, since I didn’t think she would still want to wear them, so she gave them to me, and I like sleeping in them. Makes me feel closer to you even when I’m not with you. Do you mind?”

I couldn’t tell her that I was jealous of my T-shirt, like I used to tell Paula, so instead said, “No, I don’t mind. Looks better on you than me, anyway.”

‘Not sure saying that was better, perv,’ I thought.

She blushed, and said, “Thank you, Dad.”

Changing the subject, I asked, “Feel like a movie before sleeping? Whatever’s on HBO?” I grabbed the remote, and pulled down the covers and got into the bed furthest from the bathroom. Suzy got under the covers of the other bed, and I got a quick flash of her panties under the tee, as she did. I turned on the TV, and turned off the last light in the room, the one between the two beds. The light in the bathroom was on, past Suzy’s bed, letting me barely see her, mostly in profile, or when the TV was bright.

The movie turned out to be “Friends With Benefits”, a very-R-rated romantic comedy I’d seen before. I asked Suzy, “This is pretty racy, sweetie. Are you okay watching this with me?”

“Why not, Dad? I am 20, remember? It’s not going to embarrass me, unless it’s going to embarrass you.”

So we watched the movie. I got a hard on at the second sex scene, but didn’t dare do anything about it other than keep it from tenting the covers, and when I looked over at Suzy, I saw hard nipples poking through bayan eskort bursa my old T-shirt, backlit by the bathroom’s light. Her eyes were riveted to the screen.

My first thought was that I was definitely jealous of my T-shirt. My second was ‘Stop it, she’s your daughter!’ I was about to turn my eyes back to the movie, when I noticed Suzy’s right hand, the one away from me, was between her legs under the sheet, and moving in a way that told me she was masturbating to the scene. She definitely wasn’t feeling embarrassed.

Knowing that my own hard on gave me no moral higher ground, I simply chose to try and ignore what was going on in the next bed, and turned my eyes back to the movie. But my ears were now focussed on Suzy, listening to whether or not she would moan, hearing the slight rustle of the sheet, thinking I could hear the squish of wet pussy. And I swear I could actually smell her from across the room. Gawd, this is your daughter! Stop it!

Finally, the movie was over, it was after 12:30, and we each said goodnight and I turned the TV off, then lay on my left side, with my back to her. I was still rock hard, and couldn’t sleep. The alarm was set for 4:45, but when 4:00 rolled around and I was still both awake and erect, I quietly got up and moved to the bathroom.

I started the shower to cover any noise, and sat on the toilet, and started to jack off. I tried to keep my focus on the images from the movie, to keep Suzy out of it, and managed to squirt my semen onto my stomach and hand in just a couple of minutes.

I got into the shower, washed the jizz off of me, then washed my hair. I got out, dried off, then put the sweat pants back on just long enough to retrieve my clothes for the day, then went back into the bathroom to put them on. I packed up my toiletries, and finished packing my suitcase, except for zipping it.

By the time I was done, it was 4:30, so I decided to start the room’s coffee maker, while I waited for the alarm, rather than wake Suzy directly.

She woke when the alarm went off, sat up, and said “Happy Father’s Day, Dad.”

I’d forgotten about the holiday, so used to celebrating it with the girls when they arrived on July 1st. I handed her a cup of coffee. “Thank you, sweetie.” I replied. “We’ve got an hour before we hit the road. We’ll grab breakfast at the airport, so this coffee will be all until then. Grab your clothes before you shower, and I’ll police the room.”

I picked up my own coffee, and went over to the far side of the room, beginning to look for anything I might be leaving behind while Suzy got up and moved first to her suitcase for clothes and toiletries, then to the bathroom, where she closed the door. I heard the shower start as I zipped my suitcase and then continued checking the room.

As part of my hotel checkout routine, I check under the bed covers, to make sure loose socks and such don’t get lost. And when I checked Suzy’s bed, I found her panties. The gusset was still damp. I was briefly tempted to sniff them, then got revolted with myself, and instead dropped them on top of her other dirty clothes from the day before, on top of the laundry bag she had.

At 5:15, she came back out. She still had the same T-shirt on, with an unbuttoned long sleeve flannel shirt over it, and jeans on. Her blonde hair was still damp. She walked over to her sneakers, and spotted the panties as she sat down to put the sneakers on. I could see her blush, but neither of us said anything about it. She slipped them into the laundry bag, put it and her own toiletries in the suitcase, and zipped it up.

“All set,” she said. A whole 15 minutes early.

During the drive to the airport, she asked, “Dad, do you think if I drive you to and from work a few times over the next couple of weeks, I could use your car, so I wouldn’t just be stuck at the condo? I’d like to explore Dallas and Fort Worth a little on my own.”

“I think that would be okay.”

We got to the airport, returned the rental car, checked our luggage and got through security all by 6:30. With an hour before boarding, we ate at the French Meadow Bakery there, then walked to our gate.

Suzy seemed to get more nervous the closer we get to boarding. “Still scared of flying, honey?” I asked. The girls flew to see me twice every year, but it had been a long time since I’d actually flown together with Suzy. It was always the two girls flying together between Minneapolis and Denver.

“A little bit. It’s the takeoffs. Once we’re airborne, I’m fine.”

So I wasn’t surprised, once we were onboard, that Suzy wanted to hold my hand. What surprised me was the feeling of her breast pressed into the side of my arm as she slipped her elbow between mine and my body to take my hand, and leaned her head against my shoulder. Maybe I should have pulled away, but I didn’t. It felt good. My conscience was trying to tell me to stop, but I ignored it.

Once we were off the ground, she let go, and busied herself with her iPod for the rest of the flight. I, on the other hand, started feeling guilty for noticing her boob, and promised myself that I was just comforting her fears.

Landing in Dallas, we got Suzy’s bag in baggage claim, got them to my car, and started home, about 11:15 AM. Feeling hungry from the early breakfast, I decided to stop at a barbecue place that served great brisket sandwiches, which Suzy loved.

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