Cuckquean Chronicles Pt. 04

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Kylie became a regular thing, and I noticed slowly but surely my boyfriend’s sex drive becoming a thing only she got to enjoy. As he got closer to her, the cucking intensified. He would go and stay the night, sending me videos at 3 AM of his mouth encircling her nipples, his fingers deep inside her, his hair sweaty, his grunting filling the quiet of my bedroom.

It was more than that, though. A close friend of mine sold nudes, and he would make me pay for them and have her send them to him, so he could look at them while he fucked me. Sometimes, I would hear him masturbating in the bathroom, saying her name – Alex — from behind the door.

One night, he held me tight by the shoulders and as he pounded into me, pulling me against his chest, he moaned “Alex” into my ear, and I had an orgasm so intense I felt the waves for several minutes, holding his sweaty back as I rode the sensation.

“You like when I call you Alex, you little slut?”

“Yes, baby. I love you.”

“I love you, too, Alex,” he whispered against my neck, nibbling it.

And as it grew, so did his boldness. When I got home from work one day, my boyfriend was waiting for me. He took me by the hand and lead me to the guest bedroom. On top of the bed was a chastity belt and a collar. Next to it was a dog bowl with water. When I saw the dog bowl, I felt my underwear sticking to me as my juices coated my labia.

“Kylie’s coming over, and I want you to stay down here and not bother us. No cumming. Grab the bahis siteleri belt and come over here.” I did as I was told, and he yanked my pants down. I pulled them off the rest of the way, crumpled awkwardly at my ankles, and he slipped them off my feet and held the leather underwear out for me to step into. He buckled them, putting the key in his pocket, and closed the door firmly behind him, leaving me downstairs to lap up water in my underwear, the leash biting into my neck.

I thought it was nice he’d opted not to embarrass me in front of her as I knew he could have easily forced me to put on my chastity belt in front of her, put me on all fours and leashed me right there while they kissed and laughed at me. Sometimes I imagined being forced to eat her pussy with a collar on and a belt on before he entered her, forced to be pure while they fucked like depraved animals in front of me. But he’d been kinder than that. He’d hidden me away to carry out my fantasies in shame. And his. They were our fantasies now.

I spent the next few hours in agony, listening through the ceiling as he pounded the bed into the walls. I could feel it reverberating around me and hear her screaming in delight as he stretched her open. I ached to touch myself, my pussy pulsating. I tried to distract myself, but it was to no avail. I hazarded an attempt at drinking water out of my bowl, the water coating my tongue and flicking back into my throat. I felt the leather of my chastity belt clinging to my pubic hair, canlı bahis siteleri smarting against the curls.

Finally, I resolved to the fact that I was staying in the guest bedroom, and I started to drift off to sleep, angsty between my legs but knowing I wouldn’t be permitted to cum until the morning. Just as my eyelids started to flutter closed, the door to the bedroom opened and in walked my boyfriend, his cock hard and out. He sauntered over to me.

“Put this in your mouth,” he commanded, and I did as I was told, parting my lips and taking the head of his cock into my warm hole.

“She tastes sweeter than you, doesn’t she?” I licked up and down his shaft, savoring the juices she emitted, and he was right — she was sweeter than me. I’d occasionally dipped a few fingers inside myself and licked them afterward, and G-d knows he’d sometimes shove my own dildo in my mouth after stuffing me with it.

“Yes, sir,” I groaned back, my mouth full.

“Good girl. She’s such a good slut, baby. She tells me all her holes are mine, and she’s way more flexible than you are.”

“My holes are yours, too,” I whined, letting his cock slip out of my mouth.

“I didn’t say stop sucking.” He shoved my head back down, and I let him enter my mouth again, feeling the tip of his penis drag along my tongue. “Yes, your holes are mine, too, but I don’t like your sloppy pussy as much as I like hers. You’ve got a second-best pussy right now. Maybe you can try harder. Hold your legs canlı bahis higher. I’m not sure. But I know I like her pussy best.” He pulled his hard cock out of my mouth with a dejected pop from my cheek, and a string of saliva held between my tongue and the head of his dick. “Anyway, you stay down here. Time for me to go back.”

“Will you fuck me a little before you go back?” He smiled kindly and turned me over on all fours. I held my ass up for him and arched my back as he ran his fingers under the thick leather of my underwear.

“No. Look at you. You’re pathetic.” He left me there on all fours, got up, and closed the door. I fell asleep fitfully, listening hard for more but hearing nothing.

The next morning, I woke up to a text from my boyfriend.

“Bring us some water, cuck,” it said. Tentatively, I stood up and stepped out of my room, feeling like an outsider in my own house, as if I’d broken in somehow. I got the water and walked up the steps, and as I reached the top, I could hear some familiar creaking. My face flushed, and I held my breath as I opened the door. She was on top of him, smiling widely as she rode him in a way I never did, bucking wildly, her body moving forward and backward, grinding against his pelvis with hers. She hid a snicker at my outfit, and a wave of shame washed over my body, lighting up each and every one of my nerves. I gently set the water on the bedside table and retreated back to my room to listen like the dirty little cuck I was, knowing I wasn’t supposed to stay, but I was supposed to see and be embarrassed in front of his girlfriend.

“Hey,” he called out, and I turned around to him holding her hips and slamming her down onto his groin.

“Good girl.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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