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Arun sat down at the breakfast table to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and the paper. They had enquired and it would still be some time before lunch would be ready. He had already gone through that in the morning but paper is something that can be picked up again. Anytime. He was already pissed at the turn of events and the hard to get attitude of Rupa. A scowl crossed his face. The way she had snubbed him was still fresh in his mind.

A few seconds later Rupa padded into the kitchen. Arun looked at her longingly. He had always liked her. Why was providence playing such games with him? She was so bright, pretty, energetic and arrogant too. She often reminded him of his wife when they were first married. Even dressed in a pair of old flannel pajamas and half-closed eyes she radiated youthful beauty. His frown quickly changed to a smile as she shot him a quick glance and headed directly to the coffee maker. She poured herself a cup and they chatted for a few minutes about the weather and other mundane issues.

Thank God she was not sour with him. If anything her attitude seemed to be on the positive side.

When she asked him if he needed a refill he nodded. Then something happened that turned his life upside down. When she leaned over to pour his coffee the neckline of her top hung very low. Now, only inches away from his eye hung Rupa’s creamy white breasts. Not just cleavage, but everything including her thick brown nipples. For the five or so seconds the vision lasted he couldn’t pull his eyes away. When she stood up he knew she must have caught him staring and started turning red faced. But Rupa just rubbed her eyes, put back the pot and headed out of the kitchen saying how she had to shower and dress.

She had already planned to leave the door open a crack. Even with only one inch open one could still get a nice view of the shower. As she showered she imagined him watching her and had to fight the urge to slide her fingers inside herself.

Arun’s could feel his cock starting to get hard. Rupa closed her bedroom door and started the shower. She stripped off all the clothes and lay naked on the bed. She was so wet she just had to rub her clit for just a few minutes. For 8 years she had been the devoted girlfriend and then wife to Avinash, sharing her thoughts and body only with him. Now, in the span of a week she had allowed her elderly father-in-law get a close up look at her bare breasts. But what was the big deal? Breasts of young women are seen by so many strangers when they breast feed so what was the harm if she had allowed her father in law some voyeuristic pleasure? Did he like what he saw? Would he want to see more? Would he have dirty thoughts about her? It was obvious or he would not be making such suggestive gestures. Obviously his sex life was a non starter and that is why he was so desperate.She came hard, suppressing her moans as best she could.

It was apparent that he was making sexual suggestions. She felt outraged and flattered. Outraged because as her father in law he could even harbour such thoughts. And flattered that she could make a man who was her father in law so aroused that he was willing to take such a great risk. If caught, he would be the object of everybody’s ridicule and opprobrium. Still he was taking that risk. All because of her!

Fifteen minutes after Rupa had closed the door of her room, Arun was already stroking himself. The image of Rupa’s hanging breasts were entrenched in his mind. He thought that perhaps the free show she had given him was just an accident. Or was it deliberate? For the first time since Avinash had brought home the budding 18 year-old Rupa he tried to picture her completely naked. topkapı escort Shortly a thick stream of white cum began to flow slowly out of his rejuvenated cock.

The day progressed uneventfully except for a message from his son that the vehicle had broken down and that it would not be possible for them to return that night but by early next morning they would be back.

“Would you like to speak to Rupa?” he asked.

“No, baba. Its okay.”

Since masturbating that morning Arun felt regret and shame. He decided to order dinner for her and shake off the dirty images that he had conjured. His orgasm took a lot out of him and he hadn’t had a sexual thought all day since.

A few minutes later he decided he ‘needed’ to get something from his room. As he slowly made his way up the steps he could hear the shower running. Why does she bathe so very often, he thought.When he got to the top he couldn’t help but glance left towards Rupa’s slightly open bedroom door. He stared at the crack for a moment. He hoped the shower would turn off and erase what he was thinking. It didn’t. Arun found himself shuffling slowly towards the door. When he reached the door he carefully peered through the crack. He could see the bathroom and then the shower. Young Rupa was inside soaping herself up. Although the shower door was slightly opaque he could certainly make out all her naked parts. His cock grew hard for the second time that day. Arun stood transfixed watching his own daughter in law naked in the shower. He wished the glass was clearer and that he was in there with her.

Ten minutes later, behind a closed and locked door Rupa brought herself to another silent orgasm. She couldn’t help but wonder if he would fuck her if he got the chance. She began to wonder how she might give him that chance. She dressed in a pair of short cut-offs and a tight tee shirt and spent the rest of the afternoon/evening playing the naive tease.

In the evening as Rupa got downstairs Arun quickly finished his coffee. She yawned and politely asked him if he needed a refill. She poured herself one and came over to refill Arun, giving him his free show again. She then went on to explain how bad she slept in the afternoon with Avinash out of the house. Arun suggested some sleeping pill or something. She shook her head no, then with a laugh added “I don’t know, maybe. Its just that they knock me out like a light. I’ll stop by the drug store when I go for a walk.”

Her thoughts turned to Arun. If she wanted to give him something more than a close look, something else would have to be thought. From now on she was only going to pretend to be asleep. She knew she could pull it off.

Arun couldn’t believe his eyes when Rupa came out onto the balcony wearing a longish skirt and the same sleeveless T shirt. She was bare footed and she carried a bottle of purple nail polish in one hand and a bottle of oil in the other, He tried to act casual as she plopped in the lounge chair and began to oil her bare arms and feet. He chatted idly about various things and pretended to be engrossed in his magazine. He knew with his tinted glasses she wouldn’t be able to tell he was staring at her. When she mentioned about getting a sleep aide his mind began turn. Would she really be out like a light? He watched sweat begin to bead on her body. It trickled down between her breasts. He loved that. He loved her petite little hands too, They would feel so good wrapped around his cock. As she bent down and pulled her foot close to her to start applying the nail polish he got another look at cleavage. “Not too big”, he thought, “not too small, just perfect little peaches”. He already knew she had little thick brown nipples.

Rupa knew he was watching her intensely. fatih escort She wished she knew what he was thinking. Evening rolled around and when Rupa went for a wash she closed the door so Arun couldn’t watch. “All part of the big tease” she thought. She put on a pair of baggie pyjama and a matching top and went downstairs.

Together Arun and Rupa watched a few lame sitcoms before Rupa announced she was headed to bed. She walked over to the kitchen counter and got her purse. Pulling out some things she announced, “Okay, I got some sleeping pills. Now I’m ready for some deep sleep”. Arun laughed. She pretended to swallow some pills with a drink. Her hand was shaking with nervousness.

Rupa slipped into bed and tried to find the perfect seductively innocent pose. She lay on her back her left hand off the side of the bed, her top pulled up slightly revealing her belly. She pulled up the sheet so it only covered one leg, the other exposed with the skirt hiked up a bit. She discarded the panty. She closed her eyes and waited. Would the gentle old man really come to visit her? Would he be able to muster up the courage to do something. Perhaps he would just look through the door. She closed her eyes and waited for the creaking of the top step.

About forty five minutes later she heard it. She had almost fallen asleep. Laying motionless she listened intently. She knew he must be looking by now. He called her name a few times in an innocent fashion. She then heard the door creak ever so slightly is he opened it. Rupa’s mind raced “Oh my god, here we go”. A rush of blood streaked through her body.

“What the hell am I doing?” Arun thought to himself as he entered the room. He already had a pertinent question lined for Rupa if she woke up. He walked up to the bed and called her name again. He waited for her to wake up and respond. She didn’t. He couldn’t believe how gorgeous she looked on the bed, her belly exposed, one magnificent leg uncovered. His son was so lucky to be able to climb on that body whenever he wanted. He shook her shoulder gently. Nothing. His cock had been hard since he decided to come up twenty minutes ago.

Rupa’s head just lulled to one side as he shook her shoulder a little harder. He called her name louder. Five minutes of name calling and soft shaking provoked no response. He shook her shoulder one last time but this time he left his hand there.

Pretending to be out seemed to be quite easy. Rupa only hoped he wouldn’t tickle her. He didn’t. She wondered why he left his hand on her shoulder. She didn’t wonder long as she felt it slowly slide down her chest until he was gently cupping her breast. The old man was copping a feel of his daughter in laws breasts. She now knew that he would never forget this night.

When Arun felt her breast he almost came in his pants. He knew how oh so wrong this was but it felt so goddamn good. He felt her nipple stiffen under the thin material. His hand slid to her other breast and he fondled it until its nipple became stiff as well. Then with two hands her carefully grabbed the bottom edge of her shirt and slowly pulled it upwards. Unconsciously his crotch pressed against her hand. Now, bathed in the light from the hallway her bare breasts glistened.

Rupa heard the unmistakable sound of pants unbuttoning and falling to the ground. His warm hand then returned to her bare breast and began kneading it. She couldn’t believe this was actually happening. Then, his hand gripped her breast firm but gentle and she could feel a rocking motion to his body. He let out a low moan and she knew he was stroking himself. Suddenly, without realizing it, she moved her right hand down to her crotch grabbing the bottom of her shorts. She hadn’t meant to do eyüp escort that but she had instinctively wanted to rub herself.

Arun stopped stone cold. He stood frozen, his left hand still clutching her breast his right clutching his cock. Was she waking up? He stood still for a full two minutes until he felt that it was just an unconscious movement. While he stood he did notice how her hand had hiked up her skirt even more. Slowly he let go of her breast, reached down her body and delicately lifted the loose pant leg. When he saw her neatly trimmed bush he let out a whispered “Wow!”. If he hadn’t have jacked off early that morning he would have blow his load right then and there.

Rupa felt Arun expose her pussy and then start to stroke himself again. She wanted to see so bad but was glad she had on the mask as she surely would have peeked. She also knew that seeing his wrinkled old body would turn her off so she relaxed and waited for whatever came next.

Arun couldn’t imagine what would happen if his son were to walk in right now and see him leaning over his unconscious wife. Just a few more minutes and he would shoot his load on the floor and he would be out of there with a great memory. Perhaps he should have brought a camera.

Slowly he lowered his left hand onto her bush, his right hand returning to her tits. He inched in closer to the bed so that his cock rested in her open hand. He closed his eyes as he cupped her warm cunt, massaged her puffy nipples and rubbed his cock on her petite little hand. Maybe he would cum on her arm.

Rupa moved again, spreading her legs slightly. Arun could now feel her lips part and he felt a wetness he never knew before. He slipped his finger in her.

His finger felt so good inside her. She moaned slightly and whispered “Oh Avi”. At the same time she let her fingers wrap around Arun’s cock. It was short and stiff. She knew where Avinash had inherited his 6 and half inches from. Arun was even smaller. She didn’t care.

Arun was scared now. Rupa was in a state of semi-consciousness and she thought he was Avinash. He almost decided to leave but her hand had a grip on his cock. He didn’t move except that his finger kept moving slowly in and out of her pussy. He watched as she began to breath a little heavier. He began to hump her hand.

Rupa knew he was about to shoot his load on her arm. She wanted to give him a greater thrill than that. If he was going to get away with molesting his daughter in law he should have the royal treatment. She licked her lips.

Arun heard “So good Avi” come from her lips as her hand clasped over his. She pushed his fingers further inside her. Then he watched transfixed as she shifted her body towards him caught hold of his cock and directed it towards her pussy.

“Oh Avi! It has been so long.” She said. Arun did not know how to react but decided that in the circumstances it was best to remain quiet and be led. Slowly and steadily he started pushing. Rupa was already wet and as her pussy held Arun’s foreskin back, his cock slid in smoothly. The head forged a path to spread her outer lips allowing his shaft to follow. He started moving his cock back and forth.

Arun felt his knees buckle as he began to cum. It felt as though her pussy was sucking it right out of him. He was surprised by his own loud grunt but Rupa seemed oblivious to it. One last shiver sent his last drop inside her. Slowly he pulled his already deflating cock from her pussy lips. She had stopped moving, laying her head back down and releasing her grip on his hand.

Arun stood and watched her for a few minutes as she seemed to be in a deep relaxing sleep. He carefully pulled the sheet up over her.

Shortly after Arun closed the bedroom door Rupa slid her fingers deep inside An intense orgasm ripped through her body. She had done the unthinkable. It was so wrong but had she not done the old man a big favour. How successful he must be feeling. She wanted to scream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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