Cheerleader Foot Worship

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Days like these are what I call the double-L days. Love and loathing. I both love these days and hate them at the same time. The days I am referring to are game days at my high school, and I love them because of the all the eye candy walking around all day, but hate them because I know I will never be able to fulfill my fantasies with any of them.

I’m a high school senior, and I’ve lived with a secret passion all my life. The passion of submission to beautiful girls dressed in sexy outfits. Cheerleader uniforms are no exception, especially at my school. The uniforms are different this year. They show the girls’ entire shoulders and arms, and I am a young man also attracted to girls’ arms. Why? I don’t know. I ask the same question to why I adore ladies’ legs in nylons. The cheerleaders are required to wear tan nylons along with their short skirts and tight tops. Many of them have followed the pop trend of tanning and love to display their perfectly bronzed skin. It makes me horny and depressed at the same time.

When I stare at these girls during classing, sitting with their legs crossed and twirling their ankles, I often have a recurring fantasy. I fantasize about one, or even a group of them humiliating me at their feet, forcing me to kiss their shoes and ankles. The fantasy continues as one’s imagination can guess, but it always makes me frustrated to know none of these girls would ever do that to me.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not because I’m an ugly guy. I’m just not the hottest, and definitely not the most built. I’m not the nerd, nor the clown, neither the journalist nor the photographer. I’m just one of the faceless faces people tend not to notice, but the girls who have, by luck of chance, noticed me, thought I was rather cute. If I was more involved and performed amusing antics during classes, I would surely get noticed like my peers. But, I don’t. I have resigned within myself and into my perverted fantasies never to be noticed lest such fantasies become realized by everyone.

(I hate to be cliché, but the next like is one I truly cannot help.)

Until one day.

I was sitting in government class when I gave myself away. Why couldn’t I have made it to the afternoon? I’m not calling myself a brain, and I don’t mean to make cheerleaders sound stupid, but my afternoon was filled with college level classes, and no cheerleaders were in any of them. The government class I was in was also an advanced class, but several cheerleaders managed to make it. Though some, well actually many cheerleaders do fit the stereotype, there are still the select few who throw the generalization off.

Back to the story at hand. I sit near the back where I chat with a friend or two, but since freshman year I had become more silent and distant. There was something else significant about where I sat too. Marcy, one of the many cheerleaders, sat in the row next to me. Her friend Karen sat behind her.

Both ladies were elegantly beautiful. Marcy had the blonde hair, blue eyes, perfect height of 5’6, and perfect tan skin. Her legs were perfectly sculpted as well with well rounded calves were that grew wonderfully up to the knees. Her thighs were a dream. Oh, how I wanted to just kneel before her during class and nuzzle those legs with my cheek. Honestly, what lady couldn’t deny they’d enjoy such a thing? To be adored as more than anything less than a goddess?

Her friend was very beautiful as well. Karen had shorter, dirty blonde hair and bright green eyes. Everyone noticed her eyes as they were the most stunning feature about her. They cut through people and made many guys speechless. Her eyes weren’t the only thing making them speechless. She was shorter than Marcy, but had the potential to still be a very dominant woman. Her breasts were slightly larger than Marcy’s, but her legs weren’t shaped as well. Her skin matched her friend’s, as they probably went tanning together. I wouldn’t have minded nuzzling her thighs either.

The circumstances surrounding this day were also rather ankara escort bayan odd. I had been working double shifts for the past three days and had been too tired to do anything but homework when I got home. I was too tired to do anything, including masturbating. When I walked into school first period, my cock became instantly hard at watching all the cheerleaders doing a warm up routine in the commons.

So there I was sitting in government class with two very beautiful cheerleader dream girls sitting next to me, cock hard and untouched for several days, while attempting to take notes. Marcy had her legs crossed towards me with her left foot dangling slightly. Though I prefer platform shoes, their cheerleader sneakers also aroused me as anything having to do with their uniforms made my blood run hot. I couldn’t help myself. I kept staring at her ankles and shoes out of the corner of my eye, wishing for just five minutes she would take her shoes off and press them against my face. I tried just glancing out of the corner of my eye, but soon found myself staring full force. Realizing how I looked, I darted my eyes to hers, but she was busy taking notes. Relieved, I looked at my own notebook and stared at nothing else until the bell rang. I had been so scared she noticed my perverted stares.

My fears comforted, I went about the rest of the day as normal. It was Friday and I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend watching Lord of the Rings. Ok, so maybe I am somewhat of a geek, but who can deny such great movies? Anyway, I opened my locker after eighth period and a pink piece of paper fell to the floor. I looked around suspiciously, but as usual no one noticed me.

I reached down and picked it up.

I saw you looking at my friend today. Instead of ogling her chest, all you looked at was her legs and feet like a little pervert. I could see your hardness through those tight jeans of yours. Unless you want me telling her and everyone else how much of a horny pervert you are, come to my house after the football game tonight.



I was caught. My mouth instantly went dry, and I kicked myself for being so stupid earlier. Why was she inviting me over? Was she going to have some of her jock friends kick my ass for staring at her friend so inappropriately? Surely my stares were not warranted for such action as Marcy hadn’t even noticed them. Karen had. And she wanted something or she’d tell everyone about my secret desire. I’d like to say I wouldn’t care and that no one would notice, but Karen would be sure to make everyone know. She would probably tell false rumors about what she thought my fantasies were and have everyone who saw my facing laughing in front of me. I didn’t want to go out my senior year that way. Whatever happened, I would find out at Karen’s house.

Time passed slowly until the game ended. I didn’t go with anyone. I just sat among the horde and admired Karen from afar. She looked so beautiful alongside Marcy and the other cheerleaders. The game didn’t pass fast enough!

Finally it ended, and I owned up to my fate. I tried to walk casually to my car, but my nerves were shaking too much for me to walk normally. No one noticed, though.

I arrived at her house a few minutes later, but no other cars were in her driveway or in the front of the house. None of the lights were on either. No one was home yet, and I would have to wait even more until I knew what this was all about.

Her car rolled past mine and into the driveway ten minutes later. I had thought about leaving, thinking it was all just a joke or a setup, but she arrived alone. She got out and motioned for me to follow her inside. I followed behind, silently. She led me to her living room where we sat down on the couch.

“Um, no, you have to sit on the floor,” she instructed coolly.

Shocked, I didn’t know how to react until she pushed me downwards from my shoulders.

“There,” she said as I sat on my haunches at her feet. “So I bet you’re wondering mersin escort bayan why I’m blackmailing you to be here?”

I nodded my head.

“I know that look you were giving Marcy. I’ve seen a lot of guys giving girls those kinds of looks, those adoring looks at their legs and feet. One of my old boyfriends confessed to me this turn on of his. When I saw you looking at Marcy that way, I knew you it was your thing too.”

I could only blush in response.

“But the thing is, it turns me on too. It makes me so horny to have a guy groveling at my feet, adoring my feet and legs,” she said bringing her foot up to my mouth. “Now, kiss my shoe.”

She didn’t need to ask my again. I lost myself in the moment and began kissing the tip of her sneaker. She didn’t force me to kiss the sole, but I did anyway. Kissing any part of her shoe aroused me greatly. Her soles were slightly green from having cheered on grass all night, but I didn’t care. I didn’t stop until every last spot of her shoe had been touched by my lips.

“Mmm, very good,” she cooed. “Untie my shoes and take them off, but only do it with your mouth.”

My cock was pressing painfully against my jeans, and I feared I would cum before I ever got to actually smell those sweaty feet encased in nylons. She had double knotted her laces, and they were the most difficult part. It took me a good fifteen minutes before I had both shoes laying next to me on the floor.

“Nice work, my little foot slave. I think you have earned a treat,” she said pressing both sweaty feet against my face.

She had been wearing those shoes all day, plus all night at the game, which had only made them even more sweaty. I inhaled her scent deeply. My submission coursed through me, as the sign of my subjugation was pressed against my nose. Those damn, musky feet covered in nylon aroused me more than anything I had ever felt before.

“Ha!” she said triumphantly. She grabbed my head and forced my head to her shoes. She pressed my nose into the opening, and all I could smell was her sweaty used sneakers. She sat back up and placed her calves on the back of my head as to keep them in place. The odor was overbearing at first. I could stand smelling her sweaty feet in nylons, but straight from her sneakers seemed almost offensive. But, the intensity of the smell only further increased my humiliation and made me even more aroused.

“You like the smell of my sweaty feet, do you? They’ve been in those shoes all day and night, so I hope you like it pervert!” she teased as she turned on the TV.

How long was she going to keep my nose inside her shoe like this? I wasn’t getting as much air as before, and I began to feel dizzy. I moaned loudly several times, but she only increased the pressure on the back of my head.

“Not getting enough air, baby? Aww, how sad,” she said flipping through the channels.

I was afraid of passing out until she released my head and pushed me to my back. I was too weak to do anything. My head was spinning, and my cock was throbbing. She wasn’t going to let my recover that easily, though. After my first large inhalations, she pressed both of her nyloned feet on my face, pinching my nose and holding my mouth shut. She allowed just enough air to enter my nose as to keep me from passing completely, though.

“Smell my feet, you little pervert. I want them to be the only thing you smell,” she said evilly.

I only moaned in return. I don’t know how long she kept me on the floor with her feet covering my face, but I couldn’t get enough. The soft texture of the nylons mixed with her sweat continued to make my cock ache. I so badly wanted to touch it. Only a few strokes were needed to make me cum, but I didn’t want to touch myself in front of the young cheerleader goddess dominating me.

After what seemed like a good hour, she had enough of me being her footstool.

“You’ve been such a good little foot boy,” she teased me as she talked. “I think you have the right to worship izle my feet with your tongue now.”

Obediently, I opened my mouth and began licking the soles of her feet. The nylon was rough against my tongue, and the sweat tasted rather salty, but I didn’t care. I was in a dream of a fantasy, and I would do anything she told me. I licked both soles slowly, up and down, moaning with each stroke until she was satisfied with my work. I kneeled before her next and gave the same treatment to the other side of her feet. It wasn’t nearly as sweaty, but there was a strong odor nonetheless. I kissed and licked to my heart’s content until both her feet were covered in a mixture of my slobber and her sweat. I moved on to her right ankle. My hands gracefully caressed her legs as I licked her shin and calf. Her eyes kept a penetrating stare at me as I did this, but a twitch told me she was enjoying this more than she led me to believe. I continued with my worship of her leg until I reached my favorite part; her thighs. I moved more slowly on the area, taking my time in long, wet licks against her nylon covered thighs.

“Mmmm,” she finally let loose a long contained moan.

I gave her left leg the same treatment as her right. It took me over an hour to worship both of her legs, and it was on her left inner thigh that I made my first initiative for the evening. The closer I came to her pussy, the more I could smell the unmistakable scent of her wetness, and it drove me crazy. As I was nearing the end of her thigh, I drew closer to that sweet smelling crotch of hers. My actions were no longer my own as I pressed my mouth against her unsuspecting crotch. She pulled my head from under her skirt immediately.

“What do you think you were doing? I told you to worship my legs, not my pussy you little pervert! Do as you’re told!” she yelled, slapping my across the face.

I moaned.

“You like that, don’t you? You like pretty cheerleader girls slapping you around and dominating you with their attractive bodies, don’t you!”

She slapped me again, and the pain was like electricity to my nerves.

“Yes,” I said meekly, speaking the first time for the evening.

“Tell me, I want to hear you say it,” she said slapping me again while digging her foot into my crotch.

“I like pretty cheerleaders slapping me and dominating me with their attractive bodies,” I said bowing my head in complete humiliation. Imagine admitting such a thing to one of the prettiest girls in school.


“And I like being dominated by their sweaty, dirty feet in nylons,” I added.

“Very good,” she said pushing her foot against my chest. I laid back on the floor, and she pressed one foot against my mouth while unbuttoning my jeans with her hands. My cock swung free, and I thought it would burst any moment. I had never seen it so large with such a purple head.

“Wow,” Karen said. “You’re so aroused. I didn’t know I could turn you on this much. You could probably cum for me if I ordered you to, couldn’t you? My little foot slave?”

I moaned loudly and worshiped her foot as I flexed my cock over and over again, hoping it would be enough to get me off.

“Maybe I will help you a little,” Karen said raising her other foot.

Her toes scrunched around the head of my cock, and it took all my strength not to squirm out of her toes’ grip. My head had never been so sensitive, and I could hardly stand the nylon rubbing against it. I squealed.

Karen moaned back, and began rubbing her crotch with one of her hands while forcing me to worship one foot and masturbating me with the other. I couldn’t stand it any longer, and released the largest amount of cum I had ever released all over her shin and foot.

She arched her back as well, and moaned loud enough to turn any passer-by’s head.

I looked up at her and she smiled down at me.

“Did I tell you to stop kissing my foot, slave?” she said sternly. “By the way, I hope you don’t like Lord of the Rings because you aren’t going to be able to watch it while you worship my feet through the entire movie!”

The movie was over three hours long, and somehow I didn’t care. I could feel my cock hardening again, and it would be a wonderfully torturous three hours.

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