Captain Jack Ch. 06


If its one thing that I love it’s being awaken with someone sucking on your cock. That’s what Sheree was doing and she was doing a great job. I just lay there watching her head bobbing up and down, her lips pursed hard on the flesh of my cock and fucking my head in and out of the beautiful mouth. I don’t know how long she sucked me all I know is when I blew my load in her mouth she sucked me till I was almost crying in pain it felt so good.

“Baby please don’t stop sucking, I really need to be drained. Oh shit Sher that was great.”

She smiled and kept on sucking and I was in heaven. She was sucking hard on just the mushroom head and her tongue was gliding across the crown. Then she started so slide down as far as she could go and then back to the top. She was speeding up and my cock was throbbing again and I fired another salvo of my specialty. She swallowed it all and was looking for more.

“There nothing I like more Jack, than the taste of your cock early in the morning? Well, I guess there is, maybe your cock in my cunt!”

I lay there thinking about the day today and the trip back to San Diego. I had to get Singhi back on board and Sandra, wherever she was.

“HEY WAKE UP SAILOR, I asked you to please fuck me, so get that telephone pole hard and probe me with it.” Laughing, she rolled on to her back.

The pole was starting to get rigid again and she touched it and smiled and said, “Mmmmm, that’s more like it baby, looks like he’s getting excited.”

I lay between her legs and kissed her nipples sucked them a little and then my cock was buried to my balls in her cunt.”

“OH GOD, It’s so big, every time it’s in me it feels bigger than the time before. Yeah that’s it sailor. Oh yea that’s the spot hit it again. OOHHHHH that feels good.”

I was pulling all the way out and sliding back in to my balls, she was meeting every thrust with one of her own. And we were dancing the dance of love with my cock buried deep in her cunt while it was devouring my monster probe. We fucked like that for twenty minutes and we both traveled to heaven at the same time. I filled her with my cream of love. We lay there for another fifteen minutes before either one of us moved. She just lay on top of me kissing and hugging, her nipples burning holes in my chest.

After breakfast I called the fuel depot and made the arrangement. If Singhi didn’t show up by 10:00 am I would go a shore and call him. And where the hell was Sandra, shit why did I let her go. I happened to look at the dock and I saw the skiff headed back to the boat. I could see that Singhi was bringing her back. When he came aboard I explained why the skiff was at the dock. He knew what he had to do before we could leave and he got right to it. An hour later the shore phone sound and it Sandra crying, she’s telling me that someone stole the little boat. I told her the skiff was here and I would come in and pick her up. I took the skiff and went in after her, when I got there she was on the dock with two guys, they were both in their early twenties, maybe twenty-five at the most. They both had soft carry bags with them.

I asked her who they were and why did she bring them with her. It seems they were down here for vacation and they were robbed of all their money and jewelry. They had no way to get home and since they lived in San Diego she though we could take them home on the “Good Feelings.” I told her no, she said that since they charted the boat that she has the last word and that they could sleep in her cabin. I just threw up my hands and we all headed back to the ship. I was thinking all she wants is two cocks fucking her all the way to San Diego.

When we got back to the boat Sheree and Singhi were waiting on deck and I explained to them just what happened and why the two guys were on the boat. I could see that Sheree was pissed and she headed in Sandra’s direction. Singhi and I worked getting the boat ready for departure. We upped the anchor and headed for the fueling dock, I pulled in the slip and we started fueling the boat.

I went onto the dock to pay the bill and saw this young sweet looking girl sitting on a piling and she was crying. Her friends had left her and she had no money or a way to get home. I asked where she lived and she told me San Diego. I picked up her duffel bag and told her to follow me; she stopped crying and said where. I point to the boat and told her I was going to San Diego. She threw her arms around me and kissed hard and long on the mouth and thanked me a hundred times. Lets me tell you this girl had a great set of tits; I know I could feel them when she kissed me. Her ass was pretty nice it really filled out those cut-off jeans.

When Singhi saw me bringing her on board he was shaking his head and laughing as he walked away. I told her to relax and I would be right back and she sat on a deckchair and thanked me again. I found Sheree and told her I would let Sally sleep in my cabin and I would move into her cabin and, she was very happy.

“You mean I get you all to myself sailor, wow how could Bayan Escort Antep I be so lucky.”

“Hey it’s just a sleeping arrangement, I don’t belong to anyone, is that ok with you? I don’t want any wrong impressions!”

“I understand you loud and clear Jack, you want to fuck that sweet young thing!”

I smiled and said, “Yes I do and I will!”

We were on our way to San Diego Sheree and me with Sally waiting in the wings. Sandra and her two studs who were probably fucking her right now. And of course you cannot forget, Singhi was laughing through his teeth at me.

I moved Sally into my cabin and got all my gear packed and out, she put her arms around me and kissed me again.

“What should I call you Jack or Captain?”

“Call me any thing you want sweetheart.”

“Well, You’re my angel and you saved my life, and anything you want is yours, and I do mean anything.

She put her arms around my neck and kissed my deeply, using her tongue like a probe in my mouth. Making sure that her tits were saying hello to my chest. I could not believe the ass on this girl.

I left with my gear and put it in Sheree cabin and was wondering if I made a mistake by not stayed with Sally! She was one hot momma and I do mean hot. Sheree was waiting for me. I stowed my gear and headed back for the bridge. I got a hard-on just thinking about that hard body with the gorgeous ass.

Thirty minutes later she comes up on deck wearing a string bikini that looked like two band-aids and a cork. My cock was as hard as a rock; and her body was even harder. I shit when she walked toward me with those tits bouncing and jiggling to get out of her top. She lay on the chair and smiled at me.

“Sally I love your bikini.”

“It even looks better when I take it off, let me know when and I’ll show you!”

She lay back on the chair and closed her eyes and was soaking in the sun. Sheree came out and looked at Sally and looked at me and told me now she knew why I wanted to help her get home so I could fuck her. She went over and sat in the chair next to Sally and they were talking. I was looking at my charts and plotting our course back to San Diego, I looked up and saw Sandra and her duo on the deck. I didn’t even know their names and I didn’t care if I ever did. I motioned for Sandra to come and talk to me.

“Sandra tell your dynamic duo that Sally is off limits to them and if I catch them even looking at her I’ll throw them overboard. I am serious as hell when I say this, am I making myself clear lady?”

“Oh you sure are Jack, what you’re saying is very clear to me. Your telling me that Sally is your private stock for only you to fuck! I am reading you right Jack?”

“Sandra I knew you were a smart lady and now you have proven it by being so astute in the interpretation of my wishes.”

“Does that mean that I wont have the privilege of having that beautiful cock of yours fucking me anymore on the trip.”

“No, I am not saying that, I would love to make your day again. Don’t worry sweetie I will defiantly fuck you again,” Smiling at her and winking.

“Well Jack I can’t wait for you to fuck me, but in the mean time I have Sean and Eric to see that I am taken care of.”

She approached the to guys and was talking to them, they all looked at me and over to Sally and continued to talk. Then the three of them went into Sandra’s cabin. I looked and Sheree and Sally, who were still sunbathing, had both taken off their tops. Shit, Sally’s tits were perfectly round with a little up slope from the top of her breast to the nipple, the areola was the size of a half dollar and her nipples were the size of my little finger, three eights of and inch long. Even while laying on her back they were standing up straight. Sheree’s were a little smaller not much, and she has beautiful tits but not as nice as Sally’s. I was wondering what her pussy looked like; wearing that suit I knew she had a shaved pussy.

Singhi came into the bridge and was staring at the two of them, boy that was a great sight it would be hard to fine two better pairs of tits. He shook his and smiled at me.

“Well you did it again! How do you find them you lucky shit? Where are we going to stop tonight or do you want to run all night?

“I say lets stop at San Carlos like we did on the way down, I’d like to get maybe twenty or thirty lobsters to take back with us. We can also fuel and take on some stores.”

Singhi took the helm and I wanted to relax a little. I was headed to the cabin and I heard moaning and funny noises coming from Sandra’s cabin. I opened the door slowly not to make any noise and looked in. They were all on the bed naked I think it was Eric he was on his back and Sandra was sitting on his cock and Sean was about to push his cock in her ass. He pushes his cock into her all the way and just freezes.

“Oh shit, your cock feels like a hot scorching poker when you pushed into my ass, don’t stop I want it all. Oh god, I can feel you both pulsating in my ass and cunt. Oh what a wonderful feeling being stuffed like this. OOHH how I wish I had a cock in my mouth right now.”

Then slowly Sean, started pumping his rod in and out of Sandra’s ass, he was slowly fucking her. While at the same time Sandra was beginning to slide up and down Eric’s cock, trying to synchronize with the rhythm of Sean’s cock fucking into her ass. Now her body was moving like a symphony orchestra, moving back and forth up and down as both cock’s plummeting in and out of her cunt and asshole. I watched in awe as her body devoured both cocks.

Finally I could see that force and the feeling of both cocks plunging in and out of both her asshole and cunt was too much for her. Sean was cuming and Eric was Starting to cum and Sandra exploded like a skyrocket. I could see cum slipping out of her asshole and cum running down Eric’s shaft, Sandra was wheezing trying to get her breath. She lay on Eric with Sean’s cock still buried in her ass. Sean slowly pulled his cock out of her asshole, she was still on Eric’s cock and she kissed Sean, and then she leaned down and kissed Eric and rolled off. She looked up and saw me memorized standing there my head in the door.

“Why didn’t you come and join us Jack? I could have used another cock, my mouth was empty the whole time,” smiling at me.

I was hard as hell and horny and all I could think about was fucking Sally, I bet her cunt is as tight as that gorgeous body of hers.

Singhi was leaning on his elbows watching Sheree and Sally, Sally was laying on her stomach, her ass cheeks was so round and hard and I wanted to go over and kiss them. They were sitting up and then they left and I was left to watch the sea and the shoreline. Fifteen minutes later Sally came back with her tits leading the way.

“Hi angel I have a problem with the doors on the closet in your old cabin can you help me with it.”

“Sure come on show me what the problem is. Singhi take over I’ll back in fifteen minutes.” He nodded and smiled his same shit-eating grin.

“Show me the problem Sally.”

“Well the problem is I can’t get the knots out my strings on my bikini bottoms, could you please untie them for me, pretty please? First I want to kiss you for saving my life.”

She reached up and pushed her tits in me and kissed me, she pushed her tongue in my mouth and worked it back and forth and then tried to suck my whole tongue into her mouth. Then she took my hands and put them on her hips and smiled. I pull one string and lit slipped out easy and the patch covering her pussy fell showing most of her, then I pulled the other one and she was naked. I must say her mound was beautiful protruding a little and her lips were large and parted. They were glistening and had a sheen that almost made them sparkle.

“You can touch if you like, I won’t brake honest.”

She jumped on me her arms around my neck and her legs around me hooked on my legs pushing her pussy into my cock. She locked her mouth on mine and explored my orifice with her tongue; she then kissed and whispered. I have been waiting for you to make love to me since I came on board. She let go of me and got back down, she pulled my shirt over my head, and then took my shorts off and finally my underwear.

“OH JACK, I’m going to love this. This is going to be fun Mmmmm boy are you big. Gee, just look at that, it looks like a pole it so big! I want that in me.”

She got down on her knees and took my shaft in both her hands and lifted it to her sensual puckered lips, kissing the head. She held it up and kissed the underside of the head and proceeded down the shaft kissing to my nuts; then she sucked one of them into her mouth and worked it with her tongue, the she did the other nut. She licked it all the way back up to the head and sucked it into her mouth and the she licked it to the base. She did this two times and then she sucked my cock into her mouth as far as she could take it and damn I was almost there. Then she slid up the shaft slowly and down again over and over. I could feel my balls boiling and I told her I was almost ready to cum, she looked up and smiled and continued. I shot a hot stream of cum into her throat just as she was sliding down the shaft, I felt like my ass was flying and I shot again and again. She was still stroking my cock with her mouth and her tongue licking the whole time while I was cuming. I finally stopped shooting cum into her and she released my cock from her mouth.

“Mmmmm, my angel sure tastes good, I love your cock Jack, and I could make a steady diet of it.”

I grabbed her cheeks and kneaded then squeezing and caressing, I put her on the bed and ran my hands up her thighs and played with her pussy. I leaned into her crotch and kissed her pushing my tongue between her labia licking them.

“Oh shit, Jack that’s feels so good.”

I pushed deeper into her and she was bucking her cunt into my face and bouncing her hips off the bed as I darted my tongue in and out of her pussy.

OH GOD, Jack I could cum right now if I really tried but the first time I cum I want it to be on that beautiful cock of yours.”

I moved up her body she had her legs spread wide, Sucked her nipples into my mouth and she withered and moaning for me to fuck her. I took my fingers and slide two into her pussy to see if she was ready and my fingers were sopping with her fluid. I took the mushroom and put it between her labia and move it up and down her catching her clit as traveled up and down.


I pushed into her and I could feel her vaginal muscled tightly holding my cock as I stretched them, the deeper I probed the tighter they were, finally when I reached full penetration I pushed against her cervix and she exploded in an orgasm.

“OH, OH, OH, IIIII CUMMMMINNNNGGG, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, Jack fuck me Oh yes, oh yes.”

I was still buried in her and started to pulled out and she bucked trying to kept it in her then when I probed back into her to it full length. She had another orgasm and it seemed every time I pushed into her cunt the full length she had another orgasm. Finally I started to fuck her at a steady pace and she was fucking back thrusting her hips into my cock. Her ass was never on the bed it was always moving. I fucked her like that for twenty minutes and I was ready to cum and Sally could feel my cock and knew I was going to cum. She started ramming up and down my cock and I saw stars. I was cuming so hard I though my balls were coming out my cock, I kept on shooting and intensity of the orgasm kept on getting greater as she fucked me without mercy. I was sweating and could hardly breath when she had another orgasm and she finally came to a stop. I just lay there with my cock still buried in her cum soaked pussy, feeling cum seeping out the sides of my cock. I think I lay like that for ten minutes then I rolled off of her and closed my eyes.

I could feel her body pressed against mine her warm breast squashed against my body. I had taken one of the pills that Joe had given me this morning so I knew I would be hard for hours.

I could feel her lips closing around my cock as she was sucking with abandon. I open my eyes and she was looking into my eyes smiling while she was sucking. Then she released my cock from her lips and straddled my body. She was holding my cock in one hand and guiding it to her pussy as it slid past her labia into her velvet tunnel I felt the strong vaginal muscles squeezing as my meat pushed them out stretching them to the limit. She was searing hot and my cock was burning. It felt so big and hard that I felt like it was rubbing the inside of her nipples. She was sitting on me with my cock buried as deep as it could go, her vaginal muscles working, flexing, continually flexing like a hand holding my cock.

“I love your cock Jack, I could just sit her like this for the rest of the day. Oh boy you feel so big. It feels like my whole body is wrapped around your beautiful big gorgeous, filling me to the max log. Can you feel me working my muscles on your probe?”

“Oh baby, I can feel every thing your doing and I don’t want you to stop.”

“I couldn’t believe how it felt when your were sliding out of me it felt like the suction you created was sucking my insides out with your cock. The sensation when you sent you’re probing cock back and touched my womb was like electricity and I kept having orgasms every time it went back in. Now just sitting with you buried in my cunt is absolutely an unbelievable feeling”

She started slowly rocking on my cock and the sensation was crazy, I started thrusting into her and she was moving down harder and she was cuming, her eyes were closed and she was moaning and we both kept on with a good pace. She started lifting almost all the way out then ramming back down and she was having orgasm almost every time she rammed down. It felt like we fucked for an hour and I Started a mind-blowing orgasm, which she made even more intense by riding my cock harder. She started to slow down and I regained my senses. I was amazed the way she fucked me. I was thoroughly and completely fucked.

She lay down on me with my cock still in her and she kissed me and smiled. We lay there like that till my cock started to get flaccid and it slipped out. I was thinking to myself this lady is different from the other women I have been with.

“Jack can I stay with you forever? I have never had anything as good as this. You’re so big and thick but you really know how to use that tool. There’s no pain just pleasure, pure pleasure.”

“Sally you’re not bad yourself, you rocked my world too. I can’t remember when I enjoyed myself more, or been this satisfied.”

“Jack please stay with me tonight, even better move back in this cabin.”

“We’ll see, ok I think I will spend the night with you.”

When I got back topside it was 1:30 pm. Singhi had fed the other passengers and had saved lunch for Sally and me. He told me Sheree was looking for me and he told her I was taking a nap. He told me she was a little disturbed and stormed into her cabin. Sally came up topside and we went to the saloon and had lunch. We still had three maybe four hours to San Carlos, depending on the wind and the sea.

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