Campsite Ch. 01

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This is my first ever erotica attempt! I’d really appreciate feedback and comments – I’m fascinated by the interplay of temptation, the taboo, and sexual power, and my stories will follow these themes.

I have some big ideas for this story arc, and for this campsite, let me know if you like it so far!



It was too far to walk. After a whole afternoon of swimming and paddling round the lake, Derrick was exhausted. Happy yes, relaxed yes, tanned certainly, but exhausted. The rest of the family had gradually filtered back to the cabins until just Derrick and Jessica had been left, and now they stood on the shore waiting for a ride.

“It’s 5, he should be here by now,” Towling dry, Jessica sounded as tired as Derrick felt.

“He will be, he had to pick up some stuff for the cabins, remember.”

“You’re more forgiving than me Der.”

Derrick smiled at his cousin,

“Be patient, you’ll get your dinner soon enough greedy-guts.”

The two cousins bantered back and forth as they waited for the Camp Ranger and the promised lift back in the buggy. The two had been close when they were younger, but the families didn’t get together much anymore. The cabins had been a great bargain, and the whole family was enjoying the summer so far.

At 21, Derrick was 2 years older than Jessica, and he was struck once again by how much she had matured. He still remembered the rowdy blonde girl his cousin had once been, but now, seeing her like this, she had definitely become a woman – and a beautiful one at that. She was slim, fit, tan, and with two petite but firm breasts that filled out her royal blue bikini perfectly. She was the very vision of a college athlete, and not for the first time this summer, Derrick caught himself admiring her body.

She’s your cousin weirdo.

A crunching of gravel announced the approach of the Campo buggy. Pulling up to the side of the lake, the Camp Ranger climbed out.

“Sorry I’m late guys, ready bursa escort to head back?”

“Yes, thanks John, we really appreciate the ride.”

With a wave of his hand, John brushed the thanks aside.

“Don’t mention it. It is a little cramped in there though, I had to do a supply run.”

The buggy was an open topped off-roader, and as they stepped over to it, they could see it was loaded up with boxes.

“I tried to keep one of the rear seats free, but I’m afraid you may have to share for the ride back.”

One of the rear seats was mostly free, but cramped by cardboard boxes to the side and front. It was going to be a squeeze.

John climbed back into the driver’s seat.

Derrick and Jessica exchanged a glance. With a shrug, Jessica moved first, opening the rear door, she tried to slide as far into the buggy as she could, leaving Derrick looking quizzically at the tiny seat space left for him.

“Just get in! I’m tired and I’m hungry” Jess hissed under her breath.

Derrick clambered into the rear space. It was too small, the door wouldn’t shut like this.

The buggy’s engine roared to life as John started to turn the buggy around to face the gravel road leading back to the cabins, and Derrick tried in vain to pull himself fully inside the small vehicle.

Thinking quickly, Jessica raised herself up off the seat,

“Slide under me, I’ll sit on your lap, and shut that door!”

With a final effort Derrick slid into the now free seat and pulled the buggy door shut. John was leading the buggy back onto the gravel road now, and Jessica tried to gingerly ease herself down.

She was trying to sit forward on his knees, but the off-roader lurched and bounced as it accelerated down the road, and both cousins were forced back into their seats, Jess slipping back until she was pressed against him.

Derrick was suddenly acutely aware of his cousin’s body being forced tight against him by the momentum and movement of bursa escort bayan the buggy.

She turned her head to look at him,

“Shit…sorry, just, it’s not far, it’s jerking around too much, we’ll have to stay like this.”

In the bouncing, cramped, loud confines of the camp buggy, the two cousins were suddenly in intimate contact. From a distant and idle admiration of her body, Derrick’s senses were now assaulted by the feel of her skin, the scent of her hair. Derrick had seen her athletic body while they were swimming, but he now knew how her soft her skin felt, how smooth her legs were.

Jessica’s backside was pressed against him, and through his swim trunks he realised how muscular and toned her ass was. Covered only by a bikini bottom, it felt incredible. He felt his blood begin to stir.

Oh no.

The sensory overload was too much, and his body was reacting.

Oh no, oh no, oh no!

Derrick tried to distract himself, pinch himself, anything, but his cock was getting hard.

Panicked, he whispered urgently,

“Jess you have to get up, you have to get off!”

“I can’t it’s too rough” she whispered back, “Why what’s the – is that – Oh my god!”

Whipping her head around to face him over her shoulder, a look of horrified understanding passed between them. With her mouth slightly agape, she realised she was sitting on top of her cousins hard cock. Separated only by two fabric layers, she could feel his hardness pressing between her ass cheeks.

The buggy continued to bounce down the camp road as the two cousins faced their compromising situation.

Placing one hand on Derrick’s leg, and one hand on his arm, Jess tried to lift herself up, dislodging the cock from between her cheeks. It didn’t work. Between the bouncing of the buggy and her own tired muscles, Jess found herself alternating between holding herself awkwardly up in the air and then falling back onto Derrick’s lap, where his hardness pressed again escort bursa against her rear.

Just as the two cousins’ embarrassment and mutual humiliation seemed to reach an unbearable level, the buggy suddenly slowed to a stop.

John’s voice cut in over the sound of the engine.

“Home sweet home, have a good dinner guys, I’ll see you in the morning for hiking!”


Flushed and embarrassed, Jessica and Derrick rushed back to their family’s separate cabins.

Confused and humiliated by what had happened, Jess needed a shower. The cabins afforded little privacy, but her family seemed to be out, and Jess ran the shower hot as she stripped off and stepped in.

Steam filled the small bathroom as the hot water cascaded down her body.

“What the fuck was that?”

Her question hung in the steam like an accusation. They had been swimming and lazing around, and then in the space of a short ride back everything had changed. She had felt her Derrick’s cock.


It had been hard, hard and pressing up against her ass as they rode in the buggy.

It was so –


Embarrassing! She had felt so –



Jessica found herself remembering how strong and muscular his arm had felt when she had tried to lift herself off him.

He smelled like a man.

With a raw shiver of emotion she realised how aroused she was. One hand moved between her legs and she felt her wetness. All her confusion and embarrassment coursed through her as she began to touch herself. With one hand she braced herself against the shower wall, she stroked and slid and fingered herself, faster and faster until she was humping her hand. Panting with animal need, she felt alive, needed to cum, was going to cum, was about to –

“Jessy, are you in the shower?”


Her mother’s voice cut through her arousal,

“How was the lake? Did you guys stay out long?”

Pulling her hand away, Jessica grit her teeth and closed her legs. The cabins were small, and the flimsy shower curtain allowed little privacy. She took a laboured breath.

“Hi mom, yeah we just got back a few minutes ago.”

To be continued…

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