Brother’s Confession

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Big Dicks

I heard a loud pounding on the door to my apartment. I opened the door to my distraught brother, Scott. He barged right in and sat on my couch.

“Lisa left me, Sue,” Scott said.

My brother began to pour his heart out to me. Scott was always on the road working. Lisa had finally got tired of waiting for Scott to show up at home. I always knew those two would not last. Lisa and my brother were too much alike, for one thing. Scott always being away didn’t help matters either. I sat down next to Scott and rubbed my hand down his back. Scott ad a few tears in his eyes as he spoke about himself and Lisa. My brother then turned to me.

“You were always there for me, Sue,” my brother blurted out.

That was true. I always had an shoulder that my brother could cry on when things weren’t running smoothly. Scott leaned over and kissed me. This wasn’t a peck on the cheek. This was a passionate kiss on my mouth. I tried to gently pull away but Scott drew his body to mine. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and I opened for him. My brother could be very forceful when he wanted to. This was one of those times. Scott placed his one hand on my breast and was squeezing it. I felt my nipple getting hard through the material of my bra cup.

I did try to pull back, but it was a weak attempt. I was letting my younger brother take control of my body. Scott then stood up and pulled his shirt off. My brother had always been one to work out and keep in shape. His abs were rock hard. Scott beşiktaş escort also undid the belt on his pants and his pants and underwear fell to the floor. I must have let out a gasp. Scott’s cock was thick and it was topped by a large mushroom cap.

Scott stepped closer to my face. I knew exactly what he wanted. His cock was staring at me, just inches away. I opened for him and he slid his pecker down my throat. Scott placed his hand on the back of my head and started to mouth fuck me. I was gagging on his thick pole, but Scott didn’t slow up once. He was in another zone right now. I sucked on my brother’s cock for a few minutes until he pulled it out of my mouth. Scott then stood me up and peeled all my clothes from my body.

When my bra came off, Scott wrapped his lips around a nipple and started to suck and bite it. I thought I was going to melt right there. Having my breasts touched was a favorite thing of mine. I thought I might just orgasm right then when Scott worked on each of my tits with his mouth. He made my nipples erect and then pulled his mouth away. He pushed me onto my back and took hold of my ankles. I knew exactly what Scott had in mind. If I didn’t stop him now, I knew we would be going down a dangerous road.

“Scott, please, this isn’t right,” I said.

Scott pushed my thighs to my chest. I could feel the tip of his cock resting at my folds.

“You always wanted me Sue, don’t deny it!” Scott şişli escort yelled at me.

At this moment I couldn’t deny a thing. I was so crazed for my brother, I wanted to feel him push his monster into me.

“Oh fuck Scott, give me that cock,” I told my brother.

Scott started to push into me. It felt like a hot poker was filling my belly. I wanted my brother in the worst way, and I knew he wanted me. Scott slammed his meat deep into me. Our pubic bones were hitting against each other with every stoke. I threw my head back and started to scream. I told Scott to fuck me hard. I needed him. Scott hit bottom and then he pulled back, just leaving the tip of his cock in me.

He was teasing me. He wanted me to beg for it. I sensed it. I told Scott to fuck me, don’t tease me a second longer. Scott drove his hard prod into me. I put my hands on Scott’s hips and felt Scott’s enormous cock stretch me out. I couldn’t recall any lover’s cock feeling this big, this good, inside my pussy. Scott’s sausage was hitting every inch of my pussy walls. I started having intense little orgasms. They were overwhelming my body. Scott’s balls were dancing on my bottom with each of his thrusts.

“I’m getting close Sue,” my brother told me.

“I’m going to give you all of my seed,”

My eyes must have gotten big. I didn’t think that was very wise. I told Scott to pull his cock out. My brother just kept pushing my thick monster into me. My bahçeşehir escort bayan legs were pinned back and I couldn’t pull away.

“Pull out Scott,” I begged him.

Scott gave me one last, deep stroke and unload his sticky love cum into my belly. I think we both groaned as Scott and I both came at the same moment. We were both insane with fuck lust now. I felt the heat of Scott’s baby seed dump deep in my insides. Scott had a lot of cum in him. It seemed as if I felt him cumming for fifteen minutes or longer.

Scott was on top of me panting heavily.

“Sue, I wanted to impregnate you with my loving,” Scott told me.

“God Scott, what were you thinking?” I said.

“I just know I want you all to myself from now on,” my brother told me.

All kinds of thoughts were running through my head that moment. My brother had justed fucked me without any protection, and I had let him. I wasn’t on the pill either. Scott had just told me he wanted to make a baby with his own sister. I was so out of it, it didn’t register what we had just done. I just wanted Scott to fuck me again and again.

We did make it back to my bed for the rest of that day. I think we fucked in every position I was aware of. I mounted Scott and rode his fat horse cock. He blew one scalding load after another into my pussy. I even let him rip my ass up with his cock. I rarely let a cock into my bottom, but Scott had me as his whore that day. My body was shaking after we finished making. I had cum dripping out of my pussy for days after Scott took me.

My brother now pays regular visits to my place and he is my only lover these days. I know he is going to make me pregnant one day soon and we will have to deal with the consequences. Until that day, my brother has made me feel like no other lover before him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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