Brooklyn’s Birthday

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“Hey, watch where you’re pointing that!” said Emma, nervous about the way that her friend was holding the uncorked bottle of champagne. None of them were old enough to drink it, but it wasn’t like that was going to stop them from drinking every last sparkling drop, as they rode in the back of Brooklyn’s dad’s limousine through the streets of Los Angeles.

“Relax,” Brooklyn replied, “I’ve watched my dad do this a hundred times.” She gripped the bottle with her left hand, and grabbed onto the cork with her right, pulling on it. The cork wouldn’t budge, so she pulled harder, until finally the cork came free and went bouncing around the back of the limousine.

“Shit, Brook!” yelled Yoko, throwing up her hands to shield her face from the projectile.

“What was that about ‘seen dad do it a hundred times’?” asked Leslie.

“Shut up, you guys,” Brooklyn said, giggling.

“Hey, Brook,” Yoko said, “you should look down, it kinda looks like you…”

Brooklyn looked down, and saw that her careless uncorking had spilled champagne onto her pants, making it look like she’d peed her pants. The four girls all started laughing.

“Damnit,” Brooklyn said, “I hope this doesn’t stain, I just bought these.” She looked around, then grinned mischievously. “You ladies don’t mind if I take these off, do you?” she asked, and the other three girls laughed.

She reached down and began unzipping her tight jeans, revealing a tiny red thong trimmed with frilly white lace. Peeling off the jeans left behind a petite 18-year old redhead, wearing nothing but a t-shirt and panties. Her shirt clung nicely to her ample bosom, and her luxurious long red hair fell upon it. The other three girls sat giggling amongst themselves.

“This birthday party’s getting off to a good start,” Leslie said, still laughing.

Brooklyn opened up one of the limo’s compartments. “Oh, shit,” she said, “There’s uh… there’s no glasses.”

“No what?” asked Emma.

“The champagne glasses are missing,” Brooklyn said. She thought for a moment, then smiled a naughty smile. “We’re just gonna have to drink it from the bottle,” she said, then took a long swig of the sweet drink directly from the bottle. The other three girls whooped and cheered, as Brooklyn began passing around the bubbly.

Leslie took the first drink. At 19, she was the oldest of the girls, due to being in the grade above them. She had shoulder-length blonde hair, and was by far the bustiest of the girls. She wore a tight purple sweater and blue jeans. “Mmm,” she said, “That’s really good!”

“It’s my daddy’s favourite,” Brooklyn replied, “it’s very expensive.”

Leslie passed the bottle to Emma, who took a quick sip. Emma’s hair was black and wavy, full of body. She wore a red blouse, unbuttoned far enough to showcase her black push-up bra; and a pair of denim short shorts. Her pale skin, raven black hair and bright red lipstick gave her the look of a 40’s pinup model.

Emma, in turn, passed the bottle to Yoko, who took a deep gulp. Yoko was Asian, and very petite, with a short pixie cut. She wore a little black İstanbul Escort cocktail dress, with pantyhose and black stiletto heels. She had been predrinking back at her house, and was already pretty tipsy. “You know, Brook,” she said, “Those panties are fucking sexy…”

Every eye in the limo went wide and looked at Yoko. Then, Brooklyn smiled deviously.

“Thanks, babe!” Brooklyn said, “Let’s see yours.”

Without missing a beat, Yoko pulled up the hem of her dress. Leslie and Emma gasped. “…Oh…” Yoko said, suddenly remembering that she was not wearing panties. Her smooth-shaven pussy was on display for all to see, concealed only by pantyhose. Brooklyn licked her lips.

“Nice pussy,” Brooklyn cooed. Yoko’s face went bright red, and she quickly pulled her dress back down. “No, Yoko, don’t hide it. It’s so nice,” she continued, making the girl blush even harder. “Besides, I’m the birthday girl, and what I say goes.” Yoko thought she was going to die of embarrassment, but still pulled up her dress.

Brooklyn spread her legs and began to massage her groin. “So,” she purred, “what did you girls get me for my birthday?”

Leslie laughed. “Your dad already buys you everything you want!”

“Well then,” said Brooklyn, “Let’s just have a really great party then.” She reached down and grabbed the bottom of her shirt, then pulled it up over her head, revealing that she wasn’t wearing a bra. “Here are your party favors, girls!” she said, cupping her perky breasts.

Leslie and Emma looked at each other, nervously. “Don’t you think our boyfriends would be upset?”

Brooklyn looked at the two incredulously. “You think your boyfriends would be upset if they found out you were involved in a lesbian foursome?”

The two girls smiled mischievously, and crawled over to Brooklyn’s seat. Each one of them claimed a breast, covering them with kisses and teasing her nipples. Brooklyn moaned quietly, and wrapped her arms around the two girls. “God,” Brooklyn purred, “this is so much more fun than going to some club.”

Yoko got on her hands and knees, and crawled across the shag-carpeted floor to Brooklyn. Her mind full of lust, she rubbed her soft face against the redhead’s panties. She looked Brooklyn in the eyes. “It wouldn’t be much of a party without snacks, would it?” the Asian asked, before slipping aside Brooklyn’s thong and licking her quivering pussy lips.

“This is the best birthday ever,” Brooklyn moaned. She reached down and grabbed the edge of Leslie’s sweater, then pulled it up over her head. Leslie wore a simple white bra, holding up D-cup breasts that rubbed against Brooklyn’s tight body. The two girls were completely lost in lust, worshipping the redhead’s breasts.

Out of the corner of her eye, Emma could see Leslie’s work. “Fuck, Les, you’re so hot…” she whispered breathily, then leaned over to kiss the blonde. Emma grabbed Leslie’s head and turned it, and suddenly, the two 19-year olds were making out, their faces rubbing against Brooklyn’s breasts.

Hungry for more, Yoko grabbed the sides of Brooklyn’s İstanbul Escort Bayan thong and pulled it right off. She set upon the redhead’s pussy greedily, sliding her tongue as far as it would go into her hot, wet slit. Brooklyn began to buck her hips involuntarily, grinding her cunt against Yoko’s face. “Oh my god!” Brooklyn screamed, “I’m gonna cum!” The pleasure was like electricity coursing through her body, building up to a level she couldn’t handle. Yoko on her pussy, Emma and Leslie on her breasts; her entire body was screaming with pleasure. “Oh fuck! I’m cumming!”

The redhead’s body shook with pleasure. For a brief, beautiful moment, her mind was filled with nothing but ecstasy, as all the pent-up pleasure in her body was released in orgasm. Lewd juices from her pussy squirted out all over Yoko’s little face. Her body exhausted, she collapsed to the bench seat, panting for breath.

“How was that for a birthday present?” Emma asked with a smug look on her face, still fondling Leslie’s breasts.

“You kidding?” Brooklyn replied between deep breaths, “That was just round one.”

Brooklyn reached over and grabbed Yoko, pulling her close. Her face still dripped with Brooklyn’s pussy juice. She kissed the girl on the lips, making sure to get a good taste of her own juices. “You get to cum next,” Brooklyn purred, “for being such a good girl.”

Leslie started to unzip Yoko’s dress, kissing her on the neck while she did so. Emma undid her own blouse, then pulled off her bra, leaving the raven-haired beauty wearing nothing but short shorts and an open blouse. “Can’t say I’ve ever been in a backseat orgy before,” she said, smiling.

“It’s too bad we don’t have any sex toys,” said Leslie, peeling off her own jeans to reveal baby blue string bikini panties.

“Yeah…” Brooklyn said, looking around the limo. Then she saw it: the champagne bottle. “Yoko, pass me the champagne.”

Yoko grabbed the bottle of bubbly, then handed it to Brooklyn. The redhead took a drink from the bottle, then got on her knees next to Yoko. She pressed the tip of the bottle to Yoko’s quivering pussy, then licked her lips.

“You ready?” she asked.

Yoko’s eyes went wide as Brooklyn began thrusting the champagne bottle into her pussy. It easily tore through her pantyhose, and the cold glass felt strangely wonderful inside her wetness. The Asian’s back arched with pleasure, as the hard bottle filled her tightness.

Astounded by the display, Emma and Leslie sat watching on the bench opposite. Getting handsy, they began excitedly rubbing each other’s groins, occasionally leaning over to kiss each other.

“So good!” Yoko cried out. She peeled down her dress, exposing her hard, dark nipples. She grabbed her breasts and began kneading her nipples, exploiting all her erogenous zones. Her petite body was nearly convulsing with pleasure.

Becoming more interested in her masturbation partner than the sex show in front of her, Leslie started unzipping Emma’s shorts. Underneath, she was wearing a purple G-string. Grabbing hard on Escort İstanbul both, Leslie pulled them off, leaving Emma completely bottomless. The two girls maneuvered themselves on the bench so that their legs interlocked, and they began scissoring.

The mewling Asian was coming closer and closer to orgasm. “Fuck me, Brooklyn! Give it to me!” With that, Brooklyn leaned over and began to lap up Yoko’s clit while she bottlefucked the girl’s pussy. Yoko could take no more. “Iku!” she cried, “I’m cumming!”

Yoko’s body quaked as she climaxed. Like Brooklyn, she squirted, some of her juices going into the bottle and mixing with the bubbly. Brooklyn pulled the bottle out and took a drink of the orgasmic concoction, the mix of sparkling wine and sex juices tasted like sweet ambrosia.

“I want it in me, now.” Brooklyn stated matter-of-factly.

“I can do it,” Emma moaned, still tribbing her blonde friend, “but you’ll have to come here so I can reach.”

Brooklyn crawled across the shag carpet to Emma, and handed her the bottle. “Go up against the wall,” Emma said, “that will be easiest for me.”

Brooklyn pressed her body up against the limo door, her perky breasts squeezing against the tinted glass. Outside the window, she could see they were rolling along Rodeo Drive. She smiled deviously.

As Emma slid the bottle into Brooklyn’s waiting pussy, the naughty redhead started rolling down the window. People began staring as the limo rolled past. “Hello, LA!” Brooklyn yelled, hanging her nude body out the car window, “It’s my eighteenth birthday!”

Emma fucked Brooklyn vigorously, aroused by her exhibitionist display. Recovered from her orgasm, Yoko crawled over and began to eat out both Emma and Leslie’s pussies while they scissored.

Leslie played with her own breasts; rubbing them, squeezing them, even licking them. She’d never tribbed with another girl before, but she absolutely loved the sensation of their lower lips kissing. She grabbed her cellphone from the pile of clothes and started taking selfies, flashing the camera the peace sign while she had hot, messy sex with one of her best friends.

All the attention from pedestrians, the cool night air, and the champagne bottle filling her cunt all made Brooklyn feel like an absolute sex goddess. Her pussy already sensitive from her first climax, she could feel herself getting close to orgasm. “You people ready to see how an Orange County girl cums?” she cried out to all who could hear.

Emma and Leslie, too, were close to cumming. Yoko began rubbing both their clits, and soon the back seat of the limo was completely full of the sound of moaning women. Emma thrust ever deeper into Brooklyn’s slutty pussy, punishing her for exposing herself, a punishment Brooklyn loved. With a final, definitive thrust, Brooklyn came.

The orgasm felt like piece of heaven had been released inside her. The redhead’s eyes rolled back, and her tongue hung out of her mouth. She collapsed back into the car, and fell to the floor.

At the same time, Leslie and Emma’s pussy kisses brought them to climax. They both squealed with delight, squirting all over Yoko’s face. All three girls collapsed onto the floor, forming a pile of nude sexiness. They wiggled around into position so that the four of them could cuddle together on the shag carpet. Brooklyn smiled a cute, innocent smile.

“Best. Birthday. Ever.”

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