Blowin’ Vuvuzela

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When Mick had stepped off the plane he had grinned at his buddies. They had done it! It had seemed like such a pipe dream once, traveling out to South Africa for the world cup and yet there they were, ready for all the action.

Well, when England crashed out of the World Cup he had lost interest in the football and his attention turned once more to his one true, abiding passion: men. His pals insisted they were going home now that the team was out but Mick had no intention of leaving the rainbow nation just yet. He drove his pals back to the airport and then checked into a new hotel and started plotting how he could get his hands around some hot throbbing man flesh.

He didn’t have to wait too long. That evening he was sitting in the bar and there was a group of African guys drinking beer and talking about the football. When they realized that he was alone they invited them to join them and there followed some good natured teasing about the English team. They asked him what he thought about the vuvuzela and he couldn’t help it, the words just flew out of his mouth before he could stop them.

‘The only vuvuzela I would like to blow isn’t made of plastic and doesn’t make a noise.’ he replied.

Suddenly he felt a hand close around his beefy British butt and he knew his dream was about to come true. That hand massaged his meaty cheeks and he could feel his cock start to twitch. A mouth pressed up close to his ear and asked him if he wanted to go upstairs to his room. Mick just about flew out the bar and into the elevator closely followed by three lean and muscled dudes. He didn’t even know their names but he didn’t care; all he knew was he was about to get regally fucked.

But the guys weren’t in any hurry. They insisted Mick serve them a beer from the mini bar and they introduced themselves. There was Vusi, with the sleepy eyes and delicate features and Xolile with the powerful jaw and big, fleshy lips and Sam, who looked slightly shifty and dangerous. It had been Vusi who had fondled Mick’s big butt in the bar and it was he who came up to Mick now and started rubbing the outline of his cock through his jeans.

‘So you want some vuvuzela huh?’ Vusi asked.

Mick gulped and flashed a smile.

‘So pretty.’ Xolile said.

Xolile pulled Mick away from Vusi and covered Mick’s lips with his own and kissed him like he had never been kissed before. Mick’s head was in a spin, his knees were turned to jelly and his heart thumped in his chest. It was only a lack of oxygen that forced Mick to break away. His face was flushed and his rampant cock tented his jeans, threatening to burst clear through the material. Xolile grabbed it and told Mick to prepare himself to be fucked like he had never been fucked before. The words were magic in Mick’s ears and he was like a limp rag doll as the three guys started stripping his clothes off.

‘Such smooth skin.’ Sam said as he reached out and stroked Mick’s bare chest before painfully crushing his left nipple between thumb and forefinger.

‘Ouch.’ Mick protested.

‘Oh, poor baby!’ Sam teased and Mick hoped he hadn’t bitten off more than he could chew. ‘Come, kiss my vuvuzela.’ Sam sneered as he undid bahis şirketleri his trousers.

Mick was relieved to see that Sam’s cock was only about five inches long and on the slender side. He had feared he would be choked to death by a huge club, driven by a sadistic thug. Mick quickly got down on his knees as took Sam’s cock into his mouth. It was a comfortable fit and he was relieved to find that Sam let him do all the work. As he sucked Sam’s cock Mick fondled his medium sized balls which were drawn up close to his body. He felt Vusi slide a hand down his back and under his cheeks and up into his crack to tickle his truffle. The man had a feather light touch and he seemed to know just exactly how to stir Mick’s passion. He couldn’t wait to have it off with Vusi and Xoilile. But first he had to placate Sam and get him to bust his nut.

But Sam had other ideas. He pulled Mick to his feet and then forced him down on the bed.

‘I’m going to fuck your big, beautiful bum.’ Sam growled.

‘Wait, wait.’ he heard Xolile say.

And then he felt a large pair of hands pry his hefty cheeks apart and a hot tongue start to tease around his asshole and he just knew that it was Xolile.

‘Aaaaaishhh! Xolile, you are such a slut!’ he heard Sam say and Mick couldn’t tell if Sam was disgusted or turned on, but he didn’t care.

That skilled tongue now probed Mick’s’ defenses and slipped past the guard of his ring. He squirmed about on the bed as Xolile ate him out like the tongue pro that he was. That tongue ought to in some sort of hall of fame, Mick thought to himself as he ground his fat cock into the bed cover. Mick had had his eyes closed as he enjoyed the amazing rim session but when he felt something warm and spongy rub against his forehead his eyes flew open and he was confronted with the biggest cock he had ever seen in the flesh. Vusi’s cock was easily a foot long and very, very dark. It was slightly curved to the left and had a huge vein traveling the length of the shaft. It seemed to be bulging and bending under its own weight. All Mick could do was open his mouth and feed.

He only managed to take about two or three inches of that monster dick into his mouth but it was enough to keep him happy. He was thinking ahead, hoping to be able to surrender his ass to that fuck pole. For a few perfect minutes he was sandwiched between Vusi’s mega cock and Xolile’s darting tongue but Sam was growing restless. Mick heard him barking at Xolile to get out of the way as he needed to fuck.

Sam’s finger was rough as it forced its way up Mick’s unlubed chute. Mick came off Vusi’s cock and begged him to use some lube. Sam withdrew his finger and then carelessly lubed Mick’s ass and then he climbed on top of him and started to pump. It was like being rogered by pistons. The man didn’t stop to draw breath; he just kept pounding and complementing Mick on how tight he was. Mick’s poor ass stung like crazy and he was pleased when Vusi whispered in his ear, reassuring him that it would soon be over. And indeed it was. With a mighty roar Sam spunked off inside Mick’s ass and then rolled off him.

Mick heard him telling the others that he was leaving as he needed bahis firmaları to pick his girlfriend up from work. Warm hands stroked his back and fondled his cheeks as Xolile and Vusi lay down on either side of him and tried to make up for Sam rough ways. The thug was soon flushed from Mick’s mind as those loving hands stroked him into a frenzy. When Vusi told him to turn over he was more than happy to obey.

‘A nice thick one,’ Vusi said as he gently cupped his hand around Mick’s fleshy cock and drew the long, tight foreskin back over the slimy, red knob.

‘Nowhere near as big as yours.’ Mick observed.

‘This one is big enough.’ Vusi chuckled.

And the Vusi guided Mick’s cock into his mouth and Xolile came up and kissed him again and Mick was soon thrashing about on the bed in complete ecstasy. He had never known a kisser like Xolile; his kisses were just out of this world and about got Mick’s never ends bursting out of his skin. And Vusi’s magical mouth worked up and down his shaft and over his sensitive cockhead as his long fingers delicately teased Mick’s big balls. Mick knew that he couldn’t last. He wanted to warn the men but with Xolile’s tongue dueling with his own he was unable to. Mick lost a second or two of his life as he blacked out from too fantastic a fuck. He thrust his hips upwards, driving his cock into the back of Vusi’s throat as it erupted, spewing a river of cum down the South African man’s throat. Xolile broke off the kiss just in time for Mick’s dying groan to be heard.

‘English vuvuzela is very good.’ Vusi told him as he licked his lips, capturing the last of Mick’s creamy sauce.

‘Fuck me, please’ Mick begged.

‘Yeah.’ he heard Xolile say. ‘We’re going to fuck this fat bum.’

Mick gasped when as he watched Xoilile undress. His skin was a much paler color than Vusi’s but he had the same amazingly toned body with the six pack belly and square pecs. And when Mick at last caught sight of Xolile’s dick he was positively dizzy with lust. Inch for inch, he matched Vusi’s cock although Xolile’s was as straight as an arrow and a little more slender than Vusi’s. Xolile came and lay down on Mick and kissed him and the Englishman was surprised to find his cock stirring back into life. He clutched Xolile close, really working his fingers into that tight, high riding little ass of his.

‘Turn over.’ Xolile whispered when he at last broke off the kiss.

Mick’s excitement caused his flesh to goosepimple as he turned over, presenting his pale, fleshy man mound to the two African studs. Xolile’s big hands rubbed and squeezed Mick’s cheeks and both men commented on how ample his ass was and what a beauty it was and for once in his life Mick felt that all the lager he had drunk and all the pies and fish and chips he had eaten had been a good investment. Who knew that his big bum would be so admired so many thousands of miles from home? And by two studs blessed with the biggest todgers that Mick had ever seen in his entire life! And now he felt Xolile gently work some lube into his bumhole and he knew this was going to be the ride of his life.

Xolile was incredibly gentle as he slid his twelve inches deep into Mick’s guts, kaçak bahis siteleri all the time checking to see that he was okay while Vusi whispered sweet nothings in his ear. Mick was really glad that Sam wasn’t there any longer because he could relax in the company of these two charming, gentle giants. When Xolile was buried to the pubic bone he lay still and nibbled on Mick’s earlobes while the Englishman adjusted to Xolile’s big cock. It was Mick who gave the signal to fuck and what a fuck it was! Xolile exhibited all the amazing skill that he had used in kissing Mick earlier and within a very short space of time Mick’s senses were going into overload. The feeling of being so completely filled by someone that he instinctively felt that he could trust was just amazing and pleasure pulsed out from the core of his body to every single inch of his flesh. He felt like his whole body was just one big, overexcited nerve cell as that magical cock slid through his lubed up love chute.

‘Is it good?’ Vusi whispered in his ear.

‘The best.’ Mick replied and it was no lie.

On and on Xolile fucked, sometimes slow and at other times quickening the pace but he was always gentle. His lean frame slithered across Mick’s back as his big cock squelched its way through Mick’s relaxed asshole and stroked into his assguts. Xolile was drenched in sweat as he fucked Mick’s’ deliciously big butt and delighted in the sexy-warm feel of his interior. He was surprised that this dude could handle his big cock the way he was doing as many had tried and failed. And when Xolile pulled his throbbing cock all the way out Mick’s desperate pleas to have it back again were an immense turn on. From the moment he had heard what Mick said about the vuvuzela back in the bar he had been building up to this moment and now he couldn’t hold back any longer. He clenched his tight little butt and allowed his hungry cock to lurch deeper into Mick’s gut as he cried out his released and pumped out a huge load of joy juice.

Immediately Xolile pulled out of Mick’s asshole Vusi mounted him. Vusi’s big curved cock slid in with ease as Sam’s and Xolile’s loads had prepared the way. Mick was ready for a pounding and he had saved the best to last. He wished he could see the handsome devil on his back as he worked his slim hips and drove that weighty cock into his ass. Mick was getting pounded into the mattress and he just couldn’t get enough of it. The sweat flew off his Vusi’s brow as he mumbled something in Zulu before praising the meaty magnificence of Mick’s butt for the probably the tenth time. Mick was consumed with lust and pleasure and he completely offered up his body to Vusi for his pleasure. The dark skinned hunk yanked his huge throbber all the way out of Mick’s sloppy ass before punching back in again. Over and over he pulled out and shot back in, pumping a massive load of air into Mick’s happy hole.

‘Oohh…vuvuzela!’ Vusi’ strangled cry lifted the rafters.

Mick felt his fucker’s last savage stab into his guts as he bust his nut and filled Mick’s chute with another hefty dose of man cream.

Vusi lay panting on Mick’s back for a long time before his softening cock slid from Mick’s cum slicked hole. All three of the guys got into the shower and laughed and hugged as they cleaned each other up. Then the guys went off back to their normal lives leaving Mick to remember the night he had gotten the South African horn.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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